The Change [The Change Universe # 3]



The creature sat, crossed-legged on the ground. It had been a long time since it first came to this realm. A very long time. It had enjoyed killing many humans throughout the centuries and planned to continue savoring the taking of life for a long time. They were so easy to break down and destroy. Finding someone that thought they were a pure, good soul and then watching that same pathetic human kill and eat a fellow captive… The creature shivered in pure pleasure. It took months to wear down the strongest of them and the creature enjoyed every second of it.


Time was meaningless to it. It couldn’t die; not naturally. It could be killed, however, and was forced to move from one land to the next when its pursuers were too close.


There were others like it and if they banded together, they could conquer again but so many things were different. They hid themselves out of fear: fear of each other and fear of what might happen if they gathered en masse.

So, he hunted alone. Quietly. He’d been in this new place for nearly a year, building up his base of power. The longer he corrupted the land, the stronger he became. He killed periodically but mostly captured and tortured.


He had a few lesser beings with him – demons he found over time. He bound them to him with blood and rituals. Dark magic. He was strong and growing stronger.


Someone was hunting him – a foe from another time. He was not afraid. A single enemy meant nothing. The ones that were powerful enough to take him alone were long gone.


The fire pit in front of him spit and crackled. Part of the last human’s leg had fallen into the fire. He’d give the rest of them the remains and they would eat it or live off of what they could in their pen underground. Some were starting not to care any longer.


The creature lay back against the tree, savoring its dead coolness. His eyes closed as he thinks back to the many battlefields and spoils of war he’d enjoyed over the years. Centuries ago he was on the frontlines of the assault, boiling the blood of his enemies where they stood against him. Times were different now. The original host was scattered with no way back and no way to call for reinforcements. Only one method existed to reopen a portal but the cost was too high.


Suddenly, his eyes flew open. The fire had gone out, snuffed out by no natural breeze. The black lines on his face are pulled into horrendous figures and shapes as he frowned in concentration.


The creature reached into the pit to pull out the leg. His black, jagged fingernails scrapped off the bits of flesh and fat remaining. The bone breaks easily across his thigh and he casts the pieces on the ground next to him.


It takes a moment to read the bones. What he sees there makes his own flesh crawl. The bones can’t say clearly what is happening but they never lie. Something in the way they were arranged tickles a memory at the back of his head but he can’t remember why. Whatever it is, it terrifies him.


Something else was coming for him. After a moment, the creature whistled shrilly through decayed teeth and a high pitched cry answered him. He would find the source of this and deal with it before it found him.




I work in a small office as the IT guy – mainly programming and grunt work when it comes up. It’s a pretty good place and I enjoy the work. I’ve been a computer nerd since I was a kid and I taught myself everything computer related: fixing computers, programming, some networking… everything. I never seemed to bother with college and I only have vague ideas about trying it out some time. I just find that I can teach myself better with real world issues.


I liked to read a lot and played tons of games (yes, I was a D&D nerd) when I was growing up so I was pretty chunky. The ugly glasses and bad fashion sense didn’t help my image but I blame growing up in the 80s and not having parents that really cared one way or the other. I mean, seriously. Parents shouldn’t let their kids out of the house in a tent for a t-shirt and glasses larger than their face.


Now, though, I keep in shape by running occasionally and eating somewhat healthy… ish. I got tired of being fat when I was out of high school and decided to do something about it. Along the way I learned I enjoyed it. I really like the feeling of running flat out until I’m exhausted. It’s like I’m testing my limits and finding out how far I can go… and then if I can go further the next day. I could still stand to lose a little extra weight but I’m doing well.


Once most of the fat went away I learned that I inherited my parent’s good looks. I’m no show stopper but I do well and I’m told I have a boyish face. I’m thinking of growing a beard but I had a traumatic experience with “face pubes” when I was younger so I’m a little reluctant. What if it looks like I rolled around in pubic hair with my face slathered in glue?


I’m keeping in shape and I enjoy my job. I think I’m pretty smart as far as that goes. I know enough to get by but mostly I understand there is so much I don’t know. I also have a healthy sense of curiosity. Most of the times I will actually look around me when walking – up at tall buildings, on the ground around me, at other people walking, everywhere. You’d be surprised at what’s around you. Case in point – walking up a steep sidewalk I noticed a half-naked creepy old guy standing at his window (slightly below street level because of the incline) staring at people walking by.


So, I’m happy except for one thing – relationships. I’m shy. No getting around that – remember me growing up a nerd? I don’t faint when a woman looks at me but I also can’t build up the courage to start a conversation. When I was younger, I once spent 20 minutes at a bar, goading myself into asking a pretty girl if I could buy her a drink. That didn’t work out so well. I’ve gone out on some dates and have had some experience with women but I never seemed to find what I was looking for – or she didn’t and the relationship never started.


Speaking of working up the courage to ask someone out – I have a crush on my coworker. She’s maybe 5’7″ (to my just-under-six) with a lean body, shoulder length brown hair. She’s no super model but, really, who cares? You’d take a second glance if you were a guy and she walked past you but you’d mostly think, “Huh, she’s cute.” Not drop-dead gorgeous but she is self-confident and has this little half-smirk on her face most of the time, like she just thought of a hilarious dirty joke and she’s about to tell everyone. We both have a sarcastic sense of humor and neither of us has a problem making fun of the other.


While I like my job I have to say she definitely makes it that much more enjoyable. I’ve thought about asking her out but she’s my coworker and I have no idea how she feels about me personally. Also, I’m a guy so I’m stereotypically blind to “signs” and I temper what I think are hints with the knowledge that I’m probably being overly optimistic about her. I probably have PTSD from the girl at the bar.


Fast forward to now – a Thursday in February and I’ve been looking forward to Friday all week. It seems like all of our printers decided to take a dump at the same time and I already hate printers.


I got in some time after 7:30 and my coworker, Sarah, isn’t in yet but it’s no big deal since our company is pretty easy going. I start the day tackling some of the more minor projects while I wait for her to show up.


Sarah arrives a little after 8 and grunts in reply to my “good morning.” It’s not freezing but she’s wearing a pretty heavy coat. I check her out through pure reflex and today she’s wearing thin slipper-like shoes with gray and black stripped pants. She has a cute little rounded butt. Not big, really but its not flat like a board and I appreciate that. Her jacket spoils the view a bit since it’s so big. She seems withdrawn and doesn’t want to talk so I go back to cursing at printers.


Our area is small (2 cubicles) and stuck in a corner so there’s some privacy. Usually we make fun of users and trade jokes back and forth but today she’s acting strange. She’s shifting around in her chair a lot, not concentrating and occasionally glancing my way. My ego would like to think she’s fallen madly in love with me but, more likely, she’s sick and is working up to tell the boss that she’s leaving for the day. However, she doesn’t leave and she keeps quiet all day. The one time I ask if she’s okay she just shrugs her shoulders and tells me she’s fine. She sounds like she’s coming down with a cold but I leave her alone.


The day drags on to 3 o’clock and it’s mostly a standard day – a little bit of computer maintenance and some programming here and there. I do all of the computer work today since she’s not feeling good. She doesn’t ask me to do it but I don’t mind; there were plenty of times she’s worked on my projects so I could get a break. From what I can see by glancing, I think she’s just moving her mouse around every so often and looking up websites. I see the Mayo Clinic website once or twice so I was right about her not feeling good. Whatever it is, it must be something other than a cold if she has to look it up.


From 3 to 4 o’clock my routine falls into doing a little bit of work and then looking at the time in the bottom-right corner of the monitor. Every 5 minutes. I swear to god.


People slowly file out and I can hear our warehouse guys turning off the heavy machinery. We do large scale printing and we’re shutting down the warehouse for three days. Our company sent out two huge orders so we’re flush until next week. I hear they had the warehouse working overtime on the projects and they’re letting them have a three day weekend to make up for some of the extra hours.


The time gods (Cronos? Chronos? Or was that someone else?) hear my prayer and 4 o’clock finally hits. Just as I’m about to get ready to go, Sarah finally talks to me.


“Hey.” She says (startlingly me – she’s been so quiet all day). “I need you to help me out with something.”


“Sure. What’d you need?” At this point I’m mostly glad she’s even talking to me. I was half worried she was pissed at me for something. I stand up, assuming she needs me to look at something on her desk or computer.


She hesitates. She’s still sitting and I do my best not to look down her shirt but I can see the tops of her breasts. She doesn’t have a big rack but they look like a nice handful. The shirt she’s wearing is a brown top with a somewhat low neckline. Her skin is smooth and white with a sprinkling of freckles. She’s got a nice neck – a tad thin and a little long. I appreciate the sweep from her shoulders up to her chin. It’s graceful. Now that I see her, she does seem slightly paler. Almost flushed.


She stands up, too. Her tongue darts to the corner of her mouth and she looks over my shoulder for a moment before looking back to me. “I’m trusting you here.” she says. “Come with me for a second.”  I wrinkle my eyebrows. That’s not like her at all. She grabs her jacket and puts it on before turning to walk. She’s awkward with the coat and it almost seems like her body isn’t moving the way she wants.


I follow her. “Lead the way.” I answer lamely. Is it something with her car? I hope not. I can … I can probably change the oil in a car and probably get the tires off but that’s about it.


Rather than going outside, she heads out to the warehouse through a little path towards the back and makes for the stairs leading up to the second floor. We keep some old files and other junk stored up there. So, yeah. Odd. She doesn’t talk as she’s walking. Me? I’m staring at her ass. Actually staring. I’m not glancing out of the corner of my eyes here; my eyes are locked onto her ass. I don’t usually do that but I can’t help it. Those pants are even tighter than I thought.


My dick notices. I have a raging hard-on. The boner is not fueled by some fantasy of her taking me to some secluded spot and ripping my clothes off because my brain hasn’t even made it past staring at her ass. Her pant legs make suush-suush-suush noises as she walks. I never understood how women (and some men, I suppose) could wear such tight clothes all the time. I’m not complaining in this case, mind you.  Although, I thought the pants fit her slightly loosely earlier?


As she starts up the stairs I find myself having a hard time keeping a decent thought in my head. Did she always have such a fine ass? Have I never noticed? Her jacket is slightly too large and covers the top half of her ass cheeks but … they’re so round and firm looking.


God. Now I’m imagining pushing her against the top rail of the staircase and taking her from behind – slamming my dick hard between those lovely cheeks. I’m almost drooling from the thought of it. My pulse is racing and I have to keep swallowing and wetting my lips. I think my hands are shaking, too.


We reach the top of the stairs so I try to stop staring at her so hard. It’s actually physically difficult to pick my head up and stare at the back of her head. I have to force myself to keep my hand from my crotch. All I want to do is rub myself. Or grab her and do… something with her. My mind can’t seem to decide.


The top of the stairs look out to the whole warehouse. I’m glad everyone’s gone because I’m somehow sure they’d be able to hear my thoughts from a mile away or they’d wonder why I have a baseball bat down my pants leg. I tell myself to get my shit together and keep my eyes above her shoulders.


Ah, but then I see the back of her neck and that sets off a whole new chain of thought. The area that sweeps up from the shoulder to the side of her neck is taunting me. My brain tries to dig out old school knowledge and all it can come up with is tendon- something-something. I can picture myself kissing her there and nibbling a little. I’m drooling again. I want to fuck her so bad and I’m not even one of those guys. You know – arrogant guys that think all the women want them. I watch porn. I like porn. I like women. I just don’t stare at every single woman out there and immediately think of banging them. Damn. My balls are throbbing and aching.


I push myself through the fog and try to not think of any part of her body. She leads me to the middle of the room near one of the main shelves and then turns around. It’s hot up here but she keeps her jacket on. It looks like she’s about to break out in a sweat and she still sneaks glances over my shoulder. I half-turn to see what’s going on when she talks again.


“Swear to me, ” she starts. “Swear to me that this stays here. We’ve worked together and I trust you. You don’t make fun of me for this and you don’t tell anyone else about it. I need some help and you’re it.” I’m taken aback by her seriousness. So much so that I forget about all the different positions I’d like to have her in right now.


“Yeah, of course. I swear.” I assure her. It’s true. I’m not an asshole. I’m sarcastic and I give people a hard time but I know my limits and I usually know how much people can take and when not to push it. “What’s going on?” I was really, really starting to hope this would turn into some kinky secret-sex-at-work thing but apparently not. Damn. I’ll have to masturbate so many times tonight to work this ache out of me.


She’s nervous. She stares at the floor, at the ceiling and then back to me. Obviously she’s working up her nerves and having a hard time telling me whatever she needs to tell me. My brain starts in with thinking of pushing her back against the wall before I shut it down and think about a white square on a black background. It sounds stupid but it keeps me thinking about something safe. I’m starting to worry about myself and I think a trip to the strip club is on the menu for tonight.


She stares straight at me this time and then takes off her jacket. I can see little beads of sweat below her hairline. She wets her lips. My eyes follow her tongue in slow motion and I automatically imagine her going down on me. Fuck. White square. Black background. White square… It’s been a long time since I got laid but this is ridiculous. Now I’m getting hot and I’m not wearing a damn jacket. I can feel my cheeks burning as if I’m blushing like a… like a… like a what?


“I need you to look at something. You stay where you are and you look at it and tell me what it is. You don’t touch me. You don’t get near me. You don’t laugh at me or make fun of me. Deal?” Whatever it is, she must be upset because her voice goes husky at the end. Is she going to cry? If so, why am I getting more turned on? Is it her voice or the thought of her crying?


“I said I’d be good and I don’t even know what’s going on. What…” I falter. I seriously do want to just grab her, rip her shirt off and suck on her nipples. I mean, they’re right there. Is she even wearing a bra? Is it my imagination making me think I’m seeing her rock hard nipples pressing against her shirt? I swallow and try again. “What is going on?”


Great. Now I’m staring at her chest. White square, black background. White circle… circle? I see the swell of her breasts pressing against her shirt and her nipples look like they’re trying to break their way through. They’re somewhat flattened against whatever the fabric is of her shirt and, yeah, she is wearing a bra. I think she picked the wrong ones because they’re too small for her. Her breasts are making the outline of the bra that much more visible. Damn. Fuck a “decent handful.” Her tits are firm and large. C-cup? I’m bad about bra sizes. I swear to god her cleavage is deeper than it was earlier.


She doesn’t notice me staring or doesn’t care. She just looks at me, wets her lips again and turns around.


Then, I see it. She doesn’t need to do it but she pulls her pants down ever so slightly (maybe just a couple inches) and pulls her shirt up an inch or two. She leans against the shelf next to her with both hands and has her head down.


“What is it?” She asks. “I’ve been feeling fucked up all day and I felt something back there earlier. What the fuck is it?!” Her voice is still husky but I don’t even notice. I’m staring at it.


“It’s… Jesus Christ.” I take a step forward. There is a nub just above her ass crack. I take that back. It’s more than a nub. It’s about 3 inches long and has hair on it. Thick brown hair.


I watch as it wriggles slightly back and forth. “Jesus Christ… I think it’s a tail!”


She shudders. Or shakes. I don’t know. I’m transfixed. It’s not just the tail. She’s got a dark patch of hair running from the small of her back up into her shirt. And that thing *is* moving. Slightly. Side to side. Wait… is it a little longer? I can almost see her crotch and I’m praying that her pants fall down. I somehow figured she’d be the kind of person to show her bones more – you know how some skinny people’s hip bones show a little bit? She’s not one of those people. She’s padded. Strong looking. How in the world did she fit in those pants?


Wait, what’s wrong with me? She’s got a fucking tail growing out of the base of her spine! I hear myself yelling that in my own mind but my eyes keep following the curve of her back and the way her hip is shaped. Now I notice that the hair on the small of her back seems darker already and more spread out.


Sarah turns her head and looks at me from the side. “A what? Are you… are you f… fucking kidding me?”


I can’t help myself anymore. My hard-on has not gone away, her ass is right there and I can’t think straight. This smell… What is it? It’s musky and it makes me grind my teeth together. I take the two steps left between us and grab the base of her nub… tail… whatever with my right hand and… and I pull her against me.


“HEY!” she yells. “Don’t…!” She starts to turn toward me, hands still on the shelf.


I pull her hard against me and her ass slams into my crotch. My left hand grabs her left shoulder to keep her in place. I push her down with it but I can feel her strength and she only moves because she wants to move. She moans and shudders a little more. I lean into that beautiful neck and allow her to stand upright a little. “Don’t… what?” I say through clenched teeth. I want to bite something. Her. Her neck. My heart is racing and I feel… not angry… agitated. On edge.


This isn’t me but I don’t care. It just feels right, right now. Sarah squirms but not to get away. Her pants have fallen down a little further and now it’s just her panties between me and her cunt. She’s wearing black panties but the bottoms of them are stained a darker color.


The bulge in my pants settles in-between her ass cheeks and her breath catches a little. She rubs herself on me and I hear her panties rasping against her skin. I somehow notice that the tail … her tail… I’m holding is longer and thicker now. The hair growing out of it is long and bushy. I can feel the muscles of her shoulder and neck moving under my left hand. It feels like she’s broken out in a cold sweat. I feel tiny pinpricks on my hand and her shoulder turns a slight shade of brown, like her hair.


My mouth is right by the corner of her neck. That sweet, sweet spot. I lean in further and bite ever so gently. She moans louder and rubs against me harder. Her panties catch on my pants and they pull down a little. Her hair seems thicker. I bury my face in it and find her ear to nibble on. The tips of the ears are pointed but I don’t notice.


“You want me to stop?” I breathe in her ear. I know the answer. I just know it.


“Noooo…” she moans as she rubs her ass up and down against my dick.


That’s all I need. I grab the bottom of her tight fitting shirt and pull up. She puts her arms up to help. The shirt is tight and I have to pull hard. That thick line of hair runs all the way from her ass up to her shoulders now and I watch for a moment as it creeps up even more. I break her bra strap getting it off. My fingernails leave light red tracks down her back briefly before they fade away. Her breasts bounce as they’re released. They’re bigger now and I see the lines from where the edge of the bra was cutting into them.


She grips the shelves near her. They creak and vibrate under her grip. I grab her right tit with my right hand and she’s larger than I thought. My fingertips brush coarse hair as I reach for it. I tweak the nipple and she cries out wordlessly. My left hand dips down to the bottom of her stomach and she brings her hand down on mine to push me down and into her. She wants me in there. The hair around her crotch is so thick. I almost pull pubic hairs when I reach my fingers in.


Her pants fall down to her ankles. I feel thick hair through my fingers. She’s hairy. Really fucking hairy and already really fucking wet. It’s not sweat but her pussy juice wetting down the hair around her crotch. I find her clit and start rubbing. Her juice has made her slippery and my hand glides smoothly around in circles even through all of that hair. I move the tips of my fingers down to her pussy lips and the base of my hand rests her clit. I push against her and rub my hand up and down.

The shelf creaks some more as she moans and her fingers dig into the wood like it was cold butter. Her nails have lengthened and blackened and the trail of hair on her back has reached the top of her neck. I don’t even care. Her tail is … wriggling… against my stomach. I don’t know why none of this bothers me. It just doesn’t seem important. The fingers on my left hand dive into her wet cunt and she screams out, “Christ!” It’s guttural but I can still understand her. Her teeth are different. Sharper? Longer? Her lips look darker. She was wearing light red lipstick earlier but now they look more like the color of blood.


I’m working my fingers in and out of her and she can’t stand still. She’s so wet. “F…” she tries again. ”Fuck me! I want your cock in me! Fuuuuuck!” Her voice is thick like her tongue is swollen. She can’t decide between pushing her ass against my crotch or shoving my hand deeper into her. I don’t care. Right now I call the shots. I’m not the aggressive type but right now I’m doing what I damn well please.


I kneel down and pull her panties down to her ankles. Her legs are corded with muscle and turning brown as thick hair grows out of her. She keeps trying to stand on her toes. I can’t get her pants off with her shoes on so I yank them off and throw everything behind me. Her pussy juice is slowly making its way down her legs. I lick one of the trails from her thigh up to her ass. Normally I’d be slightly disgusted at the thought of getting hair in my mouth and between my teeth but I want her so bad and she tastes incredible. I feel the muscles in her leg as I dig my fingers into them. They’re rock solid and, like her shoulder muscles, I can feel them shifting around.


Her pussy is right there in front of me but I can barely see her pussy lips through the hair. Hair? It’s too thick for that. Her ass (which is definitely larger than it should be) has a fine growth of brown hair and the inside of her thighs are black from thick hair already wet from her juice. I grab her ass with both hands and dig my face in-between her cheeks. She’s hot and wet and hairy and I love it. I can barely control what I’m doing – licking and sucking and biting and she’s screaming for more.


She tastes salty and she’s slick with her own juice. My tongue slides around her pussy lips and dips into her. I can feel the muscles in her vagina tense and relax over and over. My nose, mouth and part of my chin are wet from her. I bite her pussy lips and she pushes hard into me – almost knocking me down. She’s strong but my fingers are curled around the front of her hips and I hold on.


My cock is bursting out of my pants. I feel the top pressing hard against my belly button as I’m crouched down. It wants release but I’m not ready yet. It doesn’t occur to me that my dick is longer it should be.


The hair on her ass is getting thicker. I can feel it growing through my fingers. I hear popping noises and look up to see the skin on her back is moving. Rows of muscle around her spine and shoulders are growing. The hair has spread across her entire back now.


Her legs are longer and her toenails are growing. She pushes herself up onto her toes and I have to adjust myself to her new height. The pinky toes on each foot are moving back and to the side – her feet are rearranging themselves.


She’s not moaning anymore – she’s growling low in her throat. I spread her ass cheeks and push my tongue into her pussy. I can’t tell if my tongue is longer or the position is different but my tongue is deeper in her now. My teeth ache and the need to bite something grows. My hands are hot and itching as I’m squeezing her ass. The hair on her body is thick but luxurious. I pull some of it between my knuckles as I knead her ass.


Finally, I can’t take it anymore and I pull my face out. She’s got her own face turned to look at me and it’s different. Longer. Her teeth are sharper and she’s breathing in ragged deep breaths. I can see the muscles on her arms bulging – muscles she never had before. They’re corded but not too bulky. I stop fooling myself about the hair on her body. It’s fur covering her now. She does this whine and growl at the same time and I can barely hear the words “more”, “please” and “now.”


I look down at a sudden pain in my own hands. They’ve changed. Like her. The hair on my arms is getting thicker as my own fur sprouts out. My hands are lengthening slightly while the nails turn black. It doesn’t hurt anymore. I’m not in shock but something is coursing through my body and it feels good. I feel confident. Powerful. I’m still me at the core but I feel like I’m at the top of the world. My shirt is tight and moving against my body. I try to pull it off but end up simply ripping it in half without even trying. I’m covered in dark brown fur the same color as my hair. My own muscles are hardening and growing. I can feel movement at the base of my spine and I know what’s happening.


My pants rip off easier than my shirt and my body adjusts. Calf muscles bulge and my fur is nearly exploding from my body.


My cock draws my attention. I used to be about seven inches and decently thick when I’m hard. This is twelve or over and fat. Wait, what they hell? It’s attached to my body by a line of skin? My dick seems slightly more red but otherwise basically the same. Pre-cum dots the tip of my dick and it bobs in time to my heartbeat. I watch brown fur creep up the thick skin covering my cock and a part of me thinks, ‘sheath.’


Sarah whines again to get my attention. She’s beautiful. Her tail is an arch of fur and it curves halfway to her shoulders. I think she’s holding it in that position on purpose. She’s tall now and I’d guess at least seven feet. Her body is thick and strong but slightly padded in some parts – her ass looks soft enough to jiggle a little but her arms look sculpted – at least what I can tell through the thick coat of fur. The tips of her ears show through her hair and she’s standing up on the front of her feet. I can see thick black padding on the bottom of her feet and the joints of her toes are long enough for her to stand comfortably on now.


I can only assume I look about the same but I’m distracted and not focusing on myself.


She bends over and puts her hands on the ground with her legs wide. She’s spreading herself for me. She turns her head and looks directly at me. Her face is now a muzzle with a black nose and black lips. Her eyes are pleading with me.


A growl bubbles up from deep inside me. I grab her neck and push her head down to the ground. She automatically raises her beautiful furry ass higher in offering. The hair around her crotch is nearly black from her own juice. My left hand holds her down at the neck and I step around to stand behind her. I let her go and bend over, supporting myself with my left hand on the ground.


My right hand guides my dick into her. It glides in and I growl with teeth bared. I can see my nose pushing out and turning black. It burns a little but is nothing to me. Sarah is all. I push all the way into her and she yells something that could be “YES!” but it comes out as some excited barking sound. She pushes back into me and I hit her cervix. Her claws dig into the floor and they cut furrows from the wood.


I drop my right hand to the floor and mount her properly. She’s mine. My legs and feet are longer and the position feels good; natural. My own muzzle is complete. I bite hard into her neck. She almost purrs in satisfaction. I think she’s moaning and growling at the same time and that’s how it comes out.


There’s no gentleness or slowness to what I do next. There’s no asking if it’s okay or if it hurts. I fuck her. Her head is down on the ground submissively and she pushes into me every time I thrust. I slam into her and the floor groans. Our claws are carving grooves into the wood. I go fast. The animal in me demands it. Later there will be time to explore. For now our blood is up and we just rut.


Her pussy makes wet slapping noises every time I slam into her. My sheath rubs against her wet pussy lips in interesting ways. I feel her pussy tight around me. My claws have cut hand and foot holds into the floor for me and I’m able to push harder. I feel the wood splintering but the bottom of my feet are thick with padding now and I feel no pain.


I lick her ear and the side of her neck as I’m fucking her. Sometimes I bite her and sometimes it’s hard enough to draw blood. When I do, it’s hot and salty and makes us both push harder and growl. She tries to pick her head up to look at me and I growl at her. I’m able to hold myself completely up with just my left hand so I push her head down with my right. I try to say “stay down” but it comes out as a deep growl. She actually gets more wet and pushes herself harder into me.


I stand and, in the same motion, put my hands around her waist to pick her up. She’s surprisingly heavy but I’m so strong. I’m still inside her. I shove her against the wall and it shakes. Her sweat soaked furry breasts flatten against the wall and I start pounding up and into her again. My dick rubs against the slightly ribbed, small g-spot near the front of her pelvis in this position. She’s panting and whining and moves herself slightly for me to be in a better position.


Sarah reaches around to the back of my head with her right hand and grabs onto me. We’re both grunting with the effort and I’m near to orgasm. I shake her hand off of me and grab the hair (fur?) on her head with my right hand and yank her back from the wall a little. She puts her hands on the concrete wall in front of her to brace herself. My left hand reaches across her furry chest to grab her right tit as my rhythm speeds up.


We’re both so close. She’s whining and gasping and grunting and I’m trying to hold back as long as I can but I’m too close.


Suddenly, she orgasms. It hits her hard and she breaks a hole in the concrete wall as her body shakes. The claws on her feet nearly break through the floor. I follow shortly after and everything goes white. I think I yelled or… something but I’m not sure.


I feel my cum jetting into her and she buries my cock deeper inside her. She tries to kiss me. It… doesn’t really work but we try. Mostly we lick each others muzzle and bite each other a little.


We collapse. I’m still in her and still hard but I feel like I ran five marathons nonstop. Her legs are jumping every now and again and we’re trying to catch our breath. She licks me and I bite her ear somewhat gently.


Her smell fills me: the fur, the sweat, her juice, her musk and just her. This is her. It almost overwhelms me. We don’t try to talk. We just lay together, in the dark, now that it’s late. The small windows above us show the dark sky and faint light from a nearby streetlamp.


After some time I can feel something changing. The feeling is like someone tugging hard on my body in all directions. The fur is going and my muzzle is shortening. Hers, too. It works by degrees. I weakly try to move and end up just shifting positions against her. She pushes back into me and I stop moving. “Don’t.” She says. “Don’t move. Just stay there.” I can hear her. Her face is nearly back and the fur is almost gone – it tickles my body as it pulls back into her.


Her back is against my chest. I reach my arm around and cup her left tit possessively. She sighs and presses back into me. My head rests on her shoulder. She’s so warm against me. Her breasts are large and I can’t help but squeeze them. They’re soft against my rough hands. Sarah moans quietly as I tease her.


In this position I can see my own arm and it’s huge. I look like I’ve been lifting serious weights my entire life. I didn’t even know some of the muscles existed. As I knead Sarah’s breast, muscles ripple along my forearms like waves on the ocean. I feel like I could snap a steel bar if I tried hard enough.


I bring my hand down to Sarah’s stomach and I feel her abs. She’s ripped and I guarantee she wasn’t like this before. She looks like an Olympic level athlete. The sex made things a little hazy but I’m pretty sure her breasts have shrunk a little now that she’s human again. Regardless, she’s way bigger than before this all happened. D-cup or more. Probably more. Her whole body is bigger than she was before she changed which probably means I am too. It’s hard to tell right now.


I run my tongue around my teeth but they’re mostly back to normal. My canine teeth are sharper than I remember and they feel more prominent. The teeth next to them feel slightly more sharp as well. All of them are straighter. I had a chip on a back tooth before but it’s fixed now. Amazing.


Its quiet out and we’re both still naked but we’re not cold. I don’t know if it’s the sex but my body temperature feels higher and I feel the heat of her body as well. Whispers of steam roll off of our bodies and into the air.


My leg is starting to go numb on the hard wood floor so I go sit in the corner to change positions. Sarah comes over and sits on my lap, against me. I automatically cross my arms around her. “I’m yours.” she says, simply. I don’t know what to say to that but some of the wolf stayed – I feel like I would die protecting her and kill anyone that hurt her. I lean my head into her neck and kiss her gently in response.


The whole time I never lost who I was but the other feelings are still there. I feel like I could do anything. Face anything. I’m me but… enhanced. I could walk on my hands on the edge of a skyscraper without fear. My arm muscles flex in response and anticipation.


I grew more conscious of Sarah’s naked body against mine and I grow hard again. With her sitting on me, my cock goes straight out and rubs against her still dripping pussy. I bark out a started curse when I see myself. I was circumcised as a baby but I’m uncircumcised now and much thicker and larger. I never saw what size it made it up to when I changed but I’m guessing it didn’t stop at twelve. The sheath is gone. I wonder if the sheath and being uncircumcised are related?


Sarah draws a deep breath and smiles lazily. Her voice is sultry. “I think,” she says, turning to face me. “I think I’m ready for another round. Let’s see if you still howl when you cum.”


She turns around to face me, wraps her hand around my cock (did it double in thickness?) and closes her eyes. She guides me deep into her and I grab her waist. She starts out slow and brings herself up on her knees and then down again around me. Her ass settles softly against my thighs. She’s leaning into me and pushing herself back every time she goes down. She covers my mouth with hers and we kiss while she fucks me. She moans into my mouth as I squeeze her ass with my hands.


We take our time this time. I don’t howl when we’re done but I’ve seemed to pick up the habit of growling.




It’s nearly midnight by the time Sarah and I are finished exploring each other. Most of our clothes are ruined. Her jacket, shoes, pants and panties are still in one piece but everything else is gone. Oh, my shoes are fine except they don’t fit anymore. Nothing fits us anymore.


I’d have to be measured to be sure but I’m definitely taller. It’s a completely strange feeling. For years and years I was just under six feet tall and now everything is stretched out. I work my arms in various positions just to get the feel of them.


“Goddamn shoes!” Sarah growls. “I paid $150 for these fucking things!” I laugh and she throws them at me. I would think that having my body suddenly lengthened would take some getting used to but I grab the shoes out of the air without thinking. She’s not impressed. “Don’t laugh, fucker. You owe me a new bra and a new shirt.”


She crosses her arms under her tits and scowls at me. It looks more like a pout and I smirk at her. “You keep standing like that and we’re going to be here for another couple hours.” I tell her. She smiles and tilts her head, slightly confused before she realizes what she’s making her breasts do.


“Fucking men. All the same.” But she laughs a little while she says it. I haven’t heard her curse this much before. I don’t know whether it was the change or if I just never got to know her personality outside of work. I watch her turn to gather up her clothes and I get hard again. It’s the bending over and seeing her ass up that does it. I clear my throat (that comes out as a small growl) and turn to get my things. My overeager cock eventually calms down.


With my clothes under one arm I slap Sarah’s ass (it does jiggle slightly) with the other and we make our way downstairs and out. Thankfully our company is too cheap for security cameras except for the dock and that’s not the way we go out. Sarah’s breasts sway and bounce as she walks and I thank whatever gods are listening for everything that’s happened this night.


Even in the open air of the warehouse we’re not cold and the concrete floor doesn’t bother my feet. I stop for a moment and look at the bottom of my right foot. The skin is thicker under the ball of the foot, the joints of the toes and the toes themselves. It doesn’t look like normal skin (it’s slightly darker) but it’s not black padding like a dog. I can still feel what I’m walking on but it’s neither cold nor does it hurt my feet. They skin on those parts are almost like a callus. No wonder my hands felt rougher against Sarah afterwards – they’re almost they same as my feet.


Outside feels no colder to me. It’s February and we should be freezing but I’m not. Is it the sex? No, that was too long ago. I’m amazed that I don’t feel uncomfortable or self-conscious about being naked outside. I don’t have the sudden urge to run to the woods, jump over streams and murder a deer but I do feel better being in the open. I can see more and it’s more open – better chances to move in case of something happening and easier to see anything before it gets too close. Huh. Why would I think of it like that?


I walk to my car, feeling the crunch of gravel under the new padding of my feet. It’s almost like when you have your mouth numbed for dental work – you can feel the pushing and pulling but it doesn’t actually hurt. I know I’m stepping on some sharp rocks but I only feel them as something I’m stepping on. My toes curl around the larger stones and dig slightly into the ground.


Sarah follows me automatically. She doesn’t walk to her car and she doesn’t ask me if she should come with me. I barely notice how different that is. Just this morning we were coworkers. Now we’re… something different. If she walked off to her own car and told me she’d see me in the morning I would be angry and tell her no, she’s coming with me. That actually bothers me. She’s her own woman; she should be able to do what she wants. But, there’s this new part of me that’s growling loudly. That’s what’s driving the possessive and aggressive feelings. She’s mine! She needs to stay near me! I watch her back and she watches mine! How can we hunt and protect each other if we’re not together? It’s almost impossible to push those feelings down. They’re primal.


“You smell funny.” Sarah says. “What are you doing? Whatever it is, can you turn it off? I feel like I need to bite something hard. Look, I have goose bumps from it. What is that smell?”  The hair on her arms and the rest of her body is standing at attention. I’m fighting with myself and she’s picking it up from me. I put my anger aside and Sarah stops rubbing her arms. In any case, she’s not thinking of going to her own car or going off by herself. Does she even notice that she’s just following me without asking?


I unlock the doors and we throw our ruined clothes in the back seat. There’s a pause as I close the door. It should be awkward – we’re standing in the middle of a dimly light company parking lot, naked with dried cum on us. But it’s not awkward and it’s not bothering me.


She’s her. I look at Sarah. Not her tits, not her crotch but her eyes. She’s looking back at me with a small look of apprehension. Her eyes are beautiful – gold tinged with green. I was pretty sure they were brown before. “Are you…” she begins. I put my finger on her mouth and tell her, “Wait.”


Time slows as my awareness kicks in. I hear her heartbeat, strong and steady. If I focus I can hear a small suuush-zuu, suuush-zuu which I can only assume to be the blood moving through her body. I hear a much, much fainter heartbeat somewhere else. Is it my own? Why would it be fainter? I smell things – different kinds of car smells. I can tell they’re different but I don’t know how or what it means. I smell myself and I smell me on her. There are other scents around both of us but I can’t tell what they are except that they’re there.


Suddenly, light flares and I look at the streetlamp on the other side of the street. The lamp hasn’t brightened but I can see as if it was a cloudy day at 2 in the afternoon. I hear bushes rustling and probably about 50 feet away I see a rabbit’s eye hidden behind branches. The faint heartbeat gets stronger. I can hear a rabbit’s heartbeat from 50 feet away. So that’s what that other heartbeat was…


I close my eyes and take a deep breath of the cold night air. The crazy rush of smells and sounds calms down. I open my eyes again. Sarah is watching me with a half-smile on her face. “You, too?” she asks.


“Yeah.” I say. “Everything’s different. I didn’t answer you back in the warehouse. You said you were mine and I didn’t answer.” I step forward, settle my forehead against hers and close my eyes.


I talk to her with my eyes closed. “I don’t know what happened up there. I don’t know what made that happen or if it’ll happen again. I didn’t even have the balls to ask you out before today. I love you. I couldn’t live without you now. I will be by your side forever. I don’t own you but you’re mine.” I lean back and tip her head up with my fingers. “And I’m yours.” We kiss.


I pull her close to me. Her tits press against my chest and I feel the hard nipples. I don’t care if it’s because she’s excited or because of the cold air. My dick is hard and presses between us into the bottom of her stomach. My left hand goes to the small of her back and I pull her tight against me. My right hand goes between her shoulder blades and holds her tighter still. Our tongues twine and move rapidly against each other as we kiss. I feel her canine teeth and prick myself on them. We both taste the blood and she growls low in her throat. I feel small hairs stand up at the back of her neck.


Finally, we stand apart. She looks at me again. “I… I was worried. I mean, I could smell … something that made me feel safe and warm, but… Is that crazy? Just a bit ago I could actually smell something that made me know you loved me. Well… I didn’t know that it meant that but I felt safe and happy and it felt like love somehow. I… I was still worried.”


She puts her hand on my chest, near my heart. “Whatever happened up there… Whatever…” She lays her head next to her hand. Suddenly, she clenches her hand and I can feel her fingernails cut into me a little bit. The pain is remote. She looks up at me and her eyes are hungry. I smell something. Fire. Like a raging firestorm. Strong and hot. It consumes me.


“You are mine.” She says. She reaches out, grabs the back of my head and pulls me down for another kiss.


“Mine.” she whispers.


Sarah grabs my dick with one hand and pumps it slowly. I can feel her smiling through the kiss. She pulls back and leans over to kiss the head of my cock. I feel her sudden surprise. “Wait… weren’t you cut before? Well, fuck it. This is better, anyway.” She pulls back the skin and brings the head slowly into her mouth. With her other hand she shoves me against the car and I hear the car creak and move on its springs. She’s strong – so strong. If I had fought her off I could stand my ground but I’m beginning to believe I’m not the only one that could dent metal with my bare hands.


She goes down to one knee and takes more of me into her mouth. I grab her hair with both hands and close my eyes. She’s pumping me with one hand while pulling her head up and down the length of my cock. Her tongue licks and wraps around me. Her teeth lightly brush against the head of my dick and almost cut. Up and down… I dig my toes into the ground and feel my toenails grip, digging lightly into the asphalt. Her tongue feels rough against me.


Up and down, up and down. Her mouth is so wet and her tongue seems too long to fit in her mouth. We’re rocking the car. I can hear the springs creaking rhythmically with Sarah’s head. I’m close to an orgasm and she knows it. My hand tightens on her hair and she goes faster. Suddenly I’m over the edge and I cum. She stops moving her head but keeps pumping with her hand. I grit my teeth and my throat rumbles. Sarah swallows each jet of semen greedily.


Finally, she pulls her head off. She looks directly at me and smiles, showing her teeth. They’re perfectly straight and her canines ARE sharp. “Mine.” she says again. She puts her head down and cleans me off with her tongue, slowly, one part at a time. She looks up at me every time she licks up and she’s making a very loud “Mmmmmmm…” noise. She could reach her nose with her tongue if she wanted to do it.


When she’s finished, she stands up and dusts her knees off. She stares at me with those hungry eyes and it smells like the world should be burning around me. “All mine.” I just look at her and say, simply: “Yes.”


She gets in the passenger seat and I notice I’ve left a dent in the side of the car where I was leaning. I guess we’d have to relearn our limits.


I look forward to it.




I can honestly say I’ve never been in a car while naked – I haven’t even had the pleasure of having sex in a car. I’m thankful I have cloth seats because leather would just stick and rub wrong.


Do I put the seatbelt on? Why is that even a question when I’m naked but not when I’m clothed? Sarah is trying to figure out how to get her seatbelt to work with her new tits. The chest strap is annoying her and rubbing on her wrong. I have to bite my lip to keep from laughing but then I actually do bite it and I choke off a curse from the quick pain. She glares at me. Finally she fits the belt between her cleavage and leaves it alone.


I have to adjust the seat and move it back for more leg room. I also pump my feet on the brakes and accelerator to get an idea of how my new body works in the car. The padding on the bottom of my foot grips the peddles more so that’s a bonus. I almost break the shifter putting the car in reverse. The steering wheel shakes when I accidentally grip a little too hard.


My house (rented) is not too far away from work – maybe 10 miles. We’re both lost in thought on the drive there. She stares out of the window and is feeling around her body lightly. I’m having a hard time controlling my dick simply because of Sarah sitting there naked. That and I can see her tracing her breasts, hip and thigh with her finger. She smells like hot sex and… something else that tightens around my heart. Her own innate scent, I think. It’s like a fingerprint – unique to her. I’ll never forget that smell for as long as I live.


Even the way I drive is different now. Clouds hide the stars and the moon is a sliver but I still see clearly. Sarah has to remind me to turn my headlights on to keep up appearances. When I focus hard enough, time seems to slow down a little. I tried it while a bird flew in front of the car and I could see its wings flapping. Sounds are taking me longer to control – everything is too loud to my ears. The car tires roar against the road.


Just as I think I’m handling the sounds better, Sarah looks at me. “Could you stop whatever it is you’re doing?” She dips her fingers into her pussy and comes out with a clear string between her fingers. “I’ve been wet since the warehouse. I’m not totally complaining but, Jesus Christ. Is it always going to be like this near you?” She contemplates the pussy juice for a moment. I wonder how much of my sperm is in it – I came a lot tonight.


Sarah shifts and I smell something subtly different about her. My mind conjures an image of summer days where a friend is spraying themselves with a water hose, only they decide to spray you for the hell of it and you both chase each other around. Is this what some smells are doing now? Like with the fire scent making me think of possession, jealousy and passion? She’s still smiling. Her fingers dip to her mouth and it widens into a full-toothed smile. “Mmmmmmmmmm…” she says with that husky voice she can apparently do on command now. She’s sucking her fingers while pulling them in and out of her mouth slowly.


She pulls the hand down to her pussy again and spreads her legs a bit. My head is pounding but not from a headache. The smell is incredibly strong. Her. Her smell. Some of me is mixed in there but her scent overpowers everything else. Her fingers slip inside her pussy. “Oh man… Incredible.” she moans. She teases me like that for the two minutes it takes before I finally pull up to the house.


I’d fuck her right then and there but we’d literally break the car and I think we’re both too big to fit in one seat anyway. She watches me get out of the car with lazy eyes and her lazy smile. I open her door and almost take it off the hinges. She’s undone her seatbelt so I snatch her out of the car. She must weigh 200 pounds of nearly pure muscle now but I do it effortlessly.


We make it into the house before fucking. Missionary, this time. Old school. On the floor. Our orgasms are fast and hard. She kept trying to turn over so I could take her behind but I held her in place. Images cycle through my head of dogs mounting and rutting but I’m still human, dammit.


“Was it your favorite position? Doggy-style, I mean.”  I ask her when we’re done and holding each other. I’m half-hard and my dick lies between her legs, against her pussy.


“Huh. No, actually not. I like…liked to be on top. I felt like I was in control and I could get in a good angle to make it hotter.”  She chuckles. “Now, though… Now all I can think when we’re fucking is that I want you on top of me, fucking me like a dog. Ahhhhh, damn. I shouldn’t say things like that. Seriously. Me even thinking of doggy-style makes me want you more. I never even really liked it like that before. Fuckin’ thing…”  Her voice trails off. She’s massaging her cunt, playing with her pussy lips and I wonder if I’ll be able to go again soon.


Hunger saves me this time. I’m starved and I feel like I haven’t had food in weeks. I’m not even embarrassed by the fact that we end up with leftover pizza, sandwiches and nearly half of everything else in the fridge. I should feel sick eating as much as we did but I just feel full and even more energetic. Sarah eats almost as much as me. She starts slow but after the first bite she realizes she’s starving too. We barely even talk.


Sarah’s nibbling on string cheese while looking around the house. We’re both still nude. “Not a bad place,” she says. “It just needs a lady’s touch.”


I grin at her. “Well, you’re no lady but my place is yours – as you already know.” She grins back at me and then punches me hard in the short ribs. She’s way faster than I expected so her fist connects. I think she doesn’t know how fast and strong she is, either. There’s a sharp ‘crack!’ as she connects and a sudden pain. The pain is remote and all I do is notice it and grunt from the impact. The skin where she punched me is a bright angry red. I think she almost broke a rib.


“Jesus. That’ll leave a bru…” but the mark fades back to normal while we watch. We look at the spot where the bruise was starting and then back at each other.


“Fuck.” she mutters. She traces her hand on the spot but it’s just skin; healthy healed skin. “Un-fucking-believable.”


We shower together and I’m finally out of steam. My dick is trying to get hard but only making it half-way. I think if I waited longer it’d be ready but we’re both exhausted. Before all of this I think the most I could get a full hard-on was twice, maybe three times a day. I don’t think that’s as much a problem now. More testosterone or something else?


But the problem is, she’s naked and the way the water runs down the new curves of her body is making me horny. I turn her around to face me. She knows what I’m about to do. She leans her hard body back against the shower walls while I kneel down and suck on her cunt. I definitely get hair in my mouth but maybe my body thinks and reacts different because I barely notice.


My right hand grabs her ass and I look up at her. I move my finger towards her asshole and touch it but then pause. I look at her again. She braces her right forearm against the wall and looks back at me intensely. “Do it.” she says. Her voice is rough.


Her ass is slick from the shower and I’ve got my tongue deep into the folds of her pussy. I take the middle finger of my right hand and play with the rim of her ass. She gasps and then growls low in her throat. She roars when I plunge my finger into her without warning. I don’t know how she does it as a human but she roars and her ass pushes back against my finger, driving it deeper.


I rub my index finger against her ass before pushing it into her, too. She’s gasping, growling and saying “Yes, yes, yes” over and over again. My tongue is definitely not as long as when I’m changed but I still try to tongue-fuck her.


She can’t control her legs very well. I pound my fingers hard and fast into her ass and it’s only minutes before she screams and shakes from her orgasm. I don’t stop. Sarah’s repeating “Fuhhh… fuhhhh… fuhhhhh!” while her legs twitch from the multiple orgasms. I just dig my mouth into her crotch harder and suck her lips in and out of my mouth while licking inside her.


I finally pull back and she sits in the tub with her head down. “B… bastard. Fu..fucking bastard. I love you.”  She’s laughing and still twitchy.


We rub each other down in the hot shower water. “You should see yourself.” she says. “You’ve got muscles on top of muscles. And, it’s weird. I always liked clean shaven men before but seeing you with a hairy chest and cock… It’s fucking hot. So, I guess whatever that was tonight changed more than just our bodies. Like wanting you to mount me…”


She’s rubbing and massaging my back off as she says this, her hands working the soap over my body. She sprays the soap off and I feel her hands tracing the hardness of my back. “It definitely did something to us.”  I hear her voice rumbling “Rrrrrrrrrrr” and her fingernails dig into my sides and back. I suddenly feel her rough tongue on my back and it feels really fucking good. She’s still growling but in-between she’s licking up and down back as if she’s cleaning me off herself.


When she finishes I look back at her. She almost looks embarrassed but she’s also licking her lips. “See? Why the hell did I just do that?”  She asks me. “I just… I just wanted you to be clean and you smelled so damn good and… I just wanted you to be clean so that’s what I thought of doing.”  She’s not scared. She’s not in shock. She’s not about to cry. She’s just talking aloud to herself and working through why she just licked the water off of my back. I hold her face in my hand and kiss her. Her tongue is still rough but not as rough as it was. Do our bodies change a little bit without us noticing?


Finally, we crawl into bed. We don’t, contrary to popular opinion, screw again.


I tell her, “We need to talk in the morning. We need to work out whatever this means for us.”  She nods, sleepily and we pass out, spooning each other.




When the alarm goes off at 6 am it hits my ears like a jackhammer. I’m standing in the corner, scanning the room before I realize I’m not in bed anymore. The only thoughts going through my mind when the alarm went off was “Noise! Loud! Attack!”  I think it took only a second for me to go from bed to corner of the room and I wasn’t even awake. I’m crouched and I’ve got my arms held out and low to my sides with fingers and fingernails out to grab or rip. I’m snarling and my teeth are bared. I don’t remember doing any of that.


Sarah is at the other side of the room and it looks like the change hit her the same way. She’s crouched on the ground with her arms wide and fingernails dug into the carpet in front of her. Her left leg is half-stretched behind her and her right leg is held close under her – pressing into her breasts. She looks like a great cat ready to pounce on something. We’re both breathing hard.


The clock is crushed and a tangy, disgusting smelling smoke rises from it. I must’ve broken it on the way to the corner. The mattress is ripped on both sides and the simple metal bed frame has collapsed. I try to remember exactly what happened but I can’t grasp it. I look at my fingernails and I see how sharp they are still. We both must’ve clawed the mattress grabbing for purchase and then broke the frame as we leapt.


Realization comes to Sarah and she yells out a startled “Fuck!” She’s breathing hard and my adrenaline spikes from her smell. Apparently, her freaking out makes me freak out even more. We look at each other. Her eyes are dilated and glittering gold.


I slowly stand and loosen my muscles. Sarah takes a second longer but then stands up, too. “Jesus-fucking-Christ” she says. “No more fucking alarm clocks. I almost killed…” she looks around the room sheepishly. “… something.”


Her hair is wild from sleep and she’s still breathing fast. Her breasts are bouncing in time to her breathing and I’m hard from her, the adrenalin or both. She looks at me, looks at my dick and raises an eyebrow. “We could…” her eyes lose focus a little and she brings a hand down to rub her clit. ”We should… Dammit! Stop doing that!”  Sarah jerks her hand away from her cunt and opens the window. She sticks her head out of breathes deeply. “Stay over there until I clear my head. Your smell… I keep getting a mental picture of me with my ass up and you fucking me and I can’t think straight. We need to talk about some things before we do anything else. Put on some clothes for god’s sake.”  I pretend I don’t see her playing with her nipple throughout that speech.


I’m able to find some of my older shirts and pants that kind of fit. I tear my underwear (boxer briefs) at the side as I put them on. Unfortunately the head of my penis sticks out of my underwear so I push it down and to the side a bit. It sticks out there, too. Sarah watches me while she stands next to the window. I can smell her and I know what she’s thinking regardless of her telling me to give her a break. Her smell is strong, hot and humid and I feel myself flush with the blood rush. My teeth grind together and I almost take her there but I don’t. I close my eyes and breathe deeply several times to calm myself down.


Sarah finds some of my clothes to fit her. We’re both fooling each other. With our new sense of smell the clothes change nothing. We’re working hard to control ourselves – it’s like working a weak muscle we never knew we had. I don’t have any coffee so we grab some Coke and sit across from each other at the little table in the kitchen.


“Where do we start?” I ask.


Sarah thinks about it for a moment and answers. “Easy – what happened last night? Well, okay. I don’t even need to ask that, do I? I changed.”  She pauses again. “Did you change because of me or were you going to already?”  She mulls this over. “I think because of me. How did it feel to you? Was there anything different to you before the warehouse?”


“No.” I tell her. “I was fine the whole day. The only thing I noticed was when we walked up the stairs I had a hard-on and really wanted to have sex with you every possible way. I was just horny, though, not anything else. I think you were putting out a smell that did something to me. Some crazy aphrodisiac or something. I only started changing after I’d been eating you out for a while.”


She shifts uncomfortably in her chair and licks her lips when I mention eating her out. “Okay, okay. So, yeah. So it’s me. I did it to you. No, wait. Don’t interrupt. I’m not going to say I’m sorry because we both know I’d be lying if I did. This.” She holds up her hand and clenches into a fist. Muscles stand out in her arm like a small tree trunk. “This is a gift. I wouldn’t give this back if I could and I’ll kill anyone that tries to take you from me. I don’t know if that’s me talking or the change talking but we’re together and nothing is going to change that now.”


I’m nodding my head. “You’re right. You’re totally right. I wouldn’t give any of this up, either. I was happy enough with who I was before but this is unbelievable. How, though? How did it happen? Is it a one time thing? It wasn’t a full moon last night, I know that. Are there others like us? Can we make others like us?”


Sarah taps her finger on the table and looks down, thinking. “I don’t know. I think… I think if we have these bodies then maybe it won’t just happen once. Last night in the shower when I was…” She stops and looks slightly embarrassed. “… licking you, my tongue felt different. Before I did it, I just felt this sudden urge to hold you down and clean you off. Like, ‘He’s dirty and I should clean him because I’m his…’” Sarah looks confused and then takes a breath. “Because you’re who you are. So, I did it. After I started, I felt my tongue do something. It was bigger and felt strange against your skin. It kept bumping against my teeth so I know it was larger. The same thing happened this morning. When the alarm went off and I was on the ground, I had claws not fingernails or toenails.”


“So. Werewolves, huh?”  I say, because I have no idea what else to say right now. We both sit there for a few moments. “Why? Why you? Or us?” I ask.


“The fuck should I know?” she says, angry at something. “You want to call up a psychic and ask? Or go see the doctor? They’d have fun with that. We could see how fast we heal from antidepressants or whatever other meds they tried to pump into us.”  I snort and wave my hands because I know how that’d sound.


I try another question. “Do you think there are more of us?”


Sarah bites the corner of her mouth and wrinkles her brow. “Maybe? I have a hard time thinking I’m … we’re the only ones like this. I mean, yeah, why us if we’re the only ones?”


The conversation dies off again. I reach across the small table for her hands. She meets me half-way and we hold hands for a moment. I break the silence. “You know. I don’t really know anything about you. We talk at work but that’s it. I don’t… I mean…”  I falter. What should I say? I know we have some things in common but to get to where we are now we’d usually have been dating for years.


Sarah looks at me – simply and honestly. She just looks right at me. She grips my hand and it almost hurts. “We’ll learn. I can’t live without you now.” she says.




It’s getting close to 7 so I call into work and tell them I’m not coming in today. I’m sure my boss thinks I just want a long weekend but after this past week he’s happy and doesn’t care. Sarah calls in 20 minutes later and he’s less happy about having nobody in the IT department but he can’t really fire us so it doesn’t matter.


Normally I shower in the morning but for some reason I don’t feel the need and it’s not because we showered last night. I just feel more natural in my own skin and my crazy nose tells me I don’t smell bad so what’s the point? My hair is kept short and stays in shape if I just run my hand through it a couple times. I do shave, however. I’m still not ready to try a beard. Sarah comes in while I’m cleaning myself off. She nips me on the shoulder and rubs my side affectionately before brushing her teeth. We’re both still naked. She doesn’t shower, either.


“My hair is different.” She says. “Feel it. It’s thicker and softer. Shit. That alone makes the whole thing worth it.”  She doesn’t even have to wet her hair down to make it stay in place, she just uses my comb a few times and it stays.


“That was my tooth brush, woman!” I tell her, jokingly. I try to use my best fake man-of-the-house voice.


She cocks her eyebrow and looks at me from the side. “Yeah? What’re you going to do about it?”  She smacks my ass and darts away when I reach for her playfully. “Too slow, old man!”


I laugh and then actually try to grab her. Everything slows down and I watch my hand reach out for her waist. She sees it coming and twists insanely fast. I’ve never seen anything move as fast as we just did so I forget to stop myself. I end up breaking five tiles when my hand slams into the wall. It doesn’t even hurt.


Sarah reaches up and pats me on the cheek. “You’re my little dumbass. Yes you are.” She uses her “You’re a cute little doggie” voice on me. I can’t help but laugh at it.


We’re hungry again and Sarah needs better clothes that actually fit her. She decides to combine both of those needs and go to the mall. We figure it’s during the week and early morning so it shouldn’t be too busy. I ask if she’s going to be cool just wearing my old t-shirt and she grins at me. “Hell, yeah. Bring on the stares, I say. They don’t have a freakin’ chance.”  I grin back at her and we kiss.


The kiss turns into groping and the groping turns into us suddenly breaking apart and stepping away. “Okay, Christ.” I say. “This will be an actual problem for me. Every time I even think of something related to sex then that’s all I can think about.”


Sarah doesn’t look at me. “Same here.” she says. Her voice is rough and her scent is hot and spicy. I know she’s mentally talking herself down from having sex with me.


It takes a second for my eyes to adjust to actual sunlight when we’re outside. I sneeze three times before I can see properly. Sarah is smarter than me and just shades her eyes until she can handle it. It’s sunny out but the wind is cold. I barely feel it. My shoes don’t fit very well but I don’t have a choice so I scrunch my toes in. It’s kind of painful and I feel my toenails cutting into the material. I grab a pair of my jogging shoes for Sarah. She just barely fits into them.


We talk on the drive to the mall. I learn that she hates jewelry but likes to dress well. She says she used to wear earrings every so often but the holes in her ears closed after last night so that’s out. She tells me a little about her childhood. Her mother died when she was young so her older brother and father raised her. She looks up to both of them and still talks to her dad a lot. I’m guessing that’s where the cussing and non-jewelry-wearing come from.


I rest my hand on her thigh. She automatically covers it with her hand while she’s talking. She didn’t date much and, at 25, has only had two boyfriends. They both lasted only a few months. Her father and brother taught her all the tricks the boys try to use on women.


I tell her about my childhood. She chuckles at me being a nerd and demands to see my high school photos. We hadn’t really talked ages before but I’m secretly glad she’s only 5 years younger than me. She doesn’t believe me when I tell her I’ve never had a girlfriend but then does when I tell her I played Dungeons & Dragons as a kid. I tell her it was valuable research because otherwise I would probably only know about werewolves through all the goddamned advertisements for the Twilight movies. She makes retching noises and I love her even more.


Fifteen minutes away from the mall she unzips my pants. She doesn’t ask and isn’t shy about it. She just reaches over and struggles with the zipper until it’s down and the button is off. I scoot my butt down on the seat to make it easier for her. When she pulls my pants down my dick almost puts her eye out because her face is too close. She yelps and calls it a dick which sets us off both laughing for a few moments. She unzips her own borrowed pants and pulls them down. I just now realize she’s not wearing panties.


Sarah pleasures herself with her right hand and pumps my cock with her left hand. I can’t get used to being uncircumcised. It’s so different. Better. I seem more sensitive than I was without the extra skin. I keep my left hand on the wheel and lean my right arm on her body to rub my hand down her side and grab her ass. My hand almost reaches her pussy so I play with her ass a little instead.


“I’ve been … I’ve been wanting … wanting this all fucking morning.”  She gasps as she fingers herself. “Every time I remember your cock in my mouth last night… God!” Now her mouth is on me and she’s not slow this time. She’s bobbing her head up and down and I have to focus on the road. Every so often she pulls back to lick and suck on the top of my dick and then lick up and down the length of it. I feel her tongue change against me. The top of it roughens and it’s not fitting all the way back in her mouth. She’s whining slightly as she’s sucking me off – cute little “ehn…ehn…ehn…” noises.


Traffic is light so I’m barely paying attention. A jacked up truck roars past us and then slows down, letting me catch up to it. The driver and passenger are staring into our car. They’re both young and look like they’re hicks that stumbled into a Gap store for the first time in their life. The passenger whistles and they both cheer us on. We hear it perfectly through the traffic and two rolled-up windows. Sarah doesn’t even turn around. She pulls her right hand out of her pants and flips the guy off. The driver laughs and guns the truck forward.


Sarah pulls off of me again and sucks on my balls. I grab her by her hair and stick my dick back in her mouth. She moans and starts slapping her pussy as she masturbates herself. My toes curl and I put a dent in the steering wheel as I cum. Sarah’s still masturbating but now she’s swallowing my load and making little “ahhn ahhn ahhn” noises as she does. Her own orgasm rocks the car and I’m starting to think this little Geo Prism is not going to last us long.


When I stop cumming she licks me clean and I can hear a very small growl as she does it. Her eyes are slightly blank and her ears are more pointed than they should be. Her tongue is longer and it wraps around more than half of my cock during one of the licks.


I grab her by the neck and pull her up to kiss. She’s definitely growling and her sharp claws are kneading at my thigh. Her tongue fills my mouth.


I dart glances at the road. Sarah is jerking me off again. When I break from the kiss she blinks several times and her eyes are more focused. I’m only slightly disappointed when she stops jacking me off. She wipes her mouth with the back of her arm and then licks it off with that long tongue of hers.


“See?” she says. “Not a second thought to cleaning you off. I don’t even feel ashamed or weirded out about it.”  She rolls her shoulders and zips her pants up. “By the way, you’re on your own with your pants. I think it’ll take a while before you’re able to zip them up, Mr. Perky.”  She laughs and squeezes my dick fondly.


Its 5 minutes before I get soft and 2 minutes after that when we roll into the mall parking lot.




I can barely hear my own thoughts and my ears feel like they’re bleeding when we pull into the parking lot. There’s so much noise. Sarah plugs her ears and I close my eyes to try to filter some of it out.


“Fucking Christ. This is crazy. How are we supposed to handle all this goddamned noise?” I ask her.


She closes her eyes before answering. “Try focusing on one of the sounds. It’s starting to help. The other noises are there but not so bad.”


I hear a mother screaming at her kid about wanting the latest Pokémon game. She’s calling him a greedy little brat. There’re three teenagers talking about the movie they just watched. There’s a mother and father walking with their three kids. The mother is talking and talking about how she wants to go to some religious retreat with her female friends but the tones she’s using and the way her voice changes minutely makes me think it’s more than just a retreat – she’s probably cheating on her husband. The husband isn’t paying attention; his “Yeses” and “Sures” sound perfunctory and bored. The daughter is screaming at her younger brother for taking her miniature makeup kit and the younger brother is laughing, running and calling her a raccoon. The older brother is listening to some band. I can’t hear the music very well but there’s screaming and guitars involved. Some young kid is talking to another kid. He’s telling him about this girl he fucked but he’s lying – lying because he hesitates slightly every so often and his voice is all wrong and sounds too eager to please or impress the other kid. Hundreds of voices roaring in my ears.


I’m starting to get a headache. I try focusing but it’s hard. Through all of the laughter and yelling and lying and screaming there’s a solid and reassuring noise. Tha-thump, Tha-thump. Sarah’s heartbeat is strong and loud, right next to me. I focus on it. I slow my breathing and my heartbeat slows down to nearly match hers. The other sounds fade into the background. If I focus on one of them I can hear what’s happening clearly. Certain words ping for attention but it’s bearable now.


I open my eyes and Sarah is watching me. She’s smiling happily and I bask in her scent. It’s carefree. Another mental image forms – rolling down a clover-covered hill as a child (pup, something says) while the sun shines down on you.


I put my forehead against hers and our noses touch. Out of some instinct, we rub them together softly and Sarah sighs.


When we get out I have to remind myself to focus on her as the sounds and smells hit me more strongly. It’s easier now that I know the trick. I may have to start wearing sunglasses if it doesn’t get easier to adjust to the brightness of the sun.


Sarah’s nipples push the borrowed t-shirt out slightly and her breasts are perky and large. I imagine caressing them and sucking the nipples into my mouth while fingering her ass. I’ve got a hard-on and the tip is nearly out of my pants.


People look at us strangely when we make it inside. Most of them wait until we pass but some of the younger ones (men and women) are ogling Sarah. My shoulders itch from being near so many people at once and I don’t like the way the men are looking at Sarah. I step closer to her to put my arm around her waist.


Sarah grins and leans into me to whisper, “You’re growling, honey.”  I blink and realize she’s right. She laughs and snuggles up to me. “My strong protector. You be sure to keep me safe from all of these 80 pound teenage boys.”


I was never fond of large crowds before but now it’s much worse. I find myself going out of the way to go around people and to get as far from them as I can. The hair on my neck is standing up and I keep looking for exits while glaring at everyone.


We’re nearly to the store when I hear a guy behind me whisper to his friend, “Dude, I’d fuck the hell out of that slut!”  My blood roars to my ears and I whip around, snarling. I’m baring my teeth and only a few feet away from the guy before I feel Sarah tugging on my arm.


“What did you fucking say?! Answer me!”  I yell at the guy. His face goes from smirking to pure terror in less than 2 seconds. I know it’s not the way I look or how big I am that terrifies him. His friend falls over backward in his rush to get away from me and he spills his drink (Pepsi) all over himself. The man that talked has pissed himself and is sputtering trying to talk and apologize at the same time.


I can feel my claws in my clenched fist. They weren’t this sharp a little bit ago and I’m drawing blood with them. I feel hairs lifting all over my body. My nostrils are flaring. In my mind I can feel his windpipe being crushed between my teeth.


Sarah’s got one arm hooked around my arm rubs my back with her other hand. My left arm nestles between her breasts.


“Sweetheart. Hey. Let it go. Hey, let it go.”  She’s using a voice on me that’s supposed to be calming and it is, slightly – the kind you use on a scared animal to reassure them. “Let it go, he’s just an asshole. Isn’t that right? You’re just an asshole, aren’t you, guy?”  She uses the same voice on the man and under other circumstances I’d be laughing.


The guy, however, is trying to break his neck agreeing with Sarah. He’s fallen to the ground and actually scooting backwards to get away from me. Sarah is still rubbing my back and making “shhhhhh… shhhhhh…” noises. Some people are watching but mostly they’re walking very fast away from all of us. A fat, balding security guard pushes his way through people and is slightly out of breath.


He’s still walking to us when he asks, “Is everything all right here? What happened? Are you okay, ma’am?”  As he gets about 10 feet away I can hear his heart rate speed up. The guard stops and leans on a brick flowerbed before trying to continue.


“Is…. what’s…?”  He’s sweating and his heart is jumping all over the place. His hand goes to his chest and he’s breathing wrong. I smell blood that isn’t really there and I want to tear the asshole’s throat out with my teeth. Mixed in with the scent of blood is the smell of panic coming from the security guard behind me. I have a mental image of a deer too scared to run when it’s suddenly confronted by a predator and knows it’s going to die.


Sarah grabs the back of my neck and pulls my head down but I’m still staring at the guy. I can hear the urgency in her voice as she whispers to me. “You’ve got to calm down. You’re doing this to them. Your scent is burning my nose and making me want to kill everyone here. Everything smells like blood and I’m having a hard time concentrating. You’ve got to calm down. You’ve… you’re… You’re terrifying them and you’re going to give that guard a heart attack. I can hear it starting to happen. Calm. DOWN.”  The last is whisper-yelled into my ear.


I growl at the man and turn my back on him. I don’t know why but it feels like one of the worst things I can do short of killing him or pissing on him. He’s sobbing behind me.


I turn to look at the guard and part of me is ashamed. He is going to have a heart attack. His eyes are dilated and he’s on one knee. “Please…” he gasps. ”Please… I don’t… Please…”  He’s clutching his chest and his face is turning a slight shade of blue. He doesn’t even know why this is happening to him.


I breathe deeply and focus on Sarah’s heart. Her pulse is sped up and her heartbeat hammers in my ear. I’m guessing that’s my fault. Even though she was yelling at me to calm down I can smell her excitement. She’s wet because of me and because the killing smell is in the air. I close my eyes, focus and breathe. My own heartbeat slows.


Sarah pulls my arm and we walk away. I stop by the security guard. He’s sitting down with his head hanging but I can tell he’s improving. I crouch down and put my hand on his shoulder. “I’m sorry.”  I tell him before walking away.


Sarah stays close to me and cocks an eyebrow. “So, okay. I guess we have a learning curve here.”  I grimace and keep my eyes ahead, scanning the crowd again.


“I’m not a possessive person… well, I wasn’t a possessive person before last night but I’ll be damned if I let someone talk like that to you.”  My lip curls at a boy leering at Sarah but I keep myself under control. I’ve never been like this. I’ve always been way more laid-back and carefree. Sure, lack of sleep and stupid people can piss me off but never like this. I still feel the adrenaline running through my system. I’m not sure I like this part of the deal. I don’t want my first response to be killing someone if they piss me off slightly.


“Oh, I get it. Trust me. I get it.”  She says. “I’m not asking you to apologize, I just felt sorry for the guard. I… well, shit. I’m sure you could tell but you were turning me on there and I couldn’t help it. The way you smelled…” she coughs and looks away for a moment. “Well. Ummm. Yeah. Let’s just find some clothes and then eat something.”


As we’re walking, I smell something different. Now I notice that almost everyone here has the same underlying scent. People. Humans. Sarah doesn’t have that scent and neither do I – another mark against us for the case of being “normal” any more. Everyone else:  men, women, children, everyone else has the same scent. But something sticks out in the crowd – not a human smell but not a smell like me or Sarah. The smell gets slightly stronger when I spot a man going through the exit. He’s tall and lean but otherwise normal. He almost looks like he’s dancing through the crowd. Just before he opens the glass door, he turns and glances at me. He looks away quickly and leaves when he notices I’m watching him. For a second there I thought he looked scared.


Sarah just now notices the other scent. “Wha… what’s that smell? That’s not right…” She says.


“I think it was that guy that just left. See him? The tall one over there.”  I point him out and I know we both can see him clearly even though he’s outside. “Should we follow him?”


“No, fuck it. I’m starving and I want to get away from all of these people.”  Sarah tells me.




The nearest store turns out to be JC Penny and the smell of perfume staggers me before we even get close. Sarah’s wrinkling her nose. “Goddamn that’s rank.” she says between her teeth. “We go in, I grab some things and we get out. Try not to kill anyone.”


“Well, if your tits weren’t so huge, we wouldn’t have this problem. You’d only have to worry about me shoving you against the wall and mounting you.”  I grin at her when her pulse quickens. She punches me lightly on the arm. “Fucker.” she whispers.


We avoid the sales people and Sarah works like a tactical swat team in finding her new clothes. Her eyes dart around the store to find likely racks of clothes and it takes her seconds to dig through to find what she wants. I hear her cursing under her breath, “Fucking ruffles everywhere” as she searches. She picks out some slacks and relatively plain tops but the colors match and look good together. She finds two pairs of shoes by holding them against her feet to check the size. I wander off briefly and find a short black skirt and a white button down shirt for her. She looks them over when I bring them to her, looks back to me and then adds them to her stack.


The store’s mostly empty so we have our choice of checkouts. The nearest one is empty except for the young bored checkout girl behind the counter. Sarah piles on the clothes and the girl’s face transforms into her “Happy Store Employee Face” when she notices us.


“Did you find… did you find… did…” Sarah and I turn to look at her but of course we can tell what’s going on just based on smells and sounds.


The girl is looking at me but her eyes are unfocused. She’s wearing a button-down red top with ruffles around the collar. She’s got her hand at her neck. “I…” she tries. The girl (Sandy, her name tag reads) brings her hand up to her mouth and sticks her finger in. She’s sucking on her finger and moaning with her eyes half closed. Her other hand goes to her chest and she massages her breast with her hand.


I feel myself get hard for the hundredth time today and my pants constrict around me. Sarah looks over to me and grabs my dick bulge with her hand.


“You could…” She starts. ”You could take both of us, you know. My cunt is dripping. I need it.”  She leans in to me and speaks in a rush. “You could take us both to the back and fuck us. I want it and you know she does. I want to feel your cock pounding into me from behind. I… I want it so bad.”  She’s whining towards the end and rubbing my dick through my pants. “Make her your bitch, too. Ohhh…”


The checkout lady isn’t sucking on her finger anymore. She’s got that hand down her skirt and she’s fingering herself while making “oh! oh! oh!” noises. I almost do it. Almost. A part of me wants both of them and more. I’ve had fantasies about threesomes but, realistically, I’ve always been more attracted to just one-on-one sex. Now, though, I want both of them and any other women I can find.


Is this the change making it different? It’s hard to think right now. I can feel something that I’m doing. It’s hard to explain but I’m doing something to cause this or to make it worse. My body feels like it’s vibrating slightly and there’s this smell – a spicy overpowering smell. It’s doing something to make them feel like this.


I walk away and Sarah tries to hold me back. I’m stronger but not by a huge margin. I tell her over my shoulder as I walk, “You deal with this. I can’t do this right now.”  She smells disappointed and I call myself five kinds of an idiot as I go. I take the nearest escalator up to the men’s section. I figure I’ll be safe there.


I’m lost in my own thoughts as I walk but I do notice that other guys give me a wide berth. Whenever I get close to someone they automatically move out of the way. They smell scared and I get a mental image of small animals scattering before a large predator chasing after prey.


I find a bench and sit, waiting. It’s some time before Sarah walks up. “Christ. Wow. Jesus.”  She says. “That was… yeah. It was some feedback or something. She got fucking horny and your scent changed to … something and then all I could think about was fucking. What the hell. I wanted you to fuck her while you sucked on me. I wanted to sit on her face while I gave you a blowjob. I wanted everything. I’m not even bi… wasn’t bi… Shit. I still want you both.”


I nod. I don’t trust myself to speak yet. Sarah keeps talking. “Oh, also, I knew exactly where you were. I shouldn’t be surprised by any of this any more but I could look up and point to where you were exactly. I followed where you walked like there were neon signs pointing the way. Hey. Kiss me.”  She drops her bags and I stand up and kiss her. We’re rough with each other and having a hard time controlling our teeth while we’re doing it. I pull off and bite her neck, feeling the tendons between my teeth. She moans and we almost find a booth. I hang on with my teeth and squeeze her ass. She’s hot for it. So hot.


She pulls back from me this time and sits down on the bench. I stand, watching her and I breathe her scent in deeply. She talks rapidly to herself. “This is really fucking hard. I’ve never wanted anyone or anything so bad in my life. The sex, yeah. But mostly just you. When you walked away I was more sad that you weren’t standing with me than I was with you not fucking us. Well, I was pissed about that, too but it turns out I don’t like being apart from you more. I’m not needy. I can be on my own. Could be on my own… before. This is hard.”  She closes her eyes to compose herself and then stands. “Oh, that girl woke up a little after you left and ran, crying. I had to find a different salesperson.”


She pauses for a moment. “Another question for myself – why doesn’t the thought of you banging other women bother me?”  She looks slightly confused and then shrugs her shoulders. “Something to puzzle out later.”




We’re more careful on the walk this time. I’m thinking about what I did back in the store and wondering how I can rein it in. I mentally go over parts of my body wondering what and where a mental or physical switch might be to make it happen or to stop it happening.


For a moment I think I feel something that reminds me of the feeling earlier but it slips away. I keep working at it while we order food. It’s greasy but we order two servings for each of us anyway. Sarah doesn’t let me pay for hers and I don’t push it.


It’s before noon so we’re able to find a table well away from everyone else. We devour half of our food in seconds and then slow down for the rest of it. The sun is shining through the large skylight and we’re both enjoying the filtered warmth.


Unfortunately, the acoustics are bad here and sounds are louder. It doesn’t help that there are at least ten groups of high school students giggling and talking loudly back and forth. I pick out conversations of parents trying to get their kids to finish the last bites of food or trying to get them to eat something other than french fries. The high school kids are mostly talking about their teachers, classes and the other boys and girls. They’re so young and I’m slightly embarrassed for them.


I’m focusing on the food in front of me to force the sounds to a drone when there’s suddenly someone else sitting at our table and talking to us. Sarah and I are up and standing back in a defensive position before the third syllable is out of the person’s mouth. The chair was empty only a second ago.


“I never thought to live to see the wolves return.” She says. It is a woman, now that I see her. She’s young and dressed in light gray slacks with an off-white long-sleeved plain top. Her curly red hair is pulled back and up into a ponytail. Her eyes are gray and she’s looking from one of us to the other. There’s something odd about her and it takes me a moment to figure out what it is – she has no smell and I can’t hear her heartbeat or anything. I can only hear the noise her clothes make and the small tapping noise her finger makes on the glass table. She has a small sun hat sitting on her right knee.


“Please, sit. I’m not here to hurt you. Trust me, that would be quite difficult to do. I don’t have a lot of time.”  She gestures at our seats as if inviting us to her own table.


I look at Sarah and nod my head toward the table. She shrugs and we both sit down. The other thing I notice is that nobody bothered to turn to look at us. I know we must’ve made a racket by suddenly jumping back from our table – my chair even fell over


The woman is looking at both of us and she seems pleased with herself. She has small, elfin-like features. Like a young child, almost. I’m keeping my hands on the table and my body is tensed. Sarah’s heart is pounding and I know she’s ready for anything. The stillness in the air makes me imagine a pair of wolves at the top of a hill looking down at prey – only there’s a tiger at the bottom of the hill stalking the same thing.


“Such fine specimens, too. Just into the change? I imagine your passions are running quite hot right now.”  The tops of her cheeks turn reddish and I have a hard time putting an age to her. I finally decide on just under 30. There are small green specks of color in her eyes. Her finger is tapping on the table like she’s impatient but I don’t get that feeling from her. It’s harder to tell since I can’t smell her but her body language makes her seem relaxed. She’s pretty enough in a nondescript sort of way but I’m too tensed to think about anything other than whether I’d need to kill this strange person. Or whatever she is. I know she did not walk up and sit down without either of us noticing.


Kill her? I sigh mentally. I definitely need to work on my new anger issues.


“My name is Amelia,” she says, giving no last name. Her voice has an interesting and firm cadence in the way she pronounces her words. The ‘a’ in ‘name’ is straight and she puts strong emphasis on the ‘m’, for example. There’s a very slight pause between ‘is’ and ‘Amelia’ – I don’t think English was her first language even if she speaks it perfectly well.


“It is a privilege to meet you both. I really only have minutes before I have to go but I noticed you earlier and only just worked up the courage to pay my respects. You’re wondering, of course, how I know about you two. It’s difficult to explain in short order but you both stand out very, very brightly. I would hope… what is it?”


There’s this smell in the air suddenly. It’s death – rotting corpses and rats bringing filthy diseases. I almost gag on it. Sarah’s growling in the back of her throat and looking for the source. Amelia watches us, still tapping her left hand. With her right she grabs the salt shaker, takes the top off and spills salt over the table. She raps hard on the glass and the salt jumps and scatters. She stares at it for a moment.


“I have less time than I thought and, once again, the wolves prove their worth.”  She stands, putting her hat on. Sarah and I stand with her. We’re still looking around but we can’t pinpoint where the smell is coming from. Amelia presents her right hand towards us, palm out and open. The stone on her ring finger is turned around, facing the palm of her hand. “I wish we had more time but I will find you both again.”  She closes her hand into a fist and vanishes. But, not entirely.




We both watch as Amelia reappears ten feet away and then vanishes again, only to reappear twenty feet away. Nobody else notices but they automatically move out of her way when she appears near them. She continues vanishing and reappearing until she’s out of sight around a corner.


I look at Sarah and she’s watching her go. “The smell is stronger the way she’s going.”


Before all of this I would’ve let the lady go. I mean, sure, I would’ve been a little curious but not if I knew about this horrible smell. Anything that smells like that can’t be good. The previous me would let Amelia handle it while I walked away. None of my business. But, now… now I can’t let it go. Whatever it is doesn’t smell right. It’s wrong and it shouldn’t exist. I feel the wolf in me growling and hunkering down on the ground. It wants to kill it – to erase it from this world. I have to go.


We follow quickly, moving through the crowd. We catch a glimpse of the strange woman in the distance but then she’s gone around another corner. The smell is getting stronger and I hear a rasping buzzing noise. I want to go down on all fours and run flat-out to whatever it is. I’m getting goose bumps at the thought of killing this thing. The smell burns my tongue and I want to vomit but I’m not stopping.


A glance at Sarah shows the same thoughts and pains from her. Light brown hair is slowly, slowly covering her arms and her muscles are twitching. I put a hand on her arm and she snaps her eyes up to mine. She calms and I see the hair recede slightly.


A woman screams in the distance, loud and shrilly. Neither of us hesitates – now we do run flat out and we’re fast. People are a blur and we shove anyone that doesn’t move quickly enough. The rotten smell slams into my nose as we round the corner. My heart is racing and time slows like it did in the car last night.


Amelia is standing in an open courtyard. She has her left arm pulled up against her body. Blood is coursing down the arm and I can smell her now – it’s her own blood. Her right hand is straight out in front of her and open, palm down. She has her eyes closed and her mouth is moving but she’s making no sound. She has her forehead wrinkled in concentration. Her hat is about 5 feet to her left and her hair is loose. The blood from her arm has made a small pool at her feet. She’s… flickering. She’s solid for seconds and then flickers for half a second, over and over.


There are quite a few people around but nobody is looking at Amelia. They’ve unconsciously made a hole around her. Everyone is watching a man and woman near the center of the courtyard. The man is on his side and has his hands around his throat like he’s choking; only he’s not moving. His wife or girlfriend is standing with her hands over her mouth and she’s terrified. They both look young, perhaps in their thirties.


The … thing standing behind the couple is the source of the smell. It’s cloaked in tattered black and green robes. In place of a face is the skull of a deer or other small headed, long faced animal. Horns protrude from small holes in the side of its hood and it has skeletal hands. It’s pointing at the man with its right hand and a sickly green light is flowing from its finger into the man’s chest. Black specks float in the green stream and it oozes like warm honey.


The rasping is louder and it sounds like millions of insects rubbing against each other. Amelia moves her hand in a small circle and then side steps to put her left foot directly into the small pool of blood at her feet. It immediately blackens and the man lying on the bench takes a shuddering breath, scratching at his throat with his hands.


The smell from the creature is suddenly stronger. I dry heave.


In that second, Sarah leaps. She’s beautiful. Deadly. She’s snarling and her canines are long and sharp. I can see hair sprouting in tufts from her forearms. Her claws are out and black. She lands fifteen feet away on all fours and leaps again without pause at the thing standing behind the man.

Instincts drop me to the ground on all fours and I bound after her. People are startled but they seem dazed, as if in a dreamlike state. Sarah hits the creature seconds before I reach it. There’s a crackling sound and I smell singed hair. She’s got what might be a throat in her mouth – a mouth that’s elongated but not quite a muzzle. A small remote part of me is glad she’s still wearing my baggy clothes because she’s changing and would’ve burst out of anything she bought today.


I make a final leap with my back legs and my arms are out to grab. I notice too late a shimmering yellow light in the air, inches away from the thing. As I pass through the field, I feel an intense burn. I land on the thing’s right arm and hear it snap. My muscles are bulging and brown hair is flowing over my body. I can see my nose in front of my face as I bite into where its chest should be. I rip cloth and only find a ribcage with a globe of that green light hovering behind bones. I think I was trying to tear through whatever stomach the thing might’ve had. I rip its arm off with barely a tug and part of its shoulder comes with it.


The thing is making a wailing sound as if it’s yelling into a fierce wind from the bottom of a canyon – “Uohhhhhhhhhhhhh!”  The sound stops suddenly and the green light in its chest winks out.


Sarah has broken through the skeleton’s spine and severed the head. She howls next to me and I join in. It’s not a howl of triumph – it’s a howl of rage that there’s no flesh to rend or entrails to eat. Out of anger we break the thing into pieces.


We’re both still on all fours. Our claws have scratched lines in the marble floor and there’s a small crack where I landed on the thing’s arm.


I nuzzle my head against Sarah. She licks me back. We’re half-way to being fully changed and only now does the fact that we’re in a public place dawn on me. I don’t care yet – I’m staring at Sarah and she’s staring back at me.


She’s ripped the front of the t-shirt I loaned her as her breasts grow into the change. I can see a patch of fur between her breasts that runs down to her crotch. The line of fur thickens and spreads out just above the mound of her vagina. I can see the start of her tail pushing out through the tops of her pants.


We stand at the same time and I shove her against the wall closest to us. We don’t have full muzzles so kissing is inconvenient but we’re able to make it happen. I grab her tit and squeeze hard. The padding on my palm is rough against her soft, furry breasts.


Her legs wrap around me and the bulge in my pants is rubbing against her cunt. My cock is out of my pants and growing larger. A line of skin is attaching it to my stomach. It’s not a full sheath but it’s partway there. I rub my dick bulge against her pussy furiously and she’s pulling on my hair and yelling for me to fuck her cunt numb. I can’t suck on her tit because of the way my mouth is so I’m licking her nipple and biting her breast. Sometimes I bite through flesh and she bleeds but the mark heals almost instantly. The blood excites us.


The tip of my cock is four inches out of my pants and she brings one hand down to grab it. She’s yanking and pulling and begging me to put it deep inside her. The palm of her hand is scratches my naked dick because of the rough padding on her hands but it feels good.


I hear someone loudly clap once behind me and Sarah yells at them to “Fuck the hell off!”  It comes out strange because of her mouth but you can still tell what she’s saying. I’m trying to take my pants off with one hand when I feel a strange calmness fall over me. It’s slow but it’s distracting me. I growl and keep dry humping Sarah but I turn my head to look behind me. Sarah screams wordlessly and then yells at me not to stop. However, whatever this calmness is, it’s affecting her too.


I set Sarah down. We’re breathing hard and the changes are withdrawing slowly. My heart is trying to slam its way out of my chest. Amelia is standing behind us and has her eyes averted slightly.


Now it’s my turn to hold Sarah back as she lunges for the other woman. I have to use two hands and plant my feet against her strength. “You fucking cunt!”  Sarah screams. “If you ever do that shit again I will rip your goddamned throat out and eat your fucking heart! I will fuck my man when I want to fuck him!”  I don’t talk to Sarah or try to calm her down. I’m nearly as pissed as she is but I’m not sure killing this woman is a good thing.


Amelia is making placating gestures with her hands. “I know, I know. I apologize but I had no choice. If either of you had changed too far I would not have been able to stop you at all. I’m really very sorry. The legends say the wolves were always hardest to restrain. Too much passion. Too many raw emotions. Peace, girl. This is for the best.”  At the word “girl”, Sarah howls and pulls harder against me. I don’t think she appreciated that.


The woman Amelia is holding a piece of the creature’s cloak in one hand, rubbing it between her fingers. “I have to go.”  She says. “You can think about killing me later but I have to follow this trail before it grows too cold. If I do not die before I am done, I will find you this weekend. Hurry, I’ve shielded us from curious onlookers but it won’t last long.”  She kicks gently at our JC Penny bag near her feet. “I’ve brought your clothes back for you.”


Amelia makes a fist with her right hand and closes her eyes. Then, her fist opens and she’s gone.




Sarah’s cursing Amelia under her breath but I hear her clearly. Thankfully we’re close to one of the exits so we’re out in no time. I follow her as she stalks off to the car, still pissed. The anger rolls off of her and it’s affecting me, too. Below that is the scent of her need but she’s too pissed to do anything about it. We have to walk around the parking lot to get back to our car since we’re on the wrong side.


“You know, that shirt you’re wearing doesn’t actually cover anything.”  I tell her. Sarah just glares at me. Thankfully, nobody is looking our way and we’re walking between cars. Her shirt is torn badly and only barely covers her left tit.


“You’re talking to me about this? You’re not even wearing a shirt, or didn’t you notice?”  She asks.


Damn. She’s right, I didn’t notice. My nakedness doesn’t bother me and I can barely tell the difference between clothed and not.


I try again. “So, what the hell was that?”


“I needed some dick, what the fuck do you think?! That fucking whore!”  She yells.


“No, no.” I say. “The thing. The… skeleton… thing.”


She keeps walking while she talks. “It was death. A dead thing. As soon as I saw it and saw what it was doing to that guy, I wanted to destroy it.”  She frowns for moment. “Actually, now that I think back to what I can remember, I don’t think I cared at all about the man dying. All I knew was there was this unnatural thing that shouldn’t exist and it smelled like shit. Huh. Is it sad that all I thought of that guy was that he was meat? Dying, weak meat? I saw that fucking woman there too but all I knew was that thing was there and it shouldn’t be real. Everything went red and I only remember bits and pieces after that.”


She shivers and I pull her close to me. “The way it’s neck felt in my mouth. I was burning up. I needed to kill something. I thought, ‘neck’ and ‘vulnerable’ and that was it. When it was broken and gone I was more awake but still burning hot and you were there with me. You don’t know what it’s like. Or maybe you do… You’re unlike anything else. You were huge and strong and on the ground with me, killing that thing. I wanted to lick your muscles. I wanted to suck your cock dry. I wanted you to mount me like your bitch and pin me to the ground. You’re powerful. I wanted all of that. I went from killing to wanting you in me hard and fast and that fucking bitch ruined it.”  Her lips are pulled back and her eyes are dangerous. “Whatever we did last night bonded us and changed us, I know that now. I still want to kill something. I still taste blood in my mouth. I want to be fucked.”


We get to the car and are almost inside before we both stop to face back to the mall. Our nostrils are flaring and we’re both catching the scent of something bad. There’s a darkness on the corner of the roof about 100 feet away. The sun is out but there’s a wavering oval shape of pure black that’s rippling in the wind. It smells like the thing in the mall but slightly different and much stronger. It smells like a chemical plant from hell.


I’ve taken two steps towards it. I’m standing next to the back of the car with my hand on the frame between the door and back window.


Suddenly, something shoots out from the void, lightning fast. Time slows for me again but the bolt is moving so fast – straight for Sarah. I grip the car frame for purchase and it crumples like paper. All of the back windows shatter and I launch myself over the trunk towards Sarah. The car heaves and the rear driver tire explodes.


The bolt burns through a small tree (setting it on fire and breaking it in half) and is almost touching Sarah by the time I slam into her. The blackness was aimed for her heart but she moved slightly at the last possible second and I reached her just in time to push her a little more. Whatever it is goes through her side and then burns a deep groove through the concrete parking lot. Sarah is down and I’m lying on top of her. She’s screaming and jerking. I’m trying to move her hands from her side to see how bad it is. It’s grazed her ribcage. I see melted bones and blackened muscle through her skin. It looks like whatever that thing was has cauterized the wound on the way through.


I roar in anger and pain for her. My feet burst through my shoes and the claws dig into the ground. I feel fur flowing in waves down my body and my face is already a muzzle. My pants simple fall apart as my thigh and leg muscles push against the fabric.


I crouch and spring at the thing on the roof. I can feel my tail making minute adjustments as I’m in the air. It moves left and then right and then back and forth a little more as I aim for the roof of a car in front of me. I don’t even have to think about it – the tail automatically adjusts for me. I clear over fifteen feet before landing on someone’s car. The roof collapses, windows shatter and the axles buckle under me. The car alarm shrieks in my ears. I barely pause – I crouch into the landing, tense, feel the claws on my feet ripping through metal and then jump again. My feet tear a hole in the roof of the car as I go airborne and the black padding on the bottom of my feet protect me from jagged metal edges.


I jump again and again and again. I leave four crushed cars behind before I finally reach the roof. I have to claw my way up part of the wall. Chunks of concrete fall to the sidewalk below me.


The thing is gone but the scent remains. I’m crouched. My feet are long and the toes support my weight as I lie down nearly flat. The muscles on my arm are thick and I feel them vibrating, waiting to be used. The claws on my hands dig into the floor below me. Dark brown fur lines my body and my sheath is holding my dick close to me. My tail is held low to the ground and steady. It’s an extra weight on my spine but it’s comforting and gives me extra balance that I didn’t think I needed.


My ears twitch, looking for signs of something moving. I’m drawing in the scent through my muzzle and tasting the air with each deep breath. There’s nothing other than the smell and a round black spot burned into the ground where the thing hovered. I memorize its scent and I know I can track it if it ever shows up again.


Sarah’s not screaming anymore. I see from here that she’s pulled herself into the car and has the seat back. I can hear her breathing fast but she doesn’t sound panicked. With a last look I turn and walk on all fours to the edge. One family is just now getting out of their car and heading into the mall. They aren’t close to us but they’re too close for me to move. I wait for them to go inside and then give them a few moments before grabbing the side of the building and leaping.


At this height I clear nearly fifty feet before landing. The cement cracks around me and I crouch into the landing, skidding on my hands and feet. My arm and leg joints yell at me in pain for a second before adrenalin or my fast healing takes over. The thick padding on my feet and hands rub off slightly on the ragged ground but they’re tough and I dig my claws in to stop. I put a dent in the side of a hummer as I come to a complete stop. If I had kept jumping or running then this wouldn’t be a problem but I need to be careful in the open.


I only now realize that my tongue is out and I’m panting. I laugh at myself but it comes out as “grufaw” because of the muzzle. Between waiting for people I slowly make my way to our car. I stay crouched on all fours to keep a lower profile. I’d be huge if I stood straight up. Someone’s noticed the other cars and is wondering whether they should call the police but his girlfriend tells him not to get involved.


Sarah reaches over and opens the back door of our car when I get close. It’s tight and I have to push my way in. I try to ask if she’s okay but it comes out as a strange whine that ends in a question mark. She’s taking deep breaths and has her eyes closed but guesses what I’m asking.


“Fuck how I’m doing. Did you kill it?”  I growl in frustration and she sighs. “It’s not there anymore, is it? I can’t smell it as strongly. Fuck, this hurts. Did you see what it did to the parking lot? Fucking thing.”


She turns her head around and looks at me with one eye. “Hey,” she says. “Thank you. You saved my life. ”


I get my head around and nuzzle her neck, licking her. My tongue is long and rasps on her skin. It seems to soothe her and she makes a satisfied noise. “Of course,” she continues. “I was already moving out of the way and your retarded tackle probably didn’t actually help that much. Other than breaking your car, of course.”


I bark a laugh (that actually comes out as a bark) and bite her shoulder. She squeals at me and pushes at my muzzle. “Get off me! You’re attacking a dying woman. Mad dog! Mad dog!”  She dissolves into laughter that trails off into giggles. I grin through the muzzle and it feels funny. It probably looks like I want to eat something rather than smiling.




I lick Sarah’s shoulder, neck and ear before settling back into the car. My change back is slow but happens when I calm down. It’s itchy but not painful. I find myself wondering where it all goes as I wait to go back to normal. Then I start wondering how the hell I’m going to get back home without any clothes. Sarah calls me a moron and tells me she’ll just run in and buy something for me to wear.


I have her show me the wound. It’s partially healed but it’s ugly. If it’s healing at all any more then it’s going really slowly. The skin around the edge of the wound is black and I can still see the muscle and bone. She says it doesn’t hurt but I can smell that she’s lying. We use the ripped t-shirt and a roll of Gorilla tape from the car’s trunk to patch her up temporarily. It takes some creativity to get the tape under her breasts and still allow her to breathe but we do it.


She strips to changes into her new clothes before getting out and her hand strays to her side occasionally. She winces when she gets out of the car but stands straight and tall. I admire her strength.


She whines about her new bra making her side hurt but I tell her that if she doesn’t wear it, I’ll have to follow her naked and beat the men off of her. She laughs and tussles my hair.


I grab her wrist before she leaves. “If I smell anything like those things then I am going in there, naked or not, changed or not. You come back to me if you see them. Don’t fight them alone.”  She taps her lip with a finger and watches me for a second. “Deal.” she says and I’m a little surprised she agrees so easily.


I sift through conversations around the parking lot while I wait for her to come back. It sounds like two people finally called the police. Mall security is looking at one of the cars but have no idea what happened. A younger guard asks about hail and there’s a pause before an older guard calls him an idiot.


I smell Sarah even before she opens the glass doors to come back outside. A tightness in my chest relaxes a little and I smile at her when she shoves a bag through the window.


It takes several different positions before I find one that lets me stretch my legs to get the pants on. She bought a pair of dark blue jeans that are slightly bigger than I need but I appreciate the extra size. A black polo shirt goes with it. She tells me she had to go to three different stores to find shoes that fit my new feet size.


My cell phone is still amazingly intact in the glove compartment. I call my insurance company and tell them some freak accident happened in the parking lot. They’re skeptical but I tell them about the other cars so they call out for a tow truck to haul it off for inspection. We wait just long enough to make sure the tow truck loads up the right car and then we find the right combination of buses that get us home.


Sarah’s tired on the ride home and mostly leans against me. Her head fits nicely against my shoulder. I hold her close, careful of her side. She clenches her teeth on some of the bumps.


Back at the house I order three large pizzas and we settle in for the evening. Sarah’s appetite is good but she’s sweating and I can smell something different about her. There’s a stench coming from her wound and it’s mingling with her smell.


She finally looks at me and says, “What? You’ve been itching to say something and you’re worried about me. My nose doesn’t lie. Apparently. Now, anyway.”  She tries to grin but it comes out as a grimace.


“You need to be in bed.” I tell her. She tries to wave me away but I press on. “No, seriously. You look like shit. You’re sweating and I see you shaking every so often. My nose is just as good as yours and that thing in your side smells like rotten meat.”


“Oh, thanks, ass. I’m fine. It’s healing and…” She stops and clutches her side. I barely have time to react before she pukes up half of what she’s had for dinner. I see and smell blood in the mess. “I’m f…fine. Fuck off. I’ll be fine.”


I stare at her and then simply pick her up. She struggles but it’s half-hearted. She’s in pain and weak. I bring her to the bedroom and lay her down on some clean sheets.


I’ve never really taken care of anyone beyond the standard cold or flu but I know the basics. I’m able to get her clothes off and she only makes a meager attempt at sexual humor. Now I know she must be sick. She feels hotter than normal so I bring her a thermometer. Decades of living as a normal human cause me to freak out when it reads 135 degrees. Thankfully, I remember our higher body temperatures and stop myself from calling 911. She’s lucid and seems mostly okay otherwise so I think that’s just our new fever temperature. I could’ve lived without learning that.


I bring wet towels for her neck and forehead and I clean out her wound as best as I can. She only bites me once in pain and then contents herself with shredding the rest of our mattress. I call her a baby several times but I’m a little worried. There are black and green bits in the wound. I vaguely remember high school biology and there’s nothing about green tinges to muscles that I can remember.


It takes her throwing up three more times before there’s no more blood in the vomit. She’s sweating profusely and keeps her eyes closed. I towel her off the best I can


The green coloring is finally fading and the black parts are flaking off inside her. My heart comes down from my throat when her breathing becomes steady and relaxed. She’s even able to keep down some Gatorade after a while.


I don’t know what time it is when I finally strip down and settle next to her in bed. We’re both too hot for sheets or blankets so I just lie next to her. She whimpers in her sleep and it’s a half animal sound. It makes me grind my teeth and feel useless. The wolf in me feels like a failure. I should be keeping her safe. We watch each other and protect each other. Failure! If she had died… I don’t know how to finish the thought. I’m snarling and my blood is racing. My anger makes Sarah thrash against me in her sleep so I force myself to calm down for her sake. Stupid. Stupid mistake.


I reach my arm around her and gently pull her close. Sarah automatically turns on her good side and settles in against me. Her head rests on the front of my shoulder and she rubs her cheek and nose against me before settling down again.


The warmth and weight of her body is reassuring. My right arm is under her neck, supporting her and I feel her thick pubic hair against my thigh. I tell her “shhh… shh….” occasionally when she twists in her sleep.


She still whimpers occasionally but it’s less and as the hours drag on I can feel her temperature coming down.


I spend the time thinking about things. This whole situation is surreal. It’s not just a matter of my life being completely different. Werewolves exist. The creatures at the mall exist. Magic or something like it exists. The whole world is turned on its edge. I should be having a panic attack or doing the whole “pinch me, I’m in a dream” thing but I’m not. This is real.


I put my arm straight up and open and close my hands a few times. This is raw power. Muscles bulge and flex. When I change I don’t even think about it. It just happens and it feels natural. Natural and damn good. A part of me wishes I could stay like that. It’s hard to tell if it’s me or the wolf that wants it to happen.


And Sarah… I do love her. You always hear philosophers debate on the topic of what love is but I know what it is. I would die for her. If someone held her hostage and told me to chop of my own hands or she would die, I’d do it. Well, I’d think hard on whether I could kill the other people first but if it came to it, I’d do anything for her. The thought of any hurt, disrespect or trouble happening to her makes my hackles rise and makes me want to hurt something. She’d do the exact same things that I would. She’s my equal in all things. And above all of that, we can laugh with each other and it feels natural. To me, that’s love. It was sudden and I know part (a large part?) is because of the change but so be it. I don’t regret it.


I finally pass out after hours of lying with Sarah but a small ‘tink’ sound in the house wakes me instantly. There’s light coming in through the window and I’d guess it’s just after 8 in the morning. Sarah is sleeping against me and making lip smacking noises for some reason. I file away a mental note to tease her about it later and then slowly extract myself from her. She makes a drawn out groan sound but stays asleep.


This house is old and the floors creak but I try to be as quiet as I can. I seem to walk more on my toes now and that cuts the noise down quite a lot. I make my way to the front of the house without hearing any more noise. I don’t smell anything, either.


I feel foolish so I just walk into the kitchen and there she is – Amelia. She’s sitting at our little table and has a tea cup full of plain water sitting in front of her.


She’s startled to see me and her eyes get big before she turns her head and covers them. “Well, well. Ahem. I’ve heard some people get bigger because of the change and I guess I never assumed they meant there, too.”  She’s actually blushing. It shows up quite clearly against her pale skin.




“Amelia.” I say. “What the hell are you doing in my house and how the hell did you find us?” I hear Sarah stir and then a loud crash. I can only imagine what that was. “Talk quick because Sarah just woke up.”


Sarah is not quiet about her entrance. Like me, she’s completely nude when she walks in. I do my best not to stare at her. “Honey,” she begins in her sweetest voice and now I know someone is in trouble. “What is this trash doing in our house?”


Amelia peeks through her fingers and seems to turn even redder. “Ah. Well, that is. I thought you might like to talk. And as to how I found you two, I simply asked. You’d be amazed at what some animals pick up around them. I don’t suppose either of you would mind putting on some clothes and joining me at the table?”


Sarah walks over and sits down hard at the table. Her chair groans alarmingly but holds. Her voice is full of contempt as she speaks to Amelia. “I do mind. We didn’t invite you here.”


I walk over and take the other chair. “She’s right. We don’t know anything about you. Sarah could’ve died because of you.”  Ah, there’s something not quite so great about all of these new muscles – hard wooden chairs are completely uncomfortable now. I shift around to try and find a better position.


Amelia cocks her eyebrow and looks from Sarah to me. “What happened? When I left, you two were fine. Aroused… but fine.”


Sarah growls in her throat and I try to change the subject. “What happened was that something attacked us as we were leaving. It smelled like that thing in the mall.”


This gets Amelia’s full attention. “What kind of thing? What did it look like? Did it hurt either of you?”


Sarah is staring daggers at Amelia so I answer. “It was a blackness. It didn’t look like anything except darkness. It shot something at Sarah and only barely missed taking out her heart.”


Amelia hisses and makes a sign in the air that I don’t recognize. Now her face is pure white again. “Did it touch her? Sarah, did it touch you?”


Rather than answer her, Sarah stands and shows her the side with the wound. It’s healed but there’s a pink scar in its place. The scar seems smaller than the hole was originally so I guess that will go away, too. Amelia stands and steps closer. Sarah bares he teeth but lets her do it.


Amelia traces her finger along the scar. She presses her hand against it and closes her eyes in concentration. Frowning, she pulls a small piece of clear paper from a hidden pocket on the side of her dress. From the same pocket she takes a charcoal pencil. She draws a large circle in the middle of the paper and then a smaller circle inside the larger one. She takes the salt tin from the table and pinches a few grains between her fingers. She licks her fingers and then rubs the salt in the middle of the small circle.


Sarah and I watch quietly. We’ve seen what she’s done before. We know she’s not normal and we only assume she’s got some new trick up her sleeve. She goes to place the paper on Sarah’s side but my hand reaches out lightning-quick and grabs her wrist. I keep the growl out of my voice when I ask her what she’s doing.


She grits her teeth and talks through them. “Please let up a fraction; you’re going to break my wrist. I’m simply trying to see how badly she’s hurt.”  I still smell nothing from her but she seems sincere so I let her go.


She shakes her wrist and glares at me. Sarah smiles and places her hand at the back of my neck. Amelia presses the paper against Sarah’s side with the small circle roughly in the middle of where the wound was. We wait for a moment and then the grains of salt on the paper burn small black holes in the paper. Nothing else happens.


Amelia shakes her head in wonder. “Incredible. You should be dead right now. The merest touch of that monstrosity is enough to kill over time. I’ve heard the wolves healed quickly but this is unprecedented. Your blood runs hot and strong, miss.”  She sighs. “I’ve watched close friends die from the same kind of wounds before I could help them and they were very strong indeed. You will heal completely from this. A strong alpha, indeed.”


Sarah brushes her side and sits again. “So, what was the thing in the mall?”


“A demon’s spawn.” Amelia answers. “Or near enough. Something that only knows how to destroy life. When I left you yesterday I was trying to find that creature’s master. Perhaps it knew that and waited for me to leave in order to kill you. Or perhaps the thing that attacked you wasn’t the master. I will destroy it when I find it.”  She says the last with utter conviction and I feel there’s something she’s not telling me.


“Or I will.”  I tell her. “It almost killed my… it almost killed Sarah.”


Amelia covers her small cup with her right hand and the water inside boils. She takes a tiny pouch from her pocket and picks out little twigs. These go in the cup and she stirs the mix with her finger, apparently not bothered by boiling water.


“Your mate. You can say it, you know. That’s the real reason I’m here this morning. You killed the creature in the mall so I owe you a small favor. I was set to destroy it but since you both took care of it, I was able to save that man’s life. He’ll die young because of what that thing did but he didn’t die yesterday so that’s a small victory.”  Her face is sad when she tells us about the choking man. “That aside, I have some time this morning and I wanted to pay you back for yesterday.”


Sarah looks at me and then back at Amelia. “Fine. Questions. Okay. What are we?”


“Berserkers.”  Amelia answers immediately. “In the past, the wolves were the elite soldiers and mercenaries – nearly unstoppable once their blood was up. I’ve heard stories of them but never have I seen one in person. You two are the first and for all I know perhaps the only ones.”


Now I’m really curious. “What happened to them?”


Amelia shrugs. “War. There was a war at one time.”  Her eyes focus inward. “A long time ago. We were losing. The call went out to fall back and gather our strength but the wolves wouldn’t leave. They refused to give up.”


Small tears well up in the corner of her eyes and she clears her throat before continuing. “The enemy killed all of their young. The demons and their allies killed the caretakers and then killed the pups while the parents were away. They hoped it would cause the wolves to quit the campaign against them. In that they were… very wrong. By the time we were able to rally forth again, the enemy had scattered and the wolves were almost all dead. They only found the alpha of one group still alive. Everything below her waist was gone and one arm was missing. She had torn out the throat of a bull troll and was holding it down with her other arm until it died.”  Tears roll down her cheeks. “She wouldn’t let anyone near her to try to help. She howled and died and that was the last one. The reports were very clear that there was nothing they could for her do in any case.”


Sarah has a grip on my leg and it’s painful. There’s a killing anger coming from her and the short hairs on the back of her neck are up. I lean over to nuzzle her neck and she rubs back against me. It helps her to calm down but she is drawing blood on my leg with her fist. I cover her hand with my own and squeeze her gently.


Amelia watches sympathetically. “I’ve been chasing one of their lieutenants for a long time. That may have been the thing on the roof or it may not. If it knows what you both are then it will kill you as soon as it can. Their defeat instilled a terror in them when it comes to the wolves.”


“What are we? You said we’re berserkers but that doesn’t tell me shit. Why me? Why us?”  Sarah demands.


Amelia shrugs uncomfortably. “The wolves were a close-knit group so most of what we know are guesses or information gathered by the other weres. We think the Change is passed down by an infection of some kind. But, not easily. A simple bite won’t do it. Something else is involved but we have no idea what it is. Some wolves were… intimate with non-weres and they never Changed.”  She’s looking down at the table and she’s blushing again.


“I have absolutely no idea how it could just manifest itself in someone. It is always passed down by the parents but we would have known before now if there were wolves still alive and active.”  Amelia looks at Sarah for a moment. “It’s too coincidental that it could’ve happened to both of you at the same time. Was it you, first?”  Sarah nods curtly.


Amelia looks down at the table again. “May I ask how he changed?”


Sarah glares and her nose twitches. “We fucked. I was changing and we fucked. He changed while we were fucking.”  She emphasizes the word ‘fuck’ every time she says it and Amelia seems to shrink into herself each time. She sips her tea to hide how uncomfortable she is. “Yes, well. I can only assume that something had a hand in this. Were you attracted to him before this?”


Sarah looks at me before answering. “Yeah, I was. I was waiting for him to ask me out. I kept dropping hints in the past few weeks but he’s blind as well as dumb.”


I stare back at her. “Wait, what? When?”


She sighs in exasperation. “Seriously? You didn’t think me leaning over your shoulder and brushing against you was a clue? Or asking what you were doing on the weekend and telling you I had nothing going on and no plans? Fuckin’ men.”  She thinks to herself. “Huh. Yeah. About a month ago something changed. I thought he was cute before but that was it. Then I started having dreams about him.”  She grins. “Wet dreams. They were nice. And, when I got close to him he smelled good.”


Amelia is nodding her head. “I’d heard something like this before. You picked your mate and then the Change happened. It must’ve been waiting for you to make your decision. How you came to have it is a mystery but it was waiting for a moment like that. For someone like him. That’s why he changed with you so easily.”  She looks at both of us again. “You do realize that it’s for life, correct? The wolves always mated for life. In the records we have, none of them mentions a break between the alpha male and alpha female. Other pack mates may come and go but the alphas never left each other. Even pack members rarely left. ”


She frowns. “The alphas die together when it’s by old age. One seems to follow the other into death naturally. But, if one falls in a fight, the other will wipe everything out until his or her death. Passionate. Far too passionate. A surviving alpha never lives long. They search for death.”  She glances up at the clock and I can tell she’s getting ready to leave.


That completes my thought from last night. If Sarah had died, I would never give up the hunt for that thing. Job, money, happiness… nothing would have mattered. If it had allies, they would be next. I wouldn’t be able to stop. I feel my anger coming back and have to choke it down.


I pull Sarah over to me and kiss her temple. “I understand. I wouldn’t have it any other way. I would never give this back even if it meant that I die today. It may sound like a trashy romance movie but there’s this large hole in me that only she fills. I would die for her.”


Amelia frowns slightly and sighs. “I know. Thus has it always been.”


“So now what?” I ask her.


She shrugs. “Stay away from humans. You can imagine what they would do to you if they knew. Unlike me, you cannot hide your true selves.”


Huh. Yeah. Humans. I’m not one of them any more. Neither of us are – not even in this shape.


I shake my head. “That’s not what I meant. I mean how are you going to help me find the thing that attacked… my mate?”  Something about the way I say ‘mate’ makes Sarah wet and she opens her legs wide under the table and growls contentedly.


Amelia’s eyes widen. “Far too dangerous! By a mere glancing blow it can kill! You have no idea…”


But I’m up and leaning in to face her. I’ve pulled my lips back and I’m pretty sure she can read my intentions in my eyes. “You. Don’t. Understand.” My voice rumbles and my muscles tense in response. “He hurt her. I will kill him. Whatever it takes. You’re looking for him so you can help me find him.”  It’s strange. A lot has happened in the past two days and I should be freaking out about a lot of things but my overriding thought is of Sarah down with a hole in her.


I can see Amelia struggling with herself. It takes her a long time to talk again. “You two have no idea how precious you are. It’s not easy for wolves to conceive pups but it happens! And if you are here there may be more like you. The wolves could return again! If you throw your lives away now then who knows how long it could take next time!”  She’s yelling at me but I’m not moving. The table is shaking under me and probably about to break. I don’t care.


Amelia closes her eyes. “You won’t change your mind. I don’t even know why I bothered.”  She takes a breath and continues. “As berserkers the wolves were uncontainable. When you’re full into the Change it’s extremely hard to stop you. It was supremely difficult to calm the both of you back at the mall and that only worked at all because neither of you were all the way Changed.”  Sarah mutters “fucking whore” at this but Amelia ignores her and continues. “You both naturally heal incredibly fast and now you’re aging slowly. At the mall you felt what happened when you were close to that demon spawn. If a normal human approached the creature, they would’ve died. Instantly. It barely slowed either of you down and you weren’t even fully Changed. I was straining to hold it back while trying to dissolve it. You both just…”


Amelia takes a breath before continuing. “Each animal has their own unique personality types. The wolves were loyal to their deaths and raw. Sex, killing, hunting. It was all mixed together. One thing blended to the next easily for them. Uncontrollable raw power. It’s a wonder you can both control yourselves right now. Emotions and sexual appetite were especially intense immediately following the initial Change.”


She looks down at her hands. “I’m powerful – more so than many like me but I don’t know how much damage I could do to either of you if your blood were up. I suspect I wouldn’t last long at all even with all of my abilities.”


I sit back down and stare at her. “So?”


Amelia sighs. “So I’ll visit again tomorrow night. My enemy is not without his own abilities. He’s scattered his trail since yesterday but they cannot stand to be near humans unless they’re hunting and that narrows it down. I’ll know for certain tonight.”


Amelia stands to go. We simply watch her. In another age and under other circumstances I might have stood when she did. Her teacup is gone and I don’t remember seeing her do anything with it. The acrid smell of her tea still lingers so it was at least real.


“Hey, you mentioned ‘other weres’ earlier. Are there more of us?” I ask Amelia.


“No. Not any more wolves that I know about. But other kinds, yes.”  She’s gathering herself to leave but I’m still curious.


“Where are they? Will they talk to us? Should we talk to them?” I wonder what kind they are. Cats? Birds? What kind of animals do we have around here? Deer? A were-deer? Not exactly something to inspire terror.


Amelia looks at me for a moment before answering. “I… I wouldn’t approach them if you ever found them. According to the records, the wolves had a strong reputation. Some of them may know about it and will fear you both. And these other groups are not always on the best of terms. The wisest decision would be to wait and see.”


“But…” I start.


Amelia doesn’t give me a chance to continue. “I thank you both for your hospitality and I swear I will not go alone to face this demon.”  She walks to the door, opens it and then pauses. The light from outside highlights her slim figure and her hair glows reddish-gold. “I…” she starts. She’s looking outside and not at us. “I wasn’t sure I could face him alone. The wolves were legendary in their time. I’m grateful for your help as much as it pains me to require it.”  And then, she’s gone.




I’m so hungry but Sarah is sitting next to me naked and still wet from me calling her my mate. The smell is rich and thick and fills my nose. We haven’t fucked properly since yesterday. My sudden hard-on slams into the bottom of the table. I grab Sarah and stand with her. She immediately wraps herself around me and we kiss and bite each other. She reaches down and grabs my cock. Furniture shakes when I push her hard against the wall.


“Fuck me. Do it. Do it. I want you in me. Ohhhhhh…” She’s got her legs around my ass. She’s trying to reach for my dick but she can’t get her hands between us. I’ve got her crushed against me. My dick is rubbing against her clit while we’re moving and it slides around her sopping wet crotch. She flexes her stomach and now I’m rubbing against her pussy lips. “Jesus! Yes! Fuuuck! Call me your mate again! Oh, fuck! Call me your bitch!”


I pull myself back and reach under her ass. My hand rubs against her before I can pull my dick down and into her. There’s slight resistance as her tight pussy pulls me in. “Ohhhhhhh… gooooddd…!” she moans.


“You are my bitch.”  I tell her. I’ve got my face against her neck. I’m biting her neck, her shoulder, everything. I pull her ear hard with my teeth. My dick slams into her and she pulls herself down against me with her legs. Her breasts are pressed into my chest and rub me every time I push. Her nipples are hard and fat. I grab a tit and suck on her. She yells out, “Aiiii!”, and holds me close to her. Her arms are wrapped around my shoulder and head.


“You want me?”  I ask her between ragged breaths.


She’s moaning and trying to kiss me but I’m pounding into her too hard. “Oh yes. Oh yes. God yes.”  There’s almost not enough room for my dick in this position. I vaguely wonder if I’m hurting her but she doesn’t seem to care.


“Then I’ll take you!” I growl at her. My heart is pounding. The wolf is coming through stronger. I pull her to the ground with me. She’s bouncing up and down on my cock, using her legs and arms as grips. I grab her arms off and pull her off of me. She snarls, snapping at me. My dick is throbbing.


She’s trying to get back into a position where she can fuck me but I push her back. My voice is thick and rough and I tell her, “On your hands and knees. Now!”


Sarah brings herself back and up on her feet, crouching in front of me. Her lips pull back into a growl. She looks like she’s about to attack me. Instead, I lunge at her and grab her arm, twisting. She’s fast and almost gets away but I’m slightly faster. My right hand slams into the small of her back and she’s floored but trying to buck me off. I sit on her legs so my dick slaps between her ass cheeks. She’s thrashing and yipping at me. It’s hard to think straight. She’s wet and so horny but she’s pushing me back and trying to get me off. The human in me (as small as it is right now) worries that she doesn’t want this. The wolf in me laughs and tells me to shut the hell up.


I grab her neck with one hand and her left shoulder with the other to force her down harder. Her face is down on the cold floor and she’s glaring up at me with one eye while trying hard to bite the hand on her shoulder. I slap her ass hard enough to leave a red hand print (which fades immediately) and then lean in to bite her neck. The growl is vibrating in my throat and comes out between breaths. She moans loud and long with her eyes closed. She’s not trying to kick me off anymore; she’s raising her hips. I’ve still got my teeth on her neck and I feel my mouth itching.


I hold her like that and she’s shaking in a different way now. Every time she breathes out she makes a “ruuuu” sound and her face is changing. I feel my dick getting even longer against her and now it’s sliding forward over her ass. I know a line of skin is attaching it to me and soon it’ll be a sheath. My muscles are shaking and growing while the hair on my body stands up on end and thickens into fur. I try to tell her to stay down but it comes out as a harsh growl because of my emerging muzzle. I hear the crack as bones shift in my face and my eyes blur for a second. I taste her blood on my tongue when my new, sharper teeth bite into her shoulder.


Her tail pushes against the bottom of my chest as it grows out. It’s three times thicker than my thumb and only slightly hairy but the fur is growing in waves from the base of her spine down to the tip of her tail. It slides against my stomach as it grows and the fur is very thick on it.


I feel her own fur growing around my dick and I watch as it thickens and spreads on her back. Her ears lengthen and come up to a point. Her blood and the drool from my muzzle are mixing and turning the fur on her shoulder a darker shade of brown. She’s moaning and whimpering and rubbing her ass on my dick over and over.


She’s trying to pull her hips back and up far enough so that my dick slides into her but its too long for her to get it right. I growl at her again and shove her down. She stops. With my mouth still biting into her, I ease back. I want to just rub my muzzle all over her body. Instead I let go of her neck with my hand and grab my cock. It’s huge and so thick – pulsing with its need.


I pull back on my sheath and more of my dick slides out. I tease Sarah with the tip against her. Her pussy is burning hot against me. She’s trying to talk but it’s not working and almost sounds like she’s mewling. She’s about to push against me but I bite her hard and she stops moving again. I slip into her slow and the muscles in her vagina suck at my cock hard and eager. I push and push and feel the sheath go in as well. She gasps when it does because of the thickness. I let her push back against me this time. Her legs are thrumming.


Now I pull out and the fur on my sheath is black with her pussy juice. I slowly enter her again and I swear I almost hear her telling me “please” over and over again. I take my mouth off of her shoulder and she lets out a little cry. The bleeding on her shoulder stops immediately.


Sarah lifts herself higher for me, as if me letting her go gave her permission to move. I pull her tail up towards her shoulders and she cries out in a wavering bark. She’s even more wet now. I go in deep and then rub my crotch against her just to feel her slick, wet fur against my own.


I’m down on all fours again, licking her back. I pull out of her and then slam back in hard. Her breasts shake from the impact and I reach around with one hand to grab her right tit. It takes me a moment to find a nipple through the coat of fur but I find it and squeeze. She squirms and makes a husky moaning sound. I slam into her again. And again. I’m supporting my weight and the force of our impact with one hand while I’m kneading her breast with the other.


Sarah puts her head down and licks my hand. I’m surprised at the length of her tongue for a moment but then I push her breast up closer to her mouth. Now she’s licking her own nipple and making short little “mrrrrr… mrrrrr… mrrrrr…” sounds as my cock pushes deep in and out of her.


I adjust myself up and forward and my dick goes down against the front of her before sliding deep into her. I find that spot again and she spasms with the feeling. I go faster and faster, down and then in, down and then in. Her pussy juice is making the fur on my crotch, lower stomach and legs wet and it feels smooth and cool. She’s yipping and bucking against me. She’s so close. I speed up and try to distract myself to keep from cumming before her.


Finally she does cum and I’m glad we’re in the middle of the room or there’d be some broken furniture. Her body jerks and shakes over and over and she bites herself on the arm. Her shaking puts me over the edge and I’m cumming hard into her. Like the other night she pushes me deep inside her and takes it all in.


I’m biting her shoulder and back as I’m cumming. I turn my muzzle and get my teeth onto her neck. I’m still ramming my cock into her. She cries out and hits another orgasm. She collapses under the force of this one and I fall on her. My tail has been at attention the whole time and I feel it settle weakly against my legs. I can’t seem to move very well and I let go off her neck.


She turns on her side and I turn with her. I’m still inside her and still hard but we’re exhausted from everything that happened yesterday and the weird sleep last night. She grabs my left arm and puts my hand (paw?) on her right breast. She’s so large now. I don’t know what comes after D-cup but she’s beyond that and still firm. The nipple is huge and her tail twitches against my shins. I lick her neck and settle my muzzle against her left shoulder.


Sarah pushes her ass against me to drive me deeper inside and she sighs. We’re still fully changed but satisfied. Her fur is warm and soft on my stomach fur and her deep rumbling breathing and strong heart calm me. I fall asleep against her.




I wake up and Sarah’s naked flesh against me tells me we’re back to “normal.”  A look at the clock tells me I was out for two hours. Sarah’s awake and tells me she rested but didn’t sleep. She says she was guarding me and I think she’s only half-way kidding.


Even though my dick has gone soft it’s large enough to stay inside her. She’s still wet and tells me she masturbated while I slept. She says she couldn’t help it since I was still in her. I laugh at her and she grins sheepishly. She looks away and then back to me. “Hey.” she says. “Would you… would you mind if I clean you off? With… ummm…” Her face goes red. I know what she wants to say but I make her say it. “I want to clean you off with my tongue.” She tells me. “I’ve wanted to do it for the last hour and I keep getting hot just thinking about it.”


“All of it, though.” I tell her. “My legs and my stomach, too.”  You would think I just told her she could buy whatever she wanted from her favorite store because her eyes go big and excited. The sun reflects off of the gold parts of her eye and I realize again how beautiful she is.


She brings her head down to my legs. I prop myself up and watch. She licks up in long, slow movements. As I watch, her tongue grows. I can’t see anything else that changes but it feels like fine sandpaper against me. At the end of each lick she makes a cute little sound and then starts again. She saves my crotch for last and really takes her time there. She cleans off my balls in small little darting tongue movements and then licks up the length of me.


Naturally, I’m hard again and Sarah makes a muffled “hah hah hah” sound with her mouth on my dick. I want her but she’s controlling this now and she’s just having fun cleaning me off. The need for food is distracting, anyway. She licks her fingers off one at a time (with a little sucking ‘pop!’ sound at the end) and then grins at me.


Lunch is a very large order of delivered Chinese food. We watch some movies online and I’m extremely glad to learn that she doesn’t like romance movies. We stick to action films and avoid any werewolf or vampire movies. I mean, seriously? Who does that? She has a crush on George Clooney and Denzel Washington so we end up watching a couple of their movies.  She cried during “A Man On Fire” and I have to admit that a piece of sand must’ve found its way into my eye towards the end of the movie.


We still don’t bother with clothes and we’ve been naked since last night.


We declare this our fuck-the-monsters-we’re-relaxing day. We have sex a couple more times but neither of us changes. It’s nice to have sex as a human but there’s something about being huge and furry that is a massive turn-on. The sex is more raw. More passionate.


We make a plan to buy a heavy duty bed frame with a memory foam mattress tomorrow – something that can take some abuse. Sarah tells me I need a headboard and I’m too dense to know what she means. She thinks I’m joking and then laughs and calls me a virgin when she realizes I’m not. She whispers in my ear about ropes and handcuffs and I start wondering if there are any 24 hour mattress stores open. Or if I have any rope in the storage closet.


We don’t talk about Amelia or anything related to her. No werewolves, no monsters – just a man and a woman enjoying the day and each other.


The day passes and we sleep against each other again. She’s warm and soft in the right places. I sleep with my face against her neck. She falls asleep first and I notice she has a faint rumble to her breathing when she’s content.




Sunday is bright and warm. The sound of five thousand birds chirping at once wakes us. I focus on Sarah’s heartbeat again and the insane chirping fades into the background. I can hear the neighbors talking and moving around and one or two having sex. I recognize their voices and hide a smile at what some of them are doing.


The best one is the controlling asshole five houses down. He’s begging his wife to use a strap-on on him. She calls him a dirty little whore but eventually she does use it. The guy cries like a little girl and I nearly choke laughing.


Sarah suddenly remembers that her car is still at work and my brain has to shift several gears to even remember about work. She wants to pick up some things from her apartment so we take a few buses to our building to grab her car. I can still smell our scents from Thursday night. The smell is faint but there. The hole Sarah punched in the wall above the warehouse is still there, too.


There’s something else… a faint scent of that creature from the mall. Not exactly the same but similar in a strange way. It’s very, very faint and I can’t tell if it’s just a lingering smell from Sarah’s wound. I hope that’s all it is because the alternative is not good.


I have to shift around some old fast food containers in Sarah’s car so I can sit in the passenger seat. How the hell did she stay so skinny if she ate fried fast food all the time? On the road she’s a more aggressive driver than me and curses at the other drivers without any real heat.


Her apartment is about what I expected – sparse but nice. She has a few simple paintings on the walls and a desk for her laptop. Her bed is a futon mattress on a small wooden frame. I’m not even sure she’d fit on it properly anymore. She has a good, clean style that I appreciate.


I peek in her fridge to find that she’s addicted to Mello Yellow. She threatens to kill me if I make fun of her so I store that bit of knowledge with her lip smacking. She leaves almost everything but digs around for some random clothes and other items. The laptop goes too, after some thought.


She drives us into town to find some mattress stores. I figure we’d have to stop at several different ones to find a decent deal but the poor sales boy at the first one is hit hard by both of us. Sarah’s turning him on and I’m terrifying him just by standing close. He stutters a lot and barely remembers his own name.


Sarah buys the mattress while I find an expensive solid frame (with headboard to be delivered a few weeks later). I actually have to put a little force into the frame before it threatens to break. Everything is expensive but my non-wolf self appreciates a good bed so we splurge. We do catch a break when the boy sells them to us half-off. I almost feel bad for him but he nervously drops that that’s still over factory price so, fuck it.


On the spur of the moment we decide on a day out on the town. Our first stop is at an arcade but we leave in a hurry when we break the sticks from an old Street Fighter cabinet. I blame her for being competitive and she calls me a useless nerd that can’t even play a video game. The smell of unwashed teenagers was starting to bother me, anyway.


Sometimes I just watch her walk ahead of me. The change has made her more confident than she was before. Even the way she walks is different. She… sways but it’s controlled. It’s as if she still has the tail and she’s walking with it swishing back and forth. Prowl. That’s the word I was trying to remember. She’s prowling. Her ears twitch minutely and her eyes dart around without her head moving. She smiles wolfishly when men stare at her.


On man takes a step towards her but his friend holds him back and points at me. The only thing his friend says is, “Don’t. Look at that guy. They’re together. I don’t think you want to fuck with him.”  I wonder what I look like right now.


There are a million smells and so much noise but I’m learning to deal with it. Crowds still bother me. Sarah and I tend to stand at the back of any crowd and close to the exits when we’re inside. Neither of us has to say anything, we just do it. We’re not scared of the people but I worry what the wolf in me would do with his back to so many people or, even worse, standing in the middle of them. Anyway, people tend to give us space most of the time.


Several hours go by as we lie in the grass at a small park with a little fountain. We both take a catnap and luxuriate in the outside sun. We’ve learned that most dogs are terrified of us. There’s no yapping or threatening barks like in the werewolf movies – the dogs shake and show the whites of their eyes if their owners try to get too close.


There was one male (I could somehow tell just by scent alone) German Shepherd that was different. He broke from his owner’s leash to come over and be next to us. When the owner came over to get the dog back, it snarled and bit at him. Sarah crouched down in front of the dog and just looked at it with her hand on the side of its muzzle. It watched her for a few moments before walking over to its owner. I could smell how sad it was – we felt like home for him.


Sarah frowns as the dog leaves. “We’re going to get a dog like that some day.” She tells me.


There’s a small restaurant nearby. It’s early in the evening and we’ve already had breakfast and two lunches but we’re both hungry again so we take an early dinner. Our waitress is an average looking young woman. Sarah sighs when the girl shifts around and can’t remember our order. I watch the crotch of her black pants get a little soaked. It takes her two minutes to remember how to apologize and she crashes into things on the way out. Five minutes later a male waiter replaces her at our table and apologizes. I’m grinning because I hear the waitress masturbating in the back of the restaurant. Sarah rolls her eyes and grins back at me.


The male waiter is barely any better. He starts sweating a few minutes into waiting on us and I can smell his fear. He stumbles with our order but eventually remembers it. Sarah leans over to me and asks if I wouldn’t mind not running off every single one of our waiters. I shrug and concentrate a little. I can almost feel the… thing that’s making this happen. I feel like I could almost control and repress it. It’ll just take more time.


I order a huge steak. Sarah snickers at me and I have to ask why. “Come on.” She says. “That’s so stereotypical. Oh, look at me! I’m a fucking werewolf so now all I can eat is raw meat!”  She orders a chicken Caesar salad. It’s my turn to laugh when our food arrives – her salad is tiny and artistically made. Sarah growls back at me and finishes it off in minutes. She calls the waiter back and orders her own steak. I make delicious eating sounds while she waits.


Back at our rented house Sarah vanishes into the bedroom and I hear her rustling around. A few minutes later she comes out and I nearly drop my food (what? It’s second dinner time). She somehow fit into mid-thigh black spandex shorts and some tight fitting shirt of the same material. The gray top is stretched to the limit with her boobs and I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s having trouble breathing. Even though they’re spandex, I offer a small prayer for what I can only assume will be their very short lived lives.


She’s also wearing some new jogging shoes. Her leg muscles are all solid lines and smooth skin. She looks like she’s sculpted from marble. “We’re going jogging.”  She informs me. “I have all of this energy and I need to burn it off. I want to run and try out this body of mine. Get your shit together. Let’s go.”


I have some loose jogging clothes left from fatter days so I wear them. They’re two sizes larger than I was before but they barely fit now. The shoes Sarah bought for me on Friday work for jogging and that’s a relief. My feet itch to go barefoot but I’m not sure about it yet. Sarah watches me change clothes and admires me when I’m done. “Maybe… maybe we could fuck first…” I can tell she’s actually thinking about it.


“Not going to happen. You wanted a run so we’re going to run.”  I force her out of the bedroom and she fights me for it but not too hard. She calls me a limp-dick so I tell her that’s not what her mom said last night. She barks a short laugh and we go outside.


There’s a huge wooded park about a mile away from our house and we walk there, holding hands. A few older people on the other side of the street smile at us and we wave to them. It’s getting slightly darker as night approaches but the sun is still out. Anyway, we could both see perfectly well in pitch black if we had to do it.


Sarah admires the acreage of forest in the park. “Wow, shit. I had no idea this park was here.” The smell of wet trees and grass surrounds us and it invigorates me. I’m excited for some reason and I feel overly happy – like a puppy getting away from its mother for the first time and wanting to run and play. I’ve run around here before and haven’t felt like this so it’s a new experience. “Let’s go! Let’s go!” I tell her. She’s grinning and I know she’s feeling the same as me.


Even though I remember running in the mall I’m still amazed at how fast we are. It’s hard to judge since the few cars driving the woods are only going about 10 miles per hour but with a push we’re running past them. If we push hard the trees blur and we stir up piles of leaves as we pass. We’re careful to only do this when there’s nobody around. There are a few other people jogging beside us but not many as it gets later. The other joggers are breathing hard but we’re talking and laughing with each other as we pass them.


I feel like I could run for days. With every step I feel the muscles in my thighs and calves tighten and release like a well oiled machine. My toes splay out and grab the ground through my shoes before releasing. I notice my running pattern is different – I land on my toes, followed an instant later with the ball of my foot and then my heel for a brief period before launching myself forward.


The wind whips around me. I take huge mouthfuls of the cool air. My eyes are drawn to the trees and I keep wondering what it’d feel like to run through them. I feel like a free runner drooling over the packed buildings of some huge, sprawling city. What would it be like? I’d have to think about each step and use the trees around me as hand holds. I find myself wondering what’s hiding out there and I can smell and hear hundreds of small animals – probably mostly raccoons and birds.


The road is dull, flat and boring in comparison.


What decides the matter is a smell that’s suddenly in the air. It makes my mouth water. It’s spicy and heavy in the air like some exotic harem tent from an old Mediterranean tale. My nose flares and I stop running. Sarah stops beside me. She almost asks me what I’m doing but then the scent hits her, too. “What in the world is that?”  She asks. Her eyes are slightly dreamy.


“I’m going to find out.”  I tell her before sprinting in the direction of the scent. The fastest path is through the woods.


It is different running through the woods but a large part of me is ready for it. I watch the path ahead of me and my foot tests the ground each time it lands. Sarah is slightly faster than me and I chase after her. She leaps over fallen tree trunks and pushes herself off of tall thick trees with her hands. She’s laughing into the wind as she runs and she’s taking a zigzag path so she has more time to enjoy the forest. I’m just a few feet behind her.


I admire the flex of her legs and the way her ass moves in the shorts. Sarah grabs onto one tree and anchors herself with her black claws. I don’t stop to wonder why her fingernails are changed. She bunches up her legs and pushes herself hard forward. Now I get where the saying “poetry in motion” comes from as I watch it in slow motion. The way she tucks her legs in and how her calf muscles bulge and strain for release before she kicks is amazing. The tree splinters at the base as she flies.


She lands in a flurry of leaves and then hunkers down on all fours. The smell is very strong now – perhaps 50 feet away. I creep more quietly up to Sarah and, without looking at me, she takes the lead. We move slowly and silently. I can feel the pads on my hands and my claws dig into the rich earth. My feet are cramped in the shoes and I feel the roughness of the bottom of my feet in them. I didn’t make any conscious effort to change anything but I trust my body more and more. The loudest noise we make is the sound of leaves rubbing against each other occasionally. I let my arms and legs choose where to go rather than try to do it myself.




A short distance later we find the source of the wonderful smell – there’s a somewhat short black woman doing stretches against a tree. Sarah and I position ourselves at the edge of a dead tree and watch as she performs a series of leg and upper body stretches. She’s wearing a tight black outfit that goes down to her calves. It’s form fitting and I follow the lines of her body with my eyes. She’s got a nice set of hips that flare out into a good sized ass. It’s heart shaped and exercise won’t ever make it go away completely.


Her breasts are constrained in the sports bra she’s wearing. I’m guessing they’re a good C-cup. She’s gorgeous and has her thick, black hair pulled back into a loose ponytail at the top of her shoulders. She’s got on dark red lipstick and a light flowery perfume. The perfume is not the source of the spicy smell from earlier – it’s the woman herself.


In the middle of a stretch, she suddenly stops and looks around. Neither of us made a noise and we didn’t hear anything but we hold our breath. She looks around a little more and then finishes stretching with the heel of her foot against the tree trunk. She has nice, defined calf muscles and I expect she jogs every day to keep in shape. Her thighs are solid and large for her size.


When she’s done with the stretch she clears out a small area around her tree and digs in a small backpack at her feet. She picks out a thin book and sits against the tree.


Sarah touches me and crawls off to the right. We both circle around to get out of the lady’s line of sight. We get about 15 feet away before we stop again. What was a simple exotic smell earlier is now intoxicating. I breathe deeply and my dick stirs. Sarah’s almost panting beside me. I’m hard and it’s painful in these old shorts. We’re at the side of the woman and I watch in excitement as she puts her hand on her chest and closes her eyes. I smell something other than the spices – the woman is getting turned on. She glances around furtively and then tosses her book beside her before biting her lip in frustration. It’s a cute gesture.


She closes her eyes, dips her hand into the front of her tight shorts and down into her panties. I can smell her sweat and pussy juice mingling. The woman’s breath catches and she fondles herself with her other hand.


Sarah groans quietly. “Something…” she takes four quick breaths. “Something’s not right. I…” she doesn’t finish the sentence but instead grunts in pain.


The beast in me stirs and suddenly I want to feel the other woman naked against me. I stand and walk towards her, abandoning all stealth. My cock is a huge bulge in the front of my shorts. Sarah reaches for me but then stands and leans against a tree. “Wait…” she gasps.


I’m standing in front of the woman before she sees me. Her eyes fly open and she lets out a short shriek. Her hands fly out of her pants and off of her chest. “Wh… who… Who are you?! What do you want?!” she demands of me. I can smell her excitement and I get down on my hands on knees. The woman is still sitting but pushes herself back against the trees with her knees up.


She’s  terrified but also dripping wet. She covers her breasts with her hands and closes her knees together but forgets that with the way she’s sitting she’s showing me her soaked, engorged pussy lips through her pants. I slink towards her on my hands and knees. She’s watching me and her eyes are wide. I hear Sarah behind me and it sounds like she’s in pain.


I’m a foot away from the woman but she hasn’t moved. Her voice is high with… desire and a bit of shock and she’s breathing fast. “Wha… what do you want?! Stop!” But she’s not as loud as she was earlier and she’s not trying to get away. She’s trembling but I don’t think it’s entirely out of fear.


I crawl the rest of the way and the woman is still not moving. I steal a glance at her and her eyes are losing focus. I can feel the warmth from her pussy at this distance. She tries speaking again “Wha… what’s happening?”


I put my head down and rub my nose against her crotch. “Ohhhhh gooooooddd!” the woman moans. She almost reaches for my head but her hands go back to her chest. My nose comes away wet from her juices, even through her pants. I lick my nose and my tongue reaches. “Nooooo…” the woman moans again. I kneel and put a hand on each of her knees. She resists but only barely. I spread them apart, almost flat. Her eyes are closed and she’s slowly shaking her head back and forth. The muscles in her neck are standing out as she tenses.


I bring my head down and gently bite the wet fabric of her shorts. This time the woman does bring her hands down and she grabs my hair. “Ohhhhhh. Don…. Don’t…” she moans again. My canine teeth tear small holes in the tight fabric. I feel my body straining against my clothes and I know I’m changing.


Behind me, Sarah is kneeling with her hands in front of her on the ground. She’s panting and her long tongue is hanging out of her mouth. “What’s happening? I don’t… I didn’t… I can’t stop this…” She’s almost lisping because her tongue is too large for her mouth.


She gasps and a hole rips opens in the right side of her shorts. Fine brown hair sprouts wildly out through the opening. Her shoes make a leathery creak against the strain. The tips of her shoes perforate and black claws push through the holes. The shoes explode at the sides, just above the sole and the tops of the shoes land several feet away. Her toes expand inches and dig into the dirt.


Sarah leans forward on her toes and hands. The skin is thickening on her feet and palms while turning black. The muscles on her forearm bulge and fur cascades down her shoulders to the tips of her fingers. She’s straining in this position. Straining to get out of her clothes. The other side of her shorts rip and dark fur is already showing through. A bump appears at the base of her spine and grows larger quickly, pushing her shorts down slightly as it does. Long, brown fur is growing out from her tail and up to the small of her back.


The rip in the right of her shorts expands and almost breaks completely. The thick brown fur is almost indistinguishable from the color of the shorts in this light. Sarah’s making a moaning noise that sounds like “Mrrrroooooohhhhh.”  The hair on the base of her spine thickens and begins creeping up her back. Her trapezius muscles flex and thicken. Her tits are expanding and stretching the shirt beyond anything it was designed for. The nipples widen and grow slightly; she’s rock hard. A loud tearing sound signifies the impending loss of her shirt as the spandex breaks. The tear begins at the top of her back as the fur expands to her neck. The muscles in her back rip the shirt the rest of the way and it hangs loosely below her.


The middle of her back is dark from fur. Fine hairs are spreading out to her sides and then thickening. The tips of her ears poke through the sides of her hair. She pulls her head back and the bones in her face crunch as it expands. Her tongue is already too long for her mouth but is slowly pulled into place as her face shifts out. Her nose flattens and turns black with a pebbled texture. Her lips thicken and go black. When her muzle is complete she lets out a slow “Rrrrrrrrraaaaaa” sound and shakes her head.


Her crotch is covered in thick tufts of brown fur and a line of hair grows from her crotch up to her throat. The line spreads and then grows out to her sides and up her breasts. Pussy juice drips slow and thick to the ground. The muscles in her shoulders flex and the tattered remains of her shirt falls to the ground below her. Her shorts are somehow defying the laws of physics and staying on.


Sarah stretches luxuriously from her shoulders to her back to her ass and finally legs and toes. She shakes her ass and her tail wags back and forth with the motion. She stands, rips off the rest of her shorts and roars. She looks at the woman in front of me and her nostrils flare as she takes in her scent.


The woman’s eyes are closed and she doesn’t see any of this. She has a firm grip in my hair and she’s moaning. I lick her from the bottom of her ass cheeks to the mound of her pussy and my rough tongue drags her pants over her pussy lips. “Ohh god. Ohhhhhhh Jeeeeesus.” she moans. My tongue comes away more wet than before.


I dig my fingers into the band of her pants and pull them apart. She jerks and her eyes fly open. She sees Sarah standing behind me and there’s a spike in her heart rate but she’s too out of it to care much. She’s shaved and her skin is slimy from her pussy juice. She reaches down to play with herself but I pull her hand away.


My pants rip and I know by the itching over my body that I’m growing fur. I can feel a tugging in my back and my balance shifts as the tail grows. My nose burns as my mouth grows.


I’ve never slept with a black woman. I’m a firm believer that every culture has beautiful women but I just never had the opportunity or the guts to ask any black women to go out with me. And she is beautiful. Sarah’s pussy lips are pulled more into her body but this woman’s lips are puffier and she’s engorged because of her desire. Her chest is heaving and it takes me a moment to realize she’s talking. “Please… please… please…” she’s saying over and over. She keeps trying to move her hand down to her cunt but I hold it in place and she makes a small frustrated cry. Her other hand is massaging her tit through her shirt.


I lean down with my muzzle and stick my tongue out. The tip of it brushes the ground and then dips up between her ass cheeks as I slowly bring it up her pussy to her clit. She shrieks and bucks her hips up into me. I can feel her ass shaking under my fingertips. Her hands tighten on my hair and she’s got the tip of my elongated left ear between the fingers of her right hand. I push her hips back down and hold her with ease. She’s trying to ask for more but she can’t talk. I bring my tongue down again and lick between her hot pussy lips. She tries to push up again with her hips but it’s impossible for her. Instead, she reaches her legs around and hooks them against me. Her shoes feel rough on my skin and the rubber soles pull on my fur.


I lean in again and push my tongue into her a good three inches. The woman screams out an “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!” and grabs the tree behind her. I push in and out and up and down and bend my tongue so the back part rubs against her clit. Her voice goes hoarse screaming in pleasure. I don’t care if there’s anyone around to hear her.


Sarah crouches beside me and licks the side of my face. She’s got one hand in her pussy and she’s fingering herself. I pick my head up and lick her muzzle and throat. I keep my right hand on the woman in front of me and I bring my other hand around to Sarah’s ass. She pushes it out for me. I rub my fingers around her crotch to get them wet and then pull her right ass cheek. I rub her asshole with my middle finger. She growls and pushes against my hand. My finger is slick with her juices and I push it into her. She goes down on her hands and knees and makes a sound like a quiet howl. She automatically brings her ass up in the air for me. My fingers are like sausages when I’m changed but I fit another finger into her and fuck her ass with them. She brings a hand back to her pussy and rubs herself.


I feel a hand on my muzzle and turn to see the black woman. Her eyes are unfocused but she’s talking, “H… Hey. Hey. H…”  I keep my fingers sliding in and out of Sarah but put my mouth down again. I bite the woman’s inner thigh muscle and blood wells up around my teeth. She bucks again and cries out, “Ohh! Yes! Yeees!”  I lick the blood and then continue to lick a trail directly to her pussy lips. I push hard with my tongue on the outside of her lips and clit and she can’t sit still. I can feel precum dripping slowly off of my penis and sometimes the sheath pulls it into the fur on my belly.


The woman’s trying to talk again. “Me… my… turn…” I guess what she means and I kneel back, pulling my fingers out of Sarah. She whines but keeps masturbating. The smell from these two females is like a drug. My mate’s smell overpowers this woman but hers is also unique and strong.


The black woman leans forward eagerly and grabs my cock. One hand is at the base of the sheath and the other in the middle, on the skin of my dick. She looks so small next to me. I can feel her pulse going so fast through the one hand. She either doesn’t notice the sheath or doesn’t care. She brings her mouth down on the head of my cock and drinks the precum off of me. Her small, human hands on my huge cock feel strange but good. She brings her chest up against my cock and tries to fit it between her breasts. She’s still got her tight shirt on so she can’t really squeeze them around my dick like she wants. She leans down and brings the head of my dick into her mouth.


I’m … large. She doesn’t get very far. I distinctly feel her teeth and there’s only room for about four inches of me in her mouth. She tries so hard but that’s all she can get in. She bobs up and down on me while trying to squeeze me between her tits. Her shirt is harsh against me but I have thick skin and it doesn’t hurt. I think she saw this in a movie and is trying to imitate it; she’s not very good at blowjobs.


Sarah stands and presents her ass to my face. I dig my muzzle into her pussy and fuck her with my tongue. She shreds a nearby tree with her grip.


Eventually, I push Sarah away and pull the other woman up to her feet. Her pants are ripped down to her shins. She doesn’t want to let my dick go and she’s still trying to give me a blowjob. I pull her off of me so she tries to give me a hand job. I growl at her and turn her around, against the tree. She hugs the tree and spreads her legs. “Yeeees. Please, yessssss.” she’s saying.


I dig my claws into the neck of her shirt and rip it apart. Her breasts are large and soft – they explode out of the shirt. I step forward and lean into her. My dick lies against the top of her ass. She leans forward and stands on her tip-toes. My cock slides down and presses in-between her ass cheeks. The base of my sheath bulges with my testicles and they rub against her pussy. The texture and shape startles her at first but then she’s pumping her ass up and down, humping them. I clutch her soft ass cheeks with my claws and they tighten nicely around my dick as she’s humping me.


She has dirt and mud on her ass but I don’t care. I grab the woman’s hips and pull her out from the tree. She puts both hands out and against the tree in front of her. I bend slightly and my dick probes her ass, bobbing slightly. She’s hot with desire and her juice is running down her legs. She cries out again and tries pushing back into me but I’m too big for it to just go in. I hold her steady with one hand and my dick with the other and guide it into her. It’s tight but she has wide hips and it fits. I can’t go in all the way but I get at least nine inches into her before it stops. Her legs turn to water and I have to hold her up with both hands around her waist. My claws dig into her flesh. Little trails of blood flow around to her stomach.


Sarah bends over in front of the woman and presents her left tit. The woman kisses and sucks at Sarah’s breast, looking for her nipple through the fur. When the woman finds it she takes it in her mouth with a happy “Mmmph!” while sucking on it. Sarah is rubbing the woman’s back and making a face at me. I think it’s a grin. Her grin turns into an open mouth of pleasure when the woman reaches hand around and digs her fingers into Sarah’s pussy. The woman looks positively tiny between Sarah and me.


I pull out of the woman and she tries to push back against me. She’s so horny and eager. I hold her steady and push back in. It’s hard to know when to stop but she doesn’t seem to care about how deep I am. I pull her back and bring her head down to Sarah’s cunt. Sarah presents herself to this woman. I guess the woman never explored with other women. She’s eager but sloppy and it takes her a moment to figure out what she needs to do. It probably doesn’t help that I’m fucking her at the same time. The woman grabs a handful of the fur above Sarah’s pussy with one hand and uses the other to find Sarah’s pussy lips. Soon she’s fingering Sarah and biting her clit. The woman is making “haaah haaaah” noises between breaths.


I watch Sarah as I pump in and out of the woman, stopping short so I don’t break her. She still tries to push me deeper. Sarah looks back at me and the corners of her muzzle turn up. Now I’m really sure that’s supposed to be a grin.


Suddenly I hear a wet slap and look down to find myself fully buried into this woman’s cunt. She’s twisting her ass to get me deeper. I pull out, half-way horrified that I broke her but she makes a disappointed noise in her throat and pushes back into me. I wasn’t ready for her so I don’t keep her in place but again, she buries herself completely against me and her ass slaps against my pelvis. She’s got her mouth buried in Sarah’s pussy but I hear muffled screams of pleasure coming from her.


I can see clearly in the dark of the forest so I see the black nub above the woman’s ass. I watch in wonder as it grows. Pitch black, thick hair is growing on it and a patch of black hair is spreading from the small of her back. She was shaved before but black hair is sprouting all over her cunt and down the inside of her thighs. I hear a pop and her shoes are laying in pieces around her feet. The toes are growing out and her toenails are black. I’m startled enough that I forget about everything else. The woman reminds me what we’re doing by eagerly bouncing her ass on my cock, sliding me in and out of her.


I roar and grab her hips again. She’s larger now. Her ass is still padded but I can feel the muscles developing under her skin. Her tail is long and utterly black with thick, heavy fur. A line of black hair is bristling out of her skin and up her back. When it reaches her shoulders it fans out and fine hairs erupt all over her body. I reach around with a hand and feel thick fur below her belly. I pound in and out of her harder and harder and she meets each thrust with her ass slamming back into me.


My finger rubs her clit in time with the pounding. She leans back from Sarah and I see the muscles standing out on her forearms. She pulls her head back. Her face is already changing into a muzzle. She lets out a “Haaaaaaaaaaa…ooooooowwwwwllllllllll!” and her mouth grows out to a point.


Sarah lies down on her back in front of the woman and the lady wastes no time. She bends over Sarah and starts lapping at Sarah’s pussy with her new tongue. The woman brings her ass up and I bend down over her for a better position to mount her. She’s making “ruff… ruff” sounds every time I pound into her and she reaches one hand up to play with Sarah’s breast. Sarah massages her other breast and tweaks her own nipple.

Soon I feel her trembling under me and I pound faster. The woman digs her muzzle into Sarah’s cunt and I see her shaking her head back and forth. Sarah cums first and liquid squirts out onto the other woman’s muzzle. The woman follows shortly after and howls again, twice. I howl with her and I cum so much that some of it jets out of her and over my legs. She tries to push into me but she’s weak from her first change and she collapses onto her forearms and knees with her head down. Her tongue is lolling out of the side of her muzzle and she’s panting hard.


I bunt my head against hers and lick her face. She tries to lick me back but can barely lift her head. Sarah gets up and walks on all fours to the woman’s cunt. She brings her muzzle down and laps up my cum and the woman’s juices. The woman trembles and whimpers but stays up. I join in and lick her all over. She’s streaked with sweat from the effort and her fur lays flat against her. I clean her back, arms, and face. She makes little crying noises when I lick the sides of her breasts. They hang loose and heavy below her.


Sarah finishes with the woman and kneels upright. Her long tongue makes a circuit around her mouth as she cleans her own face. The woman’s new jet black tail falls limply to the ground and her ass is shaking from the after effect of her orgasms. She licks my hand as I’m cleaning her off and I gently bite her.


Sarah comes over to me and licks the side of my muzzle and I make a low grumble in my throat. She settles on the ground next to me, lying on her side. I wrap my arms around the woman and lie down with her. She’s shivering but she holds me tightly and licks my ear. Her breasts are slightly smaller than Sarah’s and they aren’t quite as firm but I love the way they press softly against me. I lie on my back and have to adjust myself a few times to keep my tail from being uncomfortable. Sarah pulls herself close to me and lays her muzzle on my shoulder. The woman does the same on my other side. They drape their arms across me and Sarah brings her leg up and over mine. I’m very conscious of the wet fur of her crotch against my thigh.


Over time the changes recede. The woman grips my body hard as her fur pulls back into her skin and her body shrinks. I make soothing sounds. The woman changes before us but not much more. Sarah reaches for the woman’s hand and clutches it tightly.


“Welcome, little sister.”  She tells her.


The woman cries softly and says, “Thank you… thank you…”




I’m amazed at how comfortable it is lying on the forest floor with Sarah and this woman against me. I’ve got my arms under their necks and wrapped around their bodies protectively with my hands resting on the sides of their breasts. The woman’s arm is dark against my chest hair and she’s rubbing me gently over and over. I lean into her hair (wild now from the change and the sex) and rub my face against her. She sighs and holds me tighter.


“Melodie.” She tells us. “My name is Melodie Pierce.”  Her voice is gentle and sweet.


We introduce ourselves and spend time explaining what happened. She doesn’t ask me to apologize for what I’ve done and I don’t offer it. Mostly she listens to us talk what’s happened since Thursday but she asks a question now and again. She doesn’t notice that she’s stronger and bigger so when I tell her that our bodies are different even when we’re not changed, she pulls her arm off of me and looks at it in the dark.


“It’s … it’s night time but I can see everything so sharply.” She says, amazed. She turns onto her back and traces her forearm muscles with a finger. “Good Lord. And it doesn’t go away?”  She flexes and the muscles stand out. She does this several times. “Wait, everything?”  She sits up and her breasts, which were lying to the sides of her chest, fall down and together. She stares at her left tit and her eyes are wide and white against her beautiful dusky face. She picks it up with her hand and moves it around. She’s lifting her breast and massaging it gently as she explores. “Damn.” she whispers. I can tell she doesn’t curse often.


I expect her to be skeptical when we mention Amelia and everything we learned from her but she shrugs and says, “If this is real then why not that as well?”  She’s practical, at least.


She lies back down and snuggles up against me again. When we’re done explaining everything she tells us about herself. She’s 27 and a legal clerk studying to be a family law attorney. She has a younger brother and sister but they’re living near her family in Louisiana. She came to Oregon for a job and stayed because she loved all of the trees and mountains. She never knew how much she loved nature until she left Shreveport. She’s a kindred spirit and I guess that’s why she changed. Her scent was familiar, in a way. She says she comes here often after a run and likes to just sit and read or write in her journal.


Sarah’s reaches over me and rubs Melodie’s arm while she’s talking and Melodie purrs deep in her throat. I don’t think she notices that she’s doing it. She tells us she was dating a man casually but it wasn’t going anywhere. She thinks he has a problem with anger and was planning on telling him this week that she was done with him. It’s hard for her, she says, because she’s a little timid. She laughs a deep sultry laugh and tells us she doesn’t feel exactly timid now.


We lie together quietly like that for a long time. Our scents are mingled together and we’re just listening to each other’s breathing. Melodie is tracing gentle patterns in my chest hair with her finger. “Y’all…” she starts and her voice is quiet.”Y’all won’t leave me, will you?” She asks.


Sarah reaches and puts her hand against the side of Melodie’s face. “No. We’re together if you’ll stay with us.”


Melodie rubs herself against Sarah’s hand. “Oh, yes. Yes, please.”  I hug them both tight.


Eventually we sit up and try to decide what to do next. There are claw marks in the tree trunks around us and the air smells heavily of sex. It’s exciting but we need to move on.


Melodie cocks her head, wrinkling her nose. “I can’t smell much beyond all this sex but… did anyone else smell that? Something rancid. I guess I’m just getting used to this, still.”  She touches her nose a few times and shakes her head.


Sarah looks at me and I stand slowly, taking deep breaths through my nose. I don’t… wait, there it was for a second – the same smell from yesterday when we picked up Sarah’s car.


I make a slow circuit around the tree, looking everywhere. My nostrils flare. Melodie’s right – it’s hard to make out anything other than the smell of our recent sex. All the desires, the mixed juices and the changes are overpowering. The sickly smell keeps slipping away when I think I’ve found it.


Melodie watches me curiously. “What…?” I hold up my hand to stop her.


Sarah stalks from tree to tree. She has her eyes closed as she moves and her nose is in the air. She stops at a tree about ten feet away. She rests her hand on the tree and I see claws growing out to dig into the thick trunk. She brings her foot up against the base of the tree. She’s rumbling low in her throat now. Fine hairs slowly grow up her arms. Her leg muscles are vibrating as she crouches slightly.


I can’t see or smell what she’s found. The damn smell keeps moving.


“I think…” Melodie begins but suddenly Sarah launches herself to her left, using her leg against the tree as leverage. I bolt immediately after her.


Sarah’s arms are straight out and she’s snarling. She’s almost to a huge oak tree when I see a faint reddish glow in the branches above her. She latches onto the tree with her claws and climbs fast. Her muscles are a work of art as she shoots up the tree. Shoulders to arms to back to ass to legs, all in a line. Her breasts swing and slap together.


Bark showers down over me as I follow her up. The glow shudders violently for a moment before winking out. Sarah is only seconds behind it but it’s already gone.


“Son of a bitch!” She yells in disgust. Her teeth are sharp and her face is ever so slightly elongated. Light fur covers her body. She’s got one hand on the thing’s branch and another anchored above her. The claws on her feet are sunk deep into the trunk. Her tail was starting to grow out but has stopped. “I almost had the goddamned thing!”


We’re 20 feet up the tree but she pushes herself off and falls to the ground, tumbling into the impact. She grunts slightly. I follow her down and my body automatically does the same thing. Neat.


Melodie’s watching us with huge eyes. “Was that… was that one of those things?”


Sarah growls. “Yeah. Seems like it. Fuckers are following us. I thought I smelled something back at work. That’s fucking creepy. We need to go.”


We stand and gather up the pieces of our clothes and Melodie’s backpack. I suggest burying the clothes until we can come back for them. We’d move easier without them. Sarah and Melodie agree and she even puts her bag away. I keep the house keys but leave everything else.


I look at Melodie. “You’ll come with us, then?”


Melodie looks back at me steadily. “Anywhere.” She says. Sarah hugs her and bites her ear. Melodie shivers.


The women are beautiful and so very different. Sarah is pale and stands just over six feet tall. Her breasts are large and perky and the nipples point slightly up. She has a thick patch of brown hair above her cunt and her muscles bulge slightly even when she’s not using them for anything. She’s got slim hips for her height and her ass is nice but tight against her. She stands tall and proud, challenging everything around her.


Melodie is dark and beautiful but her eyes dart furtively around and she keeps her head down more often than not. Her new body is just under 6 feel tall and she has a smaller frame. Her muscles are defined but they don’t bulge. Her breasts lay lazily and large on her chest with her nipples erect and pointing straight out. She has an almost delicate oval face with full, thick lips. Her nose is neither large nor small and curves down slightly at the tip. Her hips are wider than Sarah’s and her ass is bigger but mostly more rounded. She has a small patch of pure black hair over her pussy now.


Melodie’s watching me and her eyes are hungry. I can smell her getting wet and I tell them both we better go before we spend the night outside. Melodie sighs in disappointment but follows us. I can’t smell anyone nearby so we dash through woods. Melodie is even faster than Sarah but when she realizes she’s ahead of both of us, she slows down and follows slightly behind me and to my left. I think back to what Amelia said about alphas and I wonder if it’s that or her shyness that keeps her behind. She could smoke both of us if she wanted to.


At the end of the park we gather and figure out a plan. You’d think there’d be no problems sneaking around and making it back to the house in the middle of the night but there are street lights and some people stay out late. I take the lead with Sarah and Melodie follows. We run from building to building and stay low to the ground.


I don’t have to use hand signals or talk to tell them when to stay or when to follow. They can smell and hear people as well as I can and they smell when my scent is alert or not. It takes us 15 minutes to cross the mile to our house. I curse the motion sensitive porch light when it comes on. A note on the door tells us the mattress delivery people were here but couldn’t deliver and will try again tomorrow. I completely forgot about them.


Nobody showers. We’re comfortable with ourselves and we’re all tired. I offer Melodie the spare room and she takes it, hesitantly. Sarah and I take the main bedroom and we make ourselves comfortable on the broken mattress. We both hear Melodie shifting around in the other room until she finally knocks on the frame of our door. She’s looking down at the floor when she talks to us. “Can I sleep with y’all? I’m… I was used to sleeping alone for the longest time but now… I can’t. I want to be near both of y’all.”  I get up and pick her head up, kissing her hard on the lips. She opens her mouth to me and our tongues twist around each other. I hug her tight against me.


Sarah pushes the bed to the corner and pulls out some extra sheets, blankets and pillows to lie on the floor. We all stretch out on them. It takes a bit to find a good comfortable spot. I lay against Sarah’s back with my arm over her hard stomach. My dick rests against her smooth, warm ass and she teases me briefly by grinding into me. Melodie lies down behind me and rests her hand on my hip. I feel her soft breasts against my back and she presses her forehead against me, kissing my shoulder briefly.


“I never knew. I never knew something could feel so natural and perfect. I … thank you. Both of you.”  She says.




Somewhere around thirty minutes passes. I’ve been lying here between these two beautiful women, trying not to think of sex. I’m not doing such a great job. Both of them are still awake but breathing softly.


I think about random things before making the mistake of thinking about dogs. I swear to god the wolf in me brought it up to just fuck with me. Instantly a connection is made between dogs and doggy-style and then, naturally sex. I can feel that thing I do now, the very, very slight vibrating of my body and I know I’m putting out pheromones.


Melodie’s breathing quickens. I hear her heart rate accelerate before Sarah’s heart kicks it up a notch. Melodie moans against me. Her arm slides over my hip as she grabs my dick. I can feel the slightly rough padding we all have now when we’re human. She’s rubbing her face against my shoulder and pumping my dick with her left hand.


“I want… Ohhh… I want it…”  She’s moaning.


Sarah rubs her ass against my hard dick and Melodie’s hand, up and down. She’s fingering herself with both hands. “Haaah… haaah… haah…. You bitch…haaaoohhhh… I was almost aaaahhhsleep…”  She’s pushing her hand hard against herself.


“I can’t help it! I just…”  Now Melodie’s rubbing her chest against me. “I just can’t… I never wanted sex this much…”  I feel Melodie’s soft pubic hairs against my ass. She’s already slick. “Is this normal? I … oh..oooohhhh…” She’s rubbing her crotch on me and it’s pulling her pussy lips slightly. “I can’t even… can’t think…”


Sarah’s having just as hard a time – she’s grunting “Urrrrr… urrr….” as she rubs herself. Her right hand makes its way up to her tit and it looks like she’s trying to give herself a bruise the way she squeezes herself.


“I’d say I knew this was a bad idea but that’d be a damn lie.” I tell everyone.


I push Sarah gently forward and roll onto my back. My dick stands at impressive attention. Melodie is up immediately. She’s got both hands on my cock and she’s rubbing her face all over it. “Can… can I…?”  I start to tell her ‘yes’ but she’s not asking me – she’s asking Sarah.


Sarah’s hips are making erratic little jerks as she gets into it. “Fuck… he’s… shit shit… he’s your man now, too… haah haah haaahhhhshit…”


I bring my hand to Melodie’s face and she rubs against it. Her hair is thick and strong. She brings her nose down to my balls and licks her perfect pink tongue up to the tip of me. I watch her tongue grow as she does. Halfway up, her tongue is probably three inches out of her mouth. When she reaches the tip it’s a good five inches out of her mouth. Her teeth are sharper and her fingernails are thick, black claws.


She holds my dick with her left hand. Her right hand presses down on my lower stomach. She’s much stronger now. She brings me into her mouth and she’s able to fit almost my whole length – even with her huge tongue. She’s making a rumbling purr sound and clawing my stomach. Her soft, huge breasts rub against my thighs. Her nipples are like little boulders scratching up and down my legs as she sucks me off.


She’s better at it, this time – I barely feel her teeth. She starts off with a slow rhythm, pumping her hand fast and hard. She wants me to cum in her mouth.


I’m clenching the sheets. Super smelling is not your friend when you’re surrounded by two women in what can only be described as ‘heat.’


“Melodie, sweetheart – I want you on me. I want my seed in you.” I tell her. She moans with my cock down her throat. Slowly she pulls her head up. Her eyes watch me the entire time. Hungry eyes. Her tongue is slightly shorter but still longer than it should be.


She kneels astride me. Her legs are spread apart and her own juice is making little trails on the inside of her thighs. Her large, lazy breasts hang on her chest. They seem bigger than normal and they bulge wonderfully to her side. She growls low in her throat and goes slowly down to her hands and knees. I can see the fine black hairs erupting over her body. She’s getting into the change.


Her breasts fall forward to surround my dick. My dick is wet from her mouth so her breasts slide back and forth over me. The fur grows more slowly on her tits and I feel the short hairs scratching my body. She brings a hand forward and I watch the muscles in her shoulders shift as she slowly crawls over me. Her breasts slide over my dick and up my stomach. She shudders when her clit touches the base of my dick. She’s thick with fur on her crotch.


Slowly, ever so slowly, she brings herself forward. She’s pressing down as she does it. Her clit traces a trail up my dick. She changes position slightly and I suddenly feel her pussy lips around me. She’s burning hot. Her teeth are lengthening and her ears are growing to points slowly. Her body is in no hurry for the change.


“Ohhhhh… lover…. “  Her voice is rougher. She brings her head down to my chest and her tongue is long again. She rubs her forehead lightly against me. I feel the light fur of her face against my chest hair. Her tongue dips out of her mouth and rasps against the hair on my chest. “Mrrrrrrraaaaarrrrrrrrr…” She moans. She’s rubbing herself slowly back and forth on my dick and licking languorously around my chest and neck. I can see the start of her tail coming up from the curve of her back.


She leans in to kiss me but her tongue is too long. I come close to choking on it so she backs off slightly. It’s more like she’s licking my mouth but I lick her back. I reach my hands around to her ass and grab a handful. I spread them apart and the bulge of my dick dips inside of her. Her back arches. “Jesus!” She screams. Her ass is hairy with fur and larger than before.


I knead her ass cheeks with my hands – rubbing them in circles and pulling them apart. Her ass is fantastic. Large enough to grab and dig into but still strong. She’s rubbing herself on me faster and faster while on her knees. My dick almost slides into her every time she pulls forward.


Sarah crawls over to me and leans her ass over my face. “Eat me out.” She says. Her voice is husky and she’s still fingering herself. Almost her whole lower body is slick. She’s changing like Melodie and I can feel the beast in me rousing.


She brings herself down on my mouth and I don’t hesitate. I bring my hands up and under her ass to spread them apart while I lick up and down the inside of her pussy. The fur of her crotch scratches my face. She’s got her left hand on the ground holding her up while she rubs her clit in circles with the right. She’s pushing hard against my mouth and I have to find time to breathe now and again. Thank god my lung capacity went up with the change or I’d probably be dead by now. The bridge of my nose rubs against her clit in interesting ways.


Melodie finally brings herself up and impales herself on me. “FUCK!” She screams. It sounds so alien coming from her. She slams herself hard down onto me. I bite Sarah’s pussy accidentally and she shakes from a sudden orgasm.

“Not…not… Jesus! …  Not yet!” Sarah yells. Her legs are vibrating and she has to hold herself up with both hands, now. I don’t stop. I reach the middle finger of my right hand around and plunge it into her ass. She SHRIEKS but it turns into a roar. I think there’s a very small chance my ear drums are bleeding.  I still don’t stop and she’s pushing even harder into me and grunting.


Melodie is pounding herself on me harder and harder. Am I this rough with them when I’m doing it? Jesus. It feels like Melodie’s trying to break my legs. She grabs my left hand and shoves it on her tit. She can’t talk so I just squeeze, twist and pull at her nipple. She’s growling hard while her ass slaps against my legs over and over. My fingers play through the fur on her breast as I tweak her nipple.


I can feel my tongue going deeper into Sarah. Small changes. She’s trying to pull herself off of me. “I can’t… I can’t… stop…” I don’t think her legs are working. I let her go and she literally falls off of me.


Melodie slams my wrists down to the ground. She’s snarling at me now. She leans in and bites my throat. I feel blood and then immediately her rough tongue lapping it up. She brings herself down one last time and throws her head back, howling as she orgasms. She grinds against me. The fur on our crotch and stomach is wet from her. She leans over me to put her tit in my mouth. I hold out for a few more seconds before her shaking and grinding make me cum.


Melodie goes still and shoves herself down hard on me. “All of it.” She pants. “Give me all of it. Ooooh… lover….”  She settles against me and we’re both slick from sweat. I feel the hairs over her body receding back into her. “All of it…”


Melodie eventually rolls over to her side and hugs my body tightly. I ask Sarah if she’s still alive. She tells me to fuck off and that I broke her vagina. I laugh.


We’re all breathing hard. Sarah rolls over several times and scoots against me. I don’t know if I’ll be able to sleep any time soon. “Is anyone else hungry?” I ask. My stomach is trying to eat my backbone.


Melodie sits up on her elbows. Her breasts sway down to the ground. “Actually… yeah. I ate earlier but…”


I pat her on the hip. “Sorry, get used to it. Being hungry all the time comes with the new body. Part of the deal, I guess.”


Sarah is up and digging through my clothes. “Hey – didn’t you buy your own clothes?” I ask her.


She looks at me briefly. “Fuck you. You think I’m going to chance having those ripped, too? Dream on.”


Melodie rolls onto my stomach, pressing my dick between us. Her breasts are incredibly soft. I want to grab them and just knead them over and over. She kisses my chest, neck and then full on the mouth. Her voice goes breathless. She’s rubbing herself on me a little. “I’m going to go clean up.” She whispers into my ear. Her warm little tongue licks a trail up to my ear before she bites my earlobe. “I don’t think I’ve ever had as much cum in me as tonight. Mmmm… I can feel it in me…” She’s rubbing faster now. I can tell she’s out of it because curse words and dirty words do not come naturally to her.


“Melodie, sweetheart. I’m going to eat you if you don’t get up. And I don’t mean oral sex here.”  I push her gently. She’s panting but her eyes focus slightly.


“Oh! I’m… Oh!”  She stands up and staggers off to the bathroom. Both of our juices are leaking down her leg.


Sarah’s grinning. “That girl… I don’t think she knows what she got into. Well, what we got her into. I almost feel bad about it. She didn’t ask for it, did she?”


“No, she didn’t.”  I tell her. “But I think it was a matter of time. You smelled her in that forest the same as me. She was waiting for us. The same as I was waiting for you. It was going to happen. For what it’s worth, I don’t think she minds.”


Sarah laughs. “No, I guess not. Jesus but those tits are amazing. I want to smear my face in them.”


Melodie has to borrow my clothes, too. She asks about going to her apartment to pick up her own clothes but we remind her she won’t fit into them. We plan another shopping trip for tomorrow instead. She’s almost in the car before she remembers shoes. I ask her why she bothers and she tells me she doesn’t want to look like a homeless person. It’s a good point. Not that anyone would confuse her for that but appearances matter. My old shoes actually fit her nicely. My large old t-shirt barely contains her tits. She finds a gray one so her breasts don’t show so strongly.


I offer Melodie the front seat of the car but she insists on sitting in the back.


“Hey – you know you’re welcome to be with us, Melodie. You don’t always have to hang back or ask our permission for things.”  I tell her. Honestly, she’s making me feel bad. The wolf in me shrugs. I get a mental image of the alphas charging at the head of the pack with pack mates following behind, respectfully. Yeah, great. But she’s human, too.


“No, no. It’s fine. I just… I was shy even before all of this happened. Don’t feel bad about it. I’m a guest and…” Sarah interrupts her.


“No, you’re not. You’re not a guest and you’re not our bitch to order around when we feel like it. Look, this is new to us, too. All of these changes and new feelings…”  Sarah rolls her shoulders. “I… You’re a part of us. Yeah, I feel more strongly about him than I do about you but you’re closer to me than my own family now and I love my dad almost more than anything else. You’re…” She looks over to me. “Help me out, here.”


I look back at Melodie. “We’re not human anymore, Melodie. This change did something to us. All of us. I’ve never felt as deeply for Sarah as I have for anyone or anything else in my life.”  Melodie looks down but I continue. “Or you.” I tell her. She smiles shyly at me. “I just met you tonight but you’re hooked into me. Yeah, it’s because of what we are. I was forced into it… almost like… like… well, like mind rape. I wasn’t given a choice. Something came along and was like, ‘Oh, here’s Sarah. You would die for her now. Get used to it!’ and then shortly after that – ‘Here’s Melodie! You don’t know anything about her but you love her more than your own mother! Have fun!’ They weren’t my own thoughts or feelings but they’re part of me. Whatever makes me love you, both of you, is part of me. I know that if something happened to me, both of you would be there. Its love, trust and respect all rolled into one.”


Melodie looks at me and the corner of her mouth curls up in a half-smile. “I understand now. I thought it was just me. Something… something holds me back when it comes to you two. I’m not scared of anything or anyone but…  When we were running in the forest and I was ahead of you both, a voice warned me to step back. It told me… well, in a way it told me that you would both keep me safe and I should let you go first. That I should guard from behind. There was… a picture in my mind. A puppy with its mama and daddy. The puppy found a snake and was curious about it without knowing it could kill with its bite. The parents stepped in and killed the snake before that could happen. That’s how I feel with you two. Like you said: trust, love and respect. I will follow you both in your footsteps and keep you both safe because I know you’d do the same for me.”


I step up to Melodie, pulling her close. She’s so warm. My heart swells just being near her. “I love you, Melodie. That is my own choice.”  We kiss tenderly.


“You talk too much, but yeah, me too.”  Sarah says. She pulls Melodie from me and kisses her, too. Melodie is awkward at first but then melts into her arms. Sarah pushes Melodie against the car and their breasts flatten against each other dangerously. Sarah brings her hand up to Melodie’s hair, makes a fist and pulls down hard. Melodie’s head jerks back and she makes a surprised noise. Sarah brings her teeth down to Melodie’s neck and bites. Melodie squirms against the car and brings her right hand up to Sarah’s ass. Her hand trails up to Sarah’s back and then down again to squeeze her ass more.


Sarah pulls Melodie’s shirt up over her breasts and cups her left tit before covering the nipple with her mouth. Melodie grabs Sarah’s head with both hands and cries out. I see Sarah’s teeth biting the nipple. “D…don’t… not here… ohhhh… not here… Someone will see… ohhhhh…” Melodie is running her dark, small hands through Sarah’s brown hair, pulling her against her own breast. She doesn’t look like she wants Sarah to stop.


I start to walk to them both but Sarah breaks off and looks at me, her expression fierce. “Back off. This is girl’s night out now.”  I grin at her and back off so she goes back to Melodie. She puts a hand on the sides of Melodie’s large, heavy breasts and presses them together. She reaches her fingers around to Melodie’s nipples, pinching both of the nipples between finger and thumb, rolling and pinching and pulling. Melodie is breathing hard and fast, her thick nails scratching lines of paint from Sarah’s car.


Slowly, Sarah brings herself down, kissing Melodie’s flat, rock-hard stomach. She goes to one knee in front of Melodie’s crotch and unbuttons the borrowed blue jeans. “Ohhh… please…” Melodie moans. She pushes her hips out slightly to Sarah’s mouth and her own hands go to her nipples, playing with them.


Sarah brings her mouth forward and bites Melodie’s zipper between her teeth. She pulls the zipper down inch by inch and then brings the pants down with her hands. Melodie reaches down to help with her panties (black silk, borrowed from Sarah) but a sudden growl from Sarah stops her.


Sarah nuzzles her face against Melodie’s panties, over and over. Her cheek rubs Melodie’s mound and she dips her mouth between Melodie’s thigh and pussy. I see a darker spot slowly forming on the bottom of the panties and the scent from Melodie is hot and wet. I massage my dick casually with my hand while I watch. Sarah brings her left arm up to cradle the small of Melodie’s back while her right hand rubs and massages Melodie’s left thigh.


Sarah grinds her nose on Melodie’s clit and Melodie squirms against her. I see fine black hairs working their way out of Melodie’s skin. The hair under her panties thickens and spreads, slowly ever so slowly. I see sweat beading on Melodie’s forehead. Her breasts are larger and her nails have sharpened. She’s twisting her own nipples painfully. She’s not moaning anymore. She’s making a deep husky “Rrrrrrrrrrrrr…” sound with her eyes closed.


I hear small popping sounds and see Sarah’s tail push her pants down slightly as it extends from the base of her spine. Her ass shakes slightly and I hear small threads breaking as she splits her … my jeans in several places. It looks like she’s flexing muscles all over her body. Sarah growls lightly as her trapezius muscles bulge and a line of muscle pops down either side of her spine. The shirt she’s wearing tears as her body nearly doubles in size.


I’m going to start keeping track of how many of my clothes she destroys. I swear she’s doing it on purpose.


Sarah is biting at Melodie’s pussy lips through the panties. The panties bunch up and get caught between the lips. Her right hand has moved up to Melodie’s ass and she’s digging hard into her flesh. I see her pink tongue rubbing and sliding over the darker flesh of Melodie’s labia before black fur covers it. The panties are shifting around with the growth of new hair. Sarah licks up Melodie’s pussy lips before getting her teeth on the waistband of Melodie’s panties. She gets some of Melodie’s fur in with the panties but she doesn’t care. Sarah’s teeth are lengthening as I watch and a fine coat of brown fur is covering her. She pulls down with her mouth and the panties slide over Melodie’s growing body. Having crotch fur pulled out must hurt but Melodie’s hips buck again and she cries out wordlessly.


The panties come down and Sarah pushes Melodie’s thighs apart. Her thumbs pull apart Melodie’s lips, exposing the pink opening. Sarah’s tongue is longer now and she drags it roughly up Melodie’s cunt. Melodie brings her left hand down to pull at Sarah’s hair. Sarah shoves her mouth hard into Melodie and I hear the wet smacking noises as she sucks on her, drinking her juices. Melodie is shaking hard now. It looks like she’s trying to pull her own nipple off. She’s crying out in pleasure and pain. Melodie’s tail is starting to grow out.


Sarah moves her head in little circles as she fucks Melodie with her tongue. She brings her right thumb up to Melodie’s clit and rubs it through the thin covering skin, over and over. Sarah’s face is changing shape slightly and I see her tongue deep inside Melodie.


Melodie is rocking the car back and forth. Her own hand comes down to press hard against her clit and she rubs herself furiously. Her orgasm is hard and fast. She pulls Sarah’s head hard against her cunt and braces herself against the car, denting it. She’s trying to talk or howl or something but it just comes out as a high pitched shriek. She’s practically bouncing against the car and I wonder if we’ll be car shopping tomorrow.


Sarah stands, shrugging off Melodie’s hand and brings her knee into Melodie’s crotch as they kiss. They turn their heads to make their half muzzles work. Melodie is grunting into Sarah’s mouth as Sarah’s knee grinds against her pussy. It looks like the only thing keeping Melodie standing is Sarah holding her up. The fur on Sarah’s thigh is slick and flat with Melodie’s juices.


Finally, they break apart, chests heaving as they pant in the night air. Melodie goes to her hands and knees with her head down. The thick black padding on her hands has started to grow in but didn’t get very far. I see it receding slightly while she catches her breath.


Sarah smiles at me as her own changes back off. She inspects the rips and tears and looks up at me, still smiling. “Oops.”  She says but she’s not sorry at all. What the hell. I can’t fit into those clothes anyway. I should just get two cardboard boxes and label one “To Be Ripped” and the other “Already Ripped” – that should solve this problem.


Their change back happens relatively quickly and when they’re both back to normal, Sarah helps Melodie up. They kiss again, deeply.


“You ruined my panties.”  Melodie tells Sarah.


Sarah grins back. “The first of many, I imagine.”


I look at both of them. “So…”


“So, I’m still sitting in the back.”  Melodie says, grinning.


Sarah smacks her on the ass and goes in to find some non-ripped clothes.




It doesn’t take us long to find an all-night diner. It’s not in a great part of town but what’s there to worry about? One of us alone could handle nearly anything and we’re the only ones there anyway.


I order a cheeseburger. Melodie contemplates a salad but Sarah puts a hand on her arm and tells her to get a burger, too. We all do.


We talk about normal things while we eat in our booth. The women sit across from me. One of them tries to stick her foot on my crotch but their leg is too long now. Melodie blushes and I’m surprised it was her trying. I grin at her.


Melodie loves baseball and tries to get us interested but neither Sarah nor I are into sports. Sarah knows some of the teams because of her father but he never pushed it on her. She was apparently too busy running around outside like a wild child. Definitely a tomboy. I don’t even know the rules of the game.


Melodie looks at me in pity. She reaches over and pats my hand. “You poor, poor boy.” She tells me. Sarah laughs and laughs and then makes up stories of how I was locked in my room my whole childhood. I was apparently only allowed out for school and my parents fed me watery soup with two crackers for every meal. It was a harsh, sheltered life. Apparently. According to Sarah.


Our food is gone as soon as it arrives. Melodie licks the hamburger juice from her fingers but then blushes when she realizes what she’s doing. “I don’t even eat greasy food.”  She complains. “I should want a salad but… I don’t. I want another hamburger.”  She ends up ordering another one after struggling with herself.


“So much is different already.”  Melodie tells us. “I never even slept naked before. I always slept in panties and a shirt. But when we were going to bed earlier, I couldn’t think of sleeping in clothes. It just felt unnatural. Actually…”  Her voice drops and she leans forward. “Wearing clothes even now doesn’t feel quite right.”


“So take them off.”  Sarah tells her. “Neither of us would mind. Would you, Mr. Can’t-Keep-His-Dick-In-His-Pants?”


“Hah. Last I checked, you were the one trying to get me to fuck you and that cashier girl.”  I reach out to squeeze her tit but she bats my hand away.


“Cashier girl?”  Melodie asks. “Y’all didn’t tell me anything about that. What happened?”


“Nothing. Nothing fucking happened. That’s the problem.”  She glares at me. “Dumbass.”


“Bah.” I tell her. “It worked out in the end. I got something a million times more fantastic than that lady.”


Melodie grins at me. “What’s it like for you two?” She asks.


I think about it for a moment. “It’s… I feel more angry. Almost all the time. Or, not angry but at the point of violence. Ready for it. Wanting it to happen. It’s like an adrenalin surge for me and I’m constantly at the point of fight or flight only I won’t be choosing ‘flight’.”


Sarah shrugs. “It’s not quite the same for me. I feel ready but not angrier. Well, a little but not much. I took a couple Jeet Kune Do classes when I was younger and our sensei often told us to ‘be like water’ and not to go looking for a fight but to be ready to react to one. I catch myself looking around more. Constantly. I automatically gauge people and there’s a nearly continuous monologue in my brain telling me that ‘this part of the room is good but not the other part because the exit is right here’ or ‘if you have to kill everyone here, this is the order you do it in.’ I’m not consciously doing it. I just feel ready for whatever might happen.”


Melodie considers this. “I guess I’ll see how it does for me. Already, though, I watch out for both of you. Kind of like Sarah, I’m watching everything but I also feel on the edge of violence. I think if someone were to say something bad about either of you, I’d have a hard time controlling myself. And that’s not me. Not normally. I’ve always been more gentle.”


I take Melodie’s hand in mine. “Me, too. I was always way more laid back. When we met Amelia one of my first thoughts was whether I’d have to kill her. The same with the idiot in the mall. I would’ve laughed off the guy in the mall before all of this. Or just ignored him and kept going. I actually thought about killing him. Although part of that was just all the people being around me. I felt like everyone was watching me. It makes my skin crawl.”


Melodie squeezes my hand back. “It’s powerful.” She tells me. “When I changed… it was hard to think straight but I feel like I’m wrapped up in a steel trap, waiting to spring on anyone that that messes with me. These muscles are incredible and they’re just waiting to be used.”  She moves her fingers and twists her arm around, watching the new muscles of her arm move. “And I feel so warm all the time. Not too hot or anything, just warm. That’s one reason why clothes feel so strange on me. I feel like I don’t need them. And the sex… good lord.” She waves her hand in front of her face as if to cool herself down. “I always thought I had a low sex drive. I was interested but I could live without it. Now it’s hard to think of anything other than how much I want it.”


Our conversation passes like that back and forth. I thought Melodie might be quieter but she joins into the conversations seamlessly. I wish we could stay there for hours.


It’s getting late so we pay our bill and head out into the cool night air. Sarah is telling us how she broke her last boyfriend’s collar bone and we’re all laughing about it. The poor guy just didn’t know when to quit.


Without warning, the earth moves and there’s an ear shattering sound. I expect all of the glass around me to break but it doesn’t. Instead, blood explodes from the cook’s ears and he crumbles to the ground. I can’t hear anything but I’m guessing he’s dead.


All three of us are on our knees with our hands on our ears. It doesn’t help at all. In front of us is that same reddish light from the forest. It’s blurry in a strange way.


That sound is killing me. I can barely think and I want to curl up into a small, tight ball. Sarah is flat on her stomach with her eyes closed. She’s in pain and there is blood trickling from her ears.


I’m almost completely down when I feel Melodie’s hand on my leg. She’s on her side, curled up. Her arm is shaking as she reaches for me. Her mouth is moving but I can’t hear her. Blood is leaking from her ears and the corner of her eyes. The blood from her eyes is mixed with her tears.


I pound my fists on the concrete. No! It was hard enough watching Sarah get hurt but I’ll be damned if I let both of them die.


My fingers are growing. I feel the fingernails scratch against the concrete parking lot as they turn into claws. My muscles are bunching and moving around. There is sweet silence for half a second as my face rearranges itself. The sound gets even worse but slightly dull in a way, too.


I feel my pants rip down the sides and back as my leg muscles take. My dick hangs loosely below me but is pulled up and against my stomach as my sheath forms. Fur grows along my body in fits and starts.


I stretch to my hands and feet. I can take the pain better. My shirt rips down the front and back as my chest and shoulder muscles finish growing. Dark brown fur covers my entire body.

I see Sarah and Melodie behind me. Blood is pooling around their mouths. I roar and stand. The sound goes up a pitch and both women jerk in response. My lips are pulled back in a snarl. I take a step towards the thing.


I can see it clearly now. It looks like a huge crow. Above the beak is a single, large red eye. The beak itself is riddled with holes. I can see small black bugs crawling around its body.


I take another step. The pain is going away now. Sarah and Melodie. Down. On the ground. Hurt. I take another step. The monstrous crow takes a step back. Its claws sink into the ground and thick black smoke curls up from the concrete around the thing’s talons.


I hunker and growl. The insane shrilling noise skips a beat. The crow takes another step back. The air around it begins to shimmer. Smoke is pouring from the concrete now. It’s trying to leave. The human in me is glad – if it leaves then Sarah and Melodie live.


The wolf in me doesn’t wait. I leap at it, claws reaching straight for the thing’s neck. It tries to jerk its head back but I’m too fast. I’ve got one hand around its beak and the other around its neck. The sound cuts off as soon as I get my hand on its beak. I feel steam coming from the holes perforating it. It’s jerking in my grasp and burning my hands. I can feel it even through the black padding.


I don’t pause to wonder if it can still vanish; I rip its fucking head off.


I drop the pieces and turn to my mates. Sarah is sitting up and wiping the blood from her mouth. Melodie is still down but alive. My hearing is coming back slowly.


I walk to Melodie on hands and feet and lick her face. She reaches up weakly to scratch my ears. “Good… good boy.” She pants. Her voice sounds like it’s coming from the bottom of a tin can. “But don’t… don’t lick my face. That’s a disgusting habit.”  She’s shaking but she’s laughing and crying at the same time. Sarah joins in and I bark at both of them. I laugh but it comes out as “Hurr… hurr… hurr…” which only makes them laugh harder at me.


I’m just glad they’re alive.




The crow-thing had a long range – we count five crashed cars as we drive home. We stop at the last one because the couple in the car are still alive. I stay in our car (my clothes are gone) but Sarah and Melodie check on them and then call 911. We don’t wait for the police.


It’s taking a while for Melodie and Sarah to heal. They both say they mostly feel fine but they’re weak and have pounding headaches. I feel fine but I keep it to myself. I guess changing took care of the aches and pains for me.


Bed has never felt so good – not even an improvised bed on the floor. The women strip for it but I’m already naked. I fall asleep on my back with Melodie on one shoulder and Sarah on the other. Sarah wakes me in the middle of the night to tell me I’m snoring so I roll over, against Melodie. She wriggles against me in her sleep and I pass out again spooning her. Sarah presses up against my back.


I wake slowly. Dim light shows through the window and I’m still in the same position with Sarah behind me. She’s growling softly with each breath out. Melodie is not in front of me but I smell her nearby and hear her moving around the kitchen. I never felt or heard her get up and I’m a light sleeper. I hear her muttering about there not being coffee and then she becomes very still.


I pull myself from Sarah and walk to the kitchen naked. She smiles brightly when she sees me. “I heard you wake up.”  She drawls. The “I” comes out like “Ah” and it makes me grin. She points to the cupboard. “You have no coffee.”  She tells me bluntly.


“I know. I don’t drink it.”  I grin and mimic her from last night. “It’s a disgusting habit.” She shakes her head at me and looks around for something else.


She’s nude and I watch her explore the kitchen. Her body is so sleek. The muscles in her shoulders flex as she reaches for things and she’s not used to the new size of her breasts yet – she keeps rubbing her arms against the side of them. The sides of her breasts swell out magnificently on her chest.


She looks back at me and grins. Slowly, she turns to the cabinet under the sink and she has her back to me. Slowly, ever so slowly she bends over and opens the door to the cabinet. “I wonder…” she says slowly. I can see the sides of her mouth pulled back in a grin. “I wonder if there’s any coffee in here.”  Her ass slowly comes up and the cheeks spread slightly. There’s a clear liquid around the lips of her pussy. “Hmmmm…” she says in a slow drawl. Her heart is racing and her full breasts dangle in front of her.


I admire the view for a moment and then walk over to stand behind her. My dick rests on her lower back and I reach around her hips and find her clit. Melodie takes a sharp breath and grabs the edge of the counter with her right hand. “Mmmm….” she moans. I grab her tit with my other hand and pull her into a standing position. She puts a hand over mine and rubs herself with me. “Y’all ruined me.”  She says dreamily. “I never… ohhhh… I always… mmmm… yessss… I was a good girl. Always missionary for me. Oh. Oh. Go slow. Never even thooohhhh… thought of being with a woman. I’ve never even had a man’s co… penis near my mouth. And never so much sex before.”  She’s slick with juice and it’s hard for me to rub slowly. I find the folds of her pussy and rub them while the palm of my hand presses against her mound. She’s clenching and unclenching her fist on the countertop.


“Now…” she moans. ”I want you to f… take me from behind. I want it bad. I want to feel you behind me like yesterday. Please. Please. Like a dog. Please. I’m so hot.”  Her breath is hitching. I stop playing with her nipple and I grab the base of my cock. I pull it down her back. The head dips between the cheeks of her ass and rubs her asshole. She squeals and her ass shakes a little. “No. Not… not there. Not…” I keep going and the tip rubs the outside of her pussy. “Yessssss…” she moans and rubs her ass against me.


I enter her slowly and her breath hisses out between her teeth. I can fit myself all the way into her. The muscles in her vagina grip and rub me as I push deep. “Ohh… lover. Go slow, lover. Ohhhhh…”  I pull out slowly and push in again. She grinds against me when I’m all the way and spreads her juice between us. Her ass is slick from it. I want to push hard and fast but I take my time with her. I take my hand from her cunt and grab her breasts. My hand is slick and slides around her but I massage and knead at the soft flesh. She licks my hand several times.


“Can you…. ohhhh …. ohhhh goooodd… bite me. Oh oh oh, yesss… mark me. Bite me again. Yesterday. Fu…. like yesterday.”  I lean forward and take her shoulder between my teeth. She tilts her head to the side so I have more room. She moans and shudders. “Ha….harder.” She pleads. I bite in and taste blood. She groans and almost collapses but I hold her up and against me. The taste of blood and sweat is intoxicating and I start pumping harder. She slams her ass back into me and the slapping sound is loud and sharp. “More. Mooore.”


She’s slowly getting taller and I see fine black hairs growing on her back. She’s changing again but it’s not fast at all.


Melodie presses hard against the front of her mound and the head of my cock rubs her deep inside. She breaks a chunk of the countertop off by gripping so hard and she’s trying to talk but can’t anymore. She’s grunting in time to my thrusting. Her tail grows out and against me. I pull on it and she moans.


Her changing is making my heart pound harder. I rake my fingernails down her back. Deep red lines mark her between the growth of hair on her back and little spots of blood well up along them. It’s too much for her suddenly and I feel her whole body shake as she cums. She breaks two large glass jars as her hands fling out and I see the fingers are tipped in black claws. The muscles and veins of her forearm and standing out.


The inside of her cunt is changing. It’s hard to explain but I feel the muscles shifting around. She gets bigger but she’s still tight. I watch her pussy lips grow and then they’re hidden by all of the fur spreading around her crotch. Black hair grows out from the small of her back and down her ass. The hairs grow and then thicken as if the muscles growing in her ass are pushing them out. She’s sweating – from the sex or from changing or both. She’s got a half-muzzle and her tongue is hanging out. Fur is marching up her stomach and over her breasts in a line.


My own orgasm makes me curl my toes and pull harder on her tail. I feel my dick tense over and over as I cum inside her. Her mouth works but only barely – its changing shape more as she’s cumming. “Yeeeaaaaasssss… Give me allll of youuuuuuuaaarrrrrrrrrrr!”  I hold myself in her and my dick spasms with every jet of sperm. Every time I twitch she shakes again. My sperm is dripping out of her cunt and down the fur on her thighs.


The fur on her back is thick and her muscles are bunching. The padding on her hands is pure black. She’s taller than me when she’s changed. Melodie leans her upper body against the countertop and pants as her muzzle develops. She has her eyes closed and there’s a small bit of drool in the corner of her mouth. Her eyes open and, unlike ours, they’re fully golden.


Only then do I notice that Sarah is in the room with us. She’s pulled back a chair from the table and is hunched in it, left hand deep inside her pussy and the right hand pinching a nipple. She’s watching both of us. “That was fucking hot.” She says.


Melodie stands to her full height and the tips of her ears come close to brushing the ceiling. “Aaaahhhrrrraaaaaaa….” she tries to say. She gets down on all fours and her tail is tall and proud. She starts to pad over to Sarah but Sarah shakes her head. “No. Clean him off first.”  Melodie stops and turns to me. My dick is still hard and throbbing. I’m covered in my own semen and Melodie’s juices.


Melodie growls and turns to me. I guess I never noticed how huge our tongues get when we’re fully changed. She digs her nose between my legs and huffs. The top of her nose comes back wet with our juices and she reaches her tongue around and over. The tip reaches and she licks the bridge of her muzzle off. She bends back to me and holds my legs with her hands. They’re huge and the padding on the bottom of her hands is very rough. I lean back into the counter and watch Sarah. Sarah is watching Melodie and her hand is pumping faster now. Melodie’s tongue lashes out and slides roughly from my thigh to the bottom of my stomach. And again. And again. Sarah is grunting and pounding her hand in and out of herself.


Melodie kneels directly in front of me and her tongue caresses my balls lightly. She rubs her nose against my cock and then licks the tip of her nose off. Now she drags her tongue up my length, stopping at the top. She pushes herself forward and takes me in her mouth. “Fuck. Fuuuuck.”  I tell her. The feeling is very different than I expect and I jerk to my toes. She goes down on me and her nose touches my crotch – I’m big but she has me all the way in and some room to spare. She’s grumbling at the back of her throat and it vibrates the head of my dick. I’m still sensitive from my own orgasm and I yell out from it, “Goddamnit!”  Melodie whines because she thinks I’m mad but I grab her head and jerk her back and forth on my dick.


Sarah’s cumming and her feet drum on the floor while she screams out. I’m not going to cum again for a while but it feels so damn good. Melodie doesn’t have control of her teeth down quite yet and they slice me sometimes but her mouth is so warm and large. Her tongue cradles my dick and she licks the small cuts.


Finally, I put her off of me. She tries to go back on and I know I couldn’t stop her if I wanted to – not when she’s changed and I’m not. I pull her back and tell her, “No. I’m done for now. It’s too much.”  She whines but then looks at Sarah.


Sarah has her arms spread to her side and is watching Melodie. Her crotch is soaked and small drops of her cum are dripping slowly onto the chair and floor. Melodie growls and walks over to her on all fours. It’s my turn to watch as Sarah is cleaned. Her legs jerk every time Melodie’s tongue rubs her pussy. “Fucking… Jesus!” She says. “That tongue is amazing. It feels completely different when I’m like this. Ohhhh fuck. Yes.”


When she’s done Melodie licks Sarah’s breast. Sarah cradles Melodie’s head against her and rubs the side of her face against Melodie’s muzzle over and over.


Melodie tries to help clean up the mess in the kitchen but her hands are ungainly as they are and she’s not changing back yet. She finds a full length mirror in the hallway and I watch her turn this way and that in front of it. She flexes her ass and it jumps up and down in response. She barks out a laugh. She’s particularly fascinated by her tail and she keeps petting it. Then, she leans to her side on one leg and watches the tail compensate for the movement. She leans the other way and her tail moves again. She does this several times.


I hear a loud, long scratch and look over to find her looking at me with huge eyes. She smells afraid for a moment and I get a picture of a pup biting it’s mother’s tail. One of the claws on her feet has taken a chunk out of the hardwood floor. I shake my head and wave her off. She smells happier and goes back to examining the black padding on her feet.


Sarah helps me clean up. “I told you back at the mall that I was wondering why the thing with the cashier girl didn’t bother me. I guess Amelia was right. We’re a pack, now. She’s one of us now and I love her. I only just met her and I love her.”  I pull her in for a quick kiss and then go back to sweeping up salt.


“I feel different about her than I do about you.”  I tell her. “I… it’s hard to explain. My heart would die if you died. For her… well. I would kill anything that hurt her but I stand by you first. I would mourn her death for a long time but I would live through it.”  I look at Melodie and grin. She’s doing a handstand and her tail is wagging. I wince as it brushes a picture off of the wall and crashes to the floor. She’s immediately down on the ground on all fours before she notices the picture. Then, she slowly looks up at me and if a wolf could look sheepish, she would.


Sarah nods. “We’re going to have to do something. Our lives can’t be just this. I don’t… I don’t want to live like a hermit in the woods. Granted, the sex is incredible every single time and when we were out jogging yesterday I felt so alive. I just… I’m not ready to give this life up for that.”  She pauses. “Yet.”


I sit on the floor of the living room and she sits with me, in my lap. Melodie walks over on all fours and lies down against both of us with a “Hrrmph.”  She can’t quite make herself comfortable in the shape she’s in but ends up on her side with her chest twisted flat. Her breasts flatten and bulge out wide to her sides. She rests her muzzle on her forearms in front of her. I run my hand through the thick fur on her back and she rumbles in contentment. Tufts of fur above her cunt stick out from the surrounding fur on her body.


“We need a bigger house. I can find another one to rent and we can pool our money together to do it. I mean… damn. What do you two think? We should be working this out together rather than me just telling you what to do.”  I want them to stay with me. I want to live with both of them. I don’t want them to go. The wolf in me wants me to tell them that they’re moving in and that’s that whether they like it or not but I’m still human. Partly.


Sarah leans back and smacks me with the back of her head. “Don’t fucking ask me. You know what I’m going to do. I already planned on giving my notice at my old place this week. I’d break your legs if you tried to keep me away. Well, I’d try to, anyway.”  Melodie rubs her head on my leg and I take that as a ‘yes’, too.


“Good, then we…“ I stop. Melodie has picked her head up and her ear tips are trembling. She pushes herself to her hands and feet and she’s growling dangerously at the door.


Seconds later I smell blood and I remember the scene in the mall. “Amelia.” Sarah says as she stands. Mixed with the smell of blood is the same smell as the creature on the roof of the wall. My hackles are up immediately and I’m growling as well.


We find her lying outside a few feet from our door. A quick look and listen tells me nobody is around so I dart out (still naked) to grab her. She has blood caked on her arm and she’s missing the ring finger on her left hand. The skin on the two fingers next to the stump is blackened. Her eyelids are fluttering and her chest is heaving. Her heartbeat is jumping all over the place.


“I…” she starts. Her eyes roll back into her head. I bring her inside and her eyes open again. She’s not focusing on anything and I think she’s in shock. “I found him. I lost… I lost… “ She gasps. And then she’s out again.




I don’t have to guess who “him” is – I can smell it on her. Melodie is backed up and the fur along her spine is spiked.


“Melodie, be calm.” I tell her. “We’ve got this.”  She backs up and her tail wilts a little but she’s still growling quietly.


Amelia is wearing tan cargo pants and a loose black shirt. It looks incongruous on her, like a character from the 1800s wearing blue jeans and a t-shirt. Her face is covered with soot.


My cellphone suddenly rings and Melodie roars at the sudden sound. She’s up on her toes in the blink of an eye and her claws are out. When she realizes what it was she shakes her head and shoulders and settles down again. A blip from the phone tells me I have a message.


Amelia’s breathing is rasping and she’s broken out in a cold sweat. Sarah brings wet wash cloths and I towel her off the best I can. Melodie pads over, looks at me for a moment and then licks Amelia to help. She cleans off everything except the blood on Amelia’s arm. She wrinkles her nose at that and leaves me to wipe it off. We try to get some water down her throat but she sputters and chokes on it. Not knowing what else to do we just lay her on the couch and keep her cool.


I can’t smell any other wounds on her except for the finger. I notice small pieces of bone stuck in the fingers of her left hand so I pick them out as gently as I can and set them on a small plate. There are small bits of silver metal around the stump, too. I pull on them but it tugs the skin and Amelia groans and twists in her sleep.


Sarah leaves to get dressed and then takes a turn watching Amelia while I find some clothes. Melodie watches us walk back and forth but mainly keeps her eyes on Amelia. She’s kneeling in the corner with her feet pressed against the wall, her knees on the floor and her hands on her thighs in front of her. She’s tensed, as if ready to push off of the wall and pounce on something.


Whatever is pissing off Melodie is keeping her changed. I think it might be the smell of the creature coming from Amelia. None of us talk much while we wait.


It takes over an hour before Amelia finally opens her eyes again. She looks around but she’s not really seeing anything. “Wh…” she tries and her throat is so dry. I grab a glass of water from and end table nearby and tip it to her mouth. She sips it and her eyes focus slowly. “I’m…”  She makes a fist with her left hand and her body tenses. She arches her back in pain. I push her down again, gently. “You’re hurt. Be careful.”


She looks at me then. “I had him. I found him. I was going to come back for you two but I made a mistake. He…” she trails off coughing so I give her more water. “He felt me. I was in his domain and he’s so strong. Ohhhhh…” Amelia closes her eyes again. “I lost my ring. My ring.”  She flexes her left hand gently over and over. “I barely survived and I lost my ring. I was so stupid.”  She covers her eyes with an arm and I sit back.


I look at Sarah and then Melodie. Melodie stands and walks over to us. She growls a question. I frown. “Where is it, Amelia? If you know where that thing is, tell me. I smell it on you. You promised you’d wait for us. You’d promise I would kill it.”


She’s shaking her head over and over. “You can’t. You can’t. You can’t. No, you can’t. It’s… He’s in his own domain. He’s stronger there. He’s made it his own. You couldn’t…” She hacks and we let her finish the water.


“I told you, Amelia. I told you I would and you promised. He hurt Sarah. My mate. He hurt her and almost killed her.”  When I remind Amelia what the thing did to Sarah, Melodie growls and gnashes her teeth. The rough fur on the back of her neck is standing on edge and she’s making fists over and over.


Amelia is crying silently. I watch the tears roll down her checks. “Amelia!” I growl at her. “Pull it together. What if it’s gone? We don’t have time for this.”  My voice is rough around the edges. Melodie picks up my anger and her own growl becomes louder. Sarah is baring her teeth and unconsciously touching her right side.


She pulls her arm from her eyes. “Help me up. Help me sit up.”  I pull her up into a sitting position and she leans heavily on the arm of the couch. She takes some deep breaths with her eyes closed. She opens her eyes to look at me but then her eyes dart to Melodie and she bites back a shriek. “What! Wh…!”  Melodie growls even louder but I rest my hand on her hip and she calms slightly.


“This is Melodie Pierce.”  I tell her. “We found her yesterday. She smelled… she smelled a little like us. She changed with … a little encouragement.”  Sarah snorts at me and Melodie turns her body so that my hand rests on her ass. Her tail wags slightly.


“You found another.”  Her eyes are wide. “What are the chances…? What are the chances you’d find another so soon…?”  She struggles to stand but can’t. She extends a hand to Melodie and Melodie’s own hand envelopes it. “Melodie Pierce. I’m Amelia. I would stand to greet you but my legs aren’t working. It is a pleasure to meet you.”  She looks at all of us. “To meet you all. The first wolves in over 500 years and the beginning of a pack already. I never thought… I never imagined… they would return…” She’s crying again and her chest heaves with each shaky breath.


Melodie takes her hand back and shifts her legs uncomfortably. I rub her hip to comfort her. Her muscles are rock hard but the black fur is thick and soft. She gently pushes back at me.


“Where, Amelia?”  I ask her again.


“A farm. An abandoned farm about 48 kilometers south of here. I don’t know how long he’s been there but it’s been long enough to lay a taint on the land.”  She seems stronger. Sarah refills her glass and Amelia thanks her. “Normal people would drive past it and not even remember it was there. I don’t think he’s been there a long time but he’s already gathering a force. If he’s strong enough he could wipe out a small town and nobody would even remember a town existing there or question why it was empty. I was able to get away but I lost my ring.”


“What’s so special about this ring you keep talking about? You’ve got four more.”  I point at her other fingers.


“They’re charmed.”  She bites the inside of her mouth and then continues. “I have my own abilities but sometimes if you find the right… thing, you can put a part of yourself in it and it boosts your strengths. It took me eleven years to find the stone I needed for that ring.”  She sighs heavily. “It was a simple looking rock on a random beach and if I had been two feet further away from it I wouldn’t have noticed. That hurts more than the loss of my finger.”


All of us must look confused because she holds out her right hand.


“I’m right handed so I carry three rings here.”  She points at each ringed finger in turn. “My index finger, the elements. My ring finger, displacement. My little finger, healing.” The ring on her index finger is a small dark red stone that refracts light blindingly. The stone on the ring finger is nearly completely transparent but takes up the entire top of the ring. There’s a minute crack at the edge of the stone. The pinky finger ring is an average sized dull pink stone.


Amelia puts her right hand down and holds up her left in the same manner. She winces as she brings it up. “The index finger, force. The…” she hesitates pointing at the stump of her ring finger. “The ring finger, defensive. I barely had time to shield myself. He shattered it. I panicked and Moved without having a clear destination in mind.”  She looks at the ring finger on her right hand. “I’m afraid this one won’t last much longer. It was almost too much stress for it. All my fault.”


I sympathize but she’s alive and she’ll heal. “All right. So now what? You can’t stop me from going.”


She’s still looking at her right hand. She studies the rings over and over. “You’re right. There isn’t much time left.”




I print out some online maps and we mark out the farm. Google Maps won’t zoom into it very well. You can see vague building shapes but any closer and the maps blur.


After an Interstate exit, there’s a small dirt road that winds for 5 miles before stopping in a dead-end at the farm. The farm itself extends to the base of some large hills and sits on 20 acres of land.


We’re not an assault team. We don’t have any fancy tactics. It’ll be head-on. The wolf stirs in me and growls in anticipation. Head-on is fine for it.


Melodie is starting the change back and excuses herself to the bedroom while she does. I think she has a problem doing it in front of Amelia. She comes out dressed in some of my old clothes but they hang loose on her smaller frame. She comes over, boldly kisses Sarah on the mouth and then sits next to me on the couch with her arm slung around my waist. I feel the swell of her large soft breast press against my side and it’s distracting. Her fat nipples are poking small mountains through the shirt.


“Away with you, woman! You and your devilish charms!”  I tell her. She laughs and bites my neck playful while I shoo her away. After a moment she heads out to buy some food and coffee for herself. I don’t think she even notices that she’s barefoot again.


My cell phone voicemail is from my boss and he sounds worried. I call in and give him my best “sick” voice and he tells me to rest up. Sarah calls an hour later to tell him she’s visiting her mom at the hospital. Work feels like a million miles away from me right now.


Melodie comes back with hands full of large grocery bags. I tell her she’s my best friend ever. Sarah coughs “suck up” into her hand. Then, both of us laugh hard and long when we see that it’s almost all steak. Melodie shuffles her feet and looks down. “I just thought… well, isn’t that what we’re supposed to be eating all the time now?”  Sarah and I are positively choking on laughter.


Melodie bristles. “And, anyway, I wanted steak. So… so, there!”  I kiss her on the cheek and disappear into the kitchen. I know the basics and steak isn’t hard to cook. I leave the planning to wiser heads.


I do not eat all the steaks raw as soon as I got them out of the package. They smell good and I can feel myself starting to drool slightly but the idea of cooking them is much more appealing. Right now, at least.


I call everyone in when I’m finished. Sarah, Melodie and I pile the meat on our plate while Amelia contents herself with her strange tea. She has the small bag in a side pocket of her pants.


“God Damn!”  Sarah’s eyes are lit up and she’s devouring her steaks. “Girl, you called it on this. This is, hands down, the most delicious thing I’ve ever had in my life. It’s steak every fucking day now!”  She’s joking but she’s right, too. After a while I’m not even cutting the steak up. I just pick it up with a fork and bite through the thick slabs. My teeth cut better than the knife anyway. So, yeah, I think I could actually live with steak every day. The texture… the taste… I feel the animal in me stir. I can’t believe I was living off of pizza and sandwiches before.


Melodie is more delicate than either of us but just barely. She also isn’t eating as much. When I raise an eyebrow at her she just shrugs and tells me she’s not as big as Sarah or me. I lose count somewhere but I think I put down five pounds of previously living cow. Sarah quit sometime before me but all of the steak is gone and I cooked twelve pounds.


I’m full but I don’t feel the sleepiness that usually comes with a huge meal. I feel energized. Sarah is pacing the small living room and Melodie has decided to do some stretches in the corner. She complains that her tits keep getting in her way and I slap her hard on the ass. I thought she’d squeal and laugh but she moans and is suddenly wet instead. I do believe Sarah and I found us a closet masochist.


I have to turn away to stop from fucking her right there. Amelia saves me by clearing her throat and reminding us she’s still around. Sarah walks over, nibbles on Melodie’s ear and whispers what we’re going to do to her later. She has particular fun explaining the headboard. At that, Melodie excuses herself to the bathroom and we all pretend we don’t hear her masturbating. Amelia blushes furiously the entire time. Melodie is not quiet about it and you don’t need wolf ears to hear her. We have a hard time trying to hold a normal conversation while she does it so we just wait for her to finish and come back out. For her part she pretends that everything is completely normal.


“Do we wait for night time?” I ask Amelia.


She shrugs. “It makes no difference. Night or dark has no sway over these creatures.”


Sarah doesn’t even ask. “I’m ready.” She says. She’s got an old faded pair of my blue jeans on. There’s a hole in the left knee with white threads trying to hold it together. She’s bulky in the legs but the waist fits her just fine. She’s got one of my plain white t-shirts on and I can see the dark of her nipples and aureole through the material. Her breasts pull up on the shirt and her belly is exposed. She has a small patch of pubic hair showing above the buttons of the jeans. She crosses her arms under her breasts and the shirt pulls up more. Her abdominal muscles are spectacular.


Melodie rolls her shoulders. “I’ve been ready.”  She looks from me to Sarah. “I can smell what both of you are thinking. No, you’re not going to leave me behind. I’m not just here for the sex and snuggles.”  She comes over to me and rubs her face against my shoulder. “To the end.”  She says. She walks over to Sarah and does the same. “To the end.”


Sarah holds the back of her head and kisses the top of her hair. “To the end, little sister.”

I walk over and kiss them both. “To the end.”




Our fearsome team piles into Sarah’s little car. I tell her I’m driving and she doesn’t argue about it. Yes, it’s probably chauvinistic but I can’t help it. I blame the wolf. Amelia sits in front with me. She has her pockets full of different things but Sarah, Melodie and I just bring our clothes. The three of us have given up on shoes for now and they tell me to suck it up when I whine about them wearing my clothes again. I know what will happen to them.


Amelia points out my turns for me but otherwise we’re quiet. The girls are in the back giggling with each other and comparing notes on life. Sarah spends ten solid minutes loudly telling Melodie how awesome my dick is and how good it feels and how much she likes sucking on it. Apparently she hasn’t forgiven Amelia yet. Melodie plays a good wingman and alternates between faked incredulity and adding in bits that Sarah forgets about. She goes on for a while about how great it felt when I clawed her back because she’s always just had plain vanilla sex. Amelia looks like she wants to jump out of the car. She stares straight ahead and tries to ignore everything.


The drive is boring and the other drivers piss me off. I’m tense from what’s about to happen and that translates to me growling every time someone gets too close to me or doesn’t drive fast enough. Its early afternoon when we finally hit the start of the dirt road.


Amelia has us park the car off the road and next to a tree. I smelled the wrongness of this area miles before. It’s bad. I can’t smell anything other than the smell of dead wood, maggots, diseased flesh and cesspools. There are no animal sounds even at this distance.


There’s a newer model silver BMW M3 in the ditch about 200 feet down the dirt road. I can’t hear anything from it except for the engine making ticking noises from cooling off. Whoever owns it was just here.


Melodie stumbles out of the car on her hands and knees to vomits. She wipes her mouth with the back of her hand and her lips are pulled back. Her teeth are already lengthening and they shine so bright against her beautiful black skin.


I’m having a hard time controlling myself as well. I smell the creature’s scent shifting around through all of the other smells. The hairs on my neck are at attention.


Amelia steps out of the car and looks at us briefly before talking. “Please, don’t hold back on my account. I assure you there is no living thing around for miles. Anyway, I’m surprised none of you have changed yet, with the smell this strong even I smell it.”


I still try to hold it back but the wolf and hatred are too strong. I fall to my knees and lean forward with my hands on the ground. Amelia walks to the tree and looks away from us. Right now I don’t give a damn about privacy and even Melodie doesn’t seem to care. I watch her as my own change takes places.


Melodie’s trying to undo the button on her pants but her fingers are bulking up and lengthening. They shake too much to get a grip. She’s grunting from the effort of trying to keep her hands steady through the changes. She gives up in frustration and tries to take her shirt off, instead. Her muscles are rippling down her arms as she crosses them to pull the shirt up. I watch as the padding on her palms and bottoms of her fingers bubbles out from her hand and turn black. She hooks the bottom of the shirt just in time and pulls up. Her thick, black claws cut into her torso and draws blood-red lines from her waist to her shoulders. The lines heal over almost as fast as they open up but drops of blood remain.


A line of jet black fur races the shirt from her cunt to neck, dividing her breasts in half. She flings the shirt away from her and leans her head back and howls. Spit flies from her mouth and veins stand out on her neck. As she howls her nose turns an even darker black and flattens against her face. The line of new black skin draws down to her lips and traces a line around her mouth. There are too many teeth in her mouth and ropes of spit and drool fall from them.


She roars out and beats her palms on the ground. The ground shakes around her. With her hands on the ground she points her face forward and the cracking noises tell me what my eyes can see – her muzzle pushes out from her face. Complete, she makes a “Ruhhhh… ruhhhhh….” sound as the line of fur makes it to her chin and black hair sprouts on her face. It’s slightly weird seeing the muzzle without fur but it doesn’t take long before her face is covered.


The line of fur on her chest is rippling out to her sides. Some patches of skin grow hair faster than others. Her breasts are dangling in front of her and I watch as they grow larger and almost touch the ground. Hair sprouts from her armpits and cascades down her arm and side, meeting the hair from her chest. Her breasts turn dark black and are hidden under a new growth of fur. She digs her claws into the ground in front of her and stretches out her legs.


Melodie’s jeans tear like paper down the back. She’s hairless below the waist except for the dark black tufts of pubic fur around her cunt. I hear a popping sound and watch a bulge appear at the base of her spine. It thickens and then grows out. One inch, three, five. Long, black fur fans out along its length. From the tail, the fur reaches the small of her back and then up her spine. Muscles bulge and bones pop along her spine and shoulders as the fur makes its way up her back. Her pubic fur covers her pussy completely now and it’s hard to see except for the black, wet fur where she’s drenched herself in excitement.


Her ass is shaking and growing. Hair explodes all over it – it doesn’t flow; her ass immediately darkens with fur. She’s stretching herself so hard now and still grunting, “Ruuuaaaaaaa… Ruaaaaaaaa!” Her legs are spread and I watch the jeans tear down both sides of her thigh – jeans dark from her sweat. Her calf muscles are twitching and I watch the lines of her legs shift as the muscles grow in. Her toes have already lengthened and the toenails are black and thick and sharp. Fur races down both legs as if in competition with each other. She howls as her change finishes and then touches her nose to the ground in exhaustion before standing ready. She shakes herself and sweat flies off.


Sarah is having an easier time with it. She takes her pants and shirt off and she’s not wearing a bra or panties. Her thick brown pubic hair waves slightly in the wind and her breasts bounce when she shrugs the shirt off.


She blows me a kiss and then falls to one knee with a grimace.


“I wasn’t fucking reaaaaaAAAAAAAH!” she yells. Her face cracks first and teeth grow as her muzzle takes shape. Like Melodie, her nose turns black and shines in the sun, wet like a dog. Her lips fade to black and teeth grow in rows along her muzzle.


“Fuuu… fuhhhrck yourrr! I cntrl thshhhhh!”  She screams, nearly incomprehensible. She’s trying to hold it back and change under her terms but it’s too strong. She’s digging her fingers into the dirt road and making fists. “No! I’m….aahhhhh!”  She’s shuddering from the strain. It’s hitting her harder and harder as she fights.


“FuuuhhhhhhhhRRRRRRR!” She roars with her eyes closed. Her hands go to her head in fists and I watch blood stream down them as her claws dig into her palms. Her ears grow and the points shoot through her hair. Fur is growing down her forehead to the tip of her nose and then down her face. She spits blood from cuts in her mouth.


Sarah tries to stand but her legs are fighting her. Her breasts are shaking and swinging because of her thrashings. They grow larger and now her areolas darken and then both breasts are turning brown as hair grows from their pores. Both breasts are covered in seconds. I can barely see her large nipples through the hair.


Her pubic hair is getting thicker and a small line races its way up her chest. She gives up trying to stand and crouches on her knees. Her shoulders jump as the muscles take root and expand down her back. A strangely funny thought occurs to me through all of this – it’s like those old cartoons where Bugs Bunny tunnels through the ground and the earth is shoved up as he passes. The muscles on her back do the same thing. It’s funny but I’m in too much pain to laugh.


She’s dripping juice from her cunt to the dirt road where it makes little muddy puddles. She brings her right hand to her pussy lips and rubs herself hard in circles. “rrr…rrrrrrr…rrrrr…rrrrrrrrrr” over and over. She leans forward more and spreads her knees. Her ass cheeks separate and I know she’s trying to offer herself to me without realizing it and without being able to get on her hands on feet to do it properly. The wolf has her.


Fur fans out on her shoulders and then straight down her back, like a heavy curtain falling slowly. Her tail nub pops out and is wiggling slightly as it grows. She’s excited – hot and wet. Melodie is making mewling sounds and reacting to Sarah’s heat. She wants to walk to Sarah but she’s not sure what I would do if she got there first.


Sarah’s ass grows and fur spreads up and out from her pussy to both sides of her ass and then down her thighs. She’s rubbing herself more and more and her juice spreads along her upper thighs and her ass. The black padding on her fingers is rubbing the inside of her pussy and she’s jerking slightly every time. Small strings of her juice are flung around her. Her feet grow unexpectedly and push her forward. She puts out both hands to stop herself from falling and then growls in frustration as she’s interrupted from her pleasure. Muddy dirt sticks to the thick padding of her wet hand. Her tail curves to her back.


About the time Sarah’s face begins its change to a muzzle I feel the changes hitting me. I don’t have time to even try getting out of my clothes. I’m already on my hands and knees and I watch my hands turn dark brown while the fingers grow inches longer. The bones crack and pop too quietly for anyone but myself to hear. I taste blood and my hearing goes for a second as my face rearranges itself. My eyes blur and then I’m watching my nose push out in front of me. I lick my black lips and swallow spit and blood. The smell from Sarah and Melodie floors me.


My shirt bursts apart and it feels like my whole body is twitching. Rock hard muscles strain against my flesh and I’m suddenly taller. The pain is intense. Dark brown fur grows alongside my chest hair and it’s hot. Too hot. My legs ache. I stretch one and the other as far as they go. Bones crack and move under the skin. When I bring my legs down the toes are longer and the nails cut into the ground.


I feel like someone is banging on my spine with a hammer and then I feel new flesh wriggling against my ass. Small pop-pop-pop-pop noises announce the growth of my tail and my body rights itself. The sensation of having a whole new body part grow is alien until the wolf kicks in and recognizes it. I lean my head against the ground. This is more painful than any other change.


The sound of Sarah’s hand slapping against her mound makes me hard and my dick keeps growing. As it does, a line connects it to my body and a thick skin grows over my balls and up the base of my cock. The tip bobs against me and precum drips to the ground. The fur on my belly grows and rubs against the head. It’s a strange light tickling feeling. I want to rub myself but my muscles are still growing and shaking. I’m trying to breathe and it’s coming out as “Arruuuuffff… arrrufff… aruff…”


Melodie’s whining again. She smells our pain and our need. The black fur on her legs is slick and lies flat against her as her cunt reacts to us. I’m almost done. I dig my fingers into the ground and lean my head back to howl. It’s a release after the pain and I howl again. On the last howl Sarah’s feet push her forward and she catches herself, growling in frustration.


I can’t trust myself to stand yet so I push myself with my back feet and slam into Sarah. She rolls, yipping at me but I’m already up. Melodie’s whining and moaning anxiously nearby. Before Sarah can stand I have one hand on her neck and another on the small of her back, above her tail. I push hard and she cries out “Whuuuuf” as the air is pushed out of her in a rush. I stick my nose in her ass and lick her eagerly. She starts to struggle so I growl and bite her pussy lips. She trembles under me and more juice flows out of her. The curve of her furry breasts push out to either side of her. She’s alternately trying to push herself up with her hands or grab my hand on the back of her neck. She’s very strong but I am stronger and my blood is racing. I keep her pined and twist around to position myself behind her.


She struggles harder. I pull at the base of her tail, not gently. She claws the ground next to her and moans. I press my dick against her ass and feel her wetness. It takes several thrusts before it goes in and I howl when it does. Sarah shudders, raising her ass up and back against me. I keep my grip on her tail and move my hand from her neck to her shoulder. She’s not resisting me anymore. I slam against her cervix every time I push into her and she cries out. She tries to bury me deeper. I slam in again and again. I want release. She’s cumming under me. Again and again. She’s howling and twitching and trying to rub herself and I’m still not cumming. I pull out of her and stand. She’s panting on her side and her eyes are unfocused.


My chest clears the top of the car. Melodie is looking between me and Sarah on the other side of it. My dick aches. It’s entirely wet from Sarah and the fur around my crotch is black. I look at Melodie and she stares back at me. A grumble in the back of my throat turns into a growl. She puts her head down and bends over to walk on all fours. She comes to me and sniffs my cock, whining. I growl again and she turns around. She’s burning with her own need; she hasn’t touched herself at all this entire time.


Melodie puts her head down and raises her hips. I fall to my hands on top of her. She reaches around to guide me into her but I push her hard to the ground and rake her back down to her ass with my claws. I draw blood with it. Her hands splay out to the side and a fine plume of dust covers her black fur, turning parts of her black fur light gray. Her breasts flatten and I squeeze the side of one with my hand. She’s utterly still. Slowly I lean over her and lick the trails of blood I left on her. She wriggles and a husky moan escapes her throat. She’s making a puddle of mud on the ground between her legs.


I don’t think to use my hands this time, either. I push my cock against her and the head bobs between her ass. She’s whining more and more and wriggles her ass against me. I pound hard into her over and over until the tip finds her pussy. She tries to talk but I can’t understand anything. I let her go and put my hands on the ground. She keeps her chest down but lifts her ass. I pound hard and fast into her. I can go as deep as I want and she wants more. Her ass slaps against me as we fuck.


Melodie slowly reaches a hand to her cunt and watches me to see if I allow it. I don’t care. I’ve mounted my bitch and I’m rutting. I want release. She spreads her pussy lips and her middle finger finds her clit and rubs hard. My stomach claps hard against her ass and it ripples from the impact. I’m pushing her forward on the ground a little at a time so I dig my claws into the dirt for purchase. She does the same with her feet and one hand.


I’m so close. I bring my muzzle to her left shoulder and bite, hard. I hear bone crunch and muscle tear. Blood floods my mouth and I taste her fur on my tongue. Melodie cries out in pain and excitement. I didn’t think she could get any more wet but she does. I cum as she’s crying out and the feeling of my hot sperm jetting into her cervix over and over makes her orgasm. Her hips slam to the ground and then up again into me. She can’t control her legs and she’s jerking against me over and over. Everything goes white.




When I can see, Melodie is on the ground twitching beneath me. She’s making a “Haahhhnnn… hahhhhnnnn” noise. Her shoulder is already perfect again. I stand over her. My dick is hard and dripping. It’s pulled against my stomach because of the sheath and its wiping sperm and pussy juice all over me.


Melodie trembles and kneels upright. She reaches for my cock but a growl behind me stops her and she drops to the ground again on hands and knees. Sarah walks over and pushes me back hard against the car. The glass behind me breaks and the car tips dangerously on its side. Sarah’s tail is swishing slowly back and forth behind her. I growl at her and she swipes at my chest. She goes down to her knees and takes me in her mouth. I let her do it. She’s kneading my stomach with her hand and cutting me over and over. It heals faster than she cuts.


She pulls me completely in her mouth and her tongue rubs and rubs against my sheath and cock. She pulls back and her tongue glides roughly against my stomach, crotch and legs as she cleans me off. Finished, she pads over to Melodie and butts her head against Melodie’s side. Melodie turns and offers herself to Sarah with her head still down. Sarah spreads Melodie’s ass checks apart with her hands. She dips her head down between Melodie’s legs and her long tongue runs from the bottom of Melodie’s stomach, over her clit, up her pussy lips and against her asshole. She repeats this over and over. Melodie’s ass is shaking but she’s not moving otherwise. Now she’s just making one long whining “Haaaahhhhhhnnnnnn” sound as she’s cleaned off.


Finally, Sarah leans forward, licks Melodie’s ear and helps her stand. They both come over to me and I lick their muzzles. Melodie runs her black furred arm up and down my side. Her claws gently scratch me. She pushes my cock against my chest and rubs up and down with the thick, rough black padding on her palm. She whines a question and I gently push her hand away and lick the bridge of her muzzle.




Despite all of the violence, Sarah and Melodie smell like pure contentment. Sarah massages Melodie’s shoulders and licks the one I broke. Melodie licks Sarah’s nipples and I have to break them apart before we start again.


I hear Amelia walk away from the tree towards us. “My! What an invigorating nap I just had! I slept like the dead!”  She’s being overly loud on purpose. Melodie half-hides behind Sarah while Sarah puffs out her ample chest and rubs herself lewdly. Amelia’s eyes dip down to my sheath and then quickly past. Apparently when I’m limp in this form the sheath completely covers my dick. She’s blushing hard and I grin at her.


“Shall we?”  She asks. I take the lead and Sarah’s beside me. Melodie is just slightly behind both of us. Our fur makes a slight rustling sound as we walk. Amelia takes up rear guard. She talks as we walk.


“The creature appeared to me as a nude male and I have to assume that’s his true shape. Well, I say ‘male’ but he had no genitals.”  That creeps me out. I shiver. “I had no time to scout but they typically have a guard of some kind – infested humans and other creatures. Those should be easy to deal with. Unfortunately, any human within his grasp is already dead. You should feel no regret in putting them out of their misery.”


She kicks a small stone. She’s watching the ground and I wonder if she’s looking for a replacement ring stone. “Their master is fast and has his own defenses. In the stories adult werewolves were described as being nearly impossible to kill but obviously that’s not true. He is the threat, not his lackeys.”


I see the farm in the distance. Close to it but still on the road I see a figure lying on the ground. It looks human shaped and it’s crawling slowly to the farm. The sickening smells are too strong so I can’t smell what it is.


The area around the farm is blackened and smells like burnt wood and shit. There is a tree next to the large barn but it’s a dull gray color and leafless. A broken down house is leaning on its side close to it. That creature’s stench is getting stronger.


Amelia tells us to watch out for anything. It’s getting harder to concentrate on what she’s saying the closer I get to the farm so I ignore her. The dark hurt my mate. My mind keeps repeating that over and over and I can’t tear my eyes off of the barn. Dark. Hurt. Mate. Melodie goes to all fours and she’s growling deep in her throat. Her tail swishes angrily behind her and her furry breasts gently sway. Sarah hunkers every so often like she wants to go on her hands and feet but stays up.


Dark. Pain. Mate. Kill.


The wind dies as we get closer. I can’t make out individual smells. Everything is overpowering. There’s a small stream through the tiny road and a rusted cattle guard runs over it. The figure I saw earlier is on his side on top of the cattle guard. He’s a man. Naked. I growl immediately but it’s not the creature. The right side of his upper body is blackened and split as if from first degree burns. His face is ruined but I recognize part of his scent and his face – the man hurt at the mall. Amelia makes a clucking sound behind us with her tongue. The BMW must’ve been his. What is he doing here?


“I should’ve known. Poor man. Give me a moment to find something to put him to rest. He’s not too far gone, yet.”  She digs through her pockets.


The man’s blackened arm is pulling him forward. His other arm hangs limply at his side. He’s babbling to himself. “What? What? Where am I? Barbara? Where are you sweeth… I WANT TO EAT YOUR FUCKING HEART OUT YOU CUNT! Nooooo… Noooo… What’s happening to meeeeeeee?”


Sarah crosses the short distance to him. He’s still pulling himself forward slowly toward the barn and talking to himself. He’s alternating between cursing and crying. Sarah crouches down and her tail brushes the ground in a small line back and forth. The muscles on her thigh flare out and she’s sitting back while still on her toes. She reaches her massive hand out to the man’s shoulder and he can’t pull himself forward anymore. He’s sobbing and trying to bite her fingers at the same time.


Sarah reaches over and puts her hand on the back of the man’s head. Amelia pulls a small sharp stick with green berries out of one pocket. “Aha! I thought I…” she looks up at Sarah. “No, wait!”


Sarah flexes and the man’s head separates from his shoulders. Thick red blood slops out of the hole. I was expecting a jet of blood but I can see why there wasn’t any – black is mixed in with the red of the man’s blood. Sarah wipes her hand in the dust of the road. The man’s head rolls slightly and sticks facedown between two bars of the cattle guard. Melodie sniffs at the corpse and backs away.


Amelia scolds Sarah. “Wasteful! I couldn’t have saved him but I could have at least let him go gently. Next time you’ll…” She stops.


There’s a thrumming. It’s not a sound. We feel it in our bones. Shoom. Shoom. Shoom. Amelia steps back and holds her left hand to her chest. She puts her right hand, palm out and closes her eyes. Her lips are moving and I hear a whispering but not distinct words. The shaking gets louder and now the barn is vibrating. Melodie is backing up and growling. The fur of her neck is spiked.


Shoom… Shooom… SHOOOOM… SHOOOOOOOM… suddenly the walls of the barn explode and splinters are hurtling through the air. Sarah roars and goes to all fours. Time slows down for me and I watch pieces of wood fly past my head. Some pieces try to embed themselves in me but my skin is stronger. I bat one particularly large piece out of the air.


There’s a thing in place of the barn. A monstrous thing. It stands at least 25 feet tall and it’s nude. Its body looks like it’s made of a sack of boulders. A limp, huge dick swings between its legs. It roars at us.


I howl at the sky and Sarah joins in. Melodie adds her voice and we’re answering the creature’s challenge together. I vaguely hear Amelia scream, “Ogre!” behind me.


Sarah digs her legs into the hard packed dirt and launches herself toward it. Melodie follows behind her and they’re both streaks with Melodie nosing ahead and then taking the lead. I’m slower but I go down on my hands and feet a second after them. My claws gain purchase and I pull myself along the ground. I can’t catch them but I won’t be too far behind.


I hear a strange hissing noise like an auditorium full of snakes but I can’t be distracted.


The ogre reaches around and grabs the dead tree next to him. It’s fossilized in some weird way and he cracks it at the base. He turns back to us, bringing the trunk down to crush Melodie and Sarah. I roar and sprint faster but Sarah and Melodie are fast – they leap to the side at the last moment and the club crashes down on empty earth. Rock-like pieces of the tree spray around us.


I’m in mid-air and headed straight for the club. The creature is slow in bringing it back up. I tuck my legs in and twist. I land on the tip of the club and almost slide off of it – the wood is stony. My legs work independently to find flat surfaces to push against. I’m airborne with my arms out. I was aiming for his throat but I missed and now I’m headed for the top of its chest. The creature cries out with a loud “HUOOOOMMM!” as my claws dig into his skin. I try to pull myself up to his throat and my jaws are snapping.


The ogre reaches back with his free arm and swipes me off of him. I can feel the joints in my arms and legs stretch near to breaking. He’s torn a small muscle in my shoulder but I feel it itching and the pain goes away. I take fistfuls of his flesh and muscle with me in my claws. Blood gushes out of his wounds and he cries out, “HUOOOOOOOMMMMMMMM!” even louder. I twist in the air again – my tail is invaluable for balancing and I land on my hands and feet. My back feet touch down on loose wood and I slip back, just in time to miss being crushed by the ogre’s tree club. My claws sink into the ground to stop me. I can see Sarah and Melodie behind the creature. They’re close to the broken farm house.


Time slows.


The creature is there.


It’s not a black spot in the world, anymore. It’s a simple looking, small man except his crotch is smooth and he’s covered in tattoos. He has a plain wooden staff in one hand but it’s been driven into the ground. Sarah is bounding straight for him and Melodie is behind her. I watch in horror as a black haze gathers atop the man’s staff. He’s yelling in a voice I don’t understand. It hurts my ears. The man points at Sarah and the blackness collapses into a sphere and hurtles at her chest.


Things become even slower. I start a roar of rage. Melodie has her feet dug into the ground for another leap when she sees the ball moving for Sarah. She twists her feet and jumps at Sarah. She’s so fast; faster than Sarah and me. I’m roaring. The ogre is picking his club up for another attack. The ball is so close to Sarah but she can’t get out of the way in mid-air. Melodie slams into her side and Sarah is thrown. The orb doesn’t change direction. Rather than gut Sarah, it blows through Melodie’s left shoulder. Blood and bones explode in the air and Melodie is screaming. The ball buries itself deep in the earth with a smoking trail.

The scaly sliding hissing scrabbling noise grows in volume and I feel hairs up and down my back standing on end.




Sarah’s tail tugs at her spine wildly as she flies through the air. It’s trying to compensate for her to help her land on her feet. She rolls her upper body and slams into the ground on all fours; Melodie was not gentle with her tackle. Sarah growls with her lips pulled back. That’s the second goddamned time someone saved me from this asshole! She yells at herself.


Melodie screams, the sound coming out as an anguished howl. She has no time to land gracefully and, instead, crashes solidly to the ground in front of the demon. The pain is intense and continuous. Her left arm hangs useless so she hugs it to her side. She closes her mouth and breathes through her nose. She can’t seem to hear anything out of her left ear anymore. She catches a glance at Sarah in the corner of her eye and is happy to see her unharmed.


When Melodie focuses on the man again, she sees the black light gathering above his staff. Fuck, she thinks. If this is how it’s going to end then at least I won’t die on my knees. She shifts her weight to get into a position to jump at the creature. She breathes in through her nose and out through her mouth, rumbling deep in her throat each time her breath goes out.


The darkness above the thing’s staff solidifies into a ball. Melodie can see Sarah in the air, reaching for the man. No! Not her, you bastard! Melodie screams wordlessly, her rage coming out as a roaring howl. Melodie leaps at the man before he can change his target. The light streaks towards her, screaming through the air. She has never been this angry in her entire life. She’s always been the one to help heal friendships and always had a kind word for someone. But this thing… this creature thought it could hurt Sarah again! She doesn’t think of herself or what she is doing. The wolf pushes her forward and Melodie gladly follows.


A sudden shout behind her overpowers Melodie’s roar and the scream of the unnatural missile. Silver light flares from ball and it only has time to burn a patch of fur from Melodie’s chest before it disintegrates into nothingness. Melodie is still in the air, aiming for the man. She’s two feet away when the man pulls his staff from the ground and slams it down again into the earth. A pulse of black light explodes from the center of the staff, making a small crater around it. When the edge of the light touches Melodie, she’s immediately hammered to the ground, inches from the creature. Sarah is thrown back again and Melodie can smell blood from her.


The man looks down at Melodie and laughs, harshly. She tries to move but it’s like she’s at the bottom of the ocean. Her ears pop and all she can hear is a high pitched whining noise before her accelerated healing fixes her ear drums. So close! And that… that thing is laughing at me! Laughing! Only her eyes seem to move and she can smell burning hair. Patches of her fur are on fire. It feels like someone is trying to rip her apart, joint by joint.


The demon brings its foot down on Melodie’s muzzle. He grinds her face down into the ground, laughing the whole time.


It speaks in English for the first time. “Heel, dog.”


Sarah roars and slams into the barrier made by the demon. It’s impossible to break through and the cut in her leg makes her weaker than she should be. It feels like it’s infected already. The creature looks at Sarah briefly and makes an odd motion with his left hand. Sudden white light flares in her left eye and she hears a small pop sound. Half of the world goes dark; her left eye is gone. She barely hesitates before slamming into the barrier again and again. Her fur is on fire.


Melodie can smell the pain and anger coming from Sarah. This thing will kill us. I have to move! Move! The demon isn’t watching her; he’s arrogant in his belief that she’s contained. Melodie hears a sickening crunch and smells blood from her mate. He’s howling in pain. He’s hurt! We’re dying! MOVE!


The wolf in her is throwing itself against its bonds. It shakes and strains to get out. One push. Just one push. It tenses, bringing every ounce of strength it has down into its core. Then, it leaps for its prey. Melodie pushes with her one good arm and her jaw closes over the demon’s stomach, bringing the creature down to one knee. It shrieks in pain over and over again.


The black barrier around the demon weakens, turning nearly transparent. His arm shakes on his staff. His shrieks turn into high pitched chanting. He brings his hand down to Melodie’s forehead and closes his eyes.


Melodie knows what’s going to happen. She’s not afraid and she doesn’t close her eyes against what’s coming. Oddly, a simple truth suddenly becomes clear to her. If all of this is real – werewolves, demons, creatures from myth, then why not an afterlife? She stares at the demon, wishing she could move her head to rip him apart.


If there’s an afterlife then she will see them again. She will run through green fields with both of them while the sun warms their fur.




The ever-present hellish sound is temporarily drowned out as I watch the black sphere tear through Melodie’s shoulder. I’m roaring and crouching to run at the small bald man. Black flecks are gathering from the air and being pulled to the top of his staff again. Sarah has landed and flipped herself. She’s gathering her strength so she can tackle the man. Melodie is back and down. Her left arm hangs uselessly at her side and she’s holding it against her body with her right. She’s howling in pain but trying to stand back up. Most of her left shoulder is gone.


I’m in the air, aiming myself at the man, claws out and roaring. Everything is red. Melodie is crouched down. Her lips are pulled back and she’s growling at the man. She’s tensing for a jump. Sarah is in the air. The black light collapses again and flies directly at Melodie’s chest. There is no way she can move in time and Sarah is too slow on the jump. Melodie pushes against the ground and leaps at the creature, knowing she will die. I hear Amelia’s voice suddenly loud in the background. I don’t recognize the words but she’s shouting something loudly. Silver light flares from the pitch black ball as it streaks towards Melodie’s chest.


I’m ten feet into my leap when the ogre gets in my way. I howl in rage. Its massive arms are swinging the club and I can’t avoid it. I slam into the hard surface and it forces me down. The air whistles around my ears. I grab the tree trunk and turn in the second it takes to hit the ground. I hear my left arm break in four places and the club has either broken my left leg or just hurt it bad because I can’t feel it very well. I use my right arm to throw myself over the tree. When I land, my left leg is working again. The creature is yelling at me and raises the club again.


I sprint forward, towards the ogre’s legs. My left arm trails on the ground but my right arm and legs throw chunks of hay and dirt behind me as I run. The giant roars out “HUOOOMMM!” again and twists to keep me in front of him.


I can feel my left arm now and it digs into the ground, adding a burst of speed. I see a huge foot rise to crush me. Its foot is falling. I spring up and crash into his shin. I throw him off balance and he uses the club as a cane to keep from falling. My jaws close around the front of his legs and I hear bones break. He tastes rancid and even his blood is disgusting. The fur on my muzzle turns dark black and I’m crunching and tearing as fast as I can. I dig my hands into his leg and pull chunks of flesh and bone out with my claws. Blood sprays from his legs and the creature shrieks a loud booming sound.


The horrible alien noise is louder. My ears are filled with buzzing and the sound of thousands of maggots crawling over rotten meat.


The ogre’s leg is still coming down. It tries to shake me off. I see its free hand coming toward me with the palm flat. I push myself off of his leg and tackle his other one. My right hand claws dig in and I position myself behind his ankle. His fist misses me. I hear his leg crash down and the sound of bone splintering. He tilts over to his side. I work furiously on this leg. I’m snapping tendons and bones with my teeth and clawing bloody strips out of his leg. He falls on his side and tries to push himself up again. He’s dropped the club and tries to reach for me. My whole body is soaked in his blood.


I can hear yelling but I can’t make out who or what is doing it. I see a figure sail past the ogre’s shoulder and crash into a post that’s somehow still standing in the ruin. My feet dig deep into the ogre’s ruined leg and I claw my way up his body to his throat. He’s clumsy and slow; I hear his hand slap his leg behind me and it sounds like he breaks his own knee.


His roar of pain is constant and his hot breath ruffles the fur on my back. His teeth are huge and flat. Mine are sharp and many. I latch onto the side of his throat and pull. A chunk of his neck comes away in my mouth and a geyser of blood jets in the air. I’m temporarily blinded when I’m sprayed in the eyes but my hands find the hole I made. I dig them in deep and pull them apart, rending his neck. His surprised shout cuts off suddenly.


I see his hand moving in the corner of my eye so I jump off of him. He falls backward slowly and claps a hand to his neck. Blood sprays between his fingers and large red bubbles are foaming at the corner of his mouth. He’s dying and with both legs shredded, he’s not a threat. I turn to Sarah and Melodie and run as fast as I can.


Amelia is kneeling nearby. There’s a small group of people surrounding her but they can’t seem to get close. They’re beating their fists on something in the air around Amelia and screaming at her. They’re naked but unrecognizable. Their flesh is completely black with red, oozing sores covering their bodies. Many of them are motionless on the ground around her. I assume those are dead but I don’t care.


My pack is all that matters. Sarah. Melodie.


The naked man is down on one knee with his right hand holding his staff. He’s chanting and pointing at Melodie. Melodie has her teeth into his side. She’s glaring at him but can’t seem to move. Patches of fur on her body are bursting into small flames and burning off, leaving blackened skin underneath. She’s growling between panting. Her ruined shoulder is bleeding freely.


Sarah is to the side of the man. She has a huge cut down her right leg that’s gushing blood. Her left eye is closed and crusted over. I can see some of her skin through patches in her brown fur. She’s readying herself for another leap at the man.


I’m so close. One more push with my legs and I’m there. This close to him I see a shimmering curtain of faint blackness around the man. The tips of my fingers touch it and burn. I hear two of my fingers snap. The burn runs down my arm as I pierce the shroud. I grit my teeth in pain and close my eyes against it. My shoulder breaks the man’s staff. I hear him scream in a raspy voice. Melodie is suddenly able to move. She roars and rips the man’s right leg off. There is no blood.


Hitting the thing’s staff throws me off so I slam into the man’s chest rather than his neck. Sarah doesn’t miss – her teeth find his neck. The force of my impact pushes him hard into Sarah. Her teeth close around him. His neck tears and the horrible insect buzzing sound stops. Sarah lands on all fours, skidding six feet away and she throws the head with a snap of her neck. I roll a few times before coming to rest on my hands and feet, breathing hard.


Sarah and I howl together, loudly. Melodie tries to join in but she’s in too much pain. I pad over and rub my muzzle against the side of her head. She weakly rubs back against me. Sarah sits close to Melodie and pulls her gently into her lap. Melodie whines and rubs her head in small circles against the fur of Sarah’s leg. I walk over to them and lick Melodie’s shoulder gently. Her blood is hot and tastes wrong on my tongue.


Only three figures stand near Amelia. I watch as tiny flames burst from the pores of one of them and he, she or it blows apart. Amelia is sweating and resting her hands on her knees. She’s staring at the next creature and chanting. I walk over and rip the other two apart. They burn my fingers when I touch them but otherwise offer no resistance.


Amelia collapses to the ground. I give her exactly three seconds to relax and catch her breath. She squawks when I grab her by the wrist and pull her to Melodie. I point at Melodie’s shoulder with a claw and then the pinky finger of her right hand. I have to do it twice before she understands. She lays her right hand on Melodie’s neck and closes her eyes. I can hear a soft humming noise from all around us.


Melodie grips Sarah tightly and whines softly. Sarah massages Melodie’s furry shoulder and makes a soft “ruuuuuuuuuu…” sound. The flesh inside Melodie’s shoulder lightens from sickly black to dark pink and some of her skin grows back. Amelia turns her head and vomits blood. I pick her up, gently this time, and lay her down on her back. She’s already asleep.


Sarah and I keep watch over both of them. I sit next to Sarah and she leans into me. Her body is warm against mine and I notice her left eye is open now. Her leg is also no longer bleeding.


It’s late by the time Melodie can stand up. Her shoulder is healed but dark grey fur, rather than black, covers a large scar where the hole was. I hug her close to me for a long time. Sarah stands nearby and I pull her into it as well. A sudden wind ruffles our fur gently and, in the distance, I hear the sweet call of a single bird.




I carried Amelia back to the car and we cleaned out most of the glass before leaving. We had to wait until we were human again. There was no way the three of us would fit in the car if we were still changed.


Amelia stayed with us for two days while her body healed and then went back to the farm to “sterilize” it. She promised to come back to visit some time again but wasn’t sure when.


We’re still getting used to our bodies. It’ll take time. Sarah and I took the week off from work and we all went house shopping. We found a house outside of town on an acre of land and we took it. The rent is expensive but we can afford it easily when we combine our incomes. Melodie is excited about having space to plant an orchard and she’s trying to convince Sarah to learn how to grow a vegetable garden with her.


We actually look at the possibility of raising cows for meat but it’s Sarah (surprisingly) who says she’d have a problem killing them after she raised them. Luckily, there’s a farmer not too far away that sells meat wholesale and has no moral objection to slaughtering his own cows.


Our new bed is huge but we’re still waiting for the frame to be delivered. Sarah will sometimes walk through a room and nonchalantly mention the word “headboard” on her way back out. Melodie shivers every time. They tease each other constantly but in good nature. I’m surprised and happy at how well that’s working out. It helps that Melodie is shy (the wolf in me says ‘submissive’) but she does have her moments. She’s fierce and fast when she needs to be.


Both women have been visiting the local Humane Society in the hopes of finding a good dog. They say it’s eerie when they get there – everything goes quiet. Every single cat goes bushy and just shakes. All the dogs find the furthest corner of their pen and make themselves as small as possible. They’ve had no luck yet but they keep trying. They’re thinking of trying some local breeders if they can’t adopt something. Maybe a puppy would work if we raised it from a young age.


I was sad to hear that all the animals freak out – I really like cats. Cats… for some reason thinking of cats reminds me of the mall the other day. Why…? I’ll figure that out eventually.


Soon we’ll be back at work. I wonder how that will go. We’ll have to get used to being around people again on a daily basis. I really, really need to work on whatever it is I do that scares people or turns them on.


We wonder about the future but not for too long. I used to worry more than I do now and I don’t know if it’s the wolf in me or something else relaxing me. The future will come. In the meantime, Sarah, Melodie and I are together and that’s all that seems to matter.


What comes, will come and we three will stand together to face it. To the end.

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