It’s Been Done Before

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In the future, a young woman discovers her punishment as she begins to change

My arm is sore and I have a little bump at the injection site.

I hope the judge burns in hell.  

The shuttle beeps behind me but I wave it away and the wing doors close while it rises from the ground with a heavy gust of downdraft that stirs the hem of my habit. It takes a moment for the main engine to kick on and then the wind dies and it accelerates above me.  Even here, in the middle of nowhere, I can see the blinking red strobes of more shuttles flying in the distance.

The memory still hurts.  Sitting there while she read the sentence with a stone face and the people behind me cheered.  Cheered!  And yet, that all paled in comparison to the two weeks I spent sitting in a small room, forced to watch the company’s briefing over and over until I could recite it verbatim while asleep.  Closing my eyes didn’t help as the video would pause and more time would be added to the eighteen hours I spent there daily.

Recall and repetition are important to the presentation, Ms. Ward, the man in the black suit had said at the beginning of the two weeks.  We expect you to pay attention until the details are ingrained in your very core.

Damn him.

Even now the words echo in the back of my mind endlessly and my stomach roils at the images that follow.  It is filthy work but my only other option is a coffin-sized cell offworld for the rest of my life with brief periods of heavy manual labor.  I was made by God to service his flock, not mindlessly toil under the guidance of false masters so I chose the lesser evil with hope of redemption.

I heft the little briefcase and approach the school but the principal is already there.  Frowning. Angry.

He knows.

Without a word, he gestures and I follow to the outbuilding.  An ugly, cheap school in the middle of nowhere with an old trailer for an outdoor building.  And an assignment completely antithetical to what I stand for.  A slap in the face designed as a punishment for me.

Still wordless, he points at the door.  I can smell the sin on him. For allowing this and even encouraging it.  

“You’ll be there, too,” I tell him with a smirk.  “In the fire at the end of time.”

But he just shakes his head and walks away. Leaving me in front of the door.

I check my dress, pulling it tight around me.  A quick pat of the tight bun I’ve done for my hair and I open the door.

Ten boys swivel to stare at me.  It’s the school’s small senior class of boys and they look barely more than overgrown children.  The smell of them is overwhelming but I can’t tell if it’s the manure that seems to saturate the entire area or the stink of unwashed teens.

There’s a desk and a board behind it, the screen blank with the exception of an array of icons.  It’s newer than what I’d used at school but it’s easy to understand. I only need the drawing and media functions anyway.  I set the briefcase down and pop it open, pulling the papers I’d need for reference. A small drone within activates and hovers silently into the corner of the room.

Despite knowing I’d be recorded, it bothers me.  I hate the idea of video out there with me discussing this vile practice.  Supposedly to ensure I comply with the court order but I know it’s to shame me.  They can play it whenever I want and show me teaching these boys about the technology available to them now that they were of age.

“I’m not going to waste any time,” I tell them, grabbing the first page.  “And I’m free to admit that I think this is a disgusting practice and I fear for your immortal souls.  The fiery pit awaits any that would partake of this. But, let me begin.”

I activate the board, key in a phrase and unlock mature content with my fingerprint.  

God, it smells in here.

A woman’s body appears in detail on the board and I hear a few chuckles behind me.  It’s an Altered girl, her features distorted into the animal she’d chosen. I close my eyes and count to ten, willing my stomach to settle.

“You’ve all had the sex talk when you were younger,” I tell them.  I wish they’d turn up the air conditioner. “I’ve been sent by the Kyung corporation to give a lecture on-“

“Naw,” a boy interrupts.  I turn, cheeks red to see him smiling at me.  “I know who you are.”

“That’s not-!”

“You’re that nun,” he says, his smile widening to show teeth.  “The one that kept all them kids locked away for those priests.”

My heart drops and a chill consumes me.  A thousand excuses clamor for attention. They were orphans!  Cast away in a slum growing far faster than the ability of society to care for them.  I kept them safe! I cared for them! I- I-

I enjoyed watching, the quiet little voice says and I can feel the secret excitement growing within me.

“That has nothing to do-“

“Fuckin’ sick man,” another boy says.  “Really? They brought you here to talk to us? I remember my parents watching that.”

“Yeah,” the first boy said.  “All the priests got sent off planet but she got a sweet deal to get out of it.”

My gut aches and I can’t shake the need growing within, even when I close my mind to my memories.  It’s distracting but I lick my lips and try to stay focused.

“I’m here to finish this,” I tell them.  “Nothing more. You can listen or you can talk b- but you w- won’t stop m- me-“

I lean against the desk.  It’s spreading from my stomach.  Sweat drips from the tip of my nose and I lick it, tasting the saltiness.  Panting and sweating.

“T- the presentation,” I say weakly, turning back to the board, pointing at the girl’s breasts.  My hand cramps and I hunch forward. My chest feels hot and my ears are burning. “T- th- the-“

Testosterone and pheromones and the eager readiness of men fill my head and my nose flares to take in their scents.  I wipe my mouth and a string of drool comes away so I lap it up.

I- I can’t focus.  I turn and find the boy who spoke first. He’s saying something but I can’t hear it right now through the ringing in my ears.  I stare at his crotch, seeing the bulge there. Tasting it in the back of my mouth.  I go to him, one trembling step after another and kneel, shoving my face into his lap to smell him better.  I barely notice him push back into his chair with a yelp.

My hips raise and I moan, my mouth closing around his penis.  He jumps higher, pushing at the edge of his desk and I hold him in place, licking against his pants and-

I stumble back, eyes wide.  The taste of him on my tongue.  Of his sweat from running in the gym.  Of his excitement despite my suddenness.  Panic threatens to rise within as I realize what’s happening and I kick back further, whining like a dog with wide eyes.

And yet the heat is starting to consume me and I can’t stop opening my legs to spread the sweet fragrance of my need throughout the room.  To signal my own changing desires.

“When she senses her Master’s urge to rut,” my mouth says, echoing the words I’d heard a thousand times in that dark room with the slowly throbbing light.   “Your Altered’s body undergoes a biological change and she’s immediately ready and eager for his attention.”

No, no, no no!  I scream inside, grabbing my traitorous outstretched arm to hold against my side.  I’m trembling and breathing heavily while the boys begin to stand and talk. Father Above, save me!

“Father!  Please! Plee… ohhhh,” I moan, my head back.  Sweat slides down my neck and between my breasts.  I shiver and grab my tit, feeling it swelling within.  Feeling the softness of it sliding against my chest. My habit bulges and strains but they hold and soon, my breasts don’t fit in my hands anymore.  I grab my collar, pulling hard and it tears to show the swell of my breasts. Cool air rushes in and I gasp.

“What the fuck, dude!” the boy is saying.  I look up at him in a daze.

Something’s wrong.  I’m here to- to- I did something wrong.  There were children. Younger. Younger than the delicious smelling men in the room with me right now.  These ones are hard and young and ready to- no. What was I-

An electronic beep grabs my attention.  The drone is blinking and I suddenly remember why I’m here.  I was- bad. A bad girl and I- I need- I need to show them.

I push myself up and sit on the desk.  

“The- oh, oh god,” I moan, grabbing the edge of the desk.  My breasts grow even larger, pressing together and nearly overflowing the rip in my dress.  I growl quietly and tear it further, exposing my belly down to the hairless mound over my sex.  No. Not hairless even though I know I shaved.  I always shaved myself every day because I need to keep myself clean for- for- Master?  Did Master give me permission to shave? Little black curly hairs cover my crotch. I toy with them, tugging and twisting them.  It feels so good.

With a shrug, the habit falls open.  My huge breasts hang on my chest, pulling at my back.  More black hair is rising forth around my belly button.  Sprouting down to my sex. I touch it playfully and then trace a finger down.  I’m so thick with fur there now!

Down further to my secret place.  It’s moist and I gasp as my fingers brush my lips.  When I pull my hand away, thick strands of clear liquid are strung between them.  I moan and suck at them.

The drone beeps again and I focus.  

“Look,” I tell them, breathing deeply of the amazing mixture of their smells.  God, they’re driving me wild. I touch the hair over my mound. “It’s fur. My fur.  I’m growing my fur.”

I lean back to give them a look, spreading my legs for them again.  I feel my stickiness. Despite the buzz and heat and smells and everything, I can remember the lecture well.  And yet, the next set of changes surprise me. A storm in my belly.

“Oh,” I moan and then wave them forward.  One boy in the corner is masturbating freely and I growl happily at him, scenting for his cum.  My eyes glaze and then snap to focus. “Come, look, I-“

Gritting my teeth, I point.  

“Hhheeere,” I groan. “Look.  Where the skin is changing. Puffy.  Touch it. Oh god, please touch it.”

The first boy does and I grab his hand and kiss him but he pulls away.  He wipes his face but his cock is so hard.

“My little nipples,” I tell them, pushing the puffy skin around.  I pull and pull but they aren’t coming out yet. Just the areola, dark like the ones on my breasts but- “Oh god yesssss!”

I pull again and the nipple comes forth, bigger and bigger.  I twist and pull and whine and each tug makes my hips jerk. I’m so warm down there and I rub my stomach, encouraging the fur and nipples to grow.  Willing some brave, sexy young man to touch me there, too.

“The- the- milk ducts,” I groan.  “Will form next. They’re f- functional teats and the company has special treats to keep your pet’s milk supply going if- oh god yes- if you want it.  I need- I need– someone, does someone want to suck on my nipple?  And taste me? My milk? Please. I need it so bad.”

Two boys come forth and kneel and I pull their heads close and then scream when their hungry mouths latch on.  Sucking me. I feel a light pinch within and then the flow of my milk. I cup their heads, encouraging them until my tiny supply is dry.  Clear liquid drips from the strands of the wild, thick fur covering my sex. The boys pull away and my erect, wet nipples ache in the hot air.

My jaw creaks.  I lick my lips and feel my teeth grow longer.  Another lap and I taste my cold nose. “I’m- I’m-  Your– Your basic pet’s-“

I sneeze and lick my nose.  “Your basic pet’s face is a shorrrrrr-“

My nose appears in front of my eyes and they cross for half a second and my muzzle vanishes, a trick of my brain’s processing.  Getting used to my new body. Something clicks in my back and I almost fall but strong hands grab me and my tits flatten against his body.  I lick the boy’s neck and muscles move at my back while the skin bulges.

His hands slid down my back and I feel his fingers in the strands of fur on my spine.  

“Can you see it,” I gasp, licking his cheeks.  Pressing against him. “My tail? It’s starting to grow now.  Pull it. Please, for the love of god, pull it. Your pet- I’m- I’m so sensitive there.  We all are. D- designed that way.”

He pulls away and I whine, my breasts slapping against my chest.  Fur tickles them at the sides and the center. “I- we- we don’t become completely covered in fur unless requested and given special medicines.  So you don’t get fur in your mouth when you- ohhh- when you suck my nipples.”

“Is- is my muzzle cute?” I ask, touching it.  It’s covered in light fur. I gently take another boy and pull him close, kissing him.  I still can. I pull him closer, between my legs. Grab his ass. Moan in his mouth as his hands explore my furry back and my bare ass.  No. I feel him pulling at fur there too, now. Still growing.

He pulls away and his pants are wet. From me.  Soaked in my need.

Another boy is sitting by the wall masturbating.  “Are you thinking of me? Thinking of f- f- fucking me?”

I blush, the forbidden word passing my black lips.  He nods and then cums and I groan at the sight of him spilling his seed everywhere.  Boys move away from him, laughing at him but I see another unzip his pants. “Yes, more, yes!”

“Almost done,” I gasp, chest pounding.  I touch the first boy that spoke and he steps forward  I press a finger into his mouth, pulling his lip down. And then I push it forward and he sucks at it, holding my wrist.  His tongue swirls on the soft skin of my palm, running over the bumps forming on my finger. “The- the padding starts on their- our hands and can be added to our f- feet, toooohhh!”

The boy takes another finger in his mouth, sucking on the padding and joints.  My claws form, black and with a rounded, safe point. They drag on his tongue and I shudder, gently pulling my hand away.  I squeeze my heavy breasts, pulling them up to my short muzzle to lick my own nipples. Two more boys are masturbating in front of me and one cums on me.  I gasp and shudder and almost orgasm from it. The thick creamy strands are mixed into the fur on my thigh and it makes me growl with need.

I take the first boys hands, pulling him close and then I unzip him, licking my lips as the head of his fat cock appears.  Slowly, carefully, I undo him until he’s throbbing in front of me. Strange images of old naked men flash through my mind but I push them away and they fade.

Spreading my legs wide, my paws on my knees and heels on the edge of my desk, I show them the last part.

“L- look closely,” I tell them. My pussy is open to them, glistening in the light.  My clit is swollen and I wish they’d just fuck me right now. “W- w- watch as the last change takes hold.  My lips turn black. You can see the streaks now. Little spots. Th- this solidifies the heat and change. There’s n- no turning back at this point.  Here! Watch! My labia is swelling. Pushing together. Folding and extending away from my body. Like a dog. We- we get wet on c- command. Al- always ready.”

I gently take the boys cock and pull him to me.  I can feel the heat from the head of his dick even against my swollen, aching, burning pussy.  

“I’m still pink inside,” I whisper to him.  I lean to him and lower my voice. I almost tell him I’m still a virgin.  Not with my fingers but with a man. But I don’t want him to worry or feel bad or anything.  I just want him to enjoy me. He pushes inside and I whimper, leaning my head against his chest.

Another boy cums on my back and I jerk at the smell and feel of it.  More. More on my face. My long tongue cleans it away and I moan, shuddering as I take the length of the boy.  

“Fuck,” he groans.  “You’re so goddamn tight.”

“Always,” I gasp.  I’m holding him tightly against me, overwhelmed by the sensations of my changing body, the steadily increasing sensitivity it’s forcing into me and the pure feeling of the boy’s cock inside of me.  It’s bending up at the angle we’re sitting and hitting something deep within every time he pushes against me. It’s so hard to concentrate. I never want it to stop. “Th- the K-Kyung c-oooooh! Corporation!  Has a p-patented technology that promotes m- muscular hypertrophy, toning our bodies and v- vaginal waaaaaah my god!”

The first orgasm I have with a man and I howl, clutching him against my chest.  He doesn’t stop and I’m shaking and then I lose track of the orgasms. My feet drum the desk and my body goes limp.  Thick white cum spurts from my swollen black pussy lips when he pulls out.

I stand on trembling legs and take the boy next to me. He’s masturbating but I pull him down, licking his lips and nose as I guide him into me.  I can’t stop myself. I ache inside and I feel so empty without a dick in me. I pull my ass cheeks with my little claws and gasp out each word, begging for someone to fuck my virgin ass.  I don’t even remember the words rolling off my long tongue. They’re just natural at this point and their dirtiness turns me on. We’re- I’m– programmed to be coy and receptive by default.

I feel a bare chest on the thick fur along my back and a hot cock slides between my ass.  I freeze when the new boy grabs my tail, whimpering and licking my lips but another boy presses his cock against my muzzle and I grip him tight.  Eagerly sucking him off while the boy behind me groans and presses into my tight ass.

Someone else cums on my bare tits, their sperm hot on my skin and then I lose my mind, completely full. The two boys pound into me from behind and I’m swallowing the new boy’s cum while holding him tight.  Whining for him to stay with my tiny little cute furry muzzle full of his hard cock. But he pulls away and someone else replaces him and my tail wags happily.

All the while the little drone’s light blinks, recording my transition into a new pet.

I pray that one of them will take me home.

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