Layers Chapter 4

The smell is intoxicating.  My smell.  I should be getting a boner but there’s nothing there.  I can’t even say that I’m feeling a ghost of one because, I’m not.  Instead, I feel this pressure building – this tiny ache below my belly button and my pulse speeds up.  There’s a … shit, what do I call it?  The inside of my – my pussy, it’s… no… hmmm… I want to touch myself and dip my fingers inside but I’m going to wait and take my time.  The inside reminds me of my mouth.  It’s there.  There’s stuff there but it’s not like stuff rubbing together constantly.  The only thing is, I can feel the liquid pooling inside.  Like drooling – I can feel it against the inside of my mouth and it’s similar here.

My pussy is engorged.  The, shit, outer lips?  I laugh and it’s an odd laugh.  I feel almost like I’m high on something.  Endorphins, maybe?  My heart is racing and I just feel incredibly amazing.  I want to run and wrestle and – my laugh bubbles up and it sounds rich.  Not at all like my voice.  I’m going to have to record myself talking later just to hear what I sound like.  But, the pussy.  I want to wriggle my legs together and feel how the lips rub against me.  I want to taste the liquid shining on my lips.  No.  I’ll take my time.  It’s just really damn hard to not do something.

My breasts have stopped growing.  I think.  They’re full against my chest, flattened out somewhat with the nipples lower and mostly straight.  I can feel the weight of them against my chest.  The aureole is slightly puckered and big.  The nipples are definitely… I’m rocking my hips side to side, feeling my ass against the heels of my feet.  Oh.  Oh, yes.  The motion is rubbing my pussy lips together slightly and it’s delicious.  The – damn.  Yes.  Damn.  The lips are preesssssss… pressing against the c…clit… fuck.  My hands go to my thighs, the inside of them and I’m kneading at the skin, taut and smooth.  I have decent fingernails and they’re digging into the flesh.  I can almost feel the heat radiating from my wet cunt.  I’m pulling my thighs open and closed and rocking with my hips.  The smell from my pussy is getting stronger and stronger.  The pressure below my belly button is building even more.  Like a thunderstorm brewing in the distance.

It takes every ounce of willpower to stop myself.  I want it.  I want the release.  I want to touch my cunt to feel it against my fingers, to know what I feel like.  But, I’ll do it when I’m ready.  I just… the feeling of need is hard to resist.  I can feel it in my teeth nearly – they itch slightly.  I want to bite into something.  Riled up from the smell of me and the need to cum.  My faint moan turns into a growl as I stop and settle down.  A very small growl.  When I sit back on my heels again, they pull at my ass cheeks which in turn opens my pussy and I nearly lose it right there.  Nearly give into this crazy lust.  My mind is in a fog.  Fuck.  Fuck.

So, I stand.  And stagger slightly – I’m off centered.  My tits pull at me enough to notice.  At least enough after living as a guy for as long as I have.  Hell, my ass feels heavy.  That I can even FEEL my ass is different.  Oh.  And the pussy.  Yeah.  I can feel that.  My thighs are apart if I stand with my feet in line with my shoulders but if I put them together?  Fucking-a, yeah.  I can feel them rubbing and… I make that little “Haaaaahnnn!” noise and catch myself on the edge of my end table.  My breasts swing forward a bit.  That’s… that’s really different.

“Camera!  Where’s my fucking camera?!”  And why am I talking out loud to myself?  It takes a moment for me to remember where I left my camera but I find it and then make my way to my bedroom.  If this goes away, you can be damn sure I’m going to have photos to remember it.  And videos.  Also, I hate to admit it but I want to see them after.  In case I’m imagining all of this.

I’m taller and my arms and legs are different.  I know my arms are longer because I keep hitting things with them.  I’m used to where everything is in the house and can almost find the light switch and other stuff with my eyes closed but now I’m off a bit.  I just seem to be taller than I remember.  Not by a lot but enough to notice.  The standing mirror I inherited from my mother (I never understood why she thought I should have it) is in the corner.  I move it to the side of the bed without looking.  I’m actually nervous.  I almost don’t want to look at myself.  What if I don’t see the woman?  What if I do but I’m ugly?  I never thought I was a particularly handsome guy so what if that translates here?

I pick a spot above and to the right of the mirror while I stand back, facing it.  I watch that spot as I feel my heart in my throat.  It takes over a minute before I look down and into the mirror.  All my fears are gone.

I’m beautiful.

That’s all I know how to describe it.  I have a heart shaped face with shoulder length brown hair and hazel/golden eyes.  Curly hair.  Why did the color change?  I’ve always had blonde hair.  My nose is small and cute – it fits perfectly with my face.  Slight dimples.  My cheeks are red – high cheekbones.  I’d say my eyes were sparkling but that sounds overly poetic.  Slightly tanned looking.  Bangs?  That’s the right word, right?  The part above the eyes.  My eyebrows are thin and well-trimmed with not a small hair out of place.  Eyelashes… I get closer and see they’re long but not especially thick.  I run my fingers through my hair, feeling the fingernails against my scalp.  Thick hair that my fingers just glide through, even with the curls.

The effect is disconcerting.  There’s a beautiful woman standing in the mirror.  A beautiful naked woman.  But, it’s me.  I know it’s me.  It’s just really confusing to look in a mirror and see someone completely different.  Very confusing.  I’m turned on by the woman in the mirror.  Turned on by myself.  Is that vain?  It can’t be considered vain because it’s me but it’s not… fuck.  Next up, the psyche ward.  I break it down for myself – the woman I’ve become is hot.  Done.  I’m not about to start down the existential road of self-doubt.

My breasts are large.  I finally touch them and they’re slightly heavy but soft.  I heft them, massaging them as I do.  It feels really nice but not crazy like the nipples when they’re played with.  Nipples that I don’t dare touch right now.  I’m not thin.  I look strong.  Almost like a girl raised on a farm.  A sexy farm girl.  I grin at the thought and the woman grins back at me impishly.  Now her eyes DO sparkle.  My breath catches in my throat at the image.  I don’t have a six pack but it doesn’t look like I have an ounce of fat on my body so my muscles show.  I look like a larger version of an Olympic volleyball lady.  Don’t judge me – I like women’s volleyball for the skill.  Seriously.  But, that same toned look with more… woman.  My hips flare out with my ass showing slightly at the side.  My thighs are strong and thick – like I do a lot of walking or running or something with my legs.  The top insides of the thighs are slick from my pussy.  I almost touch myself right then but I hold back.

I have calf muscles and when I turn to look, I admire both them and my ass.  The space between a lady’s thighs and ass is one of my favorites and this wom… I… have it.  I bend over, grabbing the wall and look behind me, seeing the way my pussy looks between my thighs.  Seeing the woman look back with this incredibly sexy, serious look on her face.  I want.  Jesus, I want it.

Dammit!  Pictures!  I’m apparently a camera whore now.  I take so many pictures and videos of myself – including a duck lips one (on purpose!) and ones of me on the bed, doggy-style.  Every kind of sexy picture I can imagine.  All without touching my pussy or nipples.  I know what will happen when I do that.  I know what that’ll start.  I kill the battery with how many pictures I take but not before looking through a few of them.  The small bit of worry I had vanishes – they’re all pictures of the woman I saw in the mirror.  Logically, I could see how a crazy person could still imagine the pictures being fake but, seriously, that’s a lot of brain power needed to “see” the women in different positions like that.  And, in the end, if I’m imagining it and it feels this good then they can lock me up and I won’t really care.  It feels real to ME.

The mirror gets pushed to the end of the bed and I sit at the edge facing it.  My heart is beating so fast now.  I can feel the wetness between my legs sticking slightly as I open my thighs.  My pussy lips are a light brown but I can see the faint hint of pinkness inside.  My upper body is actually rocking slightly with each heartbeat.  I start slow – touching the bit of wetness on the thigh next to my cunt and then bringing my finger to my nose, breathing in deeply.  I moan and close my eyes from the scent.  My fingers automatically go to my mouth, in deep to the back of my tongue and then out as I clean myself off.  It’s different with just the woman’s taste and no cum but still intensely erotic.  Slightly funny to me that I have no issue tasting myself as a woman but refuse to taste my own cum as a man.  I blush when my brain helpfully offers up memories of me cleaning cum off of my fingers the other night.

Finally, I bring my fingers down to my pussy.  It’s electric – sensitive where I touch the lips but it goes straight to the pit of my stomach.  The lips stick for a moment as I spread them apart.  My ass and hips wriggle at the feeling, nearly jerking.  I’m pink and wet inside.  Shiny.  The feeling of my fingernails against my own pussy lips and the pressure against the engorged labia makes me twist and wriggle even more, biting my lower lip and breathing out a husky sigh.  My left hand goes to my left tit, massaging and squeezing and rubbing.  I can’t stop it any more.

My middle finger goes into my pussy.  So fucking wet and tight.  Holy Jesus Fucking Christ.  My head slams back, mouth open as I push in, feeling the sharpness of my nail dragging against the skin.  It’s … I moan and mewl and push deep into myself, pinching my fat nipple at the same time.  The sensations slam into my lower stomach and I collapse down onto the bed.  I’m incredibly wet.  Another finger joins the first and I have to push a bit to make it in.  My hips jerk at the push and now they’re rocking against the fingers, trying to fuck them.  As if I didn’t have control over them.  My body is eager and needy for the feeling of … I brush something in the middle top of my pussy with my fingernail and I can’t help but gasp at it.  Some slightly rigid bumpy piece inside my cunt.  I find it again but my nails keep scratching before my fingers do.  I’ve never had long nails but the woman does so I’m not used to it.  Instead, I pull out and press the length of my fingers against my pussy and clit, the fingers partially inside.  And then, rubbing down against the clit, I push into myself and out again.

My whole body is on fire from the feelings.  I don’t even know what I’m doing with my hand on my breast any more except that it’s adding to everything else.  My breathing is getting ragged.  I can’t think any more and my eyes are closed.  I’m just one live wire with the terminal deep in my gut, pushing harder and harder until I feel like it should hurt.  It … It should… there… what…

I scream when I orgasm.  Loudly.  Shrieking wordlessly.  I feel liquid gushing out of my pussy – hot and wet but my hand flies out to grab the bed sheets to futilely hold on as I jerk and buck against the orgasm, this hard wave from the pit of my stomach combined with this sharp feeling coming from my pussy… the clit?  Like a string of firecrackers going off.  My thighs are soaking wet and my scent fills the room strongly.  I thrash against the sheets, drumming my feet.  I’ve never in my life experienced an orgasm this hard.  I can’t … I pass out from it.

Briefly.  Seconds later my eyes snap open and I’m still shaking from it.  I touch my chest, suddenly horrified that I dreamed the whole thing but, no, I still have tits.  Soft, large and the … that was a mistake.  Another orgasm, smaller than the first but still hard, hits me and I’m gasping and rolling onto my side, rubbing my legs together over and over, hugging my chest and shaking from it.  Pulling my knees to my chest into a tight little ball.

“F…fuu…f… fuuu… fuck! Th… this is… this … fuck!”  I can’t even fucking talk.  My whole body is lighting up from the feeling of it.  Incredible.  Rubbing my legs together presses and rubs my pussy lips.  I can feel how wet I am.  My thighs are soaked.  Oh.  There’s a wet spot in the bed, right under me.

It takes several minutes for my body to stop shaking.  My muscles actually hurt from it;  I feel like I’ve done 500 sit-ups all at once.  The wet spot is huge.  Did I squirt?  Is that what this is?  I’ve heard about it but I’ve never been with a woman that’s squirted.  Should I be embarrassed?  Is it normal?  Wait, what the fuck is normal, anyway?  I’m a fucking guy that turned into a woman.  I laugh again.  Jesus.  This stuff… the wet spot on the bed and my thighs – it’s not thick like the stuff in my pussy – it’s more like a liquid.  There’s a ton of it.  Getting cold quickly so I move over a bit.  And then taste myself with the hand that was buried in my pussy.  And then more.  And more.  Always pushing my fingers in like… oh, shit.  Yes, like I’m giving a blow job.  That thought doesn’t make me stop or make me less turned on in any way.

The whole room smells heavily of sex.  Saturated in it.  From my cum – squirting all over the bed and my body.  My chest is still heaving from the orgasm and I want more.  I have no idea how women ever leave their beds.  Granted, it probably gets old after a while and I’m just enjoying all of these new sensations but they’re completely overwhelming.  I don’t have to wait to get hard again.  I know that if I just start again, I’ll have another orgasm.  Simple as that.  And, Jesus, I want it.

So, I do.  Over and over.  I learn a little bit about my body and what feels good and where but I think I have a lot to learn.  I don’t always squirt – it seems to be a specific thing and mostly when I’m playing with my clit and fingering myself at the same time.  It’s not something I can magically make happen but it does happen some times.  By the time I’m done, two hours have passed since I’ve come home and my pussy lips are sore from all the rubbing.  The bed is entirely soaked in my cum and I want to just roll around in it.  If I could move, anyway.  I’m so exhausted from the orgasms that I decide to find a non-wet spot and curl up under the covers.  Naked.  Sated.  Extraordinarily happy.  I roll around under the blankets, rubbing my legs against each other and my hands along my smooth body.  Everything just feels so sensitive and alive and wonderful.

I hadn’t realized I fell asleep until I suddenly wake up.  Frantic.  Sitting up in bed, suddenly terrified that it’s all gone again.  But, no, my breasts hang against my chest, heavy enough to notice and I can feel my pussy lips on the bed sheet.  I wriggle against them and their soreness is mostly gone. I stretch and growl contentedly, legs out and arms up, feeling the way my tits move against my chest as I do.  I’m feeling… hmmm… saucy?  Sexy?  Self-confident?  Something is different from before.  I want to prowl around and … and what?  Go out?  In what clothes?  To do what?  Find a woman or…?  All I have here are my fingers.  I could go out and buy a dildo or something and look ridiculous in my clothes (old, baggier clothes?) but that doesn’t sound appealing.  Oh.  I got it.

Standing, I find some old pants that are short (so, I am taller!) but loose enough to not be a problem – even if my ass still stretches it.  An old shirt works well enough but it takes me several minutes to stop staring at myself in the mirror.  Staring at the beautiful woman in the mirror with large tits pressed against a tight shirt, nipples pressing hard against the fabric.  I can feel the loosening inside my cunt and the liquid gathering again as I get turned on.  I’m still not used to seeing the hot woman in the mirror as being “me” – I just see this hot lady wearing tight men’s clothing.  And, I have to admit, I have a slight thing about seeing women in guy’s clothes.  How backwards is that?  A man, turned into a woman, having a kink for seeing a woman in men’s clothing?  I grin and it’s impish and definitely cute.

To the computer!  I have a small laptop I use for Internet and movies and whatnot.  Track pad turned off and small mouse hooked up to it because I can’t stand working a track pad.  That turns out to be advantageous because I also suck at fingernails.  And the keyboard feels strange with my fingers now – everything is ever so slightly off.  The fingernails slide off of the keys so it takes me a bit to get going.

Craigslist.  Specifically the casual encounters section.  Through my experiences on the dating side of the website, I’ve found it to be hit and miss but more miss than hit.  Quite a lot of people I wouldn’t consider attractive.  I have, however, browsed w4m and sometimes w4w to look at pictures and read a few profiles.  I’ve tried NSA w4m but was hit with so many fake responses that I quickly gave up.  Not worth the effort.  The few that were real were very much not for me for different reasons.  But, NSA w4w had quite a few where the ad seemed real and the women were very attractive.  So, why not?  Contrary to how I look, I still love pussy.  The image of me (strangely, pictured as a man still) going down on a woman makes my insides churn and the pressure build.  I ache slightly inside at the thought of sex.  Hot lady sex.

Casual encounters.  Click!  m4w, w4m, m4m, w4w, mw4mw, mw4m, mw4w… the list just goes on and on and on.  w4w… click!  I can usually spot the fake ads so I skip those.  Ads with pictures first, naturally.  I back out of a couple before finding a nice headless photo of a girl with a hot body.  Mmmmmm… yeah.  Definitely still into women.  My right hand goes down to my clit while I read her profile and glance at her picture.  I’m getting pretty good at the whole clit thing.  Touching it bare is no good.  Way, way too sensitive.  But, rubbing the skin around it works really well.  I bring my fingers to my mouth, sucking on them slowly to make them wet and then down and into my pants to play.  I moan and wriggle against the feeling but I try to play lightly in order to focus on what I’m doing.

It’s just… it’s just really hard to do.  With my fingers there and imagining another woman’s touch on me, sucking on my nipples – god, what would that feel like?  Having someone else sucking on my tits?  Going to my hands and knees to lift her hips, tasting her pussy and feeling my own wetness.  Feeling hands on my hips and a dick… wait.  No, that’s not me.  I’m superimposing myself as a man into the scene again.  Mentally seeing a woman on her hands and knees and seeing myself taking her from behind.  But I’m the woman, too.  And the man… he’s faceless, generic.  It’s not actually me.  No, but I’m going down on the woman.  Not thinking of the man pressing his thick cock against my wet cunt.  My breath is ragged as the image hits me.

“Haaah… haaaah…. haaaaahnnnn…” I’m squeezing my thighs against my hand as I push and rub against my clit.  The other woman is gone.  All I’m seeing is the lady (me) on her hands and knees, head down, ass up while the man pressess into her (me).  Hands around her (my) ass, plump but strong with muscle underneath.  Feeling those hands on my hips and the dick pressing into me – is it like my fingers?  What would it be like?  To feel it but not see it?  To have my head buried in the bed while my cunt is filled with a hard dick?  I’ve never fucked a woman without seeing her.  Whether she’s on her back, knees, stomach or on top, I can always see her.  What would it be like to be the one on my stomach, feeling the pounding and the hands but not seeing it.  Not being in control of anything.  Just at the mercy of the man fucking me hard.  Oh god.  Oh god.  Yes.  Yesssss… Fucking yes!  The orgasm is sharp and hard, smaller than the others but I still squirt a little, soaking the pants that are down around my thighs.

I only just now realize I masturbated to the thought of a guy fucking me from behind.  A growl rises from my throat.  Not in anger.  In need.  The thought of being mounted like a bitch.  I’ve done that mentally to other women – sometimes picturing them changing under me as I fuck them doggy-style.  Mentally thinking of it like me mounting a she-wolf.  Part of the whole werewolf fetish.  Not often but sometimes I feel the desire to do it.  To picture fur sprouting from their back and all of that.  Usually when I’m close to an orgasm but it’s just not happening and I need to cum.

Now I’m that wolf.  Now I’m the one on my hands and knees.  The ache is hard and deep.  I can smell my wetness so strongly.  I want it.  Another growl, rumbling in my throat and my fingernails dig into the flesh of my thigh.  Hard.  It feels good.  The pain mixes with the orgasm, sending different signals that make me twitch slightly.  In a good way.

Back.  Clicking back.  I hesitate over m4w.  Thinking about it.  Yes.  I’m a woman.  I don’t have to touch his dick.  He’s just a dildo.  Something to fuck me.  I can control the situation and restrict what he does.  I don’t need to suck his dick.  But, why not throw a woman into the mix?  I’d be more comfortable.  I could start with her and then when I’m feeling ready, bring the guy into it.  Or, not.  I could tell him to sit it out and just have fun with the lady.  I’m feeling arrogant.  Confident.  Ready for a fight for some reason.

Fuck browsing and responding.  Let them come to me.  I find my camera and pop the SD card into my laptop.  And then I masturbate more as I look through all the pictures.  All right.  So.  I’m possibly egotistical saying this but I’m fucking hot.  I pick two pictures, crop them to hide my face and then work up a simple ad.  Looking for a guy or gal, 18 to 30, in really good shape, no picture, no response, the guy needs to have an 8+ inch dick (just in case I decide to go for it, why not something big?), need it to happen tonight and the guy needs to be straight.  Huh.  Why did I add that second part?  Possibly because I still feel weird about the whole guy thing?  I’m a woman.  Right now.  Still… I can’t shake it.  Although my finger hovers over the backspace key for a decent amount of time, I decide to leave it in.

Submit.  Done.  Now to wait.  I’ll clean up a bit and go from there.  I shower and masturbate more.  I can’t help it.  Soapy boobies.  Fabulous large soapy boobies.  And running soapy hands along my ass feels amazing.  I’m extremely soft and smooth and wonderful.  Basically everything feels incredible and sensitive.  I have to rush out when the very last bit of hot water vanishes.  The hair is kind of a pain in the ass to dry.  Even rubbing it with the towel over and over doesn’t dry it all.  Is it normal for some hair to come out?  Not a lot but a few strands here and there.  Has to be normal, yeah?  Some in the bath tub, too.

I have 50 emails waiting for me.  50.  In less than an hour.  Holy shit.  I sit, feeling my thick, wet hair on my naked shoulders.  Ah.  I see.  Most guys are assholes.  And quite a few of them are just single guys trying to get a piece.  Fucking men.  I tell off a few before another email rolls in telling me my ad has been flagged.  Fuckers.  It’s okay – I have a few decent sounding ones that I can answer.  A little bit of back and forth with them to make sure they’re real.  I’ve got three possibilities that make my initial naive cut and now I just need to tell them to come over one at a time.  I’m nervous.  My palms are sweating.  I can do this.  I can totally do this.  How?  Shit.  I already told the first couple to come over.  How am I going to do it?  Shit shit.  My mind is completely blank and unhelpful.  I try to come up with a strategy but nothing is working.

My heart nearly stops when the doorbell rings.  I can’t do it.  I can’t.  Why the hell did I give these people my address?  What in the world was I thinking?  Oh Jesus.  The doorbell rings again and I almost hide.  Almost.  But, I’m not that type of guy.  Girl.  Guy.  Still a guy.  Kind of.  What if I sound like a man?  Aw crap.  I never listened to any of the videos I took of myself.  Oh sweet Jesus.  I have to force myself to open the door.  Immediately, I see that they lied about their weight.  Both of them.  The man more so than the lady.  And he’s older.  The lady is still attractive but my kneejerk reaction is ‘no’ and not just because I’m nervous as fuck.

The guy is all big smiles as he puts out his hand.  “Hi!”  I look at it.  His hand.  His developing beer guy that certainly wasn’t in the photo.  The lady’s cleavage.  The beer gut.

“No.  And please use up-to-date pictures for the next woman.”  I close the door while the guy sputters.  His woman yells out a loud “FUCK YOU, BITCH!” before they stomp off. I peek through the curtains to make sure they don’t do anything stupid.

And so it goes.  The next one is the same but they’re both way older and they look high.  The third actually makes it in my house because they look like their pictures.  When the man immediately goes for a kiss and a grab without much of an introduction, my reaction is interesting.  I growl, step back and tell him to back the fuck up.  Literally, the words just come out of my mouth: “Back the fuck up.”  In an angry tone.  I feel a cold, angry sweat and the small hairs on the back of my neck are up.  The guy does as he’s told and his eyes are wide.  The lady is watching from the side as if she doesn’t know what to make of it.

I’m angry.  Ever have one of those days where you didn’t get enough sleep or something is just off and so your logical brain is sitting there processing but everything is seen through a filter of anger?  Little things that normally wouldn’t bother you start to irritate and you snap at people?  It’s starting to feel like that.  I’m almost a third party to my anger – watching from the side as I react to the situation.  Two people have lied to me already.  These two actually look like their photos but I think I made a mistake with the guy.  He’s a jock type and now THAT is pissing me off.  I was never friends with jocks.

“Strip.” I growl.  I’m not smiling.  I’m pretty pissed.  “Let me see it.  I’ve had two people stop by before you two and they lied about stuff.  Here you are and, failed groping aside, you’re as advertised.  Now prove the other part.  Strip and get hard.”  I cross my arms on my chest, feeling the way the bottom of my tits press on me.  I don’t care.  The man cares.  He stares and he’s hungry for me.  Right now I’d welcome it.  I want to fight.  That odd confidence and sauciness is back and I would fight back.

“Come on baby…”  He starts.  I hold up a hand.

“I’m not your baby.  Strip or get the fuck out.”  Now I’m tapping my foot and watching.  He does.  Uncut, small.  That’s okay.  I’m cir… I was circumcised.  Still am circumcised?  But I’m small unless I’m excited.  I know how it goes.  Grow-er rather than a show-er.  He looks down and starts playing with himself.  What a funny thing to watch.  I can’t even say why it’s funny.  And not in a humorous way but in the sense that I don’t like this man and I’m not even sure why I haven’t kicked him to the curb yet.  I feel like laughing in his face.  It’s pathetic.

He’s hard.  But not 8 inches.  Not 7.  Or 6.  5.  Maybe 5.  If I were to guess.  As a man, I was bigger than him.  He’s thicker than I was but so what?  Not that much thicker.  I look over at the lady and she shrugs back at me.  Huh.  She doesn’t even look like she wants to be here.  Why didn’t I notice that?  From the beginning she didn’t look like she was happy here.

“Is that it?”  I ask.  He starts to answer but I glare at him.  “I’m asking her.  Is that it?”  She just nods and I catch a small glimpse of something.  Sadness?  Fuck.  “Just go.  Put on your pants and go.  Hey.  And maybe you want to talk to your lady friend here about what you’re doing or re-examine things because if she’s not happy, it’s not right.”

The man still has his dick in his hand.  “Aww, seriously?!  It doesn’t matter what fucking si – ”

I take a step and the growl is back.  My hands are clenching and unclenching at my sides and I would guess I have a mean glint in my eye.  “Get the fuck out of my house before I hurt you.”  My voice is pitched low and harsh.

They go.

I sit at the computer and sigh.  I almost give up.  Almost right then and there.  My heart is racing from the anger.  At the man.  At him dragging the lady along.  At him lying about his size.  Almost, I give up.  But… but what if this is it?  What if it’s gone again when I wake up?  Only permanently this time?  I have videos and pictures and whatnot but what if it’s all gone and all I’ve done is masturbate?  Okay, granted, that was mind blowing with the multiple orgasms but… but… I had just convinced myself that I might be able to deal with actual sex.  With a man.  With a man’s penis.


Back into my profile to repost and make a simple change:  “Take a picture of your dick next to a ruler and hold up a piece of paper with today’s date when you send the photo of you two together.”  It’s greedy and demanding but I don’t want to waste any more time because it’s already getting late.  I eat while I wait for emails.    Ramen noodles and some liquid courage.  My nails scrape hard against the glass while I drink and rest with my eyes closed.

Fifteen emails and one telling me my profile was flagged yet again.  That’s whatever.  I don’t care.  Either one of these fifteen will work or I WILL give up and just masturbate until I die of orgasmic heart attack.  Or whatever happens to bad little girls when they play with themselves too much.  Hairy palms?  Hah!

No.  No.  Oh hell no.  No.  Oh, hmmm… The fifth couple has potential.  The man is slightly older – early thirties perhaps.  He has a good, easy smile and a little tiny bit of gray at the temples.  He looks relaxed and confident.  And why the hell are my eyes drawn down to his pants??  The lady is younger, I’d guess at 25 or 26 but I’m bad at guessing ages.  She’s slim with a cute looking little butt and maybe c-cup breasts?  She looks happy.  They’re the first couple that hasn’t sent a naked picture with their email.  Their description is bare but decent – the guy is a trial lawyer and successful so they like to keep things somewhat private.  Oh, it’s the wife writing.  That’s a new one.  I can even tell by the subtle differences in tone that it actually is her.  She’s bisexual and they’ve been looking around for a woman to play with but no luck so far.  Tons of fake replies and ladies ditching them.  They like to relax with board games and cards and going out to hike every now and again.  Both are avid cyclists.  She says her husband is very dominant, very secure in his manhood and very straight.  No problems with gay or bi men but no interest at all in the male anatomy.  And, while dominant, not an asshole.  That’s a plus.  She’s submissive but I could’ve figured that.

They think I look incredibly sexy.  Why does that make me blush and be all shy.  Dammit.  I type out a quick reply reminding them about my criteria for dick size.  And then I wait.  It’s a good sign when I get a response in just 5 minutes and I like it.  The lady writes: “I had to sit on his face until he couldn’t breathe but he got hard and I got off so here’s your pic!”  Just shy of nine inches.  And thick.  Impressive.  Really impressive.  I feel things move around and I squirm against the sudden wetness.  Fuck you, vagina.  Look at the girl, too.  She… hahaha!  She reminds me of a playful sea otter for some reason – even her body shape.  Long, skinny and playful.  And her red hair is a definite plus.  White skinned and a spray of freckles along her nose and cheeks.  But, my eyes are drawn back to the picture of the dick.  Another uncut one.  I’m rubbing the tongue against the top of my mouth and I have no idea why.  My hand is itching to touch my pussy.  I don’t.

My response is typed out with my address and a very firm warning that if they’re lying about how they look then I’ll be very sad and angry.  The thought of the last couple has me dragging my nails along the little wooden desktop where I keep my laptop.  I don’t notice the little curls of wood being peeled away as I scrape.

I’m oddly energetic when the doorbell rings this time.  Hopeful.  They seem nice.  I… umm… I bounce my way to the door.  A quick look through the peephole shows me that from a fish-eye view, they look like their picture.  So, there’s the first test passed.  Probably.  I unlock and open the door.  A small second step – they don’t try to walk in.  Both stand respectfully at the top step.  The lady (Elaine but “Lana” to her friends, her email said) is grinning behind her guy.  Grinning and watching me shyly.  I can’t help but smile back at her.  The guy (Stephen) has his hands behind his back and is looking hopeful but respectful.

I break the ice.  “Hi!”  I tell them.  So far, so good.  Now Stephen smiles.

“Hey there.”  His voice is slightly rough and deep and it does something to my lower belly.  Something that makes me want to squirm.  I ignore it.  Except, seriously?  Is this a lady thing or…?  No, no.  I’ve gotten hard listening to a sultry lady’s voice when combined with a sexy body.  Elaine is nearly beaming and bouncing on her toes.  She chirps out a “Hello!” as I wave them in.

Yeah.  They’re both as advertised physically.  He’s got blue jeans and a t-shirt on and a good physique.  Tight clothes.  Rugged with a good solid jaw.  I keep seeing his bulge out of the corner of my eye and it’s making me wet.  I can’t help it.  It’s stupid and ridiculous and embarrassing but I don’t exactly have control over it.  I tell myself I’m just along for the ride in this lady’s body and that makes me feel a little better.  Elaine is hot.  She’s done up subtly.  No huge amounts of makeup and I appreciate that.  I’ve never liked caked on fakeness on women because, usually, when you take the makeup off they look like they are dead.  She’s got a cute top on that shows off her modest cleavage.  With a bra.  Her skirt is a pale pink color and ends above the knees.  She’s got thin but shapely legs.

They both look around a little when they’re inside.  Stephen is roughly my height, possibly half an inch more.  Elaine is probably 5’5″ or a little less.  She’s got a nice firm body beneath her clothes.  She’s making me wet, too.  Thank god.  Funny – I almost think I can smell her.  I know my own smell by now but there’s another cloying scent in the air that’s completely a pussy smell.  It makes me grin in a certain way and flare my nostrils.

Stephen looks over to me from beside the door.  “So…”  He’s nervous.  That’s a new one.  I can tell by his stance and the very slight tone of voice that he really wants me but he doesn’t want to push it.  And, side note, it really is a nice voice.

I consider them.  Stephen, his crotch, his five o’clock shadow and easy grin.  Elaine – bouncy, mischievous and radiating this quiet sexuality.  Back to Stephen.  His eyes, not his crotch.  “So, you pass the first test since you both look like your pictures.  I guess just the other test now.”

He looks confused for a moment.  “The other…?  Oh.  Right.  The di… penis size.  Right.  Should I… do you want me to take it out and show you or…?”  He has his hand on his zipper and I look down to his crotch again.  Yes, my mind tells me.  Yes.  His penis.  In you.  Come onnnnnnn…  I shrug it off.  I’ve already noted how much of an asshole my brain is sometimes.

I look over at Elaine.  “No,” I tell him.  “Let’s try something different.”  And then, I just walk over to Elaine and wrap my arms around her.  She freezes for a half second but then relaxes into me.  I bite her neck gently and she moans in my ear, her breath hot against me.  There’s that smell again.  It’s turning me on.  A hint of pussy that isn’t mine.  I growl, backing her into the wall, taking her cheek in my hand to kiss her.  Hard and deep.  She kisses back and I feel her hands on me, moving and massaging.  Her modest breasts are against my larger ones, her bra pressing hard against me as she squeezes and pulls me to her.  I break off the kiss to look back at Stephen.  Elaine nuzzles my shoulder as I tell him to strip.  “Then we’ll see if you’re telling the truth about your dick.”

Back to Elaine.  My hands find her ass and I’m squeezing it, kneading it through her skirt as I bite her neck and throat.  Pulling up the fabric to get to her warm skin beneath.  She’s twisting and groaning against me.  I hear clothes dropping but I focus on the woman in front of me.  Pulling off her shirt now to claw down her sides.  She gasps and giggles.  Then to her bra, trying to work the latches off but my fingernails are long and I’m still not used to the finger’s length.  I’m growling slightly as I struggle.  “Just…” she starts but I tug and break the strap.  “Sorry.”  I mutter as I pull it off.  She gulps several times before managing a quiet “It’s okay.”  She does her own zipper on the side of her skirt and lets it fall.  Cute little plain white panties with a small black bow centered at the top.  The smell increases.  So it was her.  Does she always smell that strong?  It seems like it’d be a problem.  Not that it’s a bad smell – it’s just… really noticeable.  I kiss her again and turn.

Stephen is naked and has his dick in his hands.  Yup.  He didn’t lie about that either.  I growl again and almost go to him.  Whether to look closely, take it in my hands or in my mouth or something else, I dunno.  But he’s hard and it looks huge.  The foreskin is pulled back and it looks… Jesus.  What?  Like a pretty dick?  A handsome dick?  It has a slight curve (mine was straight) and not all weird looking.  That’s… that’ll do.  If I decide to do anything with it, that is.

Elaine whines slight when I pull away.  “Okay, deal.”  I tell them.  “But, I’ll start with Elaine and then, when I’m ready, I’ll tell you and you can come into it.  Good.”  He doesn’t say anything.  Just nods his head.  His eyes are smoldering and he’s locked onto my tits.  I’d lie if I said it wasn’t turning me on.  The way he was watching me.  Wanting me.

When I look back, Elaine is completely naked.  She’s neatly trimmed and leaning back against the wall with her legs open, massaging her own small tits.  I go to my knees between her legs.  Her scent is strong and I rub myself against her pussy.  Nuzzling it, feeling how wet she is and getting her wetness all over my chin, nose, cheeks and mouth.  I grab her waist and then down to her ass, fingers digging in between her ass cheeks as I gently bite her clit.  She gasps above me and then I feel her hand in my hair, clenching and stroking me.  I ignore her, feeling the vibration in my throat as I feast on her wet cunt, licking between her pussy lips and then gently around the skin of her clit.  Now I’m holding her up because her legs are threatening to buckle.  She’s so light.  And tastes so goddamned good.  I reach my hands around from between her thighs to open her pussy to my mouth with my thumbs.  I don’t notice that my nails have a slight point to them and are no longer translucent.  Darkening to black.  I push my tongue into her, licking the inside of her pussy while my top teeth rub against her clit.  She’s so slick and wet and hot.  I feel her pussy clench inside her and then she’s cumming.  No squirting but I can feel her orgasm hit her.  I smile at the knowledge.  A secret thing I share with her – knowing what it’s like.  Well, what it’s like as a woman.  Soon I’ll know what it’s like for someone else to give me an orgasm.

I stand and kiss her.  She’s eager and greedy, tasting herself on my lips and tongue before I feel her hands going down to the bottom of my shirt, tugging up.  I let her pull my shirt off, feeling my breasts relax against the lack of constriction.  Now it’s her turn to go to her knees as she unzips my pants.  I’m stupidly nervous.  What if my pussy isn’t there anymore?  Completely dumb.  I can FEEL it there but there’s still that quick little self-doubt.  She has to pull hard to get my pants off around my ass and then she’s hugging me, face to my crotch, hands around me, grabbing my ass.  Now it’s my turn to moan.  A small one.  Quietly.  Feeling someone grabbing my ass, their hot breath on my clit?  It’s… It’s not bad at all.  I could deal with this sensation.

When Stephen’s slightly calloused hand touches my shoulder, I freeze.  Deer in head light.  “No.”  I gasp.  “Not yet.  Just… no.  Not yet.”  He grips my shoulder and then trails a finger down my spine as he backs away.  I shiver and close my eyes against the feeling.  Stupid.  Stupid.  Stupid.  I can feel the extra wetness gathering in my pussy from just his touch.  And… SHIT.  Elaine’s mouth is on my pussy and I barely have time to stumble against the wall before the sudden intensity hits me hard.  She’s rubbing my clit with her tongue and my brain just fizzles.  There’s this concentrated feeling right fucking there and it’s almost too much to bear but it feels indescribably good.  I’m probably making all kinds of dirty girly sounds but I wouldn’t know since my brain is dead.  D-E-D.  Dead.  Only when she moves down to my pussy lips do I realize I’m gasping out “Yes.  Oh yes.  Yesssss…” over and over as she sucks at my wet cunt.  Great.  I sound like a retarded porn star when my brain is off.  Fabulous.  Her mouth is so warm and her tongue is just working me over.  That familiar pressure is building in the pit of my stomach again and I’m babbling as she opens MY pussy to taste the inside of me.  My world goes white when her thumb presses gently against my clit.  I probably scream or embarrass myself horribly when I finally cum.  I have no idea.  I can’t even see properly.  I’m pretty sure I … yup, I squirted.  Should I be ashamed?  Embarrassed?  I don’t have a lot of experience with women but having had none of THEM squirt… I can feel Elaine between my legs still, trying to hold me up but I’m too heavy.  I almost fall.

Stephen catches me.  He’s strong.  I only know he’s there because I still feel Elaine on my pussy and she can’t be there and at my si… Oh.  His dick.  It’s on my hip.  Yup.  That’s a penis.  Throbbing.  On me.  Turning me on.  Fucking vagina.  He has his arms around my chest, against my tits.  The slight bit of hair on his arms are tickling my nipples.  I don’t even know how I can notice that.  He’s warm.  I almost wish Elaine would stop so I could concentrate on this other stuff happening with Stephen.

And then, he kisses me.  Gently but firmly.  I’m not expecting it.  I could stop him.  I could push him away.  I could.  I don’t.  My mouth opens to him.  It’s not exactly that my brain is fuzzy so I can’t exactly use that as an excuse.  Not exactly.  My brain is kind of fuzzy around the edges.  But… I want him.  And a kiss is just a kiss.  And this body is female.  He’s a good kisser.  Although, hah, it’s kind of a fight since we’re both pressing, taking the lead, aggressively working our tongues against each other.  I’m growling slightly.  His arms are squeezing against me but now a hand (his left?) moves down to my ass, squeezing hard.  I sigh and moan and mewl and push into him and all kinds of other things because then his other hand finds a nipple and squeezes.  Still kissing him, still feeling his hands on me.  Feeling how wet I am and how amazing Elaine’s mouth feels on my pussy.  And then his arms are around me again, holding tight, because I’m cumming.  He stumbles against my weight as I go limp but he doesn’t drop me.  He grunts from the effort of it.  Fuck you.  I’m not that heavy.

I feel flesh beneath my fingers.  Beneath my nails.  I’m clawing his back.  Still kissing him.  Deeply.  Passionately.  And then there’s a wet sucking at a nipple.  Elaine.  Jesus, yes.  Lightning bolts down to my fucking crotch.  Barely recovering from my orgasm but wanting more and more.

“The… the bed…” I manage to say.  We stumble to the bedroom.  Okay.  I stumble.  Elaine mostly does all right and Stephen, damn him, just walks.  I put Elaine on the bed and lay her down.  She pulls her legs up and lifts her hips up to me but then turns over to her hands and knees, ass in the air, pussy glistening in the light.  Offering herself to me.  I go down on her again, two fingers in her tight little pussy, pressing down against where the one spot is in my pussy.  She’s very wet and apparently the same spot works on her.  She’s nearly screaming and pushing back on my fingers.  My mouth goes to her clit and I’m gently pushing it around as I rub the top of her pussy from the inside.  Her hips grind harder and harder against me.  Her hairy pussy is full of her scent, the long pubic hair around my nose.  I’m growling into her pussy as I suck her lips into my mouth, nipping at her clit, fingering her hard.  She growls back.  It’s a cute little growl but definitely that.  Definitely a little rumbling in her throat.  Her nails are cutting into my bed sheets, ripping them slightly.  When she looks back at me briefly, her eyes are glazed as if she isn’t sure where she is and what she’s doing but she’s pushing hard against me.  She almost looks heavily drunk.  I get bits of her pussy hair in my teeth as I lick her.  Something is different but I can’t notice.  My body feels hot and heavy and I’m kneading her ass and lower back with my free hand as I growl into her cunt.  I don’t notice the trails of blood as my claws dig in.

Stephen grabs my ass in his hands and pulls the cheeks apart.  I barely have any warning as he shoves his face between my ass, nose and mouth against my sopping wet pussy.  He’s not gentle now.  I can barely concentrate on Elaine’s pussy in front of me.  Jesus.  It’s amazing.  The roughness.  Just feeling it against me.   Not being in control even to this little degree.  My whole body is trembling from it.  From the aggression of the man behind me, sucking on my clit and lips, pushing his tongue into me.  His scratchy beard on my sensitive cunt.  I want more.  I want all of it.  I crawl onto the bed, pushing Elaine back as I go to my hands and knees.  I look back at Stephen.  I should notice the difference.  How his eyes look confused.  His five o’clock shadow closer to a beard now.  His ears very, very slightly tipped and longer.  His forearms are more hairy and his chest (previously smooth) has a line of hair running down the middle.  He pulls back and fumbles for the condom he brought with him.  Looks at it, turning it in his hands.  Confused.  Stupid.  His dick is huge looking from here and the skin around it is thicker than I remember.  The tip is different.  Almost pointed.  It’s dotted with a trail of pre-cum and I can almost imagine the smell of it from where I am.  My mouth waters.  I FUCKING WANT.  He’s taking too goddamned long to mount me.  I’m seconds away from slamming him to the ground and riding him but I want this first.  This first time.  On my hands and knees.  Why?  Goddammit.  There’s a buzz in my brain and my body feels too hot and ache-y.  I need it.  I need it in me.

I reach around with my hands, pulling myself open to him, my scent flooding the room.  Elaine bucks, cumming as her claws rip my blanket to shreds.  A thin line of fur is growing from her pussy up her lower stomach.

“Now.  Do it.  Now.”  I can’t make words.  I think I’m drooling.   My mouth feels funny.  I can’t think straight.

Apparently, neither can Stephen.  He’s still turning the condom packet over and over as if he’s just discovered it for the first time.  “But… but… the … the thing… the … you know…”  His canine teeth are sharper than they should be.  Slightly longer.

I push my ass against him, rubbing my wet pussy against the length of his dick.  He roars and drops the condom to grab the back of my neck.  He tries to push my head down but I’m stronger and I glare back at him.  “NO.”  I say.  Angry.  He almost whimpers but releases me immediately, grabbing my ass with both hands.  I push back again.  “In.”  I tell him.  “Inside.”  I’m burning up.  My pussy is a furnace, needing his dick in me.  The pit of my stomach is molten lava.  I’m going to fucking hurt him if he’s not…


He finally remembers to hold himself as he pushes into me and we’re both roaring from it.  Elaine has gone to her stomach, furry pussy pushing against my mouth in the hopes that I’ll pleasure her.  I can’t… I can’t…  Her small back is dotted with sweat and I can see her skin moving as muscles push and pull and grow.  I can’t… Stephen’s dick is in me and I’ve never felt anything like it in my entire life.  I can’t remember him pushing into me.  Spreading me open with it.  It just happened.  I want to remember.  I want to remember it all but I can’t.  I can feel his claws digging sharply into my flesh.  I can. OH FUCKING JESUS CHRIST ON A STICK he’s slamming into me and it’s hitting something deep inside and it fucking hurts but it also feels amazing and my ears are roaring or I’m roaring and my face is burning and what the fuck is he hitting and why does it feel so goddamned amazing?!  He’s pounding and I can’t even think straight except to push back hard against him, growling and grunting and mewling and clawing at my bed, taking out chunks of the mattress as I do it.  Wanting him deeper and deeper and harder.  I’m quickly learning to angle my hips in just the right way to make him hit what I want.  I growl and snap at him as he tries to grab the back of my neck again.  No fucking way.  I’m not his sub.  No fucking way.  He lets go almost immediately.

Ow.  Shit.  Fuck.  Fuck.  Yessssss.  Fucking yes.  Fu… fuck… now when he’s pushing into me, the base of his dick is suddenly slamming my pussy open.  The base of his dick is thicker.  Crazy thick.  Amazingly thick.  It shouldn’t… it’s not… it shouldn’t… fuck fuck fuck fuck yes!  It bulges.  The base of his cock is bulging and it hurts but feels so fucking good.  He’s not in me all the way, I can tell.  He’s pulling out before he’s all the way in.

“No.  All of it.  Give me all of it.  Do it.”  I push back really hard, muscles tensing, bed creaking suddenly, threatening to break under my strength as I feel muscles I never knew existed aiding me.  I feel it.  His dick.  Let me back up slightly.  I never mentioned what it was like having a dick in me.  It’s… I feel full.  I feel good.  I can feel it against the walls of my pussy but mostly I feel the head hitting different spots and that’s what really does it for me.  The head, oddly pointed slamming into my cervix or walls or whatever angle I have him at.  But, now?  Now that I pushed hard against him, taking him in completely?  I can’t parse it but in slow motion, I feel this thickness spread my pussy open more and more until it’s in me and almost locked in.  The muscle near my opening holding this round, bulbous shape of the base of his dick inside of me.  It’s rubbing EVERYTHING at the entrance of my pussy and it’s driving me wild.  My universe shrinks down to that small area right there.  That area and the tip still stabbing into all the right spots.  And I think Elaine is under me, sucking on my nipples.  She has sharp little teeth and something is cold on my breast.  Cold and wet.  But all I know is his dick in me.  The knot.  I don’t know that that’s what it is but, it is.

I’m mounted.  He can’t pull out all the way so he’s doing hard little movements in and out and in and out and it’s… an electrical storm in my gut and pussy.  Lightning strikes and I’m screaming from it, tearing my bed apart and grinding against him.  My pussy feels completely full but still wants more.  I feel his gigantic dick pushing against my tight pussy and I still want more of it.

His dick suddenly expands, the head of it growing larger and then his cum – jets of it slamming into me, deep into me as his grip tightens on my hips.  The head swells again and again and I can feel the cum filling me.  The world explodes and it all goes white and I’m screaming and thrashing and clawing and biting until I’m exhausted from it.  My eyes are rolling back in my head and I can’t breathe properly.  I keep trying to breathe but it’s little jerky gasps that aren’t filling my lungs.  I’m thrashing and clawing and bucking and shaking as the orgasm rolls through me and over me, along my spine and legs and stomach and cunt.  I don’t feel the flood as I’m squirting and soaking myself and Stephen.  Things are vague shapes around me.  There are noises and movements but they’re lost to me.  The only thing I know is Stephen pulls out of me.  I know this because I feel the strange knot come out and it hurts but it also makes me cum again.  Hard.  Again.  I hear Elaine scream and whimper and I think I accidentally hit her but I have no idea.  I can’t control my body.  I’m jack-knifing with my legs drawing up and twisting.  Everything is too hot, too loud and too sensitive.

I don’t notice Stephen or Elaine as they licking my slightly fuzzy back and shoulders and neck and cheeks, rumbling and growling together.  I don’t notice Elaine kissing me or that I’m kissing her back, feeling her sharp teeth against my tongue.  Or the way she’s nuzzling my cheek and growling, the way the fuzz of fur on her face and her blackened, oddly pebbled nose feels cool against me.  She’s shaking with the effort of staying up.  Both of them are.  I’m still coherent and would be able to form words if I had to but, looking at these two, they’re gone.  Grunts and growls and mewls and basic sounds.  Nobody is home.  Glazed eyes, drool and simple expressions.  It’s strange.  It doesn’t bother me while I’m in this state but I don’t know what to make of it.

I have vague memories of Stephen kneeling next to my mouth, swaying and shaking.  His knotted penis is covered with both of our cum.  The smell is intense and immediately brings me to semi-consciousness.  I remember rolling to my side and taking his dick into my mouth.  My mouth that is longer than it should be.  Fuzzier.  Sharper teeth.  A short muzzle taking as much of him as I can, long tongue running along the length of him, tasting our cum mixed together.  Thick, warm, salty and exquisite.  Swallowing and sucking and licking until I can’t even sit up any more.  It hurts.  My whole body hurts.  Stephen falls next to me.  And wraps me in his arms.  Elaine presses against my stomach.  She’s fuzzy and warm and smells like pussy.  Musky.  I want.  I really want to go between her legs and taste her again but I don’t think any of us has the energy or strength to move.

And then, blackness as we pass out, piled together.  Warm.  Half furry.  Half beast.

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