From My Patreon: A Bite To Eat

A certain artist discovers there’s a reason she’s drawn to werewolves in her art

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3. “Office Bitch” chapter 3!

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Kari hummed along to the soft music playing from her speakers as her gloved hand slid across her drawing tablet.  She frowned, tapped on the screen and carefully erased an errant line with her pen, nodding her head slightly to the beat.  Tapping the pen against her lips, she stared at the drawing. A woman’s face stared back at her, mouth slightly open with a wide nose and buck teeth showing.  The rest of the woman’s body was a sketched outline showing a faint donkey’s tail rising up from behind the figure.

With a frown, Kari slipped the pen into her mouth, rolling her teeth against it.  Something was a little off about it. The angle of the face? The eyes? Her jaw muscles tensed as she gnawed at the pen with her back teeth.  Left eye looks a little off.  Not angled right for the position of her face.

The young woman pulled the pen away from her mouth, unnknowingly licking at the drool covering it while she considered the drawing again.  Finally, she touched the pen down to erase part of the eye. She blinked and turned the pen in her hand. The hard plastic back of the pen was scored and scratched.

“When the hell?” Kari asked out loud.  She stared at it for a moment and then sighed, kicking the floor to push her rolling chair away from the desk.  Her stomach rumbled angrily as she stored her tablet and pen. “I’m losing it. Time for a break and some food anyway.”

Kari stood and stretched to her tiptoes, raising her arms high above her head and sighing happily as her joints popped.  She ran her fingers through her short hair, scratching along her scalp and down the back of her neck.

Looking out of the window, Kari realized why her stomach had grumbled.  The sun was beginning to set and she hadn’t even realized it. She’d been drawing since the morning and didn’t even remember if she’d had lunch.  Her stomach rumbled again as she made her way to the kitchen.

“Patience, patience,” Kari said.  She opened the fridge and subconsciously flared her nostrils, taking in the scent of the sparse offerings.  “Oh, right. I was supposed to go to the store yesterday.”

The smell of bloody steak filled Kari’s nose.  She bent forward, scratching at her lower back while digging around the fridge.  Her mouth filled with drool and she swallowed before licking her lips. The rumble in her stomach was even louder and more painful now.

“No, dammit,” she sighed.  She sniffed again, lifting her chin. “I finished the steak two days ago.  Could’ve sworn I smelled it, though. Did I take out the trash?”

Kari stepped over to the trashcan.  She peeked inside and sniffed. Paper towels and trash filled the top but she could still smell steak.  She pushed a few things aside, digging a little until she saw the scraps – a t-bone and some fat leftover from her dinner.  Her stomach rumbled and she wiped the back of her mouth, reaching for the bone.

“What. The. Hell, Kari?” she asked herself, pulling her hand back.  Without another word, she went to the kitchen sink and washed her hands.  As soon as she stopped the water, heat rushed to her cheeks before turning cold and running down her spine.  She shivered and her hackles lifted while goosebumps rose along her arms. She gasped from the feeling and then ran a hand along her forehead.  Cold sweat lined her brow. Kari rubbed her arms briskly and grinded her teeth together. As quickly as it spread, the feeling vanished in another wave of heat and a rumble in her stomach.

A passing car’s light shined through her windows and Kari hunched, baring her teeth.  

“Just a car,” she breathed in and huffed, tasting the faint scent of her neighbor.  “Just the neighbor.”

Kari padded through her house, collecting things.  She grabbed her wallet and keys and then, after a thought, her flannel shirt.  She pulled the shirt on over her white t-shirt and stepped into her sneakers with a grunt.  The shoes felt tight against her feet despite not being tied. She bent down, scratching at her back again before loosening the shoelaces and tying a lazy knot.  Been sitting too long, I guess.

The night air welcomed her when she opened her front door.  Her porchlight clicked on and Kari glanced over to see her neighbor’s parked car. Her ears twitched to catch the ticking of the cooling engine.

She stepped to her driveway and then cried out, slamming her back into her car.  Intense pain wracked her body and it felt like hot nails were driving into her elbow.  Kari looked down at her trembling arms and her mouth dropped in shock. Dark brown hairs were sprouting from her forearms.  The skin along her arms strained, pushing at the growing hair and new muscles formed beneath.

“You- You’ve got to- go to be kidding me,” Kari stuttered through grit teeth.  She pressed back against the car and then raised her head as her jaw strained. Drool formed at the corner of her mouth and her teeth pressed against her lips.  “Fuck!”

The squeal of metal filled the air and Kari’s head snapped down.  Her fingers dragged against the car’s door and three black claws on her right hand tore through the composite steel of the door.

“Aw c-come on, I just wash- aaah!” Kari screamed, falling to her hands and knees.  She beat her hands against the concrete and snarled. Gold flecks appeared in her eyes and the snarl deepend painfully in her throat as the smell of blood filled the air.  She opened her hands and watched her nails bulge and split, falling to the ground as deadly black claws slid through her fingertips. Her hands lengthened, dragging her thumbs slightly back away from her fingers.

Fire raced down Kari’s bulging back to pool between her thighs. She gasped and dropped her chest, raising her hips in an entirely new reflex.  Her excited scent filled the air and she moaned, forcing her ass down. Sweat dropped to the ground around her and she opened her mouth to pant, the wolf growing within her trying to help cool her down.  She lapped at her lips and her rough, long tongue passed over her nose. Pushing against the urge to pant, she closed her mouth and then yipped as she tasted blood. The young girl’s lips bulged to try and contain her lengthening canine teeth and she couldn’t close her mouth – her tongue was too thick now.

Kari bared her teeth and her nostrils flared.  Bones cracked in her face and her jaw widened. She gave up resisting and panted to deal with the pain.  Her nose glistened in the moonlight, the pale skin along the bridge and tip of her nose turning black with each lick of her tongue.

The girl’s pants bulged around her thighs and calves. She raised herself on hands and feet again, groaning and stretching her legs as the seams burst.  Thick muscles tensed in her thighs and she hissed through her fangs as the cool air flowed along her hot body. The back of her pants tented above her ass and her hips dropped when a loud crack filled the air.  She could feel it moving behind her, weak and alien.  The tail. Her tail.

The pain flowed down her body into her feet.  Kari stared back to see the front of her shoes bulging.  She kicked and rubbed her shoes on the ground again and again, desperately trying to scratch at her toes.  Just as she started to turn and pull the shoes off, they popped and exploded, freeing her feet.

Her toes were scrunched, the joints pulled up against her feet and they looked swollen.  She pushed them against the ground, luxuriating in the feeling of the concrete scratching against her skin.  The feeling stopped and she looked back again to see dense black cuts cutting through her toes, striking sparks from the ground.  Bones squealed in her feet and they lengthened, pushing her ass up. Light brown fur pushed through the tops of her feet as the bottoms darkened with a thick callus.  Paws.  I have paws.

“Of- of f- fucking c- course,” Kari panted, looking up at the sky.  A full, fat silver moon sat alone in the cloudless sky. The flecks of gold spread in her eyes and she stared at it, hypnotized by the brilliance.

To hunt.  Bright. Prey.  Easy to see. No hiding.  Shadows of movement as they run.  Prey. Fast on four legs and two. Faster than prey.  Hunting. Eating. Killing. Prey. Prey. Prey.

The words echoed in her mind as formless concepts and she squeezed her eyes shut against the cacophony.  When she opened her eyes again, the words had faded into a dull, angry roar that made her growl.

Movement caught her eye and the growl turned to a snarl.  Kari glanced up but caught her own reflection in the car’s side mirror.

Huge, she thought.  Her face was wide and, as she watched, her pebbled, blackened nose pushed forward.  Drool escaped her mouth until she lapped at it, cleaning her muzzle. Hair lined her cheeks and the tips of her ears were pointed and growing longer.  She bared her teeth to see new deadly fangs replacing the gaps in her elongated jaw.

The pain was beginning to turn into something else.  Pleasure. Excitement. Power. She reached an arm out and her claws pierced the car, rocking it back and forth.  Her soaked t-shirt hugged the outline of her breasts and her nipples pressed hard against the fabric. Each movement brought chills down her stomach and between her thighs.  The shirt pressed forward, exposing her midriff as her breasts swelled to match her larger form. She moaned and smiled and slid a claw through the middle of the shirt. Brown fur was creeping up from her mound, circling her belly button and racing up between her heavy breasts.  Skin darkened along her hard belly. She brushed the skin, shivering as she felt the start of her teats. The skin twisted, pushing forward new nipples that soon become hidden behind thick fur. Kari shrugged her large body awkwardly, pulling her t-shirt and flannel shirt off.

Thoughts tumbled through her head but the scents and sounds around her were distracting.  She was so hungry.

Pain at her sides made her look down again.  Her wide hips pressed against the jeans hanging at her waist and her tail bulged against them.  Kari reached down and pulled, biceps bulging. The pants tore easily and she flung them aside to free her tail.  It wagged in response, just above her panties. She watched it for a while, luxuriating in the feel of it. Testing it out. Wagging it and arching it and feeling the tip against her furred back.

With quick glance around, Kari pulled at her own tail.  It made her whine a little in response. Happily. In a certain kind of way.  She stroked herself and fur grew beneath her strong paws.  The thin tail grew fluffy beneath her attention and she barked out a laugh when the – her – tail wagged in response.

Kari dragged a claw along her waist and her panties came away, exposing slick, wet fur.  She stood there, naked to the world and reveling in it. The young werewolf threw her head back to howl proudly and then clamped her paws over her muzzle.  

Dumbass!  she scolded herself with a growl.  She shook her head, trying to clear her thoughts.  So much prey around her. Rabbits hidden in bushes.  Mice (ew, no, she thought) and something else.  She sniffed and breathed deeply. Other prey far away.  Her stomach rumbled and she felt the drool building up in her muzzle.  Her large, furred ears went to attention and she closed her eyes, following the scent with her head.  It smells so fucking good.  What is

Oh no, she thought and she licked her lips.  Bambi.  Aww come on, no.

The only other animals she’d seen in the neighborhood were deer that sometimes wandered around, scared from noises or looking for free food.  She’d always wished she could pet one.

But now.  Now her lips drew back and she pictured her teeth in its neck and the taste of its flesh.

It’s okay, she told herself as she dropped to all fours on thick padded hands and feet, her muzzle raised to the air.  It’s probably just Bambi’s mom and that’s alright, isn’t it?

Silently, stealthily, Kari stalked through the shadows until she could stand on two feet and hunt.

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