I Wish That I Had Wolf Feet

I wish
that I had wolf feet.
And I can tell you why.
I could race through forests in wolf feet.
Without a soul nearby to spy.

I think it would be very good
to feel my bare toes change.
Black claws slicing through tennis shoes
until wearing any clothes felt strange.

I only wanted wolf feet.
But, I feel a flame rise deep within.
With a gasp and a moan tinged with a growl
My panties are wet, I notice with chagrin.

Why does the fat moon call me?
Why am I on knees in prayer?
With a scream of pain, I grab my shirt
And RIP! exposing full breasts to cool air.

My stomach is hard and flat, I see
But to my gasping cry of “Motherfucker!”
On either side of a line of fur
four new aching nipples pucker.

The forest leaves feel quite cool
beneath my hands – no, almost paws, I notice with surprise
I only wish I could say the same
about the warmth between my furry thighs.

My teeth are clenched against the pain
and I can’t help but arch my back.
As bones shift along my spine
and a tail erupts with a CRACK!

My sweatpants strain
and slip down low, spreading my musk so sweet.
I can no longer shake the thought of thick red knots;
I must now admit, I’m in HEAT!

And so…
Where am I to find him?
This male to sate my lust.
Werewolves can’t be common, despite my plight
And a human would run in disgust.

I stand on my two strong wolf feet,
In the cold night air, my fur now a welcome weight.
Black lips pull back in a grin over sharp teeth.
On the air, I smell a human hunter but, soon… a new mate.

I wish
that I had a cow’s udder.
It’s an easy decision to make.
Whenever I felt a thirst arise,
I could milk myself or even make a ME milkshake!

I am petite and my new udder, too
And, I admit, it makes me smile.
To hide it away and walk around
With nobody the wiser, even along the dairy aisle!

I had no idea how sensitive they’d be.
Busing back from a secret jaunt,
they cry out for immediate attention.
The very brush of my shirt is nearly a taunt.

My cute limp cow nipples ache to be stroked.
Only girls with a smooth cow udder
would know my plight as my milk comes in –
The urge to pull and twist and pinch makes me shudder.

“It’s okay,” I tell myself. “Nobody will see.”
With no hesitation and barely a thought,
I hunch and I slip my fingers down in
to grip and to pull before I am caught.

This feeling is new and I feel myself wiggle.
My cheeks burn bright red and my breath is so quick-
no milk now, just an urge for lusty relief.
I shake and I gasp and my tongue laps my wider nose with a lick.

I feel almost dizzy and my thoughts are so scattered.
I don’t even notice the black hairs dotting my skin
through the waves of pleasure and need for more milking.
Nor do I notice the shape I’m now in.

My jeans pull tight as my thighs start swelling.
The cute udder now bulges, the pink now flecked.
My shirt strains to contain my breasts as they grow
and two wet spots sprout atop large human nipples, fully erect.

If I had a cow’s cute udder,
I thought I’d just playfully give it a squeeze.
But now my hands can’t stop milking
and as my shirt tears, the bus gets a striptease!

My skin is spotted, black and white
My nipples, all six, long and full.
I’m squirting milk down the aisle
And, god help me, wishing I had a bull.

The other passengers yell in outrage
but my long ears flick in shock.
As around me everyone starts to change
including a stud with a new 14 inch black and pink cock!

And so…
Wanting just a cow’s cute udder
was a secret easy to decipher.
But as my bull grips my tail,
I find I can’t wait to be his heifer.

I wish
that I had spider eyes.
And I’m not afraid to explain.
I have a problem, seeing true hearts
but with eight eyes? Never again!

I think it would be very good
to have them on a date.
Only smart girls with spider eyes
could ever find a true mate.

My date would not like them.
He would say, “You’re a freak!”
And so I must hide them away
else find my prospects bleak.

Here sits one, chattering away
about his job, his car and his lies.
While I laugh knowingly,
rubbing at my sore sides.

I feel a urge quite strongly,
One I’ve never had.
I want to take this male back home,
and ride him so very bad.

My eight eyes blink as he looks away.
Why do I feel so exposed?
I want to be away, in the dark
wrapped up in a place enclosed.

Light black hairs bristle from my legs
as I lean in to the male,
“Come home,” I whisper through growing fangs.
He looks surprised but then smiles, “Yeah, let’s bail!”

I keep to shadows, away from eyes
nearly scurrying in my haste
We’re soon upstairs and undressed
and he finds I’m not quite chaste.

My mouth on his manhood,
small fangs kept in check.
As six black points break through my waist,
I cry out and look back at a wreck.

My legs are broken with patches of black
and my body is longer.
I can feel the urge to mate,
growing much much STRONGER!

The male opens his eyes,
a scream on his lips.
But, the cry never comes
as I work my changed hips.

If I had eight beautiful spider eyes,
I’d be able to see,
the panic in the male’s eyes
as he sees all of me.

My fangs sink deep
pushing venom through his veins
while my eight legs unfold
above his remains.

And so…
He cums as he dies,
his last gift to me.
I lay back on my fuzzy abdomen,
the last of my hair falling free.

My eight legs lift me up.
My stomach, it RUMBLES! He looks so tasty!
But new organs begin to work
and I wrap him quite quickly.

My humanity has vanished,
I know not where it has gone.
Instead, in its place, undeniable urges
to leave food for my growing spawn.

I wish
that I had a cat tail.
Would you like to know the reason?
You’d have incredibly balance with a cat tail,
and cuddle with it when winter was in season.

I think it would be very good
to have a tail when I play.
And when I went out again,
I’d simply put it away.

I would go nude every day
alone in my house
jumping and leaping,
as if chasing a mouse.

I would sleep like a cat,
why yes, I am tired.
I would find the best warm spot
like every cat I admired.

And when I woke, I’d clean myself.
Yes, even down there.
I’d lift my leg straight up
and groom my thickening hair.

Once clean, I’d STRETCH!
Lifting my hips,
my tail would stand proud
and I’d flick my pointed ear tips.

Something is wrong.
This is more than I desired.
Why is my tongue rough?
Oh? No, you’re right, I AM tired.

If I had a thick, bushy cat tail,
I’d pull it between my thighs
working my lightly furred hips
until I MROOWWED! in surprise.

The ache is still there, it wasn’t enough.
I claw and sharp nails pierce through my fingers.
Dark black fur covers my sex
but the scent from my orgasm still lingers.

Thick fingers work through swollen wetness.
I yowl piteously through a slightly split lip,
licking my pebbled nose
imagining a Tom giving my neck a hard nip.

My neighbor, I know, he’s flirted before.
But only vague memories of turning him away.
I suck at my paw, tasting my cum.
I know, he’s kind, he’ll take in a stray.

I’m quick now and my fur is jet black.
Windows and doors provide a short puzzle,
but soon I’m in, padding through the dark
to find him in bed, ready to nuzzle.

My small breasts, they ache for his touch.
Even worse is the need to be filled and TAKEN!
I free him from blankets and sit on his face-
this startles him such that I feel him awaken.

Ignoring his sounds,
I lick at his cock.
Rough tongue making him hard
while he jerks in shock.

Beneath my ministrations, I feel him change
His dick grows small bumps and lengthens to a red tip!
Meanwhile he calms and I feel his claws dig in
but strong hands lift me away and I’m down in his grip.

My new Tom fills me
and I YOWL! in pain
but clawed hands find mine
and his fangs in my neck make my struggles wane.

And so…
I think
I could be happy
and not at all bitter

I’d just wanted a tail but now
I’m a Queen to a Tom
while raising a large litter.

I wish
that I had a woman’s vagina.
It’s really quite easy.
You can masturbate all day without anyone knowing.
Unlike a man where you’d look rather sleazy.

I think it would be very good
to have one while at my desk at work
Only men with a woman’s pussy
would know why I’d smirk.

I’d sit in my cubicle
With fingers against my woman’s clit
And I’d rub and I’d rub
until I could hardly sit.

My coworkers would wonder
They would say, “Are you feeling sick?
You face is quite flushed
and your words are very thick.”

They would never suspect
That a rough manly man would
be playing with his own vagina.
I would just grin and answer back, “No, I’m good.”

I wouldn’t be able to stop with just my clit.
My fingers would press deep inside.
I’d massage my aching chest
with my wet, smooth legs thrown wide.

I’d ignore all the glances from coworkers.
at my hardened, large nipples tenting my shirt.
That swell of my breast just means that
I need to benchpress more – just ignore if they SQUIRT!

A kind older woman stopped me today,
in hushed whispered voice she told me:
“Honey, you need a bra now that you’re grown.”
And despite my protestations, went on a shopping spree!

I was measured and prodded and praised for my skin,
Until finally I scoffed,
“I’m not a damn woman!”
But the fabrics, they were so soft.

I blushed and looked down as I saw my little breasts.
I had no idea they’d grown!
“No, I’m a man and this doesn’t make sense!”
But I touched a large pink nipple and let out a moan.

Twisting and pulling at both my pert breasts,
I felt quite naughty as I fell to my knees.
“You… you dirty little girl,” I whispered.
“You’re such a slutty tease.”

I left the dressing room, old clothes in the bags.
I decided to celebrate at the local club.
A red-faced smile as my wet panties rode
high and gave me a rub.

Hooking my longer hair over my ear,
I flashed my new cleavage and a warm smile
so that the bouncer never asked to see my ID.
I laughed out loud at my new found guile.

“Men are so easy!” I thought with a grin.
“I bet I get free drinks the rest of the night!”
I stopped at the bar and picked a likely target
only to feel my heart race at the loveliest sight.

“This is wrong,” I thought, my face burning red.
My heart pumped fast and I felt myself grow wet.
“No, it’s impossible to be turned on!
He’s just a man and so I am, yet!”

But, the man bought me a drink and I shyly accepted.
I even laughed at his jokes as I winced inside.
Desperately, I wanted to leave but
couldn’t – I tried!

I jerked when his hand covered my knee
but I blushed and smiled rather than yelled!
My heart beat faster
And I swear, my pussy swelled.

Slowly that hand moved up my thigh
and I mentally argued less and less.
Until, eventually, I took his hand
and guided it up my dress.

The feeling was heaven.
He pressed and he rubbed.
I leaned forward with a gasp,
I’d felt like I’d been clubbed!

My head was so clear
but the thoughts weren’t my own.
I wanted to ride him,
to take him home.

And so…
I think
there are some things
I do not wish to be.

I found myself naked, on his bed
His mouth between my legs
And as he took my virginity,

I found my old self slipping away.
I’m a petite young woman.
And now, there’s nobody else but me.

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