Office Bitch Ch. 01

A man tests a mysterious potion on the president of his company.

I’ve had this little fun daydream for quite a while and figured it was past time to write it down for other people :) Just quick and dirty and sexy! Hopefully! There will probably be a chapter 2 that includes a few more random sexy scenes if y’all are interested :)

“And that’s it?” I asked.

“Yes, that’s it,” the old man said.

I sat there in the corner of a little Starbucks, well away from everyone else.  The gentleman I was speaking with sat back in the overstuffed leather chair opposite me.  Starbucks wasn’t where I wanted to meet but the old guy insisted.

Muted conversations and nauseating light jazz filled the air while I considered my options.  Really, what did I have to lose?  Other than a large amount of money, of course.  I knew what I’d choose.

But, let me back up a moment and explain what brought me here.  There are fetishes and kinks of all kinds.  Some are “lucky” and enjoy nothing more than plain vanilla sex or perhaps something slightly edgy like simple role play.  I, unfortunately, find myself aroused by transformation erotica.  Women changing into animals.  Not completely, of course; I’m not into bestiality.  But, werewolves or the such?  Yes.  For whatever reason, that seems to be my biggest fetish.

About 2 years ago, I stumbled into several large transformation related communities.  They’re a good bunch by and large; artists and authors with a shared kink posting their work.  I have no talents beyond lurking but I found myself drawn in and, eventually, I began commenting on new posts.  I even became a moderator on a few forums.

One day, I received a private message with an intriguing proposal.  “What if it could be real?” the message asked.  I figured the person wanted to do some bit of role play or talk theoretical situations so I played along for a while.  Except, they specifically said they meant that they had a way to make this happen.

For a fee, of course.  Of course.  $20,000 specifically.

I expressed extreme doubts.  The person supplied one photo.  It could’ve been a photomanipulation.  God knows I’ve seen plenty of them.  But, if it was, it was very well done: a cat girl sleeping nude on a couch.  That was it.

We talked a bit more and he gave me the hook:  he would only take the money if it worked.

Okay.  All right then.  I thought about it for a week and figured, what the hell?  The worst that could happen is I save up $20,000, right?  And possibly give someone food poisoning.  I agreed but warned him it’d take nearly a year for me to save up the money.  The man was amenable and I began scrimping and saving until I had enough.  I’ll be honest.  I ate more ramen than is healthy.

And now here I am.  I admit, I feel stupid.  And yet, my palms are sweaty and my heart is racing a bit.  The man, perhaps about 50 and well dressed with small glasses, is very professional and serious.  Sincere.  I’ve never felt anything other than an honest, open vibe from him.

“It… it won’t hurt her, right?”

“No,” the gentleman answered.  “She’ll find it pleasurable, actually.  And any discomfort she might feel will be forgotten.”

I don’t know why I’m still hesitating.  I shouldn’t be.

“Fine,” I say finally.  “Deal.”

To uphold my part of the bargain, I show him an account statement with $21,233.58 in balance as of this morning.  I’m embarrassed to say that I’ve never had that much money in my account before.  I should really be better at saving.

He nods, gives me his account information for transferring payment and tells me how it works.  I spend the rest of the day fantasizing.  And masturbating, of course.  I don’t know what will happen exactly but I can imagine a few scenarios and they’re all very, very exciting.

That same evening (a Sunday) I stop in for my second appointment:  a dog breeder.  This one took a bit of time to consider.  I was told that I needed something from an animal I wanted to use.  Hairs or scrapes of skin or something similar.  And that the animal chosen would affect the outcome.  I briefly, very briefly, thought about visiting a wolf sanctuary but I worried that some of the raw savagery of the wolf would come through.  Instead, I decided on a dog.  A German Shepherd dog.

The breeder was very accommodating and we talked for a while when I showed up.  She asked me about my home (a small apartment but I lied and said I had a house) and the environment the dog would be in.  I asked about personality traits and other issues until she let me see what animals she had available.  I specifically asked for young females.  The gentleman had said only the animal type would work but I’d rather not take a chance and find myself suddenly face-to-face with a male dog… person.  Were-dog?  Does that count?  I mean, if it’s real and can actually work, would it be that much more difficult to change the lady’s sex?

The young female was very well trained and actually quite beautiful.  Her ears stood straight and her coat was luxurious.  I pet her vigorously until some of her fur came away in my hand.  Perfect.  My task complete, I made my excuses and promised to call soon to schedule a home visit.  Once I was in my car, I opened my left hand and shook the bit of fur into a small plastic bag.

I had a very, very hard time falling asleep that night.  I tossed and turned and tossed and turned and, somewhere in there, fell asleep.

Monday morning I snapped awake.  Jittery.  I got dressed quickly and make my way to work.  IT manager at a small company.  Okay.  The only IT employee at a small company.  It’s glorious.  Whenever things are going well, nobody notices.  Until things go not-so-well.  Then it’s all my fault.  Still, they’re mostly nice about everything and I’ve absolutely worked in worst places.

The best part, though?  Our president.  This woman.  Good lord.  Early thirties.  Maybe even just thirty years old.  Slightly younger than me at least.  I don’t get to talk to her often at all but I see her around quite a lot.  I’m just under six feet tall and she’s a tad bit shorter than me in heels.  Black, short straight hair.  She dresses quite professionally (alternating between skirts and pants) but she seems to have an amazing figure and a great ass.  I’ve caught her smiling a few times and my heart just melts.  Her teeth are nearly perfect but not quite and it’s oddly sexy.  Oh, and the dimples.  Dimples.  Yes.  Brown eyes with long lashes and perfect eyebrows.

Wait.  What was I saying again?  I got distracted.

Right.  Monday.  It’s Monday.  My heart is pounding.  I go about the day but I have an email open on my screen almost the entire time.  A simple email asking to speak to the president, Anne, about my thoughts on upgrading our switches and updating the website.  Honestly, it’s all bullshit but it gives me an excuse to stop in to talk to her.    I keep almost sending the email and then getting too nervous.

Finally, at lunch time, I click send and lock my computer.  And then I just stare at my screen.  For, uhh, probably about fifteen minutes.  There’s absolutely no reason for me to be nervous about this.  As far as she knows, I’m just stopping in for a while to talk about computer stuff.  As far as she knows.  Finally, I unlock my computer and see the reply.  I let out a long breath.  She has time at 3 pm for thirty minutes.  I calmly answer back that that would be perfect and then make myself busy until then.

Time moves extraordinarily slow when you’d rather it didn’t.  12:05 rolls around and I feel like I’ve aged a hundred years.  12:07 blips onto my computer’s clock and I want to just scream and run around.  I don’t, though.  Instead, I just bid my time the best I can until 2:50.

That’s like 10 hours in dog-time and I laugh a little at my stupid joke.  I think I’m going to be sick.  My stomach is churning.  I make my way to the bathroom and lock it, breathing deeply  (thank you air freshener) until I calm.  Then, I take a small plastic bag, a vial and a jar out of my jacket’s pocket.  As carefully as my shaking hands will allow, I dump the dog hairs into the jar.

The next step is a little awkward.  I have to masturbate into the jar.  That’s… that’s really hard to do when you’re super anxious.  Apparently.  Takes a bit to get hard but I just close my eyes and imagine this sexy shy librarian (with glasses!) screaming in the middle of a dark, empty library.  And changing.  Growling while fighting it.  Ripping her clothes off and… there I go.  Yup, that did it.  I almost miss the jar but not quite.  My cum tangles with the hairs and sticks to the side of the jar.  Quickly, I open the vial and empty the clear liquid into the jar.  Whatever is in it slowly dissolves the hair and cum until all that is left is a slightly yellow liquid.  I sniff it carefully but it doesn’t really smell like anything.

Checking the time, I see it’s almost three.  I throw away the bag and screw the lid back on the vial, storing it in my pocket.  Digging around in another pocket, I pull a large dropper and carefully suction up the yellow liquid into it and then cap it off.  I rinse the small jar out easily five hundred times before putting it in my pocket as well.

The dropper goes in my right hand, hidden away.

After washing my hands, I unlock the door and step out.  I’m oddly calm now.  It’ll happen or it won’t.  I’ll have $20,000 to spend on whatever I want or I’ll… well… yeah.

Anne’s office is at the other end of the building near the warehouse.  We sell various office supplies, in case you’re wondering.  I breathe deeply and steadily as I make my way there, past the other offices.  Over half the building is empty as our early shift has already left.   I have some printouts of our equipment as well as screenshots of the website in a manila folder.  Props.

I knock and hear the faint “Come in” from within.  Opening the door, I finally feel the nervousness return.  Anne looks up from her desk and then stands.

“Michael,” she says.  That’s me.  Jesus, I hope I don’t look as suspicious as I feel.  “Here, sit at the conference table.”

Nodding, I fidget my way over to the small table in the corner of her office.  I watch her out of the corner of my eye, holding my breath.  Please. Please please please pl- Yes!  She grabs her coffee cup and walks over to the table.  She carries that cup everywhere when she’s walking around the office and I hoped she’d bring it over as well.

“Now,” she continues, setting the coffee cup down.  “What’ve you got for me today?”

“Well, I-” I pause and squint the best I can.  “Gosh, would you mind closing the blinds?  They’re really bright.”

“Oh, yeah,” she says.  “Of course.”

And then she stands.  And turns.  I waste no time uncapping the dropper.  While she’s closing the wooden slats, I reach over and squeeze the mixture into her drink.  I have plenty of time to cap the dropper and put it away before she comes back.

Anne sits at the other end of the table, on the same side as me.  She crosses her right leg over her thigh and slides her right hand into her cup.  She has long white nails that stand out strikingly against her black skin.  I follow the hand quickly up to her arm, glancing at her chest and then look her in the eye as she takes a sip from her drink.

She’s gorgeous.  I’ve had various fantasies about her.  Oddly, most are just normal ones.  Only once have I imagined her changing but it was just a random moment where I thought of her face when I needed to picture someone.  Otherwise, it’s just typical sexy daydreams with a beautiful woman in the office.

“So…?” Anne says, raising a well-manicured eyebrow.

“Right,” I answer, clearing my throat.  “Right.  So, first up, our Cisco gear is several years old.”

I launch into a little spiel while she drinks slowly.  She’s smart, of course, and asks questions that are mostly right and intelligent for someone not especially technically inclined.  And then I move on to the website.

“And so what’s wrong with what we have now?” Anne asks.

“I inherited it,” I explain.  “It’s static.  Just a bit of information and nothing ever changes.  We could do a lot better with it.”

“Like what?”  Anne prompts.  She shifts in her chair, uncrossing her legs.  Her left hand rests against her leg.

“Well, we could pull and display all of our inventory for one.”

“Mmhhmm,” the young woman says.  Her hand moves to rest against her belly.  It moves slowly up her side and I watch it from the corner of my eye, trying not to focus on it.  Her fingers trace up to the collar of her shirt.  She pulls at it slowly and then shifts again, rocking her hips ever so slightly.  “How would we do that?”

“All of our data is stored on an internal database,” I say.  “The-”

The fingernails on Anne’s free hand… bulge.  A small black point slides out from beneath her pointer finger and the nail pulls back further and further until it simply falls off.  She doesn’t seem to notice.  Her mouth is open slightly and she looks dazed.  Another nail falls, leaving a small black claw in its place.

Anne pulls at her collar again and her growing claws leave lines on her skin.  I catch a glimpse of her bra and the gentle swell of her breast.  She rubs her hand down her shirt, sliding it down and around her breast.  Her claws drag at the fabric of the shirt with little tic! tic! tic! noises.   Her hand slides down her hip and around to her thigh before coming to rest on her knee.  The young woman licks her lips and blinks slowly.

“The, uhh, the database,” I continue.  “We could just pull the data and display it.  Start there, maybe.  A simple price list.”

“Start there?” Anne asks.  Her voice is lower now.  Breathless.  I hear a scraping noise and my eyes dart to see her clawing at her coffee cup over and over.  Paint flakes off around the cup.  She brings it to her lips and leans her head back, swallowing deeply.  Sweat beads on her neck and I watch a drop lazily trace down her throat and into her shirt.

Holding the coffee cup up, her head back, Anne laps greedily at the inside of it, her tongue lengthening while I watch.   She seems intent, focused on what she’s doing.  When she’s cleaned it completely, she sighs, moaning lightly before setting it down.

Small tan hairs sprout from the back of Anne’s thumb.  They seem to grow in a line from her knuckle down to the base of the finger.  She lets go of the cup and I see more hairs growing from the backs of her other fingers as she rests that hand on her other leg.  Both hands are tipped in small black claws.  The black skin on the back of her hand is slowly becoming covered by tan and black fur.

“What else,” Anne moans.  I look up to see her watching me.  She bares her slightly imperfect teeth and sniffs the air, eyes closed.  Her canine teeth scrape the surrounding teeth as they lengthen before my eyes.  Her dark, rose colored lips darken further and she grinds her teeth.  I can almost hear her… fangs?  Canines?  The canines growing.  A tooth cracks and she shivers, growling low in her throat.  Her eyes are still closed and she’s sniffing at me from the other side of the table.  Brown and black hairs push through her temples to mix in with her hair.

“The,” I stutter.  “You’re… you’re not really paying attention to me, are you?”

“Oh,” Anne says, eyes fluttering.  She arches her back while seated, showing off some of her cleavage.  “You smell so fucking good.”

The young woman leans back against her chair.  Her eyes open and she smiles at me.  The teeth around her enlarged canines are twisted to make room for the large fangs.  Her lips have turned completely black and I see the little bit of skin between her nose and lips beginning to darken as well.  She laps at her nose with a long, wide tongue and then pulls her legs wide.

“I… holy shit,” I whisper.  “I can’t believe…”

I watch as the rounded tips of her ears flex.  The ridges seem to pull smooth and then fold slightly as they grow out to a slow point.  Anne brings a claw up to her mouth, licking the finger, pulling at her blackened lip seductively.  Gold flecks appear in the brown of her eyes.  She gasps and claws at her leg, her claws tearing holes in the thin fabric.  Her other hand pulls at her shirt and button pings off.  Another tug and the shirt slips off of two more buttons.  I can see both breasts on her heaving chest.  Tan fur is sprouting between them.  I watch as the little hairs poke through the band of her bra.  She runs a clawed finger through the small patch of fur and then inside her bra.  Her hand continues up and the bra strap slips free of her right shoulder.  The nipple is small and nearly flat and I can’t look away from it for some reason.  Even with her changes, the sudden nakedness is shocking.

Anne slips to her knees in front of me.  Her eyes are completely golden now and her ears continue to grow, sliding through her black hair.  She licks at her nose and moans, rocking her hips side to side.  The tuft of fur between her breasts expands, tan fur lazily growing up to her collarbone.  I look up to watch her small, pointed nose turn deep black.  The dark skin at the tip of her nose seems to crack into a pebbled texture.  She lowers herself to her hands and knees, pushing her ass up in the air.  Panting, head lowered, she stretches and I hear bones popping along her body.  She raises her chest, still on all four and seems to just… strain.  Her face pushes forward as black and brown hairs grow along her cheeks.

The young woman’s muzzle is barely noticeable but, having watched it grow, I can tell the difference.  Her nose is larger, the tip pulled up to show her nostrils.  It glistens wetly under the bright lighting.  Her shirt came free of her pants at some point and I can see the skin of her hips and back.  There’s a small bony bump showing.  Did her whole body just grow?

She looks up at me with those golden eyes on a face quickly becoming covered in fur.  Dark black and brown hairs show through the gaps in her sleeves.  She comes to me, her hips rocking back and forth until she’s directly in front of my chair.  With a quiet, happy sigh, she presses her small furred muzzle against my crotch until she’s pressed between my dick and my thigh.

I… I don’t know what else to do so I stroke her hair, fingers pressed against her scalp.  I stroke down her neck and feel the small hairs beginning to grow along her neck and shoulders.  She makes this sound, halfway between a whine and a moan, muffled against my leg.  She nips at me and I jerk, fingers gripping the growing fur along her neck.  Her head comes up and she laps at my cock with her long dog’s tongue leaving a wet spot on my pants.

With a single graceful movement, Anne comes up to her knees, licks my face happily and then turns, pressing her ass down against my crotch.  She’s growling lightly while she grinds against me.  I feel her claws in my thigh when she anchors herself.

I’ve never been so turned on in my life.

“Slow,” I tell her.  “Slow down.”  If she keeps going, I worry I’ll cum in my pants.  She whines and slows but doesn’t completely stop.  I reach around, fumbling at her shirt until it’s completely open.  My fingers press and slid against her firm belly.  She’s slick with her own sweat and her heat seems to radiate from her entire body.  She presses her head back against me, rubbing and twisting over and over, panting from her need.  I can feel her long, thick ears and fur against my skin.

Pushing her forward, I work at her bra and then just stop.  She has a small crest of fur that dips down from completely furry shoulders.  I watch closely as her skin just seems to open and black hairs slide forth, twisting and twining along her spine.  The clasp of her bra comes free when I unhook it and the whole thing drops to her lap.  I watch, fascinated as her fur continues to grow down her back.  I run my fingers along her smooth, sweaty skin and up into the fur.  Her musk comes to me then.  It’s… not exactly like a wet dog.  It’s powerful and erotic.

I wrap my arms around her body, one hand around a small, firm breast.  My other hand slides down her belly and into her pants.  Leaning forward, I press my face against the thick fur of her upper back.

She barks quietly when my fingers brushes against her slick clit.  An actual bark.  She reaches around, her hand closing around my wrist, urging me further.  The bottom of her hand feels rough on my skin.  Her pads, I wonder?  She whines and pushes gently and I slip a finger between her hot, wet lips.  Anne hangs her furred half-muzzle forward, long tongue lolling between her fangs.  She’s gasping and whining and moaning while I rub her.

And then, I feel it changing against my fingers.  Her pussy.  Her lips move and tighten, shifting against my fingers.  Something presses up against finger and then against from the side.  I feel her muscles grip me.  Pulling out, I rub the outside of her new sex, feeling the odd shape of the lips.  She’s swollen and burning.

Shit.  Shit.  I didn’t think past this point.  I didn’t think past this point.  What the fuck am I supposed to do with her?

Anne twists, turning to lick at my face.  Encouraging me.  Her lips and teeth press against my own lips.  Her fur tickles my cheeks.  She tries to kiss and then just licks at my lips and face instead.  She’s gasping and twisting and rocking while trying to press my fingers back into her.  The palm of my hand brushes against rough stubble on her mound before the hairs continue to grow into a soft tuft of thick fur.

My car is on the other side of the building.  I can’t… we can’t fuck in her office.  If she changes all the way… My eyes catch sight of the keys on her desk.  Her car is parked on this side.  Hers and two others.  The door to the executive parking spots are just outside her office.

It takes every ounce of willpower to gently push her off of me.  She tries to press back but eventually goes.  I stand, my heart hammering in my chest.  She looks at me, head cocked with her beautiful eyes.  The tops of her breasts are furred and a thick line runs down the middle of her belly.  Her eyes snap shut and she moans, falling to her knees.  She leans forward and raises her ass and whines loudly.

Licking my lips, watching her present herself to me, I rush over to her desk and grab her keys.  And, after a moment, her purse as well.

“Anne,” I tell her.  She looks up, her long, furred ears perking at my voice, tongue out between her bottom two canines.  “We’re leaving.  I really need you to … hell… uhhh… hold on.”

I slip out of my jacket and then grab her hand.  The bottom of her palm and fingers are covered in rough, scratchy callouses.  She stands and I quickly slip my jacket around her while she licks my face.  I reach to zip it up and she reaches down, pressing my hand against her furred mound.  I move her hand away and zip the jacket up.

“Come on,” I say.  “Come on.”

I pull her behind me and then come back to pick up her shirt and bra.  Opening the door slowly, I peek out and breathe loudly when I don’t see anyone.  Anne takes the chance to press her body against my back and she rubs, whining quietly as her furry breasts slid against my back.  I feel her crotch against my hip and she jerks, rocking herself against me, her breath catching.  She licks my neck while humping me.

“Anne,” I whisper fiercely.  “Stop.  It’s… I said stop!”

Despite my protestations, she doesn’t and, suddenly, she barks and shudders and I feel a warmth on my leg.  I look down to see a large wet spot on the front of her pants and a smaller one on my own.  Anne’s eyes are glazed while she twitches.  Jesus Christ.

“Come on, it’s clear,” I said.  My cock is practically exploding out of my pants.  We run for it and I pray that if anyone looks, they see more face than muzzle.

Thankfully, the path to her large black SUV is clear and I open the passenger side first, pushing her in.  She goes easily and then sits, watching while I go around to the driver side.  The vehicle rumbles to life and I try to buckle her while she tries to push my hands into her pants.

She barks, loudly this time, when I ignore her and her buckle finally clicks.  I buckle myself and back out quickly.

Shit.  The windows are not tinted.  Not even the least and I’m a thirty minute drive away.  Anne claws at my leg and whines while I think.  I look down and see mail sticking out of her purse.  Grabbing one, I scan it to see her address.  An address that’s very close.  Much, much closer than mine.

“Hold on, Anne,” I tell her.  “Hold on.”

We back out of the parking lot and onto the road.  I stop at a stop sign and realize my next problem as another car approaches from the side.  Thinking quickly, I pull her head down to my lap and stare straight ahead.  Anne happily takes the chance to sniff my crotch and pull at my jeans.  I try to move her when we start moving again but she growls and claws painfully at my jeans.

Jesus.  Okay.  I… I can do this.  It’ll keep her out of sight.  Yeah.  That’s why.  I unbutton my pants and squirm, shifting them down far enough to free my raging boner.  Anne yips happily and laps at it with her wide, rough tongue.  I swerve for a second and then focus on my driving.  Her nose is cold against the tip of my cock while she licks cock and balls.  I grip the back of her head, fingers clenching her hair and fur.  She growls and then whines and then I slowly press her mouth down over my cock.  Something seems to click in her mind and she stays in place, her tongue writhing around my manhood.

It’s… it’s really hard to concentrate.  Really, really hard.  Really.  Hard.  I run my hand along her back, reaching the top of her jeans.  The fur there is still thin but I scratch her lightly until I feel a bump forming.   I look quickly to see her skin bulging just above her ass.

And then I cum and nearly crash her car.  Anne freezes, gulping greedily with each pulse of my cock.  She looks up at me when I finish and I can see how pleased she seems to be.  She barks and then bends back down, lapping at me.

While I was distracted, the bump on Anne’s back has formed into the tip of a new tail.  I pull at it and feel small bones inside.  It… slithers in my grip, still growing.  She whines when I tug at it, flexing her ass and resting her head against my thigh.

I can’t remember much of the rest of the drive.  Her house is thankfully on a private driveway and is huge.  I bet she wouldn’t have a problem getting a dog.  Anne sits up and barks, bouncing in her seat and clawing at the door while I park.

I get out first, careful not to unlock the door until I get to her side and let her out.  She nearly bowls me over while racing awkwardly on all fours to the front door.  Her small, naked tail streams behind her.  Once there, she stands and turns.  She looks like she’s about to bark again when she suddenly growls and presses her forehead against the door.  She raises herself onto her toes and kicks at the ground.

Hurrying over to her, I make it in time to see a claw slice through the front of her shoe.  She turns to me and whines and I hug her close.  I hear small clicking sounds and she whimpers with each one.  More claws slice through the tips of her shoes.  Suddenly, she’s moving against me.  Growing taller.  Her feet are expanding, slipping out of the shoes as she goes to the balls of her feet.

Well, her paws now, I guess?

I open the door and walk with her until I find her bedroom.  The pain seems to be less and she becomes more alert.  Her tail thwacks against me when we step through the doorway.  She claws at the jacket and I try to unzip it before she completely destroys it.  When I pull it off of her, I see she’s completely furred.  Her breasts are nearly hidden beneath a thick black and tan coat.  Sparse fur is sprouting from her tail, growing thicker and thicker while it wags.

Anne leans over her bed, raising her ass.  Pressing it back towards me.  The dark slacks (with the darker wet spot around her pussy) are torn in several places and the smell of her is intoxicating.  I reach under her and undo the clasp to her pants, carefully unzipping them so as not to catch the zipper on her fur.

Pulling her pants down reveals strong lean legs.  Her calves are covered in fur but her thighs are still bare.  Her sex is nearly completely hidden behind thick, damp fur.  Her feet are wide and clawed with the small toes pulled back.  Thick black padding lines the bottom of her toes.  I have to help her step out of her pants.  Anne crawls onto her bed, lowering her chest while raising her hips.  Her tail is up and curved, revealing her swollen, canine sex.

It takes about ten seconds for me to undress.  Anne barks at me and bounces before lowering herself even further.  She whines, wriggling her hips.  I don’t need much encouragement to follow her onto the bed.  I grip her slick, bare thighs and press my face against her wetness.  The wet fur covers my face and I just rub myself against her.  She shivers and moans, half-muzzle laying against the thick blanket.

I pull back and lick tentatively against her.  Her new lips are soft but ever so slightly textured.  I use both hands to open her and then lick deep inside.  She shoves back against me and I rub where I think her clit should be.  She presses back hard, fucking my face.  I’m gasping and licking and biting and sucking and suddenly I can’t take it.  I lean back, grab my cock and press it against her.  I’m not completely hard but I rub the head of my dick against her pussy, back and forth.

It’s amazing.  My pink human cock rubbing against Anne’s swollen, furred dog sex.  And, below that, her still bare thighs.  Not quite completely changed.  I press my cock into her and feel how incredibly tight her changed pussy feels.  She barks and then bites the blanket as I push as far as I can.  I reach around to grab her breast but my fingers flick against something soft lower on her belly.  I stop and explore.

Anne has eight small nipples lining her belly.  Hidden beneath her fur.  She twists when I touch them and yips when I squeeze and pull at them.

My cock is sore and aches but it does its best.  I lay against her back to feel her fur on my chest and then slowly ease out of her.  She gasps quietly when I’m almost out and then breathes quickly as I push in.  Her cheek is against the blanket and she’s watching me as I take my time with her.  In and out, fingers exploring her body, stroking her.  Petting her.  Squeezing her breasts and nipples.  In and out.

Faster now.  I don’t think I can cum again but I want to feel her orgasm.  Faster again.  Dark hairs are sprouting from her thighs while I pound against her.  She’s yipping over and over, faster and faster, clawing at the blanket.  I feel every ridge inside of her, gripping and pulling at me until Anne’s muzzle snaps back and she opens her mouth wide.  Her eyes roll back as a warm stream squirts from her pussy, soaking both of us and the bed.  Her right leg kicks, claws catching on the blanket to tear a large strip out of the fabric.

The grip from her pussy is nearly painful.  It squeezes me again and again as she orgasms.  I stroke her back, scratching at the base of her tail and she jerks, crying out from another orgasm.  Her legs shake and she collapses, snapping and biting at the air while I hold her tightly against me.

We rest, laying on our side.  Naked.  Soaked in her cum.  The smell of her filling the air and making my head buzz.  My cock lays against her furry ass, throbbing painfully.  I stroke her belly, fingers tangling in the thick coat, flicking against her nipples.  She squirms, pushing her ass back against me, tail thudding against the blanket.  My fingers slip into her pussy and she holds it there.

At some point, far into the night, we fall asleep surrounded by a shredded blanket.  Her warm fur lulls me to sleep and I smile as I drift off.


“Michael!” a voice calls urgently.  “Michael!  Oh god, wake up!”

I blink my eyes, confused for a moment.  Anne is sitting on the edge of the bed, covered by her blanket.  It’s still dark out and my bleary eyes find an old digital bedside clock.  Just past midnight.

“Anne?”  I ask uncertainly.

“Oh, Jesus, Michael.  Something’s wrong.”  Her voice is panicked.  Of course it is.  Fuck.  I never thought to ask what happened afterwards.  I’m fucking stupid.

“What-” I stop to lick my lips.  I should’ve rehydrated last night.  “What’s… going on?”

“Why are you here?”  She asked.  Her eyes wide.  “Why is… why are…?”

I am not the brightest bulb in the Christmas tree but I figured playing dumb was the smart way to go.  If she didn’t remember what happened last night then, neither would I.

“I… I don’t remember,” I lied.  “We were talking in your office and I started feeling light headed.  I, uhh, remember flashes.  I think… did I drive your car?  I think you told me where you lived?  We, oh no, Anne, I’m so sorry.  I think… I think we had sex but it’s all muddled.”

I sat up and covered myself awkwardly with the other side of the blanket.  Anne’s eyes darted down to my cock and lingered for a moment.  She shifted and blushed and looked away.

“I don’t remember anything!” Anne cried out.  “I remember the office.  No.  No, I do remember.  Something.  We… we did have sex.  Oh, Michael.  I’m… something’s wrong…”

I frowned.

“Well, yeah, neither of us remember what  happened-”

“No,” Anne said, biting her lip.  She looked like she was about to cry.  “Something is wrong.

And then, she did cry.  I slid over to her and reached for her and was immensely surprised to feel her press herself against me.  I held her while she sobbed against my chest.  I stroked her hair and she sighed, shivering against me.

“That,” she whispered.  “That feels good.”

“Oh,” I said.  “Uhh, should I stop?”

“No,” Anne said, pressing herself harder against me.  “It… makes me feel better.  Could you keep doing it?”

Of course I could.  Of course I did.  Her breathing evened while I stroked her hair over and over.  I looked down carefully and saw her with her eyes closed and mouth opened.

“You smell good,” Anne whispered.


“Oh god,” Anne said, pushing herself away.  “I’m so sorry.  That’s completely inappropriate of me!”

“Oh, no,” I told her.  “No, hey, don’t worry about that.”

I moved closer and my bare leg touched hers.  She looked down at it and I reached for her again.  She hesitated and then leaned back.  Eventually, she relaxed her hand and I felt it slide down inside the blanket.  She sighed and rocked her hips.

“I’m,” she paused.  “I don’t know what happened.  I really don’t remember anything.  But, that’s… that’s not the problem.”  Her hand moved, brushing my ankle and then sliding against the head of my cock.  It stirred at her touch.

“Oh!”  Anne cried out.  “Oh god!  I’m so sorry.  I don’t know… I don’t know what… I just…  I can’t stop thinking…”

I took a chance.  I lifted her chin with a finger and kissed her.  She opened her mouth hungrily and kissed back.  Her hand moved again, tracing against my dick.  Squeezing it as it hardened.  When we pulled away, she stilled held me.  Her face was blushed and she was panting, eyes heavy with the lust coursing through her.

“I can’t stop thinking about fucking you,” she whispered.  Her hand rubbed me and I groaned.  “I’m so wet, Michael.  It’s hard to think.  You smell so good and all I want to do is ride your cock.  God, you have no idea.  Ever since I woke up, even with what happened, the first thought I had was to just sit on your dick.”

I reached over to pull the blanket away from her but her eyes snapped open and she pulled back, shivering.

“No,” she said, lip trembling.  “No.”

I gently took the blanket and pulled.  Anne looked down, biting her lip.

Eight small nipples lined her belly beneath her breasts.   Each nipple sat atop dark areola but her stomach was lean and firm.  I reached for one but she pulled away.  I waited and then reached again.

“I’m… I’m a freak,” Anne said.  “I woke up and was like this.  I, ooohhhh…”

My finger pressed against one of the small nipples and Anne leaned into me.  We kissed as I rubbed the nipple just below her belly button.  Her hips rocked and she moaned until I moved my hand down further.  We broke apart and she pushed my hand away, shoving both of her small hands between her legs.

“No,” Anne told me, eyes downcast.  “No, please, not there.  I…. please.”

“Anne,” I replied.  “Let me see.”

“You won’t… I’m a… I’m a freak.   You won’t… It’s gross.  Something’s wrong with me.”

Without a word, I gently moved her hands and spread her trembling legs.  Her pussy was swollen and lightly furred.  The lips were changed, large black lips showing the animal she’d been.  She tried to close her legs again but I held them open.  Carefully, I leaned forward between her thighs.  Anne looked away, covering her mouth.  I felt the heat from her engorged sex.  Anne pushed at my head, as if to move me away but it was weak and she said nothing as I got closer.

“Please,” Anne whispered.  “Don’t.  Please.”

My lips touched her pussy and Anne jerked, fingers now clutched in my hair.  I kissed her lips and then sat up, pulling her against me.  I could feel her heart pounding in her chest .  After a moment, she worked her ass back until it rested against my cock.  Her skin was smooth and warm against me.  She took my hand gently and placed it lightly against her belly.  She moved it until my fingers brushed her nipples.

“Please,” she whispered again.

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  1. Did you have anyone in mind when “picturing” Anne? I’m ashamed to say that I didn’t catch that she’s black until this most recent re-reading, and now my mental picture of her needs adjusting…

    • I don’t usually go into details for characters since I like to let readers make up their own images. But I mentioned briefly that she’s black in the first story. I believe? Briefly so don’t feel bad!

      All I have is that she’s slim and black and pretty with straight black hair. Not too much beyond that.

      Good to see you here!

      • Yup, this is the first story and it’s mentioned up there… but yeah, like you said, briefly.

        Thanks for the insight; I understand why you’d want to leave it to the reader. Ordinarily I’d be fine, but it’s the sudden realisation that she’s black that’s thrown off my mental image of her.

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