The Walk Back

Amanda walked along the small path, feeling the small rocks crunch under her shoes.  Huge dark clouds sprawled lazily across the night sky.  The moon was huge – silvery and fat.  Brian walked beside her, not close enough for her liking.  This was their third date and he still believed he was being a gentleman by keeping his distance.  They hadn’t even held hands yet.


I swear.  If that boy doesn’t make a move soon… She told herself.  She’d worn a sexy little red dress to show off her respectable cleavage and caught him staring so she knew he was interested but he had odd notions of how a man should act. She would have given up by now but he was such an adorable little geek and genuinely a humorous caring guy.  Slightly scrawny for her tastes but she had ideas of how to fatten him up.  If only she could get him to come inside when he dropped her off…

She walked ahead of him slightly to give him a good look at her ass as she walked.  She cooked her own meals and ate well but also kept in shape; she was particularly proud of her classical curves.  She just wished she could’ve worn her heels instead of just her flats.  She loved the way her calf muscles looked in high heels.


“Brian, check this tree out!  I think… Brian?”  She stopped to look back.  Brian was doubled over on his knees, gasping for breath.  “Brian!  Are you okay?”  His whole body was shaking and he had his hands under him, clutching his stomach.


“Brian…?”  He looked up at her and she gasped.  His eyes were a jade green color now when she knew they were normally dark brown.  As she watched, the pupils dilated and then flexed, turning vertically oval.  His face was a mask of pain.


“Uhhhh… Uhhhmanduhhhhhhh!  Hurts!”  He held his hand out to her.  His arm twitched while the flesh crawled.  One by one his finger nails were pushed off, falling to the ground.  His thumb cracked, shortening slightly as his hand grew in size.  Something was happening to the palm of his hand but she was distracted by his index finger.  As she watched, a small black tip pushed through the fleshy remains of his finger tip.  The point grew out several inches until finally stopping.  The other fingers followed soon after, sharp deadly talons pushing through the tips of his fingers.  Brian watched the growth of these claws in horror.


“Wha… wha… ARRRRGHH!”  Suddenly he screamed, sitting back on his knees.  His canine teeth lengthened to sharp points and the scream turned into a roar.  Small pits dotted his hairless lips but, soon, thick white hairs grew from the small holes.  The lips themselves puffed out as his nose flattened.  The front of his face pushed out slightly into a short muzzle.  His lips blackened while the top lip pulled up slightly.


Brian’s hands flew to his chest and he pulled, ripping his polo shirt in half.  His pale, skinny body was straining against his skin.  His claws made deep gouges in his flesh and the blood trickled down his body from the cuts.  Amanda could see a thick growth of hair growing up from Brian’s pants.  As she watched, a trail of dark brown hair grew up the middle of his stomach until it reached his shoulders.  Slowly, the hair fanned out to his sides, cradling his whole body.  His stomach spasmed and she heard bones breaking, even from where she stood.  Muscles bulged along his stomach and chest.  Fine hairs grew from his face, covering him in a light brown fur.


Brian leaned back on his legs with his hands on his head.  His ears were growing to points on the side of his head.  He leaned forward again, moaning deeply and she watched the bones of his spine disappear beneath a growth of new muscle along his back.


Amanda had her hands to her mouth, leaning back against the tree, too terrified to talk, scream or yell.  She could feel her heart hammering in her chest.  Brian leaned back again, his hands on the tops of his pants.  His dick was hard and she could clear see the tip, fat and red against the dark brown fur of his belly.  The legs of his pants strained as his muscles pushed against the fabric.  Brian ripped the pants apart as he pulled them down.  The base of his dick was covered in dark fur.  He was at least ten inches in length and thicker than anything she’d ever seen.


Brian’s legs were thick and corded with muscle beneath the coating of fur.  With a loud ‘pop!’ his left shoe came apart at the seams.  A second ‘pop!’ announced the destruction of his other shoe.  His feet were growing the same claws, along longer and larger than his hands.  Brian lurched forward when his feet lengthened.  He was so much larger now.  Even beneath the thick coat of fur she could make out individual muscles.  His thighs were huge.  Brian looked up at Amanda and she briefly wondered how much of him was left.


Brian tried to talk but words wouldn’t come out.  A loud ‘crack!’ sounded and he slammed his head against the ground in pain.  Skin grew from the base of his spine, slowly at first and then fast.  Naked flesh lashed out in a tail as thick as Amanda’s wrist.  Fur crept along its length until it was covered from base to tip.


Finally, Brian stood.  His tail lashed from side to side, low to the ground.


“B… Brian…?”  Amanda said.  Her heart was beating so fast and she was having a hard time catching her breath.  He was at least seven feet tall now and pure muscle.  His cock bobbed slightly.  She couldn’t tell how long it was but it was so thick.  She had a hard time pulling her eyes away from it.  “You’re scaring me.  Wha…”


Her breath suddenly left her in a rush.  She hadn’t seen him move but he was suddenly on her.  He had her wrists pinned above her against the tree and his muzzle was against her cheek.  He was rumbling deep in his throat.  Amanda shrieked.


With one hand easily holding both of her wrists against the tree, Brian settled the tip of his index finger against the top of her dress.  She thrashed uselessly against him.  Slowly, he slid the claw down the front of her dress.  The fabric melted away like butter leaving her in her bra and panties.


“NO!”  She screamed.  “PLEASE STOP!”


Brian rubbed his face against hers, still purring deep in his throat.  He pressed his body against hers and he was so warm.  The tip of his cock pressed against her stomach, an odd contrast against the thick hair.  It felt slick against her skin.  Brian’s right hand reached around her back.  He clawed down and her body shook.  Her bra fell pinged apart and he cut the straps almost gently with his claw until he lay on the ground next to her.


Her nipples were hard in the warm night air.  She kicked against Brian but it made no difference – he still held her with his left hand.  Her back burned badly from the scratches.  Brian cupped a breast in his right and licked her nipples.  His tongue was incredibly rough and she cried out from the feeling.  Shamefully, she felt herself grow wet from his attentions.  He brought his muzzle forward to suck at her large, fat nipples, biting and licking with his tongue.


“S…stop.”  She moaned.  She twisted her legs against the feeling.  He brought his right hand down to her waist.  The palm of his hand was rough on her skin and the claws dug into the soft flesh of her back.  Finally, he let her hands go and he grabbed the other side of her waist with his left hand.  She beat at his head but he ignored her.  She felt cold wet nose trail down her stomach and against the silky fabric of her panties.  There was a pause and then his large rough tongue lapped at her pussy through the panties.


Amanda cried out again, her fingers twisting in the fur of Brian’s head.  He nipped at her pussy lips and licked against, tasting her juices through the fabric.  “Noooooo…” she moaned again.  She didn’t even feel when he cut away her panties but the feeling of his tongue on her wet pussy lips threw her head back.  He rubbed his nose against her slick pussy before digging his thumbs into her wet folds.  He pulled her open with his thumbs and his tongue entered her.  Amanda jumped, nearly losing control of her legs.  He licked her from her ass to her clit, dipping his tongue deep into her as he did.


“P…pleaaaaaaseee… Pleeeeasssse… D… D…” She moaned.


He stood again, pressing against her.  His mouth found hers and she tasted herself on him.  He tried to kiss her but she refused to open her mouth.  He growled louder and pulled back, flipping her around to face the tree.  His large tail lashed angrily behind him.


“Brian… Brian… Please…”  She whispered, over and over.  He raked his claws down her back, drawing blood.  She almost collapsed but he caught her and held her up.  Hot tears streamed down her face.  She couldn’t feel her back any more, just pure fire from the scratches.


Amidst everything else, she almost missed it.  His dick was probing her ass.  She tried to fight him but he grabbed her hair with his left hand and yanked.  She held onto the tree and tried to put herself far away.  Satisfied with her submission, she felt his claws on her ass, spreading her cheeks.  Her juices ran slowly down her legs.  The tip of his dick pressed against her pussy and he wasted no time in teasing.  He plunged in.  Amanda screamed as she was slammed against the tree.  She felt him hit her cervix and knew he was not in all the way.


He pulled out and slammed into her again.  The feeling was incredible.  She’d never had someone as thick as he was.  She tried to ignore it but it was impossible.  He was just so thick.  He pulled out wetly and slammed in again and then again.  She bit her lip at the pain of it, not realizing that her own hand was fondling her breast, pinching her own nipple.  She felt her pussy open up to this creature – her lips socked against his hard, wet cock and she moaned at the feeling.  She twisted and pulled at her nipple, savoring the pain.  When he entered her again, she pressed back eagerly.  It was hard to think with him thrusting in her.  She just… she just wanted… she couldn’t…


Amanda moaned against, licking her lips.  She brought her hand down from her breast to her clit and began rubbing herself.  Brian slammed into her and she yowled when she felt his hips slap against her ass.


“More.  More.  I want you deep in me, Brian.  Oh god, yeeaaaaarrrshhhh…”  The fire from her back moved into her face.  She felt a sudden crunch and a flare of pain before she see again.  Her nose was growing out slightly in front of her.  She grabbed the tree again as he body was wracked with pain and pleasure.  Brian never stopped fucking her.  Her own claws grew out to hold the tree and she cut deep furrows into the bark.  She ground her teeth as her gums ached and she almost cut her tongue on her new, longer canine teeth.  She slammed herself back into Brian again, crying out in pleasure.


Her breasts grew heavy on her chest and she looked down to watch them get bigger.  The nipples grew even more hard and fat but were soon hidden under a thick growth of fur.  Muscles twitched and pulsed all over her body as she grew larger.  Brian leaned forward to rub on her and she rubbed him back.  She turned her head to the side invitingly and purred when he bit hard into her neck.  His tongue lapped at the bite as new fur covered her naked body.  A hammering at her spine was a counter-point to the hammering Brian was giving her.  Her own tail grew out quickly.  She felt her body shift as it moved and she was momentarily put off balance until it finished.


When her tail was complete, Brian grabbed her at the base of it and pulled.  She’d never experienced anything like it and found herself grow even more wet.  Her orgasm was building at the pit of her stomach, threatening to overpower her.  She pushed frantically against Brian, urging him on and he responded in kind.  He grabbed her hips, sharp claws digging into her furry ass and he pounded fiercely.  Soon, he was cumming, deep wads of hot sperm jetting into her.  His cock swelled with every pulse and soon she was roaring with her own orgasm.  Brian held her steadily when her legs stopped working.  Her claws held her against the tree.


Amanda still couldn’t think straight.  It felt like she’d just woken up from a bad night of drinking and couldn’t get her thoughts straight.  Her body did most of the work itself and she nearly felt like she was just along for the ride.  When Brian nuzzled her neck, she turned to lick his own neck and gently bite him.  They lay together on the grass, purring softly.

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