The Club

A young man grabs the wrong drink in a club and finds himself changing.

Loud music thumped repetitively throughout the club while lights flashed and spun and pulsed.  The center of the club was full of couples and single people dancing and grinding against each other.  Booths, couches and bar stools lined the walls.  The DJ stood above all of them on a platform off to the side of the room, nodding and dancing in place while he adjusted settings on the large board in front of him.

“I can’t believe I let you talk me into this,” Jeremy said.  The young man was dressed in blue jeans and a plain black polo shirt.  “I’m going to starve this week just from paying the damn cover!”

“Relax!” Todd yelled over the music.  Like his friend, he had on blue jeans but wore a faded t-shirt with the word ‘STUD’ above a large stallion overlooking several mares.  Jeremy hated the shirt but had long given up trying to get his friend to get rid of it.  “That’s the whole point, man!  To relax!”

“Finals are Friday!  Are you going to pass?” Jeremy asked nervously, glancing around the dance floor.  He pushed his glasses up and squeezed the bridge of his nose.  The sound seemed to dig deep into his brain.  “I’m worried!”

“Exactly!” Todd said.  He thumped his fingers against his thigh in time to the beat.  He caught a girl bouncing her butt back against another girl, both of them dissolving into laughter.  Todd leered at them.

“I have three dollars, man,” Jeremy continued.  He sighed at the sudden lull in music.  It felt wonderful.  “Three.  Dollars.  And you know I’m not good at… at… this.  All of this.”

“I’ve got us covered,” Todd said, eyes tracking all the women dancing around the club.

“How?” Jeremy asked.  “Dude, you’re terrible with money.  If your parents didn’t send you care packages, you’d die.”

Todd sighed dramatically, rolling his eyes back.  “Watch and learn, man.  Watch and learn.”

The young man stood, dancing a few steps when the music came back on.  He made his way through the crowds, brushing up against a few women along the way.  The smell was intoxicating.  Alcohol and sweat and perfume and raging hormones.  His cock throbbed painfully in his jeans.  A crowd of people stood around the bar, waiting on their drinks.  The bar itself was a dark, glossy brown surrounded by a thick copper pipe.

Standing back, Todd waited.  Two women and a young man approached and the girls called out their drink order: a local amber beer.  The man ordered a whiskey and then said something to the girls.  They laughed and nodded and left, disappearing back into the crowd.  Todd turned to watch them go as the man lifted one finger towards the bartender.  When Todd turned back, the bartender was nodding and pocketing a $100 bill.  The other man walked away towards the bathroom.

Todd stepped closer to the bar and waited, watching the bathroom.  The bartender came back with two large glasses in his hand, setting them down before snatching a tumbler to fill with a random, nearly empty whiskey bottle.

“A hard cider!” Todd yelled.  The bartender nodded and turned.  As soon as he did, Todd took the two beers and quickly made his way back to the small couch where Jeremy waited.

“How,” Jeremy asked, eyes nearly bulging.  “How the fuck did you pay for those?”

“I know the bartender,” Todd shrugged.  “I can get one free round so why not?  Drink up, man.  Relax and enjoy yourself.  Then we go dancing.  Lots of hot single chicks out there just waiting for some stud to come along.”

“Nope,” Jeremy replied.  “I’ll take the drink but I’m not going out there.”

“Suit yourself.  More for me.”

Todd drank deeply, gulping down the smooth, cold beer.  Wiping his mouth, he sighed at the slight buzz he felt.  It had been a while since he’d had alcohol but he was a little surprised just that much would affect him.  Jeremy drank nervously from his own beer, nearly finishing it in one go.

“Slow down, man!” Todd laughed.  His head was buzzing pleasantly and he smiled at his friend.  Warmth spread through his body and he just felt so good.  “Plenty of time, man.”

“Are we still getting together tomorrow night to go over Dr. Hendrick’s stuff?”  Jeremy asked, licking his lips after finishing his drink.

“Hmm?” Todd said, turning to his friend.  “Oh, yeah.  I’ve got that class locked down.  Don’t worry about it, man.”  He reached out, patting Jeremy’s knee.  Jeremy’s eyes crinkled in confusion at the gesture.

Nodding his head to the beat, Todd bounced slightly, twisting his hips.  He watched a young woman dancing with her partner.  Eyes flicked to her chest and ass and he smiled, rubbing his crotch briefly.  The girl flexed back to grind at her partner and Todd watched.  He placed his hands on his knees and arched his back, mimicking the girl’s movements.  Satisfied, he nodded.  Pleased with himself.

“It’s good beer!” Jeremy said.  “When is- is it happy hour yet?  Maybe I could grab another glass.  I think you’re right.  I think I really needed to relax a bit.”

Todd patted Jeremy’s knee again, squeezing it briefly.

“I know you did, man,” Todd said.  He brushed his fingers through his brown hair, unaware of the light blond coloring showing at the roots.  “That’s why I brought you here.  It feels good, doesn’t it?  The music?  God, I just want to get out there and dance.”

Todd worked his hips back and forth.  The warmth in his body had begun to pool lower in his stomach until he could feel it heavy and full in his guts.  He flushed, laughing suddenly as a rush of hormones coursed through him.  Hiding his face behind his hand, cheeks burning, he looked over at this friend for a moment and then giggled.

One of his testicles shifted, pulling deep within his body.  He gasped, biting his lip as something pushed against his bladder.  The testicle slid along, pushed to the side by a budding uterus.  Red flesh sprouted from the tiny uterus to latch onto the testicle and it changed, cells forming until he had a single, perfect ovary.  Todd groaned, pushing lightly on his stomach.

“Hey, I gotta go to the bathroom, man!” Todd yelled.

“What?” Jeremy said, distracted by his own buzz.  He was Japanese and, although he liked alcohol, it didn’t take much to get him drunk.

Todd leaned closer to his friend, lips nearly brushing Jeremy’s ear.  He found himself breathing deeply. The other man smelled like books and beer and nervousness.  Below all of that was the smell of him that seemed to excite Todd.  His cock stirred . He could almost taste him.

“Bathroom,” Todd said.  He bit his lip as his rough shirt slid against his chest.  His tiny brown nipples swelled and tightened until they stood as thick and big as a pencil’s eraser.  His t-shirt tented out, showing his excitement.  The sharp sensation raced down from his nipples to his crotch and he squirmed.  His other testicle pulled into his body, leaving his sack deflated against his thighs.

Pressing his hand on Jeremy’s thigh, Todd groaned.  Bones in his hips cracked lightly and then reshaped around his growing uterus.  His second ovary pulled into place and he blushed again, his hairy chest reddening as another wave of hormones spread through him.  His ass filled out, soft new skin overflowing the tops of his suddenly tight jeans as his hips widened.

Without another word, Jeremy stood, wobbling briefly.  He pressed his hand against his head, blinking against the blood rushing loudly in his ears.  His short, curly hair slid slowly down the nape of his neck, more blond showing.  Todd pressed his hands against his lower stomach, groaning quietly at the cramps that struck like small, sharp knives within.

Todd seemed to swim through the sound and lights, held aloft in a dazed state.  He stared at everything with eyes too large, pupils dilated.  His eyelashes lengthened, more sprouting alongside the few he had until he blinked full, luscious lashes.  He giggled again, hiding a smile behind his hand.  The nails on the hand against his face slid slowly out, thick and clear.

Stumbling again, Todd reached the bathroom and pushed, stepping into the cool, quiet air.  He walked to an empty urinal to stand next to another man.  Todd struggled with his tight jeans, unbuttoning them and sighing at the release.  He nodded at the man next to him.

Todd felt his eyes drawing down.  His cheeks flushed when he caught sight of the man’s flaccid penis above a bush of thick, brown pubic hair. His ears burned as he felt himself grow aroused.  Sweat slid along his body and he shivered at his sudden sensitivity.  His cock throbbed half-hard in his hand and he looked away from the man next to him.

With a moan, Todd leaned forward, left hand on the cool tile wall.  The muscles in his hand and arm atrophied.  The hairs lining the back and side of his hand flaked away, falling lightly down to the urinal and floor.  The nails of his now feminine hand slid out.  Todd couldn’t stop seeing the man’s cock in his mind.  His mouth watered and he licked his lips.  They bulged under his tongue, swelling out full and firm and wide.

The man stepped away from the urinal and left.   Todd squeezed at his own pitiful erection, imagining it was the other man’s.  In his mind’s eye he was down on his knees, looking up.  Tugging at the man’s cock, smiling happily when it hardened in his small, soft hands.  Careful of his nails, he’d tug and pull and stroke until he couldn’t help himself.  He’d bend forth, the man’s hard cock slipping between his open, wet lips-

Todd cried out, voice cracking as he came.  Blood and thick white rope of cum splattered against the urinal.  Again and again he emptied himself of his sperm until his cock hung limp and small in his hands.  Beads of sweat dripped to the ground.  A few slid from his hairline, falling down to slide tantalizing down his chest.  The skin beneath his nipples bulged into tiny bumps, pushing his hard nipples against his shirt.  Tissue and ducts formed beneath those small mounds.

His milk came in.  Drops of white liquid welled from each sore nipple before being absorbed by his shirt.

Panting, face and ears burning from his orgasm, Todd pushed his cock into his tight jeans.  He nearly screamed as the head of his shrinking cock brushed the rough fabric.  His legs shook and he braced himself when waves of pleasure rocked through his body.  Todd pushed his cock down carefully and then made a face when he couldn’t button his jeans.  His ass swelled again, straining the fabric almost to breaking.

Finally, Todd gave up with a cute little ‘hmph!’ and turned, walking away from the mess he’d made with his very last male orgasm.

Todd worked his hips as he made his way back to the little couch.  Bones creaked in his back and legs and he nearly fell; instead leaning against a nearby wall.  Skin stretched along his shins.  The young man’s arm slowly slid up the wall while his legs grew beneath him.  His calves and thighs slimmed into long, lean legs before his thighs swelled to match his firm, wide ass.  His jeans pulled tighter against his body, showing a smooth ass crack and bare ankles.

Yawning wide, Todd’s face cracked.  His cheekbones moved as his face subtly changed.  His firm chin melted away to leave a small, soft bump.

The young woman adjusted her pants, careful of her nails.  She pushed herself away from the wall to stalk back to her spot with Jeremy.

“Hey hun,” she said, kissing the man’s cheek.  “Sorry I took so long.”

Jeremy turned, eyes wide with shock.  He blinked, too slowly and then squinted.  “T… Todd?”

Todd’s head spun.  She pressed her hands against her temples as some small part of her mind screamed in panic.

“I- I-” she stuttered.  Looking away, she suddenly stuck out her full lips in a pout.  “You finished my drink!”

Todd’s chest swelled, her t-shirt pulling away to reveal a smooth, firm belly.  Staring at Jeremy with faux anger, she crossed her arms beneath her growing bosom.  Jeremy’s eyes wandered down to her chest and Todd smiled triumphantly inside.  More and more her breasts bulged until the t-shirt formed tightly around them, showing the large areola, nipples and firm, soft flesh with every detail.  She brushed her long, blonde hair back over her ear and smiled at Jeremy, reaching a hand over to squeeze his upper thigh.

“I’m just joking, sweetie,” she said.  “I’m not really mad.  I just- ohhh…”  Todd clawed at Jeremy’s thigh, clenching her small hands.  Bones reshaped in her pelvis, forming a mound and her tiny cock slipped free of her pants. A small flap of skin grew from the top of her mound while her cock continued to shrink until the flap of skin covered her new clit.

The skin between Todd’s thighs bulged and swelled, pink turning to bright red as her growing sex became engorged. She cried out, leaning her head against Todd’s shoulders when a split formed between those puffy outer lips.  Clear liquid turned pink as blood mixed in with the sudden wetness she felt between her legs.  She moaned as her virgin pussy formed, contracting into a tight, wet, throbbing hole.

Her jeans were soaked with her wetness.  Todd grabbed Jeremy’s hand, her small, rounded face flushed red.  She guided him between her legs down into her unbuttoned jeans.  His fingers brushed her silky hair to slip between her swollen lips.

“Ow!” She cried out, taking Jeremy’s hand away.  Long, clear nails tipped each of his fingers.

Jeremy stared at his hand and Todd with growing horror.

“This… this… this…” his voice cracked, rising higher with each word.  Jeremy grabbed his throat, wincing at his Adam’s apple dissolved.  When he spoke again, his voice was sultry and feminine and panicked.  “Something’s wrong!”

Todd blinked long lashes in confusion.  Something bothered her but she couldn’t think of what it was.  Thinking was hard.  She held her friend’s hand and cooed quietly at him to calm him.

Jeremy’s face seemed to withdraw into itself.  The few wisps of hair in the mustache he’d tried to grow fell away to leave smooth skin.  His cheeks bulged while the rest narrowed into a pretty young Asian woman’s face.  He pressed his small hands against his chest, gasping, dropping his head.  Black hair slid from his scalp and it fell down around his face, covering him.  Jeremy’s glasses slid from his smaller face, forgotten as they clattered to the floor.

“It’s okay, sweetie,” Todd said, her lips tremulous.  She didn’t know what was happening but she knew something was wrong and her friend was in pain.  Tears dripped down to her gigantic tits.  “It’s okay.”

“T-t- Todd…” Jeremy said, her voice trembling with pain.  “It… oh god, it hurts.”  He sat back, tucking long, thick black hair away from his face.  The young man’s chest swelled and his shirt bulged to reveal his small, firm breasts through the open shirt.  He crossed his arms to hide the cleavage.  Two small round wet spots formed above his nipples.

“Oh,” Jeremy said, his face burning red.  He bit his lips, squirming with his small, smooth thighs as an ache formed between his legs.  He hugged Todd tightly, nails digging into the other woman’s back.  Todd patted Jeremy, whispering again and again that it would all be okay and that she would be fine.

“I’m not… oh god.  Oooohhhhh goooood…” Jeremy moaned, rocking his hips.  “I’m not a woman.  I just… I god, it’s hard to think.  It’s just….  I just…”

Todd kissed Jeremy deeply, their tongues swirling against each other.  She could feel the heat from the other woman’s burning face.  Todd pushed back weakly, hands pressing against Todd’s enormous breasts.

“Nice!” A passing man said, giving the two women a thumbs up before laughing and vanishing into the crowd.

Jeremy pushed hard, pulling away from her friend.  She wiped her mouth, panting.

“This isn’t…  Oh fuck god dammit son of a fucking-!” Jeremy gasped out with her smoky voice.  She felt wetness between her thighs, soaking her jeans as her own slit formed below her tiny cock.  Her hips bucked and rocked, rubbing her small, swollen pussy against the couch.  It felt amazing but she knew it was wrong.  She just couldn’t make herself stop.  Pressure was building within her body and her nipples were aching.  Painfully, sending sharp bites of pain and pleasure back down into her lower belly.

“Hey,” a voice called.  The young man from a minute ago was back.  Another man stood nervously with him.  “My friend and I were just wondering if you two were alone and wanted some company?”

“Yeah!” Todd cried out excitedly, her breasts bouncing.  Both men stared obviously at her large chest.

“I- no.  I-”  Jeremy said, shaking her head slowly.

Todd stood, grabbing her petite friend.

“Come oonnnn,” she said.  “I want to daaaaaance!”

Jeremy shook her head, grinding her teeth.  It wasn’t right and she… HE!  Knew it wasn’t but every other thought met with static.  When she looked up, she was facing the nervous man from earlier.  He grinned at her and took her hand.  Jeremy froze.  His touch sent shivers down her spine, straight to her aching, swollen sex.  The man turned her around and danced behind her.  Jeremy stared at Todd dancing nearby, the other woman’s breasts nearly bouncing out of the skin tight t-shirt.

Despite everything, Jeremy found herself moving.  She rocked her hips and leaned back with a jerk, sliding forward.  Her shirt scratched against her small nipples, destroying her train of thought with each movement.

No, she thought.  No, this isn’t, oh god but it feels amazing, this isn’t right. I’m not.  I’m not a woman.  Not a-

Her thoughts vanished as she felt the man’s hard cock pressed between her ass.  Jeremy pushed back involuntarily, glancing back at the man as she did.  Jeremy desperately needed her aching, throbbing wet pussy to be filled.  It was impossible to deny.  It was a burning emptiness deep between her legs and just the thought of the man’s hard cock filling her drove her wild.

I can’t, she thought again.  I can’t fight this.  I can’t.  I can’t.  Oh god, I want him so much.  This isn’t right but I want to feel him in me so bad.  Oh Jesus Christ.  Forcing herself to look away, Jeremy caught Todd facing her partner, the other woman’s hand down the man’s pants, stroking him while they kissed.

Sudden jealousy flared beneath Jeremy’s small breasts.  She wanted to cry from the ridiculousness of it but she couldn’t help feeling her own desire.

“We’re going,” Todd said, suddenly next to Jeremy.

Jeremy followed meekly, chest pounding with excitement and fear.  They made their way through the club and stepped into the cold night air.  Todd was laughing with her man, arms linked together.

Fingers twined through Jeremy’s fingers and she jumped, crying out.  Her partner looked anxiously at her.  He was holding her hand. Just holding her hand and her body lit up for him.  She was burning, lightning arcing along her skin.  Jeremy looked up at the man, face burning brightly and her heart pounding.  Jeremy held the man’s hand tightly.

“They’re leaving us behind,” the man whispered.  “You… you have beautiful eyes.”

Jeremy swallowed.  I don’t want to kiss him.  I don’t want that.  I’m not gay.  I’m not.  I’m NOT.  His face was so close to hers.  So close.  And he was handsome.  A bit of scruff, nice lips and so tall with big, strong arms enough to wrap around her-

Turning, Jeremy followed Todd and then frowned as the other two slipped into a side alley.  She followed and then stopped, eyes wide.  Todd was on her knees, enthusiastically bobbing up and down on her partner’s large cock.  The other woman had fingers in her pants, moaning as she sucked on him.  Spit shined on her cheeks and chin.

“Jesus, Larry,” Jeremy’s partner (partner?! She asked herself incredulously) whispered.

Mesmerized, Jeremy watched the other woman.  She found herself growing damp and shifted, her thighs rubbing against her swollen pussy lips and tiny cock.  She was focused on the other man’s cock.  She almost felt it in her mouth and she quickly rubbed the top of her mouth with her tongue, swirling her tongue around.

“I’m so sorr-” the young man started.

“Kiss me,” Jeremy said.  Her eyes focused on Todd.

“Are… yeah?”

Without waiting and knowing that she’d soon lose her nerve, Todd turned and went to her tip-toes to kiss the young man full on the lips.  He wrapped his arms around her and she relaxed, going down to her feet as he bent down to her.  They kissed deeply and she felt herself melt in his arms.  He was so warm.  After an eternity, they pulled apart.

“Did… did you like that?” He asked, eyes locked on hers.

“Yes,” she whispered.  No.  No, I didn’t.  I’m not.  I’m not gay.  Jeremy looked down.  “Again.”

“I’m sorry?” The man said.

“Kiss me ag-”

This time the man interrupted her, picking her head up to kiss her deeply and she wrapped herself around him until she gasped out when her back thudded against a hard wall.  She lost herself in it, gasping and moaning as the man’s fingers worked along her body.  When Jeremy came to, panting, burning, needing, Todd was standing and wiping her chin.  The other woman looked down at a mound of cum on her hand.  She smiled and lapped it up.

Jeremy groaned, shifting her feet.

“I hope,” Todd said, looking at her man. “That there’s more where that came from?”

“Oh yeah,” her man said, voice husky while he zipped up his pants.

“Are you-?  Do you want to-?”  Jeremy’s partner said.

No, she thought.  Oh god, no.  I’m not a woman.  I’m not.  I’m NOT. Oh Jesus fuck I’m-

“Yes,” she said.  She reached for him, hand sliding down to his crotch to squeeze his hard cock.  It felt huge in her small hands.

The walk to the men’s dorm was short but every step took years for Jeremy.  Her mind fought her every stop while her body remembered the man’s touch.  The man’s lips on hers.  How she felt in his arms.  How empty she was.  How fucking fantastic he smelled.  Her thighs felt sticky and she desperately wanted to touch herself.  But, more than that, she wanted HIM to touch her.

She didn’t remember walking into the house.  She couldn’t remember stepping into the room.  And, yet, here she stood, nearly vibrating from nervousness and desire.  Todd and her man wasted no time getting naked, throwing clothes as they chased each other into a bed on the far side of the room.  Todd’s loud moans soon filled the room making Jeremy blush down to her toes.  Beside her, her partner shifted and cleared his throat.

“You, uhh,” he said.  She looked at him and her pulse sped while she cursed it.  “You don’t have to do this, you know?”

“I-” Jeremy paused.  I don’t.  I really really don’t.  I can just… I can just leave.  I can go back to my dorm and just… just touch myself.  Just work out this ache.  Oh god.  Oh god.  Just… just touch myself and rub myself until I cum and then maybe I’ll be done.  Maybe it’ll just-

Todd screamed and Jeremy glanced at her.  She was riding the other man, large ass slapping the man’s thighs while the man squeezed her enormous tits.  The other woman fell against the man, her body shaking.  Jeremy watched, hoping and praying for some small changes to show after her friend’s orgasm.  Some small changes to show she was turning back into a man.  Anything.

“I hope there’s more where that came from,” Todd’s partner said with a laugh.

Without an answer, Todd pushed herself up, nipples brushing the man’s hairy chest.  She worked her hips up and down, back and forth, smiling at the man.

I could… Jeremy thought.  I could just… what does it feel like?  That?  What… what is it like?  She could feel her partner’s warm arms around her still.  She could taste him on her lips.  What would it feel like with him inside of her?

Slowly, shyly, Jeremy grabbed bottom of her shirt and lifted, shivering as it slid over her aching nipples.

Oh god, she thought. What if I look wrong?  What if I’m still a-

She couldn’t finish the thought.  Turning away from her partner, she slid the shirt off and dropped her to look down at herself.  Her small, pert breasts were firm and perfect and she breathed a sigh of relief.  Crossing her arms to cover her breasts, she turned back to her lover.  She couldn’t look him in the eyes.  Her face was on fire and she wanted him to touch her but she couldn’t find the words.

Gently, her lover took her hands and pulled.  Jeremy felt a single tear leak from her eyes.  Whether from shame at her change or just pure emotions rolling through her body, she couldn’t tell.  She jumped, gasping as he touched her nipple.  And then, he went to a knee before her.  Jeremy looked away, hands to her side as her lover pressed his face against her breast.  His tongue flicked lightly at her nipple and Jeremy shuddered.  He worked his tongue in a circle over her fat nipple.

With a moan and a sigh, Jeremy reached her arms around the boy’s head, holding him tight against her breast.  She felt a sharp tickling sensation that grew within her breast and shot lightning down to the building pressure between her thighs.  She hissed when the boy tugged at her jeans.

Todd cried out again, giggling as she came for a second time.

“I’m sorry,” Jeremy’s partner said.  “We can just-”

Jeremy reached for her own buttons and turned again.  Her heart beat in her chest and her one nipple shined wetly in the overhead light.  It felt sore in a good way but her other nipple ached for the same attention.

Slowly, Jeremy worked her jeans down her slim waist.  They pooled around her feet.  Her ass was small and rounded and there was a small gap between her thin thighs.  She flushed as she realized her cock was still there.  Barely half an inch long, it jutted from beneath a fleshy hood.  The head of it was no longer flared and it glistened red but it was still not what it should be.

Oh no.  Oh no, I’m a freak.  I’m a freak.  I can’t.  Oh no.  Tears welled at her eyes and she almost reached for her pants until she felt a large warm hand on her smooth back.

“You’re beautiful,” her partner said.  “My name’s Jonathon.  Jonathon Reid.  I’m… I’m not dating anyone but, uhh, but if you’re interested?  Maybe?  I could?  We don’t have to do this tonight.  Why don’t we get coffee and get to know each other?”

A single tear dropped from Jeremy’s eyes.  Amazingly, she felt herself relax.  His voice was so soothing.  She could hear the concern and desire in his voice and it sent a thrill along her body.  She wanted him, this man.  She wanted this man.

Jeremy arched her back, pressing herself against the man’s crotch.  She rubbed him, biting her lip as his bulging jeans slid against her wetness.

“I’m-” she paused.  “I’m Jenny.  I… I need you.  Tonight.  Now.  I need you.”  And she knew it was true.  Desperately true.

Jonathon unzipped his pants and Jenny felt his thick, warm cock slap against her lower back.  She moaned, pressing back and forth to feel it slid against her smooth skin.  Warm, strong hands gripped her shoulders while she moved.  She rocked, finding her rhythm and suddenly felt his balls against her pussy.  It was too much.  It much for her to resist.

Reaching back with a slim hand, Jenny took Jonathon’s cock.  It throbbed in her hand and she gripped it, pulling at it while admiring his girth.  The ache in her belly flared and she gasped, rocking forward until the head of his cock slid against her sopping wet lips.

“Ohhhh,” Jenny moaned.  “Ohhh Jesus.”  She held him in place and slowly pushed back, hissing as her muscles opened for the first time.  It hurt badly and she froze, trying to relax.

“Are you okay?” Jonathon asked.  His voice was deep and his fingers dug into her shoulders.

“Yes,” Jenny gasped.  “Yes.  Just.  I’m-”

“Are you a-”

“Just slowly.”  She bit her lip again to keep from crying out.  Sliding back millimeter by millimeter.  It hurt badly but the pleasure of him inside of her was unlike anything she’d ever felt.  She felt his head rubbing against … things… inside of her.  It slid against a certain spot that made her gasp and then kept going.  Further and further until she could take no more.  She convulsed against him and her tight virgin lips flared out around his thick cock as he pulled out.

“I’ll be gentle,” he told her.  “If it’s too much, just say and I’ll stop.  You okay?”

“Y- yesssss,” Jenny breathed out.  She lifted her hips, flexing her middle as she pushed back again.  This time, she felt more of him rubbing against her and the sharp pain was already beginning to fade, replaced by a dull thudding ache.  “Y- you move too.  This. This far.  I can’t… I can’t take any more of you.”

Jenny blushed at her words.  At what she was saying.  Her ears burned but she didn’t care.  Not any more.  She reached out, hands against the wall, holding herself in place while Jonathon pulled himself out.  Her miniscule cock flipped and flopped as the man fucked her pussy and, slowly, it pulled further under the fleshy hood.  Jenny found herself matching her lover’s rhythm to push back as he pushed forward.

Her body was alive.  Everywhere Jonathon put his hands felt good but as soon as he gripped her hips, Jenny cried out.  His short fingernails dug into her side, clawing her carefully and she shuddered, losing the motion for a moment before finding it again.  Back and forth, in and out.  The flesh above her pussy flared out into a small, delicate mound and she rocked again, gasping in surprise when she felt his balls against her pussy.

She’d taken all of him inside of her.  Every single inch of him where before, half of him had hurt her badly.  Every inch of him and she craved more.

The head of her old cock pulled further until it was completely covered.  The bulging hood pulled tight into her pussy and Jenny cried out when Jonathon’s cock rubbed against her clit for the first time.  Her ears burned as she moaned and gasped like the porn stars she used to masturbate to but she couldn’t help it.  The sounds were torn from her with each thrust.

She cried out for her lover.  Told him to fill her, felt herself grow even more wet when his fingers gripped and pulled at her long hair.  Felt herself slamming her small, rounded ass hard back against him eagerly.  Bouncing on his cock.  Begging him to fuck her.  To fill her.  The words just poured from her mouth.

The world vanished in a burst of white.  Jenny screamed loud and long as her first orgasm rolled through her body.  She fell but Jonathon caught her, his cock slipping free of her contracting, pulsing pussy.  That sent her over the edge again and she curled into a small ball, jerking while stuttering to speak.  Firecrackers went off in a wave down her body and she nearly bit her tongue.

Sounds returned slowly.  Todd and her partner were still fucking.  Gasping, talking dirty, moaning, growling and bouncing until their bed creaked from it.  Jonathon reached out for Jenny but she jerked back from his touch.

“T-t-t-too,” she stuttered.  “S-s-s-sens-i-tive.”  She felt his heat as he sat next to her.  His hands stroked her hair and she sighed.

“First time?” Jonathon asked quietly.

“Y-y-y-yes,” Jenny nodded, her head jerking.  She calmed by increments as he stroked her hair until, finally, she reached for him.  She was surprised by her lack of hesitation.  She was no longer disgusted by the thought of him.  She wasn’t sure whether that should scare her or not but all she knew was that she needed to touch him.  To feel him.  His fingers twined into hers and they lay there quietly like that for a long time, both lost in their own world.

“Did… did you?”  Jenny asked, blushing at the question.

“No,” Jonathon answered.

“I- I could-” Jenny’s blush deepened at the thought of taking him in her mouth.  Her body stirred at the image but she winced and groaned at the pain between her legs.

“No,” he said again.  “It doesn’t matter.  Not tonight.  Can I touch you?”

Jenny nodded and she felt the man’s arms under her.  She was lifted in the air, naked.  Aching.  Sore.  Her body still sensitive.  Still wanting him.  Have I always been this light? She wondered.  As… as a man?

Jonathon carried Jenny to his bed and lay her down carefully.  He crawled in behind her and reached up to cover them both with an old, ragged blanket.  Jenny blushed as she realized Todd was still fucking the other man.  How in the world can she keep going like that?  A part of her was jealous again and she wriggled her hips back against Jonathon but then bit back a gasp of pain.

“Really,” Jonathon said.  “It’s fine.  In a bit I’ll grab you some pain medicine.  You’re going to need it.  Just, just for now I wanted to hold you.”  The man reached around, large warm hand grabbing Jenny’s right breast carefully.   She sighed and settled back against him.

A million thoughts and questions raced through Jenny’s mind.  Jenny, she thought.  Jenny now.  I’ll have to use that and get used to it.  Oh god, classes.  I don’t- my ID is for Jeremy.  I’m not registered-!  Will I change back?  Will this fade?  What if-

Jonathon sensed her distress and pulled her close.  Jenny’s mind slowly quieted.  Held tight, surrounded by her lover’s warmth, she relaxed.  She felt his hard cock against her ass and back, sticky with her own cum.  From her own pussy.  She still wanted him badly.  Wanted to know what it was like to feel him cum inside of her.  Wanted to feel her own orgasms again.  And again.  And again.  They were incredible.

Jenny shifted and reached back, dragging Jonathon’s cock down and between her legs.  It rested against her slick, hot pussy and she slowly rubbed against it, back and forth.  She was so incredibly sore and knew more sex would be terribly painful but just this slight motion was enough to build her up.

“Slow, Jenny,” Jonathon whispered.  “Slow.  I’m all-”

“Shh,” she whispered back to him, slowly working her slim hips back and forth.  “Oh, Jonathon.”  She blushed at saying his name for the first time.  With her silky, sexy voice.  She rocked a little faster and the man’s hands tightened against her breast, kneading it and massaging her.  It felt amazing and her hips sped up and she felt him jerk.  He tried to pull back but ended up angling his cock instead.

Jonathon came all over Jenny’s small tits and stomach.  She shuddered as a small orgasm flashed through her.  Cooing and sighing at her lover, she felt him spurt again and again.  The scent of him filled the air and his cum was slick and warm on her skin.  She fought an urge to taste it and, instead, just reveled in the texture and smell of it.  She rubbed it against her skin, spreading it all over her body.  Before she could lose her nerve, she tasted a bit of it against the tip of her mouth.  It was salty and starting to go cold but not as terrible as she imagined.  As Jonathon’s cum dried on her body, she licked her finger clean, rubbing the taste of him all over her mouth.

“Thank you,” Jonathon whispered, kissing the top of her head.  Jenny blushed at what she’d done and his gesture but felt herself glow with pleasure.  He shifted behind her.  “I’ll grab you some Ibuprofen.”

“No,” Jenny said, pushing herself back against him.  “Stay.”

Settling back, nuzzling herself in Jonathon’s arms and feeling her eyelids droop, she sighed and whispered again.


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