A Domestic Call [Patreon, Werewolf]

From my Patreon! The last of the initial gift stories for people that joined at the beginning.

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The police cruiser turned left on the dirt road, its tires crunching on the gravel of the unpaved driveway.  Inside the cruiser, officer Miller glanced at the house number to verify she had the right address. She wiped sweat from her hairline and entered some information into the laptop suspended in front of the dashboard.

When Miller’s radio crackled to life, she jumped and cursed silently.  She’d been on edge since the night before and even snapped at the desk sergeant earlier this morning.

Come on Riley, she thought, rubbing her left arm.  The bandage was thick and itchy on her upper arm but her uniform hid the bulk of it.  Get it the fuck together.

“Unit 43, what is your location?” the radio crackled with an electronic ‘beep’.  

“10-23, dispatch,” Riley said in response.  “I’m at location.”

Riley finished typing a few more things into the computer and then locked it.  The young officer opened her car’s door and stood, adjusting her belt over her slim hips.

Summer was slowly transitioning into Fall but the weather was still warm.  Trees swayed and leaves rustled around her as she walked towards the residence.  Despite the mild late afternoon sun, beads of sweat rolled between her breasts beneath her vest carrier.  She paused at the door to wipe more sweat from her upper lip.

The house was an older mobile home on its own foundations, surrounding by an acre of flat land and trees just beyond.  It was a cheap home but appeared to be kept in good condition and there was even an abundant home garden in raised garden boxes.  Riley glanced briefly but saw nothing out of place.

Before the officer could knock, the door opened.  A young mousey girl stood before her, adjusting her glasses.  She wore simple pajama bottoms and a plain, pink top with a large red heart on the chest.  Riley sniffed at her briefly and adjusted her belt again.

“Officer Miller,” Riley said.  She reached in her breast pocket for the small pad of paper and pen she kept there.  “We received a call about a break-in?”

“Oh! Yes,” the girl said.  She seemed nervous and shy but Riley was used to it.  Most civilians instantly became nervous around her. She was getting better at spotting the honest nervousness versus the ‘Oh shit, I have meth in my trunk’ nervousness.  The girl stared at her feet and turned her left foot in, toes grabbing at her right foot. “Oh! Come in, I’m sorry. I’m Janet.”

Riley stepped over the threshold and followed the girl.

“Do you live here alone?” Riley asked.  The girl looked perhaps 18 or 20 and she was willing to bet she was a student at the community college near town.  Her pajamas were loose on her and Riley’s lips trembled slightly as she stared at the top of the girl’s ass. She scented the air and rubbed her left arm again.  Shaking the cobwebs from her head she sighed, wishing the girl would run her air conditioning. The heat simply wasn’t letting up. A single drop of sweat slide along the curve of her breast down to the light hairs below her belly button and the sensation brought goosebumps to the back of Riley’s neck.

“Y- yes,” the girl said.  She stopped in the kitchen and pointed at the window near the kitchen table.  “I came home from school and the door was open. Some of my jewelry is missing and they broke the kitchen window.  I- I wouldn’t care too much but it was my grandmother’s jewelry. She left it for me when she died.”

Walking to the window, Riley lifted her chin and her nostrils flared.  Images came to her mind as she crouched. Drughead.  Male. Younger.  Sick. Cut himself.  Sweet. Sweet scent. The girl.  Her scent in the house. The room.  Pleasure. No cum. Just her scent. Alone.  Pleasured herself.

More sweat rolled from Riley’s forehead and she tugged at the collar of her undershirt.  Her heart raced and the words and images tumbling through her mind made her dizzy. They slipped away from her when she tried to focus on them but settled in the back of her brain.  She licked the top of her mouth, tasting something sweet on the air and the taste filled her with warmth. She went to one knee with a quiet grunt and shook her head as it spilled forth within her, spreading down her chest and and then even further.

“Are you okay?” the girl asked behind her.

“Yes,” Riley rasped.  Her lips trembled again and then bulged as her canine teeth lengthened slowly.  She tasted blood on her tongue and it brought her back. Blood.  He cut himself.

She couldn’t explain how she knew but Riley glanced around at the pieces of glass until she found what she was looking for.  Red tinted the edge of the glass and she brought it to her nose to breathe deeply of his scent.

“Uhhh,” the young girl said behind her.

Riley blinked and set the glass down.  What the fuck am I doing?

She stood with a quick motion and then swayed.  The room tilted around her but she steadied herself on the kitchen counter.  The heat had moved when she did and it spread between her thighs until she could smell her own excitement wetting her panties.  It was starting to get hard to breathe. The ballistic panels in her vest carrier constricted her. Riley groaned and clawed at her shirt, undoing two of the buttons on her vest as she began to pant.

“Are- are you sure you’re okay?” the girl asked.

“‘M fine,” Riley slurred, focusing on the girl.  She licked her lips, feeling the bumps of her canine teeth.  Hairs sprouted beneath the bandage on her left arm, spreading from the bite she’d received the day before.  “Ju- just hard- hard to breathe.”

Riley moaned, falling to her hands and knees with her head bowed.  Her shirt strained against her chest and another button popped free.  Within, her breasts were swelling and the pain of it made her snarl. She sat back on her heels, fumbling and clawing at her vest until she’d undone it and flung it way from her.  She vaguely heard the girl scream but the heat and pain consumed her. She ran her fingers through her black hair and pulled, snarling silently at the ceiling. Small black hairs sprouted from the edge of her ears as they began to lengthen to sharp points.

The young officer rocked her hips back and forth, sliding a hand down her sweaty body and into her pants.  She felt prickly hairs growing from her smooth mound and she smiled, breathing deeply of the nearly faded scents of sex coming from the girl’s bedroom.  Her breasts continued to swell, overflowing her small bra until her aching, erect nipples were freed.

Riley licked her lips with a long tongue, staring at the horrified girl.  Black hairs grew around her belly button, covering hard muscles. Janet gasped and turned to run but Riley growled and launched herself, tackling the other girl.  She pined the girl’s arms and licked her from her neck to her cheek to her ears, purring deep in the back of her throat. The girl opened her mouth to scream and Riley kissed her deeply, tongue swirling against tongue, sliding against sharp fangs.

The officer’s heavy breasts pressed against Janet’s slim body and the small girl shook as she tried to turn her mouth away.  Finally Riley broke free, wiping the drool from her mouth with a hearty laugh. She straddled the other girl, holding her solidly in place.

“P- please d- don’t,” Janet begged.  Her chest was heaving and she pushed uselessly against the police officer.

With careless strength, Riley ripped the girl’s shirt away, exposing her bare chest.  She moaned happily and leaned forward again, letting her fat, erect nipples drag against the other girl’s nipples.  She kissed Janet’s soft neck, nipping at her skin as she rubbed herself back and forth, feeling her heavy breasts slid against the girl’s soft chest.  Small black hairs sprouted from her tits and she shivered when they dragged against Janet’s body.

Suddenly, Riley jerked.  Her hips cracked loudly and she felt a burning pain along her lower back.  She growled and ignored it, focusing on her lover. The back of her pants pulled tight against her waist as her ass swelled.  The seams bulged to contain her but a sharp tearing filled the room and the seams broke. Sweat soaked skin, dotted with black hairs showed through the rips.  Small metallic pings echoed in the room as the clasps of Riley’s bra broke.

Riley reached down, sliding a finger against the girl’s pale lips.  Janet turned her head with her mouth closed but Riley snarled, grabbing her hair to hold her in place.  The officer’s finger popped and swelled and a small trickle of blood dripped down to Janet’s mouth. A black claw pushed forth from Riley’s fingertip, parting the other girl’s lips and clacking against her teeth.  Riley pushed and Janet opened her mouth with a whimper.

Janet moaned.  Her eyes fluttered and Riley purred as the other girl started sucking on her finger.  The girl’s small, hot tongue cleaned the tiny drop of blood from Riley’s fingertip and worked around her hard claw.  Janet gasped and grabbed Riley’s wrist, closing her eyes as her own hips began rocking against Riley’s thighs. The small girl groaned and pulled the finger from her mouth, only to lick only the length of it.  When she opened her eyes, small flecks of gold appeared amongst her brown irises.

“Ohhh, god,” Janet moaned between licks.  Her tongue lengthened and began to rasp against the hardening skin along the bottom of Riley’s palms and fingers.  The girl reached a hand down to massage her own breast, squeezing and pulling at her nipple.

Finally, Riley had had enough.  She pulled free, kissed Janet deeply and then stood over the smaller girl.  Riley fumbled with her belt until she had it unhooked. She tossed it carelessly into the corner of the room and worked on her pants.  Beneath her, Janet slid a hand down her small frame. Her fingers slid against blonde hairs grown along her belly and when she pushed her pajama pants down, her entire sex was hidden behind a thick tuft of blonde fur.  Her hips jerked when she pressed a finger against her wet pussy lips.

“Gooorrrd-” Riley slurred, pleased with the other girl.  She’d finally worked the zipper and buttons and pulled her pants and panties off.  She struggled and snarled as the pants caught on her wide ass but huge muscles bulged in her straining arms and the pants ripped down the back and over the generous curve of her ass.  Thick strands of clear liquid ran from her swollen sex to her soaking wet panties. Janet leaned forward eagerly, gripping Riley’s thighs. The smaller girl’s long tongue licked at the strands and then she shoved her face against Riley’s furry pussy, swallowing the officer’s sweet wetness.  

With a loud moan, Riley gripped Janet’s hair, pressing her hard between her legs.  She felt bones cracking and breaking in the other girl’s face and when Janet pulled back to breathe, she had the start of a small muzzle.  Janet glanced up at Riley and smiled, showing her fangs. Her nose blackened and she lapped at it, cleaning Riley’s juices from her lips and the fur growing on her cheeks.  Hairs sprouted between Janet’s shoulders – the start of a thick mane of fur.

Riley stepped back and Janet whined, reaching for her.  The officer growled at her feet, sitting so she could remove her shoes.  Janet began to crawl to her and then stepped, panting with her head bowed.  Sweat ran from her chest, along her breast, to the tips of her nipples and then dripped down to the floor.  She sat back with her own quiet growl and grabbed her tiny breasts, massaging them roughly. Her fingers popped and cracked as she squeezed and pushed at the soft skin.  Soon, her hands couldn’t contain her breasts. The gentle curves swelled and they grew heavy on her chest, sliding lower along her body. Her tiny pink nipples throbbed in the warm air.  Milk dotted the tips of her nipples and she had to use two hands to handle one breast, bringing it closer to her muzzle to lap at the sweet liquid.

Rough paws grabbed Janet’s hands and she whimpered as Riley flipped her over onto hands and knees.  Janet’s heavy breasts sagged beneath her, leaking tiny drops of milk to the linoleum. She gasped as claws pulled her pants down to her thighs and then kicked her feet when Riley’s thick, rough tongue pressed against her pussy.  She pushed back, rocking her hips up and down as if to ride the she-wolf’s tongue.

Riley grabbed Janet’s ass and shoved her muzzle hard between the girl’s thighs.  She was covered in Janet’s scent and it drove her mad. Her rough paws barely felt the fur sprouting from Janet’s ass but she could feel when the other girl’s ass swelled.  The skin stretched and slid in Riley’s paws and the smaller girl’s cute little growling deepened as her body grew to contain the wolf inside.  

Suddenly, Janet bucked and howled, her legs trembling as she came from Riley’s attentions.  The small she-wolf shook and then cried out as a smaller aftershock crashed through her body.  Her stub of a tail trembled weakly above her thick, wide ass and the cum soaked fur around her engorged pussy and strong legs filled the entire house with her powerful musk.

Both werewolves paused, sharp ears twitching at a quiet knock from the front door.  They cocked their head as the door partly opened and a tentative voice called out.

“Janet?  It’s Jessica.  Were you still going to help me with my English homework?”

The lips of Janet’s long muzzle pulled back to reveal sharp teeth in the semblance of a smile.  Her tail, grown longer now, wagged lazily behind her as she stood, ready to introduce her friend to the pleasures of the wolf.

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