Master and Bitch [Commission]

This story was commissioned by danio13 ( ) – all ideas, characters, settings, situation and story title are his.

A young man finds a shifter. Unaware of who she is and assuming she’s a lost dog, he takes her home and finds a bitch in heat.

It hurt.

She trembled and lowered herself, long golden fur brushing the leaves and wet grass covering the small hill.  She crawled with her legs splayed.  Ashamed but unable to contain herself. She whined quietly as the cold dew eased the burning between her back legs.  She pulled herself, rubbing her engorged pink sex along the ground.

It wasn’t enough.  Not nearly enough.

A few cars passed on the nearby street but the little town was sleepy as Fall settled in.  The sun was a faded yellow on the horizon, struggling to provide warmth through the cold evening.

The cold didn’t touch her and not because of her thick fur coat.

She stood and licked her muzzle, head low until her legs stopped trembling.  Her tail wagged and the brush of the fur against her sex made her growl in frustration. People walked in the distance and she looked up, her floppy ears twitching.  She thought briefly about joining them.  Walking among them on two legs but she knew herself and knew how hard it’d be to contain her urges.  And their complex societal rules still confused her.

Instead, she paced.  Back and forth, back and forth.  Frustrated.  Trying to think through the throbbing in her head.  Licking the drool from her thick black lips as her breath puffed out into the chill night air.  Back and forth.  Back and forth.


Tony buckled the high visibility vest to his chest, smoothing it over his long-sleeved shirt.  A road bike lay lightly against his hip while he finished getting ready for his ride.  His co-workers streamed out of the building behind him and told him to have a safe ride, as they always did.  He waved to them as he mounted his bike and pedaled off.

The road was mostly empty as the young man biked home.  His long, lean, tanned legs worked effortlessly as he wove along the road.  He breathed deeply and hummed a random beat, matching it to the blinking red light attached to the front of his bike.

Movement ahead on the side of the road drew the man’s attention and he slowed.  A golden retriever seemed to be wandering the sidewalk.  He watched it for a moment and then looked around for its owner.  Seeing nobody and noticing the obvious distress the poor dog was in, he pulled up to the sidewalk and then stopped.

“Hey boy,” he called out, dragging his bike onto the sidewalk.  The dog stopped and took a tentative step backward, it’s head bowed and tail lowered.  Tony lay his bike carefully down on the ground.  “Awww, I’m not going to hurt you.  Where’s your owner, huh?  Where’s your owner, boy?”

The dog came to him slowly.  Carefully.  One step.  Two.  Sniffing the air a moment before getting closer.  Tony looked around again, waiting for someone to come out and yell at him for messing with their dog.  But, it was a small town he couldn’t remember anyone near here with a golden retriever.

“Come on,” Tony said gently, holding his hand out.  He was tall, over six feet, and so he crouched to make himself look less imposing.  He noticed no collar as it crept closer.  “I won’t hurt you.  Just want to see if someone owns you.”

The young man waited patiently but, soon, the dog was close enough to sniff his outstretched hand.  He smiled encouragingly at it.

“Yeah, that’s it, good boy,” Tony told the dog when it licked his hand.  Its tail wagged tentatively and he slowly reached forward to scratch it behind the ears.  “Aww, poor thing, you’re shaking.  Huh.  No collar?  Are you a stray?  Your coat’s all messy so maybe.”

The dog moved forward, pressing itself between the young man’s legs and he rocked back on his heels with a laugh.  He ruffled the dog’s neck as it smelled him.

“Well,” Tony said, standing.  The dog whined up at him with large eyes.  Its tail was low and it pressed itself against his legs.  “You’re an affectionate guy.  Let’s get you back to my place, huh?  Get some pictures and put up some posters tomorrow?  Yeah?  Would you like that?  I think I can even get some food for you.”


She listened to the man speak.  His words were high pitched with odd, wavering tones but she could understand him well enough and hearing that he’d take her home excited her.  Her sex was throbbed painfully, sharp spikes radiating from her belly.  She could feel the wetness pooling inside of her as she breathed deeply of the man’s scent.

He scratched along her neck and back and she trembled at his touch.  At the way his fingernails felt against her skin.  At the sweet taste of pleasurable pain when his fingers tugged at the tangles in her fur.  She leaned heavily against his waist and whined again.

The male patted his thigh and called to her, pulling his (bicycle they named them) on his left side.  She caught up to him and followed close, feeling the excitement building.

He was the one.  She knew it.  He had to be.


Tony hefted his bike up to his shoulders and walked through his front gate.  The dog waited for him to walk through the gate and then followed him close.  He was amazed at how focused and intelligent it was.  Never once did it stray to sniff at things or run off on some random adventure.

Because of its intelligence and his love of the anime Cowboy Bebop, he’d decided to name the dog Einstein, or Ein for short.  Even if he was the wrong breed.

He unlocked his door and turned to the dog.  “Come on in, Ein.  Let’s get you squared away and figure out what we’re going to do with you.”  At the mention of its name, the dog’s tail thrashed wildly and it jumped on him, licking at his arm and then his crotch.  Tony laughed and gently pushed it back.

The dog barked once loudly, its tail still wagging uncontrollably, before it went inside.  Once in, it walked carefully around the living room, as if it were inspecting the young man’s home.  Satisfied, it came back and butted against Tony’s leg before sitting on its back paws.  He looked down and saw it looking back up at him and was amazed at the intelligence within.

“You’re a remarkable dog, Ein,” Tony said.  Again he crouched and the dog lowered its head for him.  He scratched along its neck.  “Jesus, Ein, you’re burning up!”

Tony ran his hand along the dog’s back, feeling the heat radiating from its skin.  It was panting now and whining quietly, its fluffy tail swishing back and forth against his wood floor.

Long, golden strands of fur came away in Tony’s hand and he stared at it.  A small bare patch of skin lay exposed near Ein’s tail and he watched as the skin bulged and twisted, as if things were moving beneath the surface.  The dog whined and lay itself flat, facing purposefully away from Tony to expose its sex.

A small part of Tony’s mind noticed the slick, swollen pink lips (Oh, it’s a girl, he thought) as he sat back on his hands.  A sharp crack filled the air and Ein barked loudly before whining and laying her head against the floor.  Her back jerked and she she arched it, raising her tail with another whine.  Her voice warbled oddly, as if she were trying to speak.

“Wha- wha- wha-” Tony stuttered, watching as clumps of fur fell to the ground around Ein.  Her ears twitched and the skin began to pull back into her muzzle.  The left moved faster and he watched, mouth open in shock, as a familiar rounded shape took place:  A human ear.

Ein reached out her paws and tried speaking again, barks and whines and groans mixing together.  Tried to tell him that she was okay.  That, yes, it hurt, but it would stop.  She tried clenching her fists and then growled in frustration at the lack of fingers.  Her black-padded paws creaked and stretched out as a small nub appeared on the insides of her front paws.  The nub lengthened into the start of a thumb and she rubbed her paws against the ground, trying to scratch the deep, painful itch she felt beneath the skin.

Her claws began to retreat into her slowly forming fingers.  And she worked them, watching the still-thick not-fingers flex awkwardly.

I’m okay, she tried to tell the man, her voice warbling.  She could feel the thin skin of her right ear sliding against the soft fur of her muzzle.  Sounds were fading.  Becoming less.  I’m okay.

Ein cried out in near-human pain when her hip cracked.  Her legs flopped uselessly as her spine rearranged and reconnected.  She hated the cold, dead feeling when that happened but, soon, sharp pricks of pain danced along her back legs.  She felt her legs again, sliding against the cool, smooth floor.  More fur fell from her growing legs and the strands tickled her bare skin.

“Errrm,” Ein said with a growl.  She coughed and tried to clear her throat.  It, too, was changing, the soft cartilage crunching within. “Errrrrm kaaay.”

Sweat began to bead on her back, racing down her sides to soak into the fur still clinging to her body.  Ein growled when her jaw broke.  She closed her eyes and breathed through her nose with her mouth shut as she tasted blood.  Of all the parts, this was the worst.  She swallowed, again and again, nearly choking as her mouth and face rearranged itself.

The bones of the girl’s muzzle cracked and crunched and shortened.  She growled deep in her throat and her limp tail flicked against the ground.  Loose fur covered her back in patches.

Tony pushed himself back quickly until he felt the wall against him.  His eyes were huge and he couldn’t look away.  The dog – no, girl – lay on the ground in front of him.  Her forearms were still covered in thick, long fur and her paws were now hands.  She clenched them in pain and her body shook.

Another loud crack sounded and Ein bit off a howl.  She pulled herself into a fetal position and Tony’s eyes were drawn to her tail.  It twitched once, twice and then lay still.  Beneath it, her narrows hips expanded.  Swelled.  He watched her dog’s sex move as her ass and hips grew in.  He wanted to look away but couldn’t.

The girl’s tail slid against her still-swelling ass and she shivered at its touch.  As if a lover were caressing her.  The bones of her tail melted away inch by inch as it pulled back into her.  She rubbed her thighs together, groaning as the tuft of fur on her mound and inner thighs slid against her engorged pussy.  Her back paws (feet, she reminded herself, feet now) clicked against the ground.

Ein rolled to her back and sighed as her soft, large ass cushioned her.  Sweat dripped from her sides and she moaned, rubbing along her chest and body, scratching her skin and fur to pull loose fur away.  Her tail was barely a nub now and she rocked her hips as it vanished.

“I’m okay,” Ein gasped as her muzzle shorted further.  Her black lips pulled tight and began to fade into soft pink.  Her nose bulged into a small bump and she rubbed her cheeks to feel the smooth, bare skin.  Blond hair sprouted from her scalp to mix with the thick fur still in place.  “I’m okay.”

“What- What are you?” Tony asked, still watching.

Ein sighed, turning herself.  Still on her back, she spread her thin thighs to show the male her sex.  She reached down to touch herself and Tony involuntarily looked between her legs.

The girl’s pussy lips were thick and slick and pink and folded oddly.  Still a dog’s sex.  Her small fingers explored carefully.  Tony licked his lips and felt his cock stir as the girl’s clever fingers slid against the bulging wet lips.  She pressed at her chest, pinching and twisting at a small nipple.

Tony looked up at her other hand.  He watched clear fingernails grow to cover her fingers.  She moaned, flexed her hips and twisted herself.  The nipple she toyed with began to swell under her rough attention and only then did Tony see seven more of them lining her chest and belly in two rows.

“What,” Tony swallowed.  “I said what are you?  Who are you?”

“I’m okay,” Ein said again with a moan.  She pushed herself up and ran her fingers through her growing blonde hair, pulling fur away with each stroke.  She bit her lips and spread her thighs and rocked back, grinding against the floor.  “I’m me.  I’m just me.  I’m okay.”

She went to her hands and knees and crawled to him.  Tony swallowed and watched her and felt his cock throbbing.

“I’m hot, master,” Ein said, her hips rotating as she crawled.

“M- master?” He asked, his eyes fixed on hers.  “I’m- I’m not.”

“You named me,” she replied.  “You-  ahhhh!”

Ein flexed her back, raising her hips with a low howl that turned into a human moan.  Her back paws scratched at the floor and then bulged as the pads began to form toes.  Her legs cracked and bent at an awkward angle to accommodate the ankles growing in place.

The young girl spread her thighs and looked up at Tony with her mouth open.  Her blue eyes were dull with lust.

“I’m in heat, master,” she panted.  “I’m in need.  I need you.  Please.  Please.”

“I don’t-” Tony crossed his arms as she reached him, her warm hands grabbing his knees.  “I can’t-”

“Please,” she said, her mouth reaching for his.  She smelled of sweat and sex and he could feel the heat radiating from her skin.

When Ein’s lips touched his, they were soft and he opened to her reflexively.  She moaned as their tongues touched and he found himself reaching for her.  She pressed against him and broke away, lapping at his cheek with her small tongue.

“Yes,” she told him breathlessly.  Ein moved again, sitting up to wrap her still changing legs around him.  She pressed herself against his jeans, rubbing herself against his erection.  “Yes, yes, yes.  Please.  Touch me.  Please.  I’m just like you.  I’m just like you.  Look at me.”

“But, you were, I saw-”  Tony broke off as she kissed him again.  Her hand touched his and she guided him to grab her ass.  His fingers dug into her soft skin and she barked suddenly and loudly.  When he pulled his hand away, she immediately pulled it back, holding it in place.

“No,” she said, her voice trembling.  “I’m human now.  I’m human.  I was a dog but I’m human now.  For you.  For this.  I need it.  Please.  I’m just like you.”

Ein leaned back.  She gently took Tony’s free hand to pull it to her chest.  When his thumb brushed her top nipple she moaned and shuddered and squeezed his fingers against it.  Her pinched the nipple painfully and she barked again.

“Yes, like that yes, like that,” she repeated, grinding faster, growling at herself in shame for barking.

Tony pulled and pinched at her nipple.  The skin around it puckered while he twisted it.  Below, he saw the other nipples slowly pull flat, disappearing into her soft, pink belly.  He looked up again as he felt his hand move.  The dimpled skin around the nipple darkened and bulged as her breasts began to grow.

“Oh!” Ein said quietly.  “Oh!  Yes!  Oh yes!  I’m yours, master.  I’m yours.  Please.  Yours.  Your good girl.  Yours.”

Tony bent to the girl’s growing breast and took her nipple in his mouth.  Ein whimpered in his ear and her hips juddered against him.  The soft skin swelled against his lips and he moved as it grew, squeezing and kneading the growing breast.  He felt the other slid against his cheek while it grew to match the one he suckled on.

The young man pushed the girl off and she whined on her hands and knees.  Her large breasts hung beneath her.  Soft, golden fuzz lined her spine and tops of her shoulders, barely visible in the overhead light.

“Please,” she whispered, watching him.  With a loud, harsh bark, she flexed her back and clenched her fists.  “Please.  I’m so hot.  I need so much.  I need you.  So much.  I need-”

Tony pulled his shirt off with a jerk.  His heart hammered in his chest as he fumbled with his jeans.  Before him, Ein smiled and offered herself, her hips trembling in anticipation.  He called himself crazy.  Called himself stupid.  Called himself ten kinds of dumb but he couldn’t deny that this incredibly hot girl wanted him badly.  He hesitated as her dog’s pussy glistened in the light but, while he watched the lips stretched and shifted.

A long string of the girl’s wetness dripped from between her changing pussy lips as she finished her changes.  Tony pulled his pants down and his erection throbbed before him.  He could smell her pussy and it just made him more riled.

“No,” he told her, leaning down behind her.  He slapped her ass hard and she barked, spreading her thighs wider.  Her large ass shook and he slapped the other cheek.  “No, you’re a dirty, slutty girl, aren’t you?  You’re just a dirty bitch.  Waiting for her master.”

“Yes!” Ein cried out.  “Yes yes yes!  I am, yes!  Oh yes!  Please.  Please mount me!  Oh yes, I’m your slutty girl!  I’m whatever you want me to be, yes!  I’m your bitch, master, oh god yes your bitch in heat!”

Tony grabbed the back of the girl’s neck and forced her down while he pressed forward, his cock slipping between the girl’s slick pussy.  She barked and trembled but didn’t resist.  Instead, she pressed herself back against him.

“A dirty little slut just begging to be fucked,” he told her, his voice harsh.  “You think you’re human but you’re just a bitch begging for attention.”

“Yessssss,” Ein hissed, moaning and licking her lips.  “Begging, yesssss.”

“You want my cock in you, little slut?”

“Please please please,” Ein whimpered, her hips jerking as her fingers clawed at the ground.  “Pleeeease.”

“Then tell me,” he said roughly, bending close to her ear.  “Tell me what you are.”

“Your bitch!” she cried out without hesitation.  “Your bitch, master.  Your dog.  Your good girl.  I’m whatever you want me to be and I need you so bad.”

Tony grabbed his thick cock and slid the head down between her swollen lips.  Ein jack-knifed and then howled as he pressed into her.  The young man shifted his grip, grabbing her long, blonde hair to pull her up hard onto her hands and knees.  He jerked her back and impaled her on his cock, feeling her hot, tight pussy grip his length.

Releasing her hair, Tony grabbed the girl’s hips and waist, his fingers digging hard into her skin.

“Fucking,” Tony growled slamming her back against his waist.  He felt oddly disconnected from what he was doing.  He was enjoying himself and had always enjoyed rough sex but he felt almost as if he was watching himself from the side.  He should be talking to her – finding out what happened and who she was but he couldn’t help himself.  He slapped her ass again and Ein barked, slamming herself back eagerly.  “Fucking.  Little. Slut.  Little bitch in heat!”

The young man leaned forward while he fucked her, focusing on anything but the building orgasm.  He reached for her swinging breast, holding it in place to grab and pinch her nipple painfully.  He felt the wetness flood deep inside of her.

“You like that, don’t you,” he gasped, pushing away the orgasm.  “Like that, don’t you, you little dirty whore.  Don’t you?”

“Yessss oh yesssss,”  Ein gasped.  “Can I – oh yes yes yes – can I cum, master?  Can I please?”

“No,” Tony growled, slamming into her.  Her soft ass slapped wetly against him.  “Not.  Until.  I-”

The young man groaned and grabbed Ein’s hair, pushing her down against the ground.  His cock swelled and he filled her again and again with his cum.  Ein howled from the feel of it, shaking as she denied her own orgasm.  Her mouth ran wild, begging and pleading for release.

“Cum,” he told her.  “Cum for me, you little slut.  Cum for me, bitch.”

Ein threw her head back and opened her mouth, thin air escaped her throat as she orgasmed.  She tried to howl with the release but the world went white as the heat deep in her body seemed to explode.  She held herself still, crying out when she finally found her voice.

“Thank,” Ein gasped.  “Thank.  Thank you.  Thank you, master.  Thank you.  Oh yes.”

The heat retreated but didn’t vanish.  And, already, she could feel it slowly building.  She would beg for more.  And soon.  Very soon.  But for now, she held him within her and turned to press against him as he lay down beside her.  Gently, she took his hand to press it against her breast.

She knew he would ask who she was and she would tell him.  Soon.  But later.  She whined and panted as the heat flushed through her.  Later.  Later she would tell him about her and her kind.  Master would want to know and she’d tell him.  For now, she flexed her hips against him.  For now, she pressed his fingers against her throbbing nipple.  For now she needed to be mounted again.

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