The Honeypot Ch. 05 [BE / Bimbofication / TG]

The sounds of the city’s nightlife greeted Robert as he stepped from his apartment complex.  He stopped, eyes wide and watching as an increasingly small part of him worried about how he looked.  He frowned at himself, unsure of why he’d be worried yet the feeling didn’t fade.  A warm breeze caressed his soft, hairless cheek and he shivered in pleasure.  Goosebumps rose from his arms and the young man hugged himself, hands rubbing against his arms.

An older gentleman walked by and Robert watched him pass.  Behind the man, two young women walked, laughing and talking about a movie they’d just watched together.  A hot flash of jealous raced through his body.  Suddenly, he felt his throat grow tight and his eyes watered.  He turned and looked down at the ground, breathing through his nose to fight against the sudden urge to cry.

That’s dumb, Robert, he told himself.  You’re okay.  Just breathe.  The young man tried to pinpoint why he was so emotional but nothing made sense.  His cheeks burned to the tips of his ears and the clothing store’s cashier flashed into his mind.  She smirked at him.  He felt shame for himself but the fog hid the true source from him.

Blinking away the start of tears, he turned and watched the women walk.  Both wore high heels and their calf muscles stood out beneath short, loose skirts.  Robert felt his cheeks burn hotter as he looked down at his running shoes.

I should just go back home.  I look stupid.  Everybody will see me and laugh.  Robert looked around as casually as he could, noting the styles of the people around him.  His confidence sank at the number of well dressed women.  Whether they wore skirts or pants, everything matched so well, from the color to the accessories.  Hot tears welled up in Robert’s eyes.  No!  I do look stupid!  Nobody else is wearing tennis shoes with a skirt.  Or a… a pink sweater with a black miniskirt.  I look dumb!

As the young man wiped away the tears from his eyes, new strands of hair pushed from his scalp, growing out alongside his shorter hair.  The roots of his hair lightened from dark brown to golden amber.  He reached up to tuck a loose strand of longer hair behind his ear.  The gesture came naturally to him and he barely noticed.  The tips of his hair brushed the back of his neck before stopping.

Almost as if responding to his touch, the skin of his left ear shifted.  The edges of both ears became slim and delicate as his ears reshaped themselves.

Robert rubbed at his lower stomach.  He felt twisted in knots and couldn’t decide whether he felt nauseous or anxious.  Slowly, with steady breathing, he began to calm.  He wiped his smaller nose, careful of his lipstick.

If I go home, he thought.  Then what?  I got dressed up to go out.  Something deep in his subconscious raged at him.  The tiny voice yelled and screamed for attention, begging and pleading him to go back home and hide and make phone calls and figure things out.  Robert pushed it away.  I don’t want to sit at home and do nothing.  Besides…

A small ache bloomed behind Robert’s balls and the young man groaned at the unfamiliar feeling.  Hiding himself in a corner, he pushed the heel of his hand above his cock, rubbing against the sensation.  Beneath his miniskirt, his cock stirred uselessly.  As he rubbed himself, strands of his neatly trimmed pubic hair came free.  At the same time, his testicles shriveled into tiny lumps, leaving his ball sack loose around them.

The young man shivered again as a flash of heat coursed through his body.  Patches of his skin turned incredibly sensitive before fading away.  The ache lessened slightly and the young man found himself panting, his small bosom heaving.  Robert groaned again as his nipples tightened beneath his soft sweater.  He bit his lip with his eyes closed and nearly whined with a sudden need to be touched.  His red lips swelled further into full, luscious curves.

Thoughts of shame vanished.  Robert breathed deeply and stood.  His erect, pink nipples made small points in his sweater and proved distracting but he focused on his task.  Pulling at the edge of his skirt and sweater, the young man turned and walked down the sidewalk.

The air was warm and filled with the sounds and smells of a dense, lively downtown area.  Cars were rare as people chose to walk or take the occasional bus.  The energy of everyone around him revitalized Robert.

Robert fell in behind a young couple and he studied them.  He watched the woman walk in her heels and noticed the way it made her body move.  As he had earlier, he found himself oddly jealous of her figure and posture.  Another part of him wanted to run his fingers through her hair.  Not as a lover might but to feel what her soft, red hair felt like.  To compare it to his own.

Hard earned muscles beneath his thighs faded as he walked, replaced with softer tissues.  His thighs swelled slightly and he frowned as they rubbed together every so often.  Beneath his skirt, his panties stretched tight against his hips as the bones beneath the skin pushed and moved.  He felt no pain but a sudden hot, aching flash made him stumble and moan.  Robert stopped to lean against a pole and he found himself oddly energized.  No, he felt ecstatic.  He wanted to laugh or giggle or…

Hormonal shifts deep within his body accompanied the physical changes as his biology shifted.  A fully functional uterus began to grow slowly inside of him as his hips opened wider to allow for the new changes.  Robert moaned and gasped as his body adjusted and his miniskirt bulged a little more at the side and rear.

Small dimples appeared in the man’s cheeks as they grew fuller.  His normally narrow face took on a classic heart shape.  His previously masculine features were nearly gone now with only the shape of the rest of his body leaving doubts as to his identity to a casual glance.

Robert straightened.  The ache behind his cock had become slightly painful as his body hovered between male and female sexuality.  He placed a thin, smooth hand against his stomach and then tossed his head.  His long, light brown hair had thickened while he walked and he felt the reassuring weight of it on his shoulders.

People flowed around Robert, casting confused or curious looks his way.  The young man waited for a moment and then fell in behind a group of friends.

Okay, I’m almost there.  I just need to… need to… His eyes fell on a young man at the edge of the group in front of him.  The man’s jeans and pants were tight and he was well muscled with an arrogant step to his walk.  Robert swallowed hard as he felt his chest and cheeks grow warm.  The heat flowed down to his belly and his cock shifted against the tight miniskirt.  He felt his stomach flutter and almost screamed.  Small muscles tightened behind his cock.  Despite his changes, both physical and mental, he knew something was profoundly different.

Robert’s growing vagina clenched in response to his desire.  A new voice whispered to him.  It’s okay, the voice said.  This is normal.  This is natural.  Relax.  This is okay.

A new sensation made Robert shift his eyes and blush.  Around and over the small, hidden vagina, his blood began to pulse.  The little vagina suddenly relaxed with a wet warmth.  A small dot of precum leaked from the tip of his shrunken penis.

I was, Robert paused, his eyes locked on the man ahead of him.  I… there was…  His thoughts became scattered as his body changed further.  Strong new hormones clashed with modified brain chemistry and Robert could think of nothing but running his hands along the young man’s strong arms and, more importantly, feeling the man touch him.

The sudden urge to be touched and caressed was overwhelmingly strong.  Although he was in public, Robert almost went to the man.  Instead, he stopped.  He felt dizzy and the butterflies in his stomach had grown more intense.  Bones and muscles moved slowly deep within as his vagina lengthened.

The young man’s pubic bone reshaped to bulge out slightly.  Fatty tissue grew over the bone until a small mound formed under his small cock.  His testicles, shrunken now smaller than peas, dispersed completely as the soft, hairless skin of his ball sack was pulled tight against Robert’s body.

Robert looked up in a daze and wondered if he was going to throw up.  His ears buzzed loudly and everything looked sideways.  Cold sweat fought against the heat coursing through his body and he hyperventilated through all of it.

“Ma’am,” a nearby gray haired man said.  “Are you all right?”

Ma’am, Robert thought.  Is he talking to me?  Why’s… why’s he… he talking to me?  Ma’am?  Me?  I… I’m not… a ma’am. 

“Should I call an ambulance?” the gentleman asked.

A small alarm sounded in Robert’s subconscious.  No, no ambulance.  No.  The young man shook himself and looked up.  The older man’s eyes were full of concern behind his small, rounded glasses.  Robert caught a glimpse of his face and his eyes widened.  Is that… is that me?  Is that what I look like?  But, I’m… I’m not… I’m…

Around the older man, a small crowd of people were gathering.

“No,” Robert gasped.  A single cold drop of sweat rolled along her temple and fell to the ground.  Slowly, the world began to become level.  The loud ringing in his ears lessened and Robert swallowed several times.

“No,” Robert said, more strongly.  “I’m fine, thank you.”

The older man frowned slightly at Robert’s voice.  Although higher, it was still deeper than a woman’s voice.

“Okay,” the man said. “You sure?”

“Yes,” Robert answered, standing straight.  “Yes, I’m fine.  Thank you.”  He smiled brightly and the dimples in his cheeks stood out clearly.  A nearby man, perhaps in his early thirties, whistled low in appreciation.

“All right.  Be careful, okay?”

“Yes!  Thank you!”  Robert beamed.  With a near flounce, the young man continued down the sidewalk.  Three blocks away, he found his destination and, without hesitation, he stepped in.

The inside of the bar was dim and a live band played on stage in a corner.  The small tables were full of couples drinking, talking and flirting.  Robert’s eyes were wide as he stared around the room.  He’d known of the place but had never been inside.  A sudden, unexplained fear took hold of him.  Something felt wrong but, again, he couldn’t explain why.  He couldn’t put his finger on it but something deep within told him he shouldn’t be here.  He listened to himself, unknowingly seeking the voice that had raged and screamed earlier.  He was met, however, with silence.

His old self had known the bar as a place where transwomen and crossdressers frequented but the knowledge was lost to him now.

Robert shrugged his shoulders and tucked a shoulder-length strand of honey hued hair behind his small ear.  The young man swayed as he made his way around the room to the bar.  He drew several stares from men and women alike and the glances made him glow with pride.  Several times, he ran his slender hands down his generous hips to smooth his skirt.  Still fighting the nervousness at the entrance, he found a group of empty stools at the bar and sat.

After a moment, the bartender came around.  He glanced at Robert and Robert felt himself blushing.  He lowered his eyes to the bar, his long, thick lashes fluttering as he hid a shy smile.

“Start you a tab?” the bartender asked, finally deciding he didn’t need to card the gorgeous young woman.

“Yes,” Robert said, his eyes still locked onto the bar’s counter.  An old habit rose up and he continued.  “I’ll have a beer, please.  The house stout.”

Robert looked up in the loud silence.  The bartender seemed taken aback at Robert’s quick, casual request.  The young man thought back to what he’d just said and blushed deeper.  With a quick glance down the bar he noticed that no other woman had a beer in front of them.  Oh god, he thought.  Why did I say that?

“I mean, I’m sorry, I just don’t know what I was thinking,” Robert giggled nervously.  “Can I see the drink menu, please?”

Nodding as if the world had returned to its proper order, the bartender slid a tall menu over to Robert before walking away.  Robert hid his embarrassment by staring down at the menu.  God, that was so dumb.  I’m so dumb.  A beer?  God, he probably thinks I’m stupid.

Robert glanced up quickly to look at the bartender.  He breathed a sigh of relief when he found the other man busy pouring drinks for someone else.  Robert stared at the menu, skipping past the beer selection to find the mixed drinks.  He found it strange that he realized he had no idea what any of them tasted like.  How is that possible?  He wondered.  Oh, the mojito sounds nice.  It’s, let’s see, $8.50 and that’s-

A sudden thought rose through the fog.  Robert stared at his hands in dumb shock.  At some point on his walk, he’d dropped his cellphone, keys and wallet.  The flush of embarrassment was immediate.  Oh my god.  Oh my god, could this night get any worse?  The young man pressed the heel of his hands to his stomach.  His throat began to constrict as his eyes watered.  It’s just not fair, he thought.  I just wanted to go out and have fun and meet someone and now… now…

“Excuse me,” a voice said next to Robert.  “Is this seat taken?”

Robert blinked away his tears and looked up at the newcomer.  The man standing next to him was young, perhaps 27 and quite handsome.  Robert immediately looked back down at the bar.  Did he see me crying?  What should I do?  Oh my god, oh my god.  He’s handsome.

A jolt of electricity shot down to Robert’s lower stomach and he bit back a moan.  The unfamiliar sensation turned into a spreading warmth as his hands tingled.  Robert hid his hands in his lap as his pulse quickened.  He glanced up briefly at the other man.  Still there.  He’s still there.  Oh no.  What did he say earlier?  Oh no, Robert.  He asked you something.  You dummy!

“I’m,” Robert said, his voice cracking.  He covered himself with a cough and then continued.  “I’m sorry?”

“I asked if the seat was taken?” the man said.

“Taken?”  Robert asked, momentarily unsure of what he meant.  Thinking through the fog was difficult at best.  “Do you mean is someone sitting there?  No!  I mean, sorry, umm, no.  Nobody is sitting there.  You can sit there if you want.  If that’s okay with you.”  Robert stop!  You’re rambling!  You’re embarrassing yourself!

The other man grinned and sat.  He was well dressed in an open white dress shirt and slacks.  His hair glistened in the track lighting above the bar.  Robert found himself staring at the other man as the heat spread throughout his body.  For the second time in his life, he felt himself grow wet and his eyes bulged in sudden fear that he’d had an accident.

Robert crossed his smooth legs nervously.  What is that?  That feeling?  God.  It’s so…  Robert turned his head to the side, away from the man as he stifled a low moan.  The ache had returned and, with it, a sense of emptiness.  The new, slick wet muscles of his still hidden vagina begged to be filled.  Robert felt it as a pulsing, hot wet emptiness that stole his breath away.

“You’re very good, you know,” the man said.

Robert looked up, confused as his heart raced.  The very sound of the man’s voice made his legs twist together.  He found himself noting all the small things about the other man.  His strong jaw and light stubble.  His smell.  Oh god, the smell of him.  Robert thought.  He leaned toward the other man slightly, his small, button nose flaring to take in the man’s scent.  Robert couldn’t explain why it was such a powerful thing but the sudden scent of him made him tremble.

“Oh?” Robert asked in a daze, not having processed what the man said at all.  His entire focus was on how the man looked and smelled.  His body craved touch.  He felt his nipples grow hard beneath the soft sweater.  His entire body felt sensitive.  If I lean a little bit more, I’d be touching him, he thought.

“Yeah,” the other man said.  He glanced down briefly at the tiny bulge in Robert’s crotch and Robert found himself uncrossing his legs in response.  Robert thrust his small chest forward and opened his legs further.  He squirmed on the barstool against the wetness hidden inside his body.  The other man continued.  “I can’t even really tell you’re a man.”

The rudeness and arrogance of the man’s remark completely passed him by.  Robert reached his hand out to touch the other man’s thigh.  His fingernails lengthened as he did and they scratched against the smooth fabric of the other man’s pants.

“Mmm-hmmm,” Robert said.  The emptiness between his thighs ached badly.  Robert could barely think beyond it.  Beneath his skirt, his cock shrunk further, the head now the only part showing above his pronounced mound.  Robert’s smooth fingers brushed against the man’s forearm hair, filling his hand and arm with spikes of electricity.  Robert leaned forward and words fell out of his mouth of their own accord.  His voice had finally settled into a deep, sexy smokiness. “I want you inside of me,” Robert fairly moaned.

The other man’s smile faltered before returning even brighter than before.  He pressed his knee against Robert’s thigh.  Robert shuddered.  Beneath his sweater, his small, perky breasts swelled.  The skin of his chest pulled tight as the sweater bulged to contain the curves of his new, larger breasts.  Robert arched his back and his sweater lifted from his belly to show the taut, smooth skin leading down into his miniskirt.

The other man watched the display and then, with a quick glance around the bar, ran his hands along Robert’s side.  Robert melted into the man’s touch.  He wanted the man’s hands everywhere.  He wanted his whole body pressed against him, touching him, digging his fingers into him.  His body cried out for attention from his ears to his toes.  He’d never been this sensitive his whole life and, now, he wanted every inch of his body to be caressed.

Robert guided the man’s hands up to his breasts and the young man obliged, squeezing and massaging Robert’s soft, large breasts through the sweater.

“Holy shit,” the man said.  “I can’t believe how real these feel.”  At his touch, the breasts began to expand and the man’s fingers dug into the soft skin.  Robert’s sweater tightened around his growing bosom, leaving his stomach bare to his belly button.  Tiny white hairs ran in a line down from his belly button to his mound.

Blood pulsed deep within Robert’s body.  He could feel his heartbeat under his cock.  The heat was maddening but not nearly as bad as the urge to be filled.  He’d never felt it before – the emptiness that lay deep within him now.  Still hidden away.

“Please,” Robert groaned.  The other man licked his lips and took his hands away.  Robert’s breasts filled out further and he felt their weight, heavy and full against his chest.  It felt like his cheeks were on fire from the need burning within him.

“Fuck,” the other man said as he looked around.  “They’d kick my ass out if we used the bathroom and my car is too small.  There’s… shit.  The alley is pretty empty usually.  You okay with that?”

Robert moved and the other man’s thigh slid between his legs.  With a gasp, Robert, clenched his small hands into tight fists, long nails digging into the smooth palms of his hands.  His chest heaved as he panted.

“Yes.  Whatever.  Please,” Robert gasped, his head hung low and his long, amber hair covering his heart-shaped face.  He didn’t ‘even know what the man had said.

When the man stood, Robert whined at the loss of touch.  However, he soon felt the man’s large, rough hand take his smaller hand.  She was amazed at how strong he felt.  Robert followed the other man without question as they left the bar and took a quick turn into a long, narrow alley.  The smell of trash was strong and a dead overhead light left the alleyway in near complete darkness but Robert barely noticed.

They stopped at the end of the alley and the man immediately pushed Robert gently against the wall.  Robert rubbed his legs together and dropped his hips.  His hand slid along his smooth stomach into his miniskirt.  He gasped as his fingernail slid against the incredibly sensitive tiny head of his cock but then he groaned in frustration as his fingers touched solid, unbroken skin beneath the remains of his dick.

As the heel of his hand rested against his mound, light brown hair grew out and away from the head of his cock.  The new pubic hair was soft and sparse and arranged in a wide triangle shape.  Strong hands took Robert’s arm and pulled his hand out of his skirt.  Robert whined in frustration but then pressed his head back against the rough brick wall as the man lifted Robert’s tight sweater up and over his massive breasts. His expanded chest held the sweater in place and the man immediately bent to suck at Robert’s fat, pink nipple.

Robert cried out in pleasure.  He’d never felt anything like it.  Spikes of electricity raced down from his nipples to the unbroken skin beneath his cock.  He’d never been one to make much noise during sex but he found himself gasping and moaning and cradling the other man’s hand as his tongue worked against the nipple.

“Are you really…”  the other man asked suddenly.  Robert felt the man’s hand brush against his cock briefly.  “Jesus, I guess you’ve got an amazing fucking doctor.  I can’t-”

“Please,” Robert begged.  “Please, I need you in me.  I ache so bad.  I’m so empty.  Please.   Oh god, please.”  His old self would be in shock at the words pouring from his mouth but he couldn’t seem to stop himself.  Everything was sensitive and the building ache deep inside was getting worse.

Without a word, the man turned Robert around.  His hands slid down Robert’s waist and out to the curve of his hips.  Suddenly, he roughly pulled up on Robert’s skirt and Robert slammed against the brick wall, his mouth open in pleasure at the rough handling.  His tits flattened out in front of him as he was held against the wall.  Robert moaned and squirmed as the man’s fingers slid through the thin bit of fabric at the crotch of his panties.  With a tug, the fabric ripped, leaving his asshole bare.

The unnamed man pressed against Robert, strong hands holding Robert’s slim hands up and against the wall.  Robert whined, rubbing his wide, curved ass against the man’s crotch.  He could feel the pussy inside himself.  He could feel the walls of the pussy rubbing wetly against themselves.  He almost imagined he could smell himself in the warm night air.

“You want me?” the man asked.  His voice was rougher now.  Focused.

“Yes,” Robert gasped, his own sultry, feminine voice dripping with need.

“You want me to fuck you and cum in your ass?  You want me to fill that cute little asshole of yours up with my cum?”

Robert cried out again.  The man’s voice, his words, everything was driving him wild.  He couldn’t think beyond the need to be filled.  But then, suddenly, a thought surfaced.

“N- no,” Robert stuttered submissively.  “I… I want to taste your cum.  Please.  Please can I swallow your cum?  I’ll- I’ll let you fuck my ass but, oh god, oh god, please, you have to cum in my mouth.  I need to taste it.  Please,” Robert begged.

The man’s hand’s fell away from Robert’s hands.  Robert bowed his head, panting.  His breasts hung heavily below him as he arched his back to press back against the man.  Robert didn’t hear the man unbuckle his belt or drop his pants but he screamed out in pleasure as the man’s cock suddenly pressed between his ass cheeks.  The head of the man’s cock touched against the unbroken skin of Robert’s pussy and Robert groaned in pleasure and frustration.  His useless, tiny cock dripped with his own juices, leaking the wetness that had built inside of himself.

Robert’s groan turned to pain as his asshole bulged with the man’s cock.  The pain was surprising but not nearly as bad as his old self would’ve imagined.  Robert grit his teeth and made fists with his small hands.  The pain mixed with pleasure as the other man spread Robert’s ass.

“You’re tight, babe,” the man said with a grunt.  “Almost…”

The pain intensified into a sharp cutting sensation and then an overwhelming sense of pleasure made Robert actually scream out.  His scream was cut off as the other man’s hand covered his mouth.  Rather than find the gesture terrifying, it served to heighten his arousal.

The sense of being taken – of being at the mercy of someone else was incredibly freeing and erotic to the man who had always taken control.  However, it was all lost as the man’s cock slid into Robert’s ass.  The few remaining thoughts Robert had vanished, consumed by pure animal lust.  The head of the man’s cock was rubbing lightly against Robert’s pussy through the thin wall separating it from his asshole.  That feeling plus the way the man’s cock rubbed against the inside his ass drove Robert past the brink.  Robert pushed back hard against the other man and he felt his heavy tits slap against his chest.

“Damn, girl,” the other man gasped.  His fingers tightened in Robert’s wide hips and he pulled back.  Robert whined and pushed back, meeting the man’s forward thrust.  Robert spread his legs and arched his back further to give his lover a better angle.  He found that as he adjusted his body, the man’s cock pressed against different places and the sensations changed.

The man slammed into Robert and Robert’s breasts slapped his chest again, over and over as they found their rhythm.  Although the sense of pleasure was unlike anything he’d felt before, Robert was frustrated.  The emptiness wasn’t being filled.  That vast, wet burning hot emptiness cried out to be filled and what he was getting wasn’t nearly enough.  Still, he didn’t dare stop.  He couldn’t.   Robert’s mouth hung open as he moaned and begged and told the man “Yes” and “Don’t stop” over and over again.  Words and sounds he’d never spoken before.  The ache was building into something that he could only think of as an orgasm and he could tell he was close.

“Oh,” the man gasped.  “Oh, I’m going to…”

Robert’s glazed eyes bulged as he realized what the man was about to do.

“No!” Robert screamed out.  “You promised!  You-”  A different scream escaped Robert’s full, red lips as the man’s cock swelled inside of him.  The storm within his belly broke and his legs gave out on him.  Everything was suddenly too sensitive and too weak and he screamed again as the man’s hard cock slipped out of his ass.  Robert felt a warm spurt of the other man’s cum hit his bare upper back.

“S… sorry…” the man gasped.  “Couldn’t… couldn’t stop in time.”

Robert turned quickly, supporting himself temporarily with a hand on the dirty alleyway.  The man’s cock throbbed in front of him and a thick line of white cum oozed from the tip.  With a cry, he grabbed the man’s cock.  Robert licked the head of the man’s cock.  Fireworks exploded in his brain.  Although the orgasm he’d just had was stronger than anything he’d ever felt before, the simple taste of the man’s cum left everything else feeling dull.

As he cleaned the man’s cock, a fine slit opened between Robert’s legs.  Thick, clear liquid immediately leaked from the new opening, attaching strands to Robert’s thighs and falling in heavy drops to the ground.  He moaned around the other man’s cock as his wet pussy opened for the first time.  Pure pink, shiny wet lips and folds began to grow around the slit.  Slowly, the bit of Robert’s cock that remained shrunk further until it hid itself under a tiny growth of skin just under his mound.

Robert’s pussy clenched and tightened.  He automatically reached a finger down to his pussy and carefully pressed a finger between the lips.  The emptiness cried out to be filled.

Suddenly, the fog cleared enough for Robert’s old self to return.  His eyes widened.  His hand was wrapped around another man’s cock.  He could feel the man’s hands in his hair, tugging at him as Robert gave him a blowjob.  He was on his knees in a dark, filthy alleyway.  One of Robert’s fingers was impossibly pressed into something warm and wet between his legs.  He could feel his fingers pressing against the wetness but, worse, he could feel the sensation of his fingers between those same lips.  Horribly, he had to fight the urge to press the finger all the way into himself.  His asshole hurt and something cold and wet was sliding down his ass towards that burning wetness.

The man’s cock was in Robert’s mouth.

Robert blinked.  The man’s cock was in his mouth.  He could smell the faint scent of his own ass rising from the throbbing thickness in his mouth.

Robert cried out and stood, stumbling.  His center of balance was completely off.  Huge, heavy breasts swayed pendulously on his chest and he could feel bright points of aching need from both of the large, completely erect pink nipples.  The other man stared back at Robert in shock, his mouth working uselessly.

Robert ran.


An old fashion intercom buzzed on a huge, mahogany desk.  The old man sitting at the desk grunted and pushed the large white button at the base of the unit.

“Yes,” he said as he read over a document.

“Sir,” the old man’s receptionist said.  “There’s a… woman here to see you.”

“Turn her away,” the old man said.  “I have no appointments today and I-”

“She says, I’m sorry sir, she says you’ll remember the night from Montenegro.”

The old man slowly looked up.  Bushy white eyebrows cocked up in rare surprise.  “A woman you say?  Clearly a woman?”

“Yes sir,” the receptionist said.

“Send… her in,” the old man said.

The door opened and the old man watched the figure enter.  Shock was clear on his face.

“I expected a ruse,” he said.  “A disguise.  Only one person alive knows about Montenegro and it is not a woman.  So, you will tell me how you know about it.”

Robert stood nervously in front of his employer.  His pink sweater was torn at the side but still incredibly tight against his massive chest.  He was covered in dirt and mud and oil and his light brown hair was in disarray.  Robert kept tucking strands behind his ear as he looked around the room.

“I,” Robert said, sultry, dulcet tones tremulous.  “I am Robert Williams, III.”

The old man studied the woman closely.  “Nonsense.  While I am lacking in-”

Robert began to speak, detailing what his eroded, reduced memory could recall of past operations and intelligence information.  As he spoke, the old man’s eyes widened.  Finally, Robert detailed the last operation with the Senator.  Although he blushed furiously, he left no detail out.  He could vaguely remember operations living and dying on a single, inconsequential piece of information.  When he finished speaking, the old man sucked his lips in over and over, his eyes staring over Robert’s shoulder.

Robert rubbed his hands down the sides of his hips and tucked another strand of hair behind his ear.  His employer may be old but he was incredibly sharp – a genius, even.  If there was anything to be done, he could do it.  Robert’s heart raced.

“Please, sir,” Robert begged.  He cursed himself as he found himself automatically lowering his eyes submissively to the carpet.  “Please tell me you have an idea of some kind.”

Time stretched until, finally, the old man spoke.  “Oh, yes.  I think I understand it all now.”


The gentle sound of waves lapping at the edge of a large, crystal clear pool tempted Senator Bowman with a nap.  He lay shirtless on a shaded lounge chair at the edge of the pool.  A stunningly beautiful woman lay sleeping on a chair nearby.  She wore a skimpy bikini that left nothing of her figure to the imagination.  Her top barely covered the nipples of her gigantic breasts.

Senator Bowman grinned and shook his head as he glanced over at the woman.  The sight of Senator O’Neal never failed to amaze him.  She’d proven to be incredibly submissive and insatiable and, best of all, she had the IQ of a goldfish.   The older man grinned lecherously and scratched at his chest before patting his stomach.  He’d been losing weight recently and feeling better than ever.  Life was impossibly good.

“Sir,” one of Senator Bowman’s security guards said after listening to a call on his earpiece.  “You have a visitor at the gate.”

“Who is it?” the senator asked sourly.

Beside him, Senator O’Neal moaned, her hand reaching down between her legs to rub against herself.  “I just had the best dream,” Senator O’Neal said sleepily.  She stretched with both arms above her head, thrusting her chest out.

The security guard leaned over to whisper a name to Senator Bowman and the older man’s eyes widened.

“Well, let him in and bring him here!”


Robert followed his employer demurely as they entered the senator’s residence.  He wore a long, revealing white dress with black heels and he was scared at how incredibly quickly he’d taken to walking easily in them.  Although he thought his memories were mostly back, he often found himself forgetting simple things and staring off vacantly into the distance.  He giggled at the most inappropriate times and, he couldn’t stop touching himself.

Soon, he stood before the old senator.  Robert glanced over at the woman lying on the chair nearby and the two sized each other up before Robert again focused his eyes on the ground.  He’d been told to keep his eyes down and he’d found it difficult to refuse for some reason.

“Well?” Senator Bowman asked.  “I assume it’s important?”

Robert’s employer fished a cigar from his pocket.  “You know it must be.  I would never leave my office otherwise.”  Looking at the senator’s security guards, the old man raised an eyebrow.

Senator Bowman sighed.  “Freddie, head into the house.  Gimme a minute here.”

When the security guard left, the old man continued.  “There’s been a development.  A… rather unusual occurrence.”

“Well?” Senator Bowman asked.

“The formula is infectious.”

“The… you mean?”  Senator Bowman looked over to the woman lying nearby.



“I assure you it’s the truth.  Highly infectious with apparently-”  The old man held a finger to his ear.  With his head to the side, he answered the person that’d spoken to him on his well hidden earpiece.  “Ah, good.  And the gentleman the nurse met at the bus stop?  Extraordinary.  That leaves the young man Robert met at the bar, I believe.  And have your people secured the house?  Marvelous.  I’ll be along momentarily.”

Senator Bowman watched the old man with confusion.

“My apologies,” Robert’s employer said.  “Tying up loose ends, I’m afraid.  Where was I?  Ah, yes.  Apparently, different symptoms depending on the biological gender.”

“Gender?” Senator Bowman asked.  “Listen, I paid you and paid you well.  I don’t have time for-”

“This lovely young lady standing next to me is the agent that delivered the formula to Senator O’Neal.  Robert Wilson, III.”

Senator Bowman’s eyes widened.  “You… he… what’s this-”

“Have you not noticed it yourself, sir?”

Fear crept into Senator Bowman’s eyes.  “What… what do you mean?”

“Your chest, sir.”

Senator Bowman looked down.  Hidden beneath dark black and white chest hair, his nipples were surrounded by large, pink areola.  His left nipple was noticeably larger than the right with a tiny dent directly in the center of it.

“What the-!”  Senator Bowman touched the larger nipple.  “What the fuck?!  What the fuck is this?!”

The old man pushed his hands at Senator Bowman in a calming gesture.  “It’s the beginning, sir.  What you see beside me is the end.  Or, perhaps the end.  We’re currently unsure of how mental faculties are being affected.  We’ve captured all those involved so far and a whole division has been designated to deal with and make use of the unique side effects offered by the formula.”

Senator Bowman had returned to staring at his now erect, dark left nipple.  “Oh Jesus, Mary and Joseph.  I can feel it.  Oh Jesus.  You can stop it, right?”

The old man stared morosely at Senator Bowman.  “No, I’m afraid not.  However, you’ll soon stop caring.  We’ll find a place for you in our program and you’ll be of much use.”

“Fuck you!” Senator Bowman cried out.  “Freddie!  Freddie, get your ass out here!”

“I’m afraid it’s no use, sir,” the old man said.  “My people have the area secured.”

“I’ll never fucking do anything-”

“Oh, but you will.  Robert, a demonstration.”

Robert blushed deeply.  “Please, sir.  Please.  Please don’t make me.”

The old man sighed heavily.  “Robert, you know how I dislike using crude terms.  I implore you, do as you’re told and spare me the indignities.”

“I-  I won’t,” Robert said.  Robert’s chest heaved as he hyperventilated.  His hands were clenched at his sides, long nails digging painfully into his hands.

“Very well,” the old man said, sighing again.  “Robert, may I remind you, perhaps of your certain addiction to something?  No?  I see, surprisingly hard-headed.  Robert, if you pleasure Senator Bowman, I’m quite sure you’ll be able to taste his issue.”

Robert closed his eyes.  Chaos raged in his mind as the world shrunk down to the visual caused by his employer.  The visual of his small hands wrapped around the senator’s cock.  The taste.  That extraordinarily addictive taste of his cum.  Robert panted as he felt himself grow wet.  Before he could stop himself, he was walking to the senator and kneeling in front of him.  The senator watched in horrid fascination as Robert eagerly pulled the old man’s shorts down to expose his cock.  Robert moaned as he opened his full, red lips to take the senator’s cock deep inside his mouth.

Senator O’Neal watched from the side but her own mind was wandering.  Words kept begging for her attention and she hated words.  Bowman.  Hearing.  Kansas.  Illegal funds.  Ethics.  Committee.  She furrowed her brow and, rather than pushing the thoughts away, she welcomed them.  Turning them over to see what more would come.

Beside the buxom young senator, Robert pushed a finger into his tight pussy as he worked towards his reward.

“Why?” Senator Bowman gasped, lost in the pleasure as he tweaked his own erect nipple.

“As I said,” the old man explained.  “Tying up loose ends.”


Twenty-three miles away, a young, serious man sat alone in a hotel room.  Two large suitcases were opened in front of him.  One contained a set of clothes with a Kevlar vest on top.  The other held a number of well-maintained weapons.

“A name,” the man said.  “Hey, don’t pull that shit.  This is me.  Paul.  You fucking owe me and I’m calling it in.”


“Give.  Me.  A.  Fucking.  Name.” Paul growled into the phone.

More silence.  Finally, a single, hurried reply and the line went dead.

Paul smiled but it was pained.  He’d hoped that wouldn’t be the one.  Still, he had a goal and he’d find a way to bring her back.

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