Cabin in the Woods Ch. 04

A retelling of the absolutely brilliant horror movie ‘Cabin in the Woods’ with an altogether different ending.  Chapter 4 of 4.

Silence filled the control room. Sitterson, Hadley and Truman stared at the monitor.  They watched as the two werewolves rutted over the corpse.  The two moved from the floor to the couch, tearing chunks out of the fabric and wood frame.  They were hypnotized by the sheer feral fucking happening on screen.  The lithe, smiling blonde from earlier in the day was replaced by a huge beast rutting with enthusiastic abandon.

“Are-” Sitterson said and then swallowed.  “Are we recording this?”

“Yes,” Hadley replied, his eyes never leaving the screen.  Not even blinking.

“I’m,” Sitterson said, shifting.  He searched for the right words, conscious of the throbbing in his pants.  A small part of him felt it was wrong to be turned on – they were just animals now for godsake!  A much, much larger part of him couldn’t look away from Jules’s open thighs.  The raw animalistic passion of it was heady.  His fingers twitched as he wondered what it’d feel like to grip the woman’s (creature’s!) fur and feel her tail against his stomach.

“Yeah,” Hadley told him.  He reached blindly for a glass of water and gulped it.  The male was standing, holding the female.  He’d cum just a moment ago and it had fountained in thick globs out of Jules’ pussy, splattering both of them, tangling in their fur.  Jules clawed at the male’s back when she had her second orgasm and blood sprayed the nearby wall.  Neither stopped  bouncing.  “Yeah.”

“Where, uhhh,” Sitterson asked.  “Where are the other three?”

Hadley glanced for a half second at a different monitor before looking back.  Jules was riding the male now, somehow the knot had come free and each bounce forced more of the male’s thick white cum out between her swollen black lips.  “Dunno.”


There!  Dana thought to herself.  The male was so focused on his prey that he’d missed Dana following him.  Dana coiled herself.  Her jeans ripped loudly as her thigh muscles bunched.  She leapt with a roar, arms wide and claws at the ready.  The male turned and snarled, rushing towards her.

The two slammed into each other, the male’s jaws snapping at Dana’s exposed throat.  She pushed and twisted, clawing at his muzzle, scoring him deeply.  He was bigger and stronger than her and without the buffer of human thoughts still interfering with Dana’s growing animal instinct.  But, Dana fought wildly, her concern for Marty driving her to the extreme.

The male clawed Dana’s back, exposing raw muscle and bones.  The smell of hot blood filled the air, a fine mist spraying the trees and ground around the two.  Dana’s scream turned to a loud, roaring howl and she wrapped her powerful legs around the creature, twisting herself as they rolled on the ground.  She locked her arms around the thing’s thick throat and held on tight while it bucked against her.  Her heavy, bare breasts pressed into the black fur along its back.  She bit into the male’s shoulder with her fangs, tearing again and again, gagging at the taste of it’s blood and dirty fur. And yet, she found herself swallowing greedily.  Pain lanced through her torn back but the taste of the warm blood and the excitement from the fight was nearly intoxicating.  Heat pooled in the pit of her stomach and her sex began to throb in time to her heartbeat.

Dana’s fangs closed around the ruin of the male’s shoulders.  She snarled and jerked her head.  Slick, dense bones cracked in her jaw and the male’s arm went limp.  The young woman forced her face deeper into his shoulder, crunching and swallowing bones and muscle.  Dana tore into the male, not because she had to but because the taste of him excited her now.

The male kicked hard, trying to get away from the female.  Screaming and roaring and howling, the two fought.  Minute by minute, the male weakened as its blood leaked from a wound that refused to close quickly enough to keep him alive.

A wound caused by a fellow werewolf.

For one brief moment, Dana forced the male’s head back, exposing its throat.  Animalistic instincts filled her and she tore into him.  No longer gagging at the sharp taste of his blood, she bent again and again, ripping and tearing until her teeth found his spine.  She held him with her clawed hands, one forcing his chin back while the other held his chest down, her own heavily muscled arms straining to hold him in place.  The male gurgled, feebly swiping at her face with his claws.  She felt the sting of his cuts but ignored them.  Bending low, she shoved her face into his ruined throat.  Her jaw closed around his spine and she yanked.  Bones cracked and broke and she pulled back, a chunk of the male’s spine between her jaw.  Dana crunched the bones in her powerful jaw and swallowed.  Her hunger seemed endless.

The young woman howled in triumph.  Eyes wide, face bloodied, she ripped at the male’s chest and then stood, raising her head to the moon to howl again.  Her blood raced through her body and she laughed, loud and long until her jaw popped.  Dana felt the bones shifting, stretching somehow as her muzzle began to grow.  She groaned and focused, panting through the pain.  Her nose pulled back against her face, widening slightly before the changes stopped.

Dana fell to her knees, her chest heaving.  She was completely naked now.  At some point during the fight, the male had torn her jeans and panties from her.  Despite this, she felt overly warm in the cold night.  Steam rose from her body and she began panting.  She felt like she should be sweating badly but felt nothing on her body.  The male’s warm blood coated her chest and breasts.  Dana slid a rough palm along her chest and up around her heavy breast.  She moaned as the light padding on her palm scratched along her throbbing nipple.

“Marty,” Dana growled.  The words were awkward but she could still speak.  Unaware of her own actions, the young woman lapped at the blood from her hand, growling low in the back of her throat.  The words hurt her jaw.  Her muzzle.  She couldn’t stop panting.  She wanted to stop but she couldn’t.  She was human.  Not… not this thing.  She was human.  The young woman lapped at her nose and shivered, still panting.  Human, she told herself. Still human.

Fur sprouted on the inside of Dana’s thighs in a sparse line.  It crept up to her compact little pussy and she shivered.  She could feel the small hairs growing around her engorged labia.  She whined.  Her blood was still up from the fight and it seemed to rush through her to pool around her guts.  The young woman rocked her ass backwards, pressing her half formed muzzle against the tree in shame.  She clawed at the tree as pain pinched her between the legs.

Dana’s pussy lips began to swell.  She snapped at the air and growled as her sex changed.  The swollen lips bulged forth and moved, pulling closer to her asshole.  Clear liquid spilled forth between the lips and Dana whined, telling herself she didn’t feel any pleasure from what was happening.  Denying what she felt.

Denying the excitement of her wolf’s pussy forming.

The young woman’s engorged, bulging lips pressed together tightly in the middle.  Thick and pink and raw, her exposed lips felt the caress of the wind and she couldn’t stop the thought of being taken.  With her eyes closed against the fading pain, she could imagine the male behind her.  The professor.  No, her ex – Bobby.  And now Holden.  And then, as his scent wafted to her… Marty.  Dana growled and shook her head as more of her juices leaked in excitement.

“No,” Dana groaned, gnashing her teeth.  Her slightly tipped ears twitched and something shifted in her head.  Sounds became even more clear and her ears moved, laying flat to portray her frustration.

Dana crawled on hands and knees.  Her ass felt numb as the bones moved within.  A deep ache formed in her tailbone and the skin bulged at her lower back.  Muscles shifted, attaching to her newly formed tail as nerves connected.  The slowly growing stub wriggled in the night air.

“Marty,” Dana whispered.  She stopped near a fallen tree, sniffing the air in confusion.  He should be here, but… Dana sniffed again, tasting metal and dead leaves on the back of her tongue.  Furrowing her brow, she shoved her nose against the ground, snuffling at it.  She moved and her claws scraped against metal.  Dana barked in surprise and then clapped her hands to her mouth in shame.

“M- Marty?” Dana called out loudly, stumbling over the word.

Metal creaked as a large metal plate lifted from the ground.  Marty peeked through the gap, squinting to see in the darkness.

“Dana,” the young man asked shakily.  “Is… is that you?”

“Marty!” Dana said happily.  Her short tail wagged her.

“Oh, thank god,” Marty said, pushing the hatch open further.  He backed away to give her room.  “Hurry up and get in here!”

Dana slid through the opening, falling with a loud whomp! when she hit the ground below.

“Dana, thank god, I-”  Marty stopped as he saw her completely.  “Oh, Dana.  Oh no.  Oh no.”

“Marty,” Dana said, reaching for the young man.  He pulled back from her clawed hand.  “I’m- I’m sorry.  I’m-  Don’t hate me, Marty.”

The young man watched the woman carefully.  He’d pressed himself back against the wall.  Finally, he spoke.  “What… what happened?  What are you?  One of them?”

“I-” Dana swallowed.  She felt so hot and she hung her head in shame while she panted for a moment.  He smelled so good.  “I think so.  I- I came for you.  Curt is dead, Marty.”

“Oh, Jesus,” Marty whispered.  “Did- Did you…?”

“No!” Dana barked.  She hung her head again, blushing.  Fighting the anger trying to consume her.  How dare he?!  She forced it back down and shook her head.  Hard to think.  The anger became a roiling twisting snake deep within.  “No.  They attacked.  Killed Curt.  Got Jules.  She changed.  Was changing.  I ran.  I ran, Marty.  For you.  I… I smelled one chasing you.  Can’t lose you, Marty.  Can’t lose you, too.”

“Oh, Dana,” Marty said.  He went to his old friend slowly and she reached for him again.  The young man took Dana’s hand carefully, feeling the rough pads and light amount of sweat from them.  It felt like she was burning up.  “God, Dana.  I’m sorry.  I’m so sorry.  I didn’t mean- I’m so sorry.”

Marty knelt and then sat and Dana crawled into his lap.  She felt feverish.  Burning up.  Confused.  Angry.  But, comfortable in her friend’s embrace.  She lay in Marty’s lap, panting while he caressed her hair.  And her fur.

“Does it hurt?” He asked quietly.

“No,” Dana said.  “Yes.  Sometimes.  I can’t.  I can’t stop.  Can’t stop it.  Anymore.  Held back.  It back.  Can’t.  Feels.  Good.  Want it.”

Dana groaned and arched her back, grinding her teeth.  Her ass swelled and the skin pulled tight around it.  She whined but calmed nearly immediately when she felt Marty’s gentle, cautious hand against the fur on her back.  She nuzzled him while he stroked her and her ears flicked while he spoke.

“I went for a walk,” he told her, petting her back carefully.  His fingers scratched at the fur along her spine and then he traced his fingertips along the bare skin to her sides.  Dana nosed against him in encouragement.  Despite himself and the situation, Marty found himself a little turned on.  His old crush completely nude and in his lap.  Just like he used to dream.  Minus… minus all the fur.  “Heard noises after a while.  Realized something was chasing me.  Ran for it and nearly broke my damn head when I tripped on a vine.  Instead of the dirt, I felt metal and found this place.  I’ve been hiding here ever since.”

Marty clawed against Dana’s back and she wrapped her arms around his body, pressing her huge, firm tits against his legs.  She couldn’t stop herself from making small little motions with her hips – a tiny circle over and over.  Her bare tail wagged slowly, lazily.

“Is, uhhh, is this okay?” Marty asked, pausing.

“Yes,” Dana said, licking at him and then hiding her face in shame.  Why? She asked herself.  He’s good.  Smell good.  Good male.  No shame.

“I think,” Marty said, resuming his stroking.  Dana had licked along his cock through his jeans and it’d responded in kind.  “I think we’re in a facility.  I think someone’s doing this on purpose.  To us.  Watching us the whole time like with the mirror.  I don’t think there’s a way out of this, Dana.  There’s a door right over there and I was trying to mess with the panel to open it but I couldn’t figure it out.”

Marty watched the young woman.  Fur was growing to cover her entire back now.  He watched it push forth from her skin on her sides and down along her large, bare muscular ass.  She was huge now.  Her strange, hairless tail was tall and proud.  Dana whined and looked up at him.  Her face was bare enough that he saw her blushing red and her eyelids were heavy.  Before he could ask what she was doing, she tugged at his jeans.

“No,” Marty said, pushing the young woman gently.  “I- I can’t, Dana.  No.”

Dana tugged harder and Marty moved, pulled towards her by her immense strength.  She growled lightly at him.  Noises in her head distracting her.  Human sounds from her fading consciousness yelling and screaming at her.  She shook her large head and huffed.  Dana stared at her arm and then looked up at the man in front of her.

Confusion.  She’d been excited.  Thoughts of a mate.  A male for her.  Not this.  Not this weak thing that smelled wrong.  The anger from earlier was growing, consuming her.  Filling the core of her being.  A growl bubbled up from her throat and her black lips curled back into a snarl.

“D- Dana?” Marty asked, eyes wide in fear.  He tried to press himself back against the wall but Dana held him in place.  “Are you- is everything-”

Dana roared in anger, clenching her fist.  Marty shrieked, high and loud and pushed himself back as hard as he could.  The claws holding his jeans sliced along his stomach and cock and tore a patch from his jeans, freeing him in the process.  Pain.  Pain flared along his waist and he could see blood covering his stomach.

Adrenaline surged through the young man’s body.  Screaming again as Dana reared back to strike, he pushed hard and slid along the smooth metal floor.  The wall thudded painfully into his shoulder and he continued to push with his hands and feet, sliding along the wall.  Dana launched herself, crashing into the space next to him, denting the hard surface.  She slid, claws scrabbling against the floor, sparks flying in the air as she tried to turn himself to face him.

With one final, frantic push, he raised his arms over his face and shrieked again as Dana lunged towards him with a howl of rage.


Sitterson flinched when his phone rang beside him.  Jules and the creature were still going at it.  “Sitterson here.  Uh-huh.  You checked everything?  You’re sure?  All right.”

“Please,” Hadley said.  “Please tell me there’s good news.”

“Not a fucking chance,” Sitterson said.  “There’s nothing on record.  Nothing anywhere.  The closest we can find is some vague mention of corruption of the innocent but it doesn’t say conclusively.  Something about giving into the malignant desires and giving into lust and pain and destruction and murderous thoughts possibly being considered equal.  That … They would be appeased by the corruption.  I think with her having murdered and eaten her friend, we’re possibly good there, but-”

Hadley picked up his phone and dialed a number.  “I need to know where the other two are.  I’ve got nothing onscreen and that’s impossible.  Go through the video feed.  Look back and see where we lost them.  No.  No, of course not.  Don’t give me shit for this!  We have a million things we have to monitor so, no, I wasn’t paying attention to every fucking screen at the same goddamn time.  What the fuck do we even pay you for?  Just fucking do it!”

Sitterson nodded, looking back to watch as Jules cleaned the male with her long tongue.  “I, uhh, have to go to the bathroom.”

Hadley simply nodded without a word.


Marty opened his eyes, surprised to find himself still alive.  He was backed into a corner, partially hidden behind a huge, thick steel pipe.  Dana was growling and reaching for him but he tucked his legs in just out of her reach.  The young man bit his lip in pain.

“I’m fine,” he told himself.  His heart beat faster than he thought was possible, pounding in his chest and he felt he was on the verge of throwing up.  Marty closed his eyes and whispered a brief prayer to any passing deity that cared to listen.  Then, slowly, he opened his eyes and looked down.

Blood seeped through three long cuts in his lower stomach.  His jeans lay in tatters around his thighs and his underwear was torn and wrapped around his leg, completely soaked red with blood.

A low, unearthly groan filled the air.  Marty looked up to see Dana pushing against the pipe.  Her jaw was clenched, thick furred brow hunched as she strained.  She used the wall for leverage and the pipe moaned under the stress of it.  Suddenly, she let go and fell to her knees, panting hard with her long ears held back in frustration.  Marty watched her huge, furred breasts heave on her chest with every ragged gasp of air.

Another thought crossed the young man’s mind and he reached a hand down, turning over his cock.  It hung oddly and he couldn’t feel his fingers against the skin.  A large gash along the side of it had nearly cut his manhood completely in half.  Marty took a shuddering breath and tucked his head between his knees.  He covered his ears and yelled in frustration and anger when Dana howled and clawed for him.


Metal shrieked.  Dana’s deadly claws carved slivers from the wall and floor as she tried yet again to reach him.  Thick drool dripped from the corners of her jaw and her eyes were wild.  Marty wiped tears away as he stared at her.

“I’m not mad at you,” Marty sniffed.  He looked around, pressing the bloody palms of his hands against his eyes.  He could feel the hot pain in his guts and sweat rolled down his forehead through the thick curls there.  His hips felt oddly numb.  “Just.  Man, fuck this place, you know?  I came out here to get high as shit and have a good time with everyone and look at this mess.  I should’ve known at the creepy gas station.  I should’ve known.”

Marty laughed and then groaned at the pain in his chest.  The adrenaline didn’t seem to be wearing off; he felt the energy coursing through him and it made him anxious.  He pressed his hand lightly against his stomach and felt crumbly, dried blood.

Dana growled and then stopped, cocking her head in a nearly dog-like fashion.

The severed skin of Marty’s cock slowly re-knit itself, pulling together.  The young man watched Dana warily, unaware of what was happening.  Light brown and blond hairs lazily pushed through the fear-hardened skin of his scrotum.  The hair traced down slowly, growing in a small wave until it reached his ass. Marty winced and jerked as the numbness in his hips suddenly faded.

The hair continued to grow around the young man’s scrotum, thicker and thicker until it was hidden beneath a thick coating of fur.

In front of him, Dana licked her lips and scented the air, tipping her muzzle back.  She stared at Marty briefly and then looked down.  The young man followed her gaze.

The head of Marty’s uncircumcised cock peeked out from a thick sheath of fur.  The three gashes in his stomach had healed and light fur grew along the edges of the already fading scars.  Marty’s mouth worked soundlessly, his eye wide with panic.

Pain and pleasure raced through his body and Marty jerked, arching his back with a hiss.  The young man slammed his palms against the ground and bucked.  He could smell Dana.  He smelled her scent in brief flashes of raw excitement and it was like firecrackers going off in his brain. The scent between her legs would slam into him and then vanish.  He strained to smell her need again and, again, it would flash to him before disappearing.

Sensing his excitement, his cock responded, sliding slowly from his furred sheath.  He pawed at it, shaking his head to fight uselessly against the new urges rushing through him.  The skin of his cock strained, reddening as it grew.  As it stretched and lengthened, the head pulled down into a slight point.  Marty’s new sheath bulged at the base, ballooning out.  The bulge slid up the length of his sheath as his cock continued to grow.

Marty’s sheath flared when the bulge reached the opening and his knot slipped free at the base of his new, thick wolf’s cock.

Dana whined, flexing her hips back.  She raised her tail, flooding the room with the scent from her engorged pussy.  He was no longer prey.  Thoughts of being mounted returned to her and she opened her thighs while watching the male’s cock bulge and lengthen.  She turned and presented herself, encouraging her mate’s changes.

Bones cracked in Marty’s jaw and he tasted blood.  Teeth scraped on teeth as his canines lengthened.  He could feel his small nipples tighten and pulse with his heartbeat, sending hot little spikes of pleasure down to his cock.  The young man gripped his thickness, tugging and pulling at it.  He could feel it swelling in his hand.  Slick and red and hot.  He squeezed his knot and twisted his feet, moaning at the strangeness of it.

Looking up, Marty noticed Dana’s wide, furred thighs in front of him, open and inviting.  His lips pulled back to expose his fangs – too big for his small mouth and he growled, drool flecked with blood falling to his chest.  Tendons stood out on his arms as he bent to hands and knees.  Fur sprouted from his forearms, growing in a line up to his shoulders.

Marty crawled to Dana, his pointed wolf’s cock bobbing beneath him.  Human thought was blasted from his mind as the took in Dana’s scent mere inches away.  Clear liquid seeped from Dana’s pink pussy.  The lips, twisted and exposed and swollen as a wolf’s sex should be, began to darken to deep black.  The young man grabbed Dana’s wide hips and bent his face to her, eagerly lapping at her wetness.


“They’ve found them,” Sitterson said, placing his phone back into its cradle.  “They’re in the facility.  Sub basement A-4 and there’s no cameras there.”

Hadley thought for a moment, running through scenarios.  The large monitors showed Jules and the male werewolf finishing off Holden.  Finally, he spoke.  “We have to send a team.”

“All right.  Not that I disagree but, why?”

“We contain them,” Hadley said.  “Bring them in.  I’ll send three teams into the cabin for the other two after I dose them.  It probably won’t knock them out but it should weaken them.  We bring them all in and if-”

Lights flickered as the facility rumbled.

“Oh shit,” Sitterson said, gripping the arms of his chair.  A single light went out with a loud pop as the rumble grew worse before suddenly stopping.  “Oh fuck.”

“We bring them in,” Hadley continued.  “If turning them doesn’t appease It after all then we dose them, up their aggression until they’re insane from it, and try to get them to fight each other.”

“How many,” Sitterson asked, swallowing hard.  “How many teams do we send to the sub basement?”

“Two should be enough,” Hadley answered.  “Two light teams.  She should’ve changed and finished off the boy.  She’ll be satiated and easy enough to contain.  No problems.  Focus the brunt on the two in the cabin.  A male and female pair together is nearly impossible to pacify.  Just remember what happened in ’81.”


Marty’s tongue made a circle around Dana’s exposed sex.  In her excitement to be mounted, her three fat, black lips had opened slightly.  They glistened in the overhead light and he sucked them into his mouth.  Dana groaned and lowered herself, panting as she stared back at the male.  Marty’s fingers slid through Dana’s fur and he flexed as his knuckles popped.  His fingernails bulged and fell away as claws slid forth.  The young man growled as he lapped the female.  He dug his new claws into her waist and pulled her hard into his face.  As his claws pierced her skin, he felt her shudder and grow even more wet.

Images and memories flickered through Marty’s mind while his tongue rubbed around and against the female’s swollen pussy.  He grunted and shook his head, growling at the distractions.  He was clothed and two legged.  Laughing with someone.  The female?  But she looked different.  Wrong somehow.  They were just pups.  Younger.  Pups?  He reached under himself with one hand, pumping his throbbing cock as he pressed his tongue into the center of Dana’s pussy.  The three lips opened for his long, flat tongue and he lapped excitedly.

Fur grew along Marty’s jawline, growing up to disappear into his thick, unkempt mop of hair.  The fur reappeared at the nape of his neck, hairs sprouting from his skin, twisting together thick and long before vanishing into his shirt.  He grunted again, releasing his cock to claw at his itchy back.

He felt constrained.  By his clothing and where he knelt before his mate.  Marty pulled away from the female and she whined before her ears flattened and the whine turned to a growl of pure need and anger.  Marty swiped at her casually, drawing blood.  The female snapped at him in return.

Standing, Marty looked around.  His biceps bulged beneath a light dusting of fur.  The t-shirt he wore strained against his growing bulk.  A thick tuft of slick, matted fur covered his lower belly button.  His cock throbbed and a long line of clear pre-cum traced from the tip down to his knot.

Dana turned, her hackles up.  Angry at her mate for not finishing her.  The pressure and need had been building deep within her belly since she’d left the cabin.  It’d only grown worse once he’d started to change.  She needed the release.  The scent of him destroyed everything else until pure lust was the only thing at the front of her limited mind.  She licked her lips as her eyes focused on the male’s huge red cock.  Unable to contain herself, she leaned forward and took him, large arms wrapping around the male’s bloody, lightly furred waist as she pulled his cock deep into her muzzle.

Marty groaned, his long tongue lolling out of his mouth as the female pleasured him.  He gripped her hair and fur, feeling her tipped ears as she bobbed up and down on him.  He groaned and hunched his back as his spine rippled, fracturing his tailbone in the process.  The young man slammed his palm into the wall, feeling the hard metal dent against the rough padding lining the bottom of his hand.  His t-shirt ripped down his back and hung loose against his chest.  Thick brown fur lined his bare back.

The young man worked his aching jaws as bones popped in his hips and the skin along his lower back bulged with the start of his tail.  He growled, gripping Dana’s head and forced her to move faster.  Her fangs brushed his cock but her long, wide tongue wrapped him almost lovingly.  He could feel the orgasm building and his grunts were nearly growls.

Both stopped their movements at a distant sound.  Marty grimaced at a squealing spike of noise in his ear.  His jaw popped and bones pushed forward, pulling his nose flat.  Drool fell in thick ropes down to Dana’s furred head but she paid it no attention.

People were coming.  They heard movements.  Noises.  Boots against metal.  The screech of walkie-talkies followed by incomprehensible human noises.

Marty’s balls ached and he could feel the red rage boiling up through him.  He tore at his shirt, flinging the pieces to the side.  Dana growled low, focusing towards the door on the other side of the room, ears flat as her eyes flicked from side to side.  She hunkered down and backed away into a corner opposite the door.

Marty took a step and stumbled.  His legs flared with pain and he could feel deep knots forming beneath the skin as the bones shifted and grew beneath newly bulging muscles.  Dana reached for him and pulled him away from the door and closer to her.  He licked the side of her furred muzzle with his long tongue and then bent his head low, panting from the pain in his legs.

The large metal door clunked loudly and the metal wheel anchored to the center of it rotated slightly with a hiss.  Marty looked up, the brown in his eyes slowly fading to gold.  Sweat dripped from his forehead but began to dry up the more he panted.  Fur crept up his cheeks and he growled as the bones shifted again in his face, pushing forward into a long, final muzzle.  He lapped at his black, pebbled nose.

There was a loud shout followed by a hiss and the door opened.  As it did, something small flew through the opening, trailing a thick plume of smoke.  Marty felt bones crunch in his ears as they lengthened and then instinctively lay flat in alarm.  He could smell the humans.  Their sweat and fear and adrenaline.

Dana growled, her thick black lips pulled back over shockingly white fangs.  How dare they? Her animal mind said.  The rage from her earlier fight coursed through her body.  How dare they interrupt me and my mate?  How dare these small, terrified things come between me while I was rutting?  How fucking dare they?!

Marty hissed as his shoes exploded, unable to contain the growth of his expanding paws.  Beside him, Dana launched herself with a roar.  He reached for her and watched as she flew through the air.  The smoke from the canister swirled around her and her thick, furry tail streamed behind her.  The female crashed into the door and it flew open.  A soldier screamed as the door broke every bone in his body despite the armor he wore.

The five humans that were left screamed and swung, facing Dana.  She turned gracefully and pushed, her claws slicing through the straps holding one soldier’s helmet in place.  Blood fountained into the air as the soldier’s head flopped back, barely held in place by muscle and skin.  He jerked and the black thing in his hand rattled, tearing through the air.  Marty roared, covering his long ears.  His mate jerked and stumbled as something hit her.  Marty could smell her blood in the air and the scent of it drove him wild.  His claws bit into the metal on the floor and he shoved, racing toward the group of men.

Pain lanced through Dana’s side but she ignored it as she gripped another man’s head.  With her other hand, she dug claws into the metal covering his chest and then flexed.  Bone and muscle popped and that terrible booming rattle filled the air again.  Dana howled as bullets tore through her chest but the man’s head ripped free and she threw it before staggering back.

A blur of fur and fury passed her by.  Her mate had come for her.

Marty crashed into the last three men, sending them all sprawling. He dug his claws into one of them and they slid together.  The soldier yelled at him but Marty roared, lips peeled before shoving his muzzle against the human’s throat and biting.  The man’s spine cracked and he went limp beneath the huge creature.  Marty rolled and then shoved, throwing the man at another soldier that was attempting to stand.  The other man dodged at the last moment and raised his weapon but Marty was already moving.

The floor shook as Marty’s shoulder slammed into the solder and they both crashed into the wall.  The soldier vomited blood and Marty stepped back while the man reached for his own ruined, destroyed chest.  Sightless eyes stared at Marty as the soldier slid, leaving behind a thick red streak on the wall.

A loud crunch pulled at Marty and he turned to find Dana on all fours, worrying at the last soldier’s neck and face with her fangs.  Marty stood, breathing fast, feeling the anger and adrenaline and pure rush of killing coursing through him.  His cock throbbed painfully, fully exposed from his sheath and his knot was hard.

In two steps, Marty was over Dana.  He fell to all fours above her and prodded at her, growling and snapping and biting, unable to restrain the bloodlust that had driven him crazy.  Dana snapped and growl back at him and then flexed her furred hips.  Marty’s pointed cock slid through Dana’s wet, swollen pussy and they slammed together, howling with the sudden feeling of being connected.  Dana’s black pussy lips stretched and gripped at Marty’s thick cock. She pressed herself down and back, slamming her wide hips against his knot, clawing at the floor with her need.

Marty slammed frantically into his mate, feeling his knot hit against her opening over and over, the pain of it threatening to outweigh the pleasure.  With each thrust, he felt her stretching further and further.   He pressed his muzzle against hers and felt her strong, wide back against his powerful chest.  Dana’s thick tail lay heavily against his side, arched up and back.  The woman’s huge, furred breasts slammed into her chest over and over as they pounded together.

Blood dripped from Dana’s tight pussy as it tore trying to take her mate’s knot.  She slammed her fists and pounded back even harder.  So close.  She could feel herself opening for him.  She could feel the storm building in her guts.  The smell of blood and sex and death filled the air and drove everything out of her mind.  Her small universe was narrowed down to the sensations and scents around her.

Close, Marty knew.  So close.  He strained, pressing against her wetness.

Dana growled beneath him, her forehead pressed against the cold floor.  Her hips shook as she pressed as hard against her mate as she could.  She felt herself opening.  She could feel herself tearing.  She felt blood on her lips – her own – as she bit down hard in frustration at herself.  She almost whimpered.  He was just so big and her wolf’s pussy was virginal.  Unknotted.  Was she a failure as a mate?  She growled and pushed even harder.

And then, suddenly, she opened for him.  Marty’s jaw clamped around Dana’s neck and she relaxed, letting her control go for just the moment.  She tipped her head back, howling silently as her pussy bulged over her mate’s knot for the first time.  She was in pain, stretched beyond what she thought she could take.  Yet, her body knew differently.

They froze in place.  Connected.  Completely together.  And then Marty flexed and the dam burst.  If their rutting had been frantic before, it paled in comparison to pounding, growling, snapping fucking that now took place.  Marty forced Dana to the ground, her huge breasts flattening beneath her as he moved in small, powerful movements.  The male felt his mate twitch and then buck, screaming as if still human but, pitched lower and it slowly turned to a howl as her hips jerked from her first orgasm.

Sparks filled the air as Dana scrabbled at the ground, bucking her hips from her powerful orgasm as it tore through her.  She snapped at Marty’s thick arm, teeth latching onto him, tasting blood that only drove her even more mad.  Her tail flailed behind her, wagging hard into Marty’s side over and over as the waves of her orgasm crashed through her.

A roar filled Marty’s ears when Dana’s tight pussy pulsed around his cock, driving him over the edge.  He howled, shivering, frozen in place as everything became too sensitive.  Dana bit even harder into his arm as his cock swelled within her, cum spurting inside of her over and over, trapped by Marty’s knot.  He filled his mate with his seed as his body trembled.  Again and again his cock swelled.

Around them the facility trembled, metal and concrete groaning like an animal trapped in a cage.  The lights flickered and several went dark.

Marty fell against his mate, his strength temporarily leaving him.  They were both covered in old sweat and blood and the scent of it all mixed with the smell of their sex.  He breathed deeply of his mate and they rolled to their sides, thoroughly knotted together.

Dana shook from a smaller orgasm as she lay panting against her lover.  Her tail thumped weakly and she reached carefully for Marty’s arm.  Slowly, lovingly, she lapped at the blood on his arm, where she’d bitten him.  The skin would take time to knit back together but she cleaned him and groomed him just the same.

The building shook again and more lights went out.  Flakes of concrete fell around them and a metal panel warped nearby.  Both of them lifted their heads, ears alert as a demonic howl began to build from deep in the earth.


“We have to do something!” Truman screamed, gun drawn. He grabbed the nearby wall as the control room heaved around him.  Red emergency lights pulsed in time with a loud klaxon.

Sitterson lie on the floor behind the console with a large, twisted piece of sheet metal half in his throat.  He’d died minutes earlier.

“So, do something,” Hadley said resignedly.  Only one display was still active.  On it, Jules and the male werewolf were feasting on the remains of nine soldiers.  They’d taken a break to fuck in the middle of gnawing on flesh and bone and Hadley hadn’t been able to look away.  The gas had done nothing but drive them even more mad and, while they’d both taken hits, it hadn’t been enough to stop them.  The Thing below them howled and Hadley felt it in his bones.

The two creatures on the monitor looked up, blood dripping from furred muzzles.  With an unspoken word, they took off, side-by-side, a new pack formed.  The camera tracked them as they left the cabin but could see no further.

“You useless fucking coward!” Truman yelled.  He took a step toward Hadley and then hesitated, torn between reprimanding his superior and trying to find help.  “Fuck!”

Hadley watched Truman run from the room, his gun held low.  The older man sat for a moment in his chair.  He heard screams in the distance and the roars of various creatures loose from their containment.

“Well,” Hadley said, spinning slowly in his chair, “I guess that’s that.”

In the corridor outside the control room, a merman dragged itself along the ground, drawn to the blood filling the air.  Hadley caught sight of it out of the corner of his eye and laughed a little, shaking his head.

Finally, the old man took his gun from the console and turned it, pushing the muzzle into his mouth, his finger on the trigger.


Dana twisted against her mate and shivered and at the torturously pleasurable sensations of his knot rubbing deep within her.  Her nose burned as a million scents crashed into her – most of them wrong.  She sat astride Marty’s hips, black engorged lips straining against the red of her mate’s knot.  She leaned forward, ears back, claws against the ground and lifted her hips.

The female began growling as her lips bulged, painful and slow.  Trying to pull free of her mate’s still erect cock was incredibly painful but they had to move quickly.  Everything was wrong and something immense was stirring.

The growl became a roar.  Dana’s head was back, long fur-tipped ears quivering as her hips shook.  Her pussy flared suddenly and thick, white cum gushed between her lips, mixed with blood from small tears deep inside of her.  She pulled free and Marty’s cum slid between her still opened pussy, coating the male’s already slick fur.

With a quick lick to his mate’s jaws, Marty lunged back into the small room and leapt, crashing into the metal hatch above the ladder.  He fell with a pained yip and then looked up, growling.  Slowly, he crept up the ladder and then placed his shoulder against the hatch.  It gave under pressure and creaked open, slamming against the ground with a loud boom.

The forest was going insane around them.  Bright sparks filled the air as the facility’s containment field failed in multiple places.  Birds and small animals rushed senselessly through the foliage.  Dana joined her mate above ground.  She bumped her purposefully and they rubbed their muzzles together.  Dana lifted her muzzle suddenly, drawing in a powerful breath.  Jules and her mate were far gone and still running.  The young girl felt a pang of sadness that the animal side of her couldn’t comprehend.

The ground cracked and rocks spewed from the earth.  Red light seeped through the cracks.

Marty and Dana ran on all fours, powerful claws digging deep in the dirt while it heaved around them.  Their fur stood on end as they passed the dying electrical barrier but neither stopped.  An demonic howl seemed to chase them, barely fading as their powerful legs sped them on their way.


The cabin split in half and the earth swallowed it.  A gigantic hand pushed through the huge opening, black claws tearing at the ground.  Dark clouds formed above and lightning flashed.  The figure pulled itself slowly upwards and its size was unfathomable.

Free again, the creature screamedHumans within two hundred miles instantly went insane and cannibalistic, attacking and feeding on their friends and neighbors.  Animals dropped dead, birds fell from the sky and a flood of monsters found their way out of their former prison, escaping into the world above.

A new world order was reborn.

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