Cabin in the Woods Ch. 03

A retelling of the absolutely brilliant horror movie ‘Cabin in the Woods’ with an altogether different ending.  Chapter 3 of 4.

… outside, a voice called out, just at the edge of hearing.

“Who’s there?” Marty said, looking up from his book.  He barely even realized that he’d been staring at the same page for the last few minutes.  He strained his ears, nervously glancing around the room.  “Dana, was that you?”

The silence stretched.  He could hear some talking from the living room but, otherwise, the entire cabin and everything outside was-

You should go outside, the voice whispered again, slightly louder.  It seemed to come from the entire room as well as right beside him.

“Jesus!” Marty said, standing.  The book, Treasure Island, fell to the ground.  He’d never had a paranoid episode.  Ever.  “No fucking way, man.  Listen, you ghost mother fuckers!  I heard all the jokes before and I ain’t Shaggy.  We aren’t the… the fucking gang come out here to solve some lame-”

go… outside…

Marty shivered. The words were just at the edge of his comprehension, despite it seeming like someone was at his shoulder, speaking directly into his ear.

“Fuckin’ ghosts, man.  This is bullshit,” Marty said, still looking around the room.  Goosebumps rose in waves up both arms and he shivered.  Suddenly, the room felt too small, the air too hot and close.  “I’m going for a walk.”

The young man grabbed his thick, old coat, pulling it on while walking into the hallway.  He swore he heard laughter chasing him from the room.  In the living room, Dana and Holden were sitting close and talking quietly.  Marty shook his head ruefully.  He’d had a crush on Dana since he was a kid but he’d known for a long time that there was no chance with her.  Instead, they’d become friends and he treasured her company.  Despite a small pang of jealousy, he hoped she enjoyed herself and was able to finally relax after the shit she went through with her professor.

Marty walked past the couple quietly, leaving them to their moment in peace.  He opened the front door and breathed deeply as the cold night air filled his lungs.


Dana cocked her head at the nearly silent hiss that filled the living room.  She wrinkled her nose as a faint acrid scent flooded the area.  Baring her teeth, her eyes flicked around the corners of the large room, trying to find the source.  Hairs stirred at the back of her neck and she raised her hackles, three dark red hairs sprouting, growing longer than the fine, wispy red hairs already there.

“Are you okay?” Holden asked.  His fingers touched Dana’s shoulder cautiously and the young woman blinked and jerked in surprise.  She licked her lips a few times and hung her head for a moment, breathing deeply to calm her racing heart.

The moon, full and fat and hidden behind silver clouds seemed to physically pull at her body.  She could point to it with her eyes closed if she wanted to.  Her small body felt warm and on edge –  filled with a crackling energy.  Dana’s nostrils flared while she breathed deeply to calm herself.  Her canine teeth scraped the surrounding teeth as they lengthened slowly.  She tasted blood and lapped at it quickly, feeling the tears in her gums as the teeth expanded.

It was hard to focus for the young woman.  Everything was wrong.  It was all wrong.  Her body was changing slowly and she felt like she should be panicking.  But the scent of the two things in the distance, the siren call of the moon and the pheromones flooding the room completely destroyed her concentration.  Everything was buzzing and clamoring for attention.  She felt trapped, panicked.  The urge to run and hide herself away while whatever was happening finished was nearly overwhelming… but she couldn’t deny the heat spreading through her body.  Every nerve was alive and she felt everything.

Sweat coursed down the young woman’s back as she nearly hyperventilated.

“… okay, Dana?” Holden asked again.  He licked his lips.  His cock strained at his pants and he couldn’t stop looking at the girl’s chest.  Veins stood out on his temples and he blinked to try to focus.  “Maybe you should call it a night, huh?”

It took every ounce of her willpower but Dana pushed at the fire raging through her, groaning quietly until her body seemed to settle.  Waiting.  Her treasonous ears flicked impatiently, the rounded edges pulling up and back into small, barely noticeable points.

“I’m fine,” Dana panted.  Pushing away the strange energy raging through her body left her completely open to an entirely different need.  The young woman raised her head and leaned toward the young man.  She kissed him suddenly.  Deeply.  Holden flinched but quickly returned the kiss, his hands sliding along her back.

Dana moved closer, reaching across the young man to straddle his lap.  She felt his hardness through her jeans and she smiled as they kissed.  Holden’s hands dug into her sides and she nearly growled, grabbing them from her body to pull them up and behind his head.  She twined her fingers in his as her arms seemed to bulge.  Veins in her smooth, thin arms suddenly stood out.  The skin along her forearms and biceps shifted as the muscles beneath tore and rebuilt themselves.  Stronger.  Hard, defined lines showed new thick, ropey muscles and a surprising strength.

Lips still locked together, Holden squirmed beneath Dana.  He tried to reach for her again.  To hold her and move her like he wanted but found his arms locked tight against the couch.  He pushed and realized he might as well have tried moving a brick wall.  His confusion was quickly lost as Dana began to grind against his throbbing cock.  She broke the kiss first and they gasped as her hips worked back and forth against him.

Cheek-to-cheek, Dana felt the urge deep within to fill the aching emptiness between her legs.  Everything else paled against the desires in her.  Hormones clashed with the wild pull of the moon, driving her wild.  She growled quietly, lowering her mouth to suck and nip at the young man’s shoulder.  Holden hissed beside her, again tugging his hands to try to hold her hips or touch her.  Dana growled again and then sighed, leaning against the man.

“God, Dana,” Holden gasped, his voice thick with his own needs.  A part of him felt he was going too fast.  That something was wrong.  But the thoughts were drowned by a high pitched buzzing that filled his ears and head.  All he knew was the warmth and weight and smell of the woman against him. “You’re so fuckin’ hot.  I had no clue you were this… wild.”

Releasing Holden’s hands, Dana pressed herself against his chest, one hand reaching for the back of his neck while the other slid down to his ass.  Her fingernails bulged, the clear pink coloring turning dark as her claws pressed against them.  Ten tiny deadly tips pierced her fingertips and Dana bit her lips, squirming as the pain of it mixed with the pleasure of release.  She bit harder, feeling her small fingers cut skin as she fought subconsciously against the changes.  Desperately holding onto her humanity despite the released airborne chemicals pushing her forward.

Holden’s hands dug into Dana’s back, kneading and gripping and sliding until one hand reached down into the back of the woman’s pants.  He held her ass as she rubbed him over and over.  She was the center of his universe; everything else was pushed away.  He felt a small pop against his hand when the young woman’s tailbone unfused but the sensation was lost to him.  Dana’s nipples dragged back and forth against his chest.  He could feel them, impossibly hard, through their shirts and her bra.

With a growl, Dana clenched her fist in Holden’s short hair, pulling his head back to expose his throat.  She lapped at him, collar bone to jaw.  With each stroke, her tongue widened and lengthened until she collapsed against him from sudden pain in her chest.  Her bra dug into her skin as her small breasts began to swell.  The bra slid down, exposing her hard, pink nipples.  Flesh and fat formed deep in her chest as her torso began expanding, pushing at bones growing more dense to protect her against harm.  Her breasts overflowed the small bra, flattening against Holden’s chest as they grew.  Her shirt pulled tight against them and she moaned.

Small hairs grew forth from around Dana’s ears and down the back of her jaw.  Slowly the hairs twined together, spreading around the back of her neck.  The young woman leaned back, grabbing at the bottom of her shirt.  She pulled, tearing small holes in the fabric with her tiny unformed claws..  With one swift motion, she pulled her shirt off and flung it to the corner.  Her now large breasts were completely exposed, hanging low enough to nearly cover her small bra.  Holden eagerly took a nipple in his mouth and Dana moaned, hugging him tightly to her chest.

The pink nipple thickened in the young man’s mouth.  His wet tongue flicked and swirled around it while it swelled and grew fat.

“Wait,” Dana said, the words thick in her mouth.  “Wait.”

Holden held her tighter, biting at her nipple, refusing to stop.  Dana growled, pulling herself back and gripping the man’s throat to hold him in place.  He stared at her in fear and confusion, both hands on hers, pulling at her thick wrist while trying to breathe.

Dana cocked her head, turning to look towards the front door.  Muscles in her chest and stomach still formed as fat melted away, leaving her with hardened abdominal muscles.  Small red hairs sprouted around her belly button.  Her bra creaked under her growth until the clasps broke free, unable to contain her bulk.  Her bra fell to Holden’s lap while the young man slapped futilely against Dana’s arm.

“Something’s wrong,” Dana said, relaxing her grip.  Holden gasped, still struggling to free himself completely.  “She’s hurt.  They’re… she’s hurt.”

The young woman stood, her heavy full breasts bulging on a large, lean naked upper body.  Sweat coursed between her breasts and down to her jeans.  The smell of blood and raw meat had torn her away from the aching wetness between her thighs.  Holden lay on his side, gasping and breathing harshly.  Veins stood out on his reddened forehead and an angry bruise was beginning to form on his neck.

The front door crashed open and Jules collapsed into the entryway.  The young girl was completely covered in blood and naked except for her torn panties.  She struggled to her knees and closed the door, sitting against it with eyes wild from fear.  Jules hugged herself, shivering and gasping.

“Jules!” Dana cried, going to her.  Jules flinched back from her friend but stayed where she was, her mouth working as she tried to find the words to explain what had happened.

“The- the- the-” Jules stuttered.  She reached down to her right side, pressing her hand against the bloodied skin.  “K-k-k-killed- killed C-C-Curt!”

“Jules, I-” Dana paused, sniffing the air.  There was a certain scent.  She’d smelled it earlier.  Wet dog and the thick musk of a man with his blood up.  It reminded her of the time she’d gone hiking all day and then spent the entire evening fucking in a tent with an ex-boyfriend.  The heady scent of sweat and dirt and … heat from a lover.  A man.  Yet inexplicably mixed with the smell of an animal.  It was an incredibly arousing scent but she couldn’t say why.

And now, here, she began to smell something like it from Jules.

“Oh, Jules,” Dana whispered.  She reached for her friend but Jules pulled back, her eyes still wide.

“They-they-they,” Jules stammered.  Her hand moved against her side and dried blood flaked away.  Four long, wide scars lined the side of her body, just above her hips.  Small light brown hairs dotted the edge of the scars.  Jules gripped her side and threw her head back, shouting in sudden pain.

Sweat dripped to the ground from between Dana’s heavy breasts as she knelt there, bent over, reaching for her friend.  Uncertain of what she should do.  She wanted to comfort her.  She wanted to strike her, growl at her and tell her to stand up and stop being a little bitch.  And a very small part of her wanted to finish what the two others started.  To rend her flesh and gnaw at her bones.  The flood of extreme emotions were alien to her yet she was terrified at how easily they came.

Still, Dana gagged at the random thought, her throat seizing at the sudden mental image of her face in her friend’s bloody stomach, chewing and swallowing hot red lumps of flesh.  She gasped for air, falling to all fours, desperately trying to wipe the image from her mind.  The bones along her spine pressed against her back and she roared, flexing and arching her body.  Fine red fur sprouted along her back in a line.

“It- it hurts,” Jules gasped.  Dana looked up at her friend, lips pulled back in a snarl.  Jules’ hazel eyes seemed to glow in the light.  The greens and browns slowly vanished, replaced by burnished gold.  The young woman grit her teeth with eyes clenched and brow furrowed.  Teeth scraped against teeth.  Jules spat blood as her jaw cracked to try to contain her growing fangs.  She hugged her stomach tighter, pushing her breasts together.  “Hungry.”

“No,” Dana gasped, rocking herself back to her knees.  A line of thick fur ran from the back of her neck down into her jeans.  She heard it coming.  Him.  He was coming.  Smelled his excitement on the air from a mile away.  But, it was just one of them.  She turned her head, tracking until she found the other one.

Small hairs grew from the bumps in Jules’ areola.  The young woman shivered, rolling her head while her eyes flickered.  She moaned, low in her throat.  Her sweat soaked sheer panties darkened as fur grew beneath them, mixing with the trimmed pubic hair.  That fur, thick and brown fanned out slowly, pushing through the fabric of her underwear as it bulged to contain the thick tuft of fur forming above her sex.  Jules groaned, reaching a hand down her stomach, her fingers playing through the fur.

Jules hissed, showing her sharp fingers as lines of blood seeped from beneath her fingernails.  Her nails bulged, tearing as dark black claws pushed from the soft, fleshy pink of her fingers.  They lengthened and curved as her hand spasmed, muscles tearing at the bones beneath while they thickened to anchor her claws properly.  She clawed her lithe body nearly sensually, twisting her legs together.  The light, nearly invisible dusting of hair on her forearms seemed to grow darker as fur sprouted along her arms.  Jules arched her back, twisting on her ass.

With a ragged shout, Jules opened her eyes, clenching her right arm with her left fist.  Her new claws dug into her skin and she stared in panic at the changes.

“D-D-Dana,” Jules gasped, mouth open.  She showed her arm to her friend and then snarled, hissing through sharp fangs as more changes took place deep within her body.  “N-no!  I-I-I won’t-  I can’t be like this!  Dana, please, god, please!  I’m- I’m turning into one of them.  Oh, oh god, it’s… I hear them.  I smell them.  Oh god!”

Jules squirmed, kicking her feet as she roared, clutching her sides.  Dana glanced at her friend for a moment but then looked away, concentrating.

He’s… there! Dana thought to herself, jerking her head to the side.  Moving slowly.  Carefully.  And something else.  Something… oh god, Marty!

Holden struggled to sit up on the couch, air whistling through his bruised throat.

“Hhhhh-” the young man tried to say.  He grimaced and swallowed painfully.  The daze in his eyes from the lingering effect of the chemicals pumped into the room began to clear.  The scene in front of him was a bloody nightmare.  “Whhh-!”

“Daanaaa,” Jules groaned.  Dark callouses were forming under her fingers.  She clawed at the wall, scoring the old, hardened wood easily.  The young woman lapped at the sweat on her face with a long, wide tongue.  She panted and then jerked again.  Her toes popped and cracked, the joints twisting as her feet lengthened.  Her pinky toe stayed in place while the rest of her toes pushed further and further away.  Tendons stood out on her feet.  Her toes pressed painfully together before finally separating when her feet widened.  Pain and hunger lanced through the young woman’s body and she clutched at her stomach.

“I’m so hungry,” Jules whispered, staring at Holden.  She lifted her head, scenting the air with her lips peeled back.  “I can’t- I can’t help it.  I can’t stop it.  I’m so fucking hungry.  You- you smell like them.  You can’t help me, can you?  You’re lost, too.  Lost.  Oh god, please.”

Dana looked at her friend.  She watched Jules’ ears pull upwards into sharp points.  Light brown hair grew from the backs of the girl’s ears as they twitched and rotated on new, small muscles deep in her jaw.  Jules’ scent was changing rapidly.  The line between human and animal was beginning to blur and she saw that echoed in the other girl’s eyes.  The scared look was vanishing, replaced with a new focus that wasn’t entirely human.


“I-” Dana paused, licking her lips with her long tongue.  She looked back at Holden’s terrified face and whined.  She feared for him but Marty was out there.  Alone and unaware of what was hunting him.  Her childhood friend that had always been there for her.  Stood up for her.  There with a quick joke or an honest, blunt opinion.  Dana looked at Jules, watching as the girl’s jaw cracked and began to push forward.  “Oh, Jesus.”

Dana stood and pulled at the front door.  Jules snapped up to look at her friend, lips pulling back to reveal sharp teeth.  The other woman growled and then her expression softened for a brief moment.

“Dana,” Jules panted, reaching for her friend with a long, furred arm.  Her hand seemed huge and deadly, tipped with thick black claws.  “Dana, p- please, Dana.  I’m, oh god!  I’m- I’m so hungry, Dana.  P- please.  Please don’t.  Please don’t go.  I can’t stop thinking about it.  Thinking about the taste of him.  His meat.  Red and bloody and oh god oh god, Dana, oh good.”

Closing her eyes tight, trying desperately to stop her own changes, Dana whimpered and then pulled, strong muscles bunching in her lightly furred back.  Jules slid and fell to her side as the door opened.

“D-d-d-don’t,” Jules whispered, pleading with her friend through the pain of her change.

Dana ran into the night.


“Well, shit,” Sitterson said, pushing back from the console.

“It can still be saved,” Hadley told him, his eyes flicking between the various monitors.  “This isn’t all bad.  Just not entirely optimal.”

“What if they turn?” Sitterson asked his coworker.  “Does that even count?”

Hadley stared at his screens silently for a moment.  Finally, “I don’t know.  There’s only been one other time we’ve had these fucking dumb animals and, before, they wiped out the entire group in thirty minutes.  This is new.  I’m trying to get in touch with our friends in Germany but you know what happened with their archives when they lost containment ten years ago.  Nearly a total turnover in personnel, too.  They probably don’t have a clue.”

“Maybe,” Sitterson started.  “Maybe it still counts.  Maybe turning them will still appease… It.  Maybe-”

“Sir!” a young woman called out, running into the room.

“What the hell, Chelsea!” Hadley yelled.  “We’re in the middle of a crisis here!  You can’t-”

“Japan is down!” the young woman gasped, throwing a switch on the main console.  Onscreen, a group of young schoolgirls were cheering in a darkened classroom.  “Not a single casualty and they contained the entity.”

“No.  Fucking.  Way.” Sitterson said, staring in disbelief.  “Japan never fails.  Has never failed.”

“We’re the last ones,” Hadley whispered.  “We’re it.  If we lose this-”

“Chelsea,” Sitterson said, his voice firming.  “Go down to Research and tell those assholes to find whatever they can on the situation.  Primarily, if the subjects are turned, does it still count or not.  And, if not, are they still considered sacrifices?  Can something else be triggered that kills them or are we completely lost.  Go go go!”

The young woman ran from the room without another word.

“I take it all back,” Hadley said, leaning slowly back into his chair.  “We’re fucked.”


Dana stumbled through the moonlit woods, following the scent of her friend.  She was completely oblivious to her nakedness as her full breasts slammed against her wide, muscle-lined body.  She growled, forcing herself faster and faster as leaves swirled behind her.  The urge to drop to all fours was nearly overpowering.  She felt the wind sliding along her shoulders and down her back, ruffling the thick line of fur along her spine.

“No!” the young woman cried out as her foot spasmed, bringing her down into a thudding crash.  She gripped her leg, growling and hissing.  Her shoes expanded, creaking to contain her growing feet.  Dana roared, pounding the ground while trying to pull herself upright.  A sudden, painful knot in her calf muscle forced her back down.  Her jeans pulled painfully tight against her leg.  The young woman pressed herself back against a nearby tree, awkwardly fumbling at the laces on her right shoe.  The claws from her fingers slid slowly forth and she ripped the laces and fabric but, too late.  The sole of her right shoe separated from the top and she looked down to see thick black nails – claws, really – pushing through the front of the shoes.  She watched as her pinky toe, a dewclaw now, slid from out of the shoe.

Gripping the shoe in both hands, Dana tore it apart, flinging it aside.  Pain flared in her left foot and she just watched while massaging her right foot.  Paw.  Her right paw.  The bottom of her foot felt leathery to her touch.  While the huge black claws on her left foot tore that shoe apart, she felt the padding grow in on her right paw.  For some reason, she couldn’t wiggle her toes.  Despite everything else, that seemed to bother her.  She tried again and again, staring at her huge right paw.

Tears leaked from Dana’s eyes.  She was in pain, so much pain.  And yet, she’d never felt better in her life.  Powerful.  Unstoppable.  Every single nerve in her body was lit and ready to move in an instant.  The world was alive to her.  She could taste every animal on the wind.  She smelled the sharp scent of electrical ozone covering the entire area.  She heard everything.  She was so alive and so afraid.  Of what she was becoming.  Of what was happening to Jules and Holden.

Still.  The thought of Marty drove her.  The thought of what would happen if the monster got to him before she did.

Dana’s left shoe nearly exploded as her other paw formed.  Dana groaned, grinding her sharp teeth and fangs.  The dark night wavered before her and then began to brighten as her eyes changed.  They almost glowed in the silver moonlight now.  Information flooded her brain: scents and sounds mixed with her new eyesight to give her the ghost of tracks and lines in the air.  Where prey…. No, she told herself.  Animals.  She was seeing where animals – birds and small creatures – had passed earlier.

The back of Dana’s jeans ripped loudly, exposing rock hard calves lined with light brown fur.  The jeans tore further in a line that ended behind her knees to expose pale white skin beneath patches of fur matted with sweat.  The young woman gripped the tree behind her and her claws sunk deep into the wood.  She pulled herself up as small chips of wood fell to the ground.  Dana leaned against the tree, panting in the night air.

“Please,” Dana gasped.  Her voice was deep and rough.  She laid her head against the bark, feeling herself being pulled apart.  She felt an alien surge of anger and aggression surging through her and she threw it all at the creature hunting her friend.  Memories were beginning to slip from her and she forced herself to focus.  “Please, god, just let me get there in time.”

Pushing herself away from the tree, the young woman forced herself forward.


Holden felt his heart pounding in his tight chest.  He felt like he couldn’t catch his breath and his fingers and toes were tingling.  Cold sweat ran down the back of his neck and he fought against a wave of nausea.

“Juuhhhhh-” he tried to say, watching the young woman.  The door had closed behind Dana, leaving the two together.

Jules rolled to her stomach and stretched herself, bones creaking and cracking along her back.  Her eyes were closed, hooded by a thick brow on a hairless half-muzzle.  She craned her neck, slowly rocking her aching jaw back and forth.  Her long, pointed, fur-tipped ears were held low.  She opened her eyes and licked her lips with her long, dog’s tongue in a slow luxurious circuit.  The young woman’s thick red lips began to darken above her deadly teeth.  Black lines appeared like cracks amongst the red but quickly spread.  She smiled a hideous, half-wolf’s grin while her nearly flattened nose flared.

“Holden,” Jules moaned.  She lifted her muzzle, scenting him and smiling again.  The young woman arched her back and then brought her stomach low, stretching her upper body up in a curve.  She hissed through her fangs as a loud crack filled the air.  Holden watched the skin at the small of her back bulge slightly, pushing her panties down.

“Puhhh- puhhh,” Holden gasped, pressing himself further back against the couch.  His eyes wandered back to the young woman’s bare chest.  Her pink areola were turning a dark shade of brown.  The skin puckered as it expanded and her little nipples twisted, expanding as they darkened, too.  And then, the nipples moved, sliding down her chest and lower to the ground.  Holden watched them become more full.  Swelling before his very eyes.  Blue veins stood out brightly against her pale skin as her breasts became engorged.

A single white dot of liquid welled from the tip of her left breast.  It dripped to the ground as another drop of milk formed.  Dana rocked her hips back and up, pressing her cheek to the ground.  She groaned as her hips shook.  The small bump above her ass bulged further, pulling the bare skin into a small stump of a tail that began to curve upward.  Fur grew in patches around her shoulder blades, spreading in waves down her sides before more sprouted around her spine.

Holden stood on shaky legs, one hand on the arm of the couch.  He took a step toward the bedrooms.

“STOP!” Jules roared.  Holden looked back to see her on her knees.  He watched as the bones of her ribcage pressed against her skin.  She growled loudly, clawing at the floor in pain.  Fur sprouted from her slim thighs in a rough line down to her knees.  He couldn’t read the expression on her face anymore. She wasn’t human.  Not anymore.  But, he almost thought she looked sad.  Like she was begging him.  Her voice rumbled, changing the words as she herself changed.  “Don’t.  Don’t rrrrrrun.  Doorrrr-tt.”

Holden took another step and then, suddenly, the room spun around him and he tasted blood in his mouth.  He saw the ceiling and the overhead lights wavered above him.  Vibrating like ripples in the water.  Jules was on top of him.  Straddling him.  Growling loudly.  Her breasts were inches from his face and he could feel the heat from her sex against his exposed stomach.

“D-d-d,” the young man tried to say.  He turned his head and spit, weakly, feeling it dribble from the corner of his mouth. There was so much pain but he couldn’t feel his fingers or toes any more.  He reached for her, awkwardly pressing against her breasts to try to move her.  Light brown fur sprouted lazily around his fingers.

Jules leaned down, pressing her nose against the corner of the man’s jaw.  He felt her nose go cold on his skin.  Wetness followed as she breathed deeply of him.  She rumbled low in her throat and then licked the man’s neck.  Holden tried to push her again.  He felt her heavy, furred breasts and accidentally flicked a thick nipple while weakly struggling against her.

“Mmmmmrrrrrr,” Jules groaned, licking Holden’s neck again.  She pushed down against him, rubbing her sex against the rough material of his jeans.  She could barely contain her excitement.  She could smell his hot blood rushing through him.  She could taste it just be scenting him.  She felt the sharp metallic tang as spikes in her nipples, gut and lower belly.  Her teeth ached.

“Hooorrrdd-” the word ended abruptly with a sharp crack.  Jules blinked away pain as her muzzle pushed forward again.  Her sharp, crowded teeth shifted on a longer jaw and blood dripped down to Holden’s face and hair.  Jules growled, shaking her head against the pain.  Fur crept up slowly from her neck and along the base of her jaw.  She lapped at her pebbled black nose.  Her sweat mixed with her growing fur to fill the air with her musk.

Holden shook his head slowly back and forth.  The edge of his vision was turning black and now he couldn’t feel his legs.  Air whistled through his throat as he desperately tried to breath.  The young man pushed once feebly and then dropped his arms.  He worked his mouth but couldn’t find the energy to even try and speak.

Blood spurted into the air and Holden twitched, his legs jerking.  Jules sat back, Holden’s blood on the skin and fur along her muzzle.  She blinked as she chewed and swallowed reflexively.

Warm blood and meat.  She shivered and her hackles stood on end.  Goosebumps rose along the patches of bare skin on her arms and back and she moaned, rocking her hips against the young man’s leg.  The tuft of fur above her sex was soaked with her excitement.  Still.  Still, something felt wrong and she shook her muzzle, trying to think.  Prey.  Hunger.  Lust.  Blood.  All of these flashed through her dwindling mind.

sadness.  Said a small voice.  friend.  The voice echoed.

Jules’ black lips pulled back to a snarl and she shook her head forcefully.

holden. The weak little voice said.

Looking down, Jules felt something cold grip her heart.  Holden lay bleeding under her.  Dying as his blood spurted from his ruined neck with each fading beat of his heart.  Her heavy chest was completely covered in light brown fur marked with the dark red of her friend’s blood.  Her panties were pulled tight against her large, furred ass and the black lips of her swollen pussy glistened in the overhead light.  She felt her heartbeat in her clit and she growled with the need from it.  Holden’s fingers twitched.  Pale.  Bloodless.  He was watching her.  Trying to speak.

wrong. The voice continued, fading.  wr-

Jules jerked her head around just as the door crashed open.  In her bloodlust and excitement, she’d lost track of the male approaching her den.  She growled at him in challenge.  Then, before he could steal her kill, she tore into the prey’s belly, digging for the sweet meat and rich blood.  The male continued forward.  Powerful.  Huge.  She eyed him from the side and bared her fangs, long ears flat.


Holden slowly turned his head to the side.  A huge, furred shape loomed in the doorway of the cabin.  It was immense and pure black except for a bit of bright red in the middle of it.  He heard nothing.

Distant pain.  In his belly.  So far away and blessedly brief.  The light was dimming.  He watched the huge creature slowly stalk toward him.  Why is it so dark, he wondered.  Why-

The young man breathed out a final, rattling breath.  His open eyes stared sightlessly.

In a distant underground room, a lever was pulled by a technician, destroying a vial that released a dark red liquid into a long, winding groove.


Jules greedily tore through Holden, barely chewing as she swallowed muscle and fat.  Occasionally, she growled at the approaching male, lowering herself in case she needed to launch herself at him.  Her eyes kept sliding to the male’s midsection.

She could smell him.  She’d known about them as soon as she’d started to change.  The two males out in the wilderness.  Confusion at what she was smelling had turned to an odd arousal before being consumed by the hunger tearing at her body.  And the female.  A familiar female scent that angered her.  She’d deal with the rival bitch if she came back.

The male went to all fours and Jules froze, watching.  He approached her carefully and she allowed it.  Slowly.  Jules’ fierce hunger was fading, replaced by a completely different need.  She looked down the male’s body again, eyeing his exposed reddened cock.  His thick knot bulged above his sheath, angry and swollen and hard.  She licked her lips, cleaning the blood from her muzzle.  Excited.  The male circled her carefully, moving behind her.  She lifted her still growing tail and her musk wafted toward him, making him growl. Jules bowed her head when the male shoved his muzzle against her wetness.  He lapped at her and she pushed back, encouraging him.  She lowered her body onto Holden’s bloody corpse and her stomach gurgled for more.  She ignored it.

The male huffed and growled and knelt above her.  Jules roared and snapped, showing she was no easy meat.  The male rumbled a warning at her and Jules twisted to bite at him.  The male moved faster, his teeth clenching the thick fur at the back of her neck.  The young woman twisted and squirmed but felt herself calming.  She wanted him.  This male.  She wanted to be taken.  Needed it.  She lived by base animal urges now and this one was telling her to mate.  To fuck.  To breed.

Thick fur crept up her arched tail as the male’s pointed cock probed at her sex.  Jules moved, spreading her thighs while raising her hips and her slick, wet pussy opened for the male.  He licked the fur at the back of her neck as he entered her.

The pleasure of the male’s cock inside of her was unlike anything she’d ever felt.  Her changed pussy gripped him tight, black lips stretching against his girth.  She whined for him and hated herself for it.  Red, flushed cheeks hidden behind the thick fur on her muzzle, Jules worked her hips back, feeling every inch of him until his huge knot pressed against her opening.  She pushed.  Hard.  Growling and snapping at the air and Holden’s body.  Angrily trying to fit his knot inside of her aching, throbbing pussy.

When the male pulled back, Jules bit his forearm hard enough to draw blood.  His heavy hand closed around her neck, slamming her to the ground as he roared, pounding into her suddenly.

Jules’ pussy bulged, tearing and bleeding as the male knotted her.  She kicked, clawing at the floor with her paws, hips bucking.  Howling in pain and pleasure.  She felt the tip of him against her cervix and wanted more.  More of his cock.  More of his knot.  More of the pain that was lancing through her belly.  She rocked back and her black lips closed around him, sealing them together.

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