Stay Ch. 02 [TF / MF / Were-dog]

At 6:00 pm, Kevin knocked on Brandy’s door.  She felt her heart racing as she answered it.  Her smile was strained and awkward on her face and she didn’t want to let him go when he hugged her.

“Oh, sweetheart,” Kevin said.  “You’ve been crying.”  The young man had changed into casual clothes before coming over.

Brandy nodded, not trusting herself to speak.  She wore her dancing penguin pajamas and her pink panties.  She always wore her pink panties because they helped her feel brave.  Or, rather, it made the world around her feel more ridiculous.  No matter what happened, she could always just think to herself:  Sure, I can understand you want to yell at me because the extra shot I added to your coffee at your request is somehow now too much but, you know what?  I’m wearing hot pink panties with two little pink bows so, there!  She was amazed at how much it helped.

“What’s wrong?” Kevin asked.  “Are-  Are you breaking up with me?”

Brandy’s lip quivered but she swallowed before she started crying.  “No,” she said, her voice cracking.  “I have to tell you something.”

Kevin followed Brandy into her room, sitting on her bed when she did.  It was a small room with a little dresser and a single night stand with a lamp.  The bed took up most of the room – queen sized mattress with huge, thick old blankets.  Like with her panties, the bed and blankets were often her refuge when she was depressed.

“What-” Kevin said.

“No, wait,” Brandy answered.  “This is hard for me to say and it’s serious.  But, I don’t know how to say it right.  I never have.  It’s not the first time I’ve tried to explain it.  Just, promise me you’ll listen?  That you’ll actually listen until the end and let me finish before you say anything?  And that you’ll give me at least some benefit of the doubt?”

“Yeah, sweetheart,” Kevin said.  He looked confused and worried.  “Of course.”

Brandy closed her eyes.  Her heart thudded loudly in her chest and she felt like she had to go to the bathroom.  She knew she didn’t but it’s the way she felt before most stressful things like first dates or job interviews or explaining that she wasn’t entirely human.

Maybe I shouldn’t, she thought.  Maybe I shouldn’t do this.  I could just make something else up.  A, umm, sudden trip I have to take.  Death in the family.  Something other than this.  It’s all so absurd and embarrassing.  I could just go and then figure out whether or not I come back.  Or whether I break up with him.

Sneaking a glance up at her boyfriend, she saw the worry in his eyes.  He sat quietly, waiting for her to speak, neither rushing her nor becoming upset over the awkwardness of it all.

Augh, Brandy continued.  But he’s Kevin.  He actually cares about me.  I’ve never met someone so thoughtful and empathetic.  Despite her repeated broken relationships and broken heart, the young woman never seemed to stay down long.  Part of her wondered if that were the other part of her expressing itself – the indomitable optimism.  Oh, Jesus-

“Let’s,” Brandy began.  “Let’s pretend for a minute, okay?  Let’s say there’s this, umm, world, where things aren’t entirely normal.  Like, there’s witches and other stuff, okay?  And curses.  In this other world.  I’m definitely not talking about this world.  Just hypothetically.  Strange things happen sometimes and there aren’t always explanations for them.  Okay, remember your promise.  Now let’s say I lied.  Let’s say that that world is really this world.  And I’m cursed.  Well, my family is.  Cursed.  By a witch.”

Kevin’s face ran a gamut of emotions before settling on disbelief.  “Are you saying-”

“You promised to wait and listen,” Brandy said, her hand raised.  “Somewhere way back when, my family was cursed.  A great great great great grandparent was a jerk to a witch or a wizard or something magical and we change.  Into…  Looks.  It’s.  Umm.  You know werewolves, right?  From the movies?  Big huge tall two-legged monsters?  Well, kind of like that.  Only not wolves.  It’s more like a dog.  And rather than murderous rages, it’s more like wanting to play fetch.  A stupid happy dog.  On two legs.  I’ve set up video cameras to see what it’s like.  What I’m like.  It’s… I’m dumb.  I don’t remember anything once it starts until I wake up.  But I just do dumb dog things.”

Brandy watched Kevin.  He was no longer incredulous.  His face was a pure, blank mask and Brandy knew that was worse.  She pushed herself to continue before she lost her nerve.  “Dog things.  Big, two legged, human sized dog things.  See this blanket?  My grandmother quilted it for me.  Look, on the edges, chew marks.  I often wake up in random parts of the house with it because it’s my- the dog’s favorite blanket, too.  I hide it from myself sometimes.”

“Brandy, come on-” Kevin started.

“I have a goddamn doggie pad!  I kept shitting in one specific spot in the corner of my living room so I set up a doggie pad for my stupid doggie self to crap and pee on instead of the floor!  And a huge food and water dish!  And then I still wake up sometimes with the fridge open and food just spilled out everywhere.”  Tears rolled down the young woman’s face and she angrily rubbed at them with the back of her hand.

Kevin reached out to squeeze Brandy’s knee.  He obviously wanted to ask questions but he held himself in check.

Before Kevin could interrupt, Brandy continued.  “My father is dead.  I have a cousin in New York and a brother down in South America somewhere but that’s it.  Parents, grandparents, uncles and aunts, they all kill themselves.  Everybody does in my family eventually.  The change starts after puberty and goes slowly.  Randomly.  Maybe once year then once every six months and eventually once a month.  And then it bleeds into other things.  When… when we were making out on the couch the other night, I started to change.  That’s the first time it’s happened because of sex.  I masturbated last night and it started again.  It happens like that eventually.  And then it’s several times a month.  And then once a week.  And then it’s-”

Brandy hid her face, voice catching as she cried.  Kevin reached for her automatically, holding her close as she sobbed.  Slowly, she calmed enough to continue.

“Eventually they’re stuck like that.  We’re stuck like that.  My dad killed himself when I was nineteen.  He was changing every night and, even when he was human, he wasn’t very bright anymore.  I never knew my mom.  She wasn’t part of it.  It’s only our direct blood line. She left me with my father after I was born because she knew what would happen to us.  I’ve never heard from her.  I don’t know how long I have left.  Maybe year.  Maybe a decade.  Or more.  Or less.  It’s not- it’s not on a standard schedule.”

Taking a deep breath, the young woman finished.  “I’ve given this speech, well, a variant of it, four other times.  All four of those guys walked on me.  I can’t hide it from you now.  Not if it’s happening during sex or if I get excited like that.  I can’t have a normal relationship if it’s at that point.  So I had to tell you.  And it’s shitty of me to do it and I’m sorry but I love you and I can’t not tell you.  I won’t-” Brandy swallowed hard several times.  “I won’t blame you if you leave.”

Kevin held Brandy quietly.  Minutes passed without a single word.  When he spoke, his voice was quiet and thoughtful.  “You- you said you had some videos of it happening?  Can you show me?  I’m sorry, I don’t mean to doubt you but, it’s a lot.  It’s a lot to just take in, Brandy.”

“No,” Brandy sighed.  “I deleted them after I watched them.  God knows what would happen if I accidentally uploaded them somewhere or something happened.”

“Then, I don’t-”

“I can show you,” Brandy said.

“Show me?”

“I can change in front of you.  Only on one condition, though.”

“You can actually just… are you serious?”

“Yeah.  Yeah, I’m pretty sure based on the past two nights.  But, you have to promise me.  If you leave, just, lock the door.  And never tell anyone what happened.  Please.  I don’t have much of a life but it’s mine.  I can’t and won’t live in a freak show or as some science experiment.  Maybe… maybe it sounds dumb or childish or whatever but if I got out and people saw me… Kevin, I couldn’t handle that.  Promise me.  I won’t blame you if you leave but at least give me that much.”

Kevin breathed out heavily.  “Yeah,” he said, his voice hoarse with emotion.  “I’m not going to lie, I’m worried about you.  It’s not, this isn’t normal behavior.  I like horror movies as much as the next guy but this is something else.  I mean, we’re talking about reality.  There’s no such thing as ghosts or vampires or werewolves or whatever.”

Brandy moved away from Kevin to the head of the bed.  “I know.  I know, trust me.  I’ve seen the video.  I’ve seen it happen to my dad and my brother.  I know it’s real.  I don’t need you to believe me because I’ll show you.  But, feel free – if I start acting like an animal but I’m still completely human then feel free to just leave the crazy girl behind.  I would, if I were you.”

“I-” Kevin paused.  “Yeah.  Yeah, okay.  So, how are you going to do it?”

Without answering, Brandy unbuttoned her pajama top.  She wore no bra and Kevin found his eyes drawn to her breasts.  He forced himself to look at her eyes.  Brandy worked her pants down, wriggling her hips to do it.

“Don’t laugh at my panties.  They’re magical too.”  Brandy said, blushing furiously.

“They’re very, umm, very nice,” Kevin answered.  Despite the conversation and situation, he couldn’t help but grow excited as his girlfriend stripped.  Her panties followed and he watched them go.  His cock was angled awkwardly and he wanted to adjust himself but he didn’t feel it was appropriate to draw attention to his desire.

Brandy was red from the top of her breasts to her ears.  “Oh god.  Okay, don’t, don’t look at me while I do this.  This is the only way I know to make it happen right now.  So, I’ll just be, uh, sexually stimulating myself over here.  I know it’s ridiculous but could you not watch?  Please?  Sit there but just, just don’t watch.”

“Yeah.  Yeah.  I.  I won’t,” Kevin said.  “Not that I don’t want to watch you.  Because you’re beautiful and I-”

“Kevin, just shut up.  Okay, honey?  I mean that in the nicest way.”  Brandy pulled her knees up to cover herself partially as she rolled to her side.  “Remember what I said.  That’s all I ask.  If you stay then, I, huh, I dunno.  Never had that happen.  Maybe, maybe if you aren’t freaked out you could leave me a little note before you leave?  I mean, if you’re not… I’m rambling.  I don’t know what you’re going to do and, when it happens, I’ll be too far gone to notice or care.”

The young man reached a hand out to Brandy’s side in order to reassure her but he stopped and pulled away.  He wasn’t sure how she’d take his touch if she didn’t want him watching.  She was beautiful to him.  Not in the traditional skinny magazine model way but, in every way.  Her smile, her happy outgoing nature, her kindness, sense of humor and willingness to speak her mind (most of the time) and her love of life itself all combined for him.  He’d think she was pretty if he went by her face and figure itself but, with everything else, she was beautiful.  And so he stayed, despite his misgivings for the situation.

Facing towards the door, Kevin could still see Brandy from the corner of his eyes.  Her arm was moving but he heard nothing else.  Her breathing changed as she masturbated and that, more than anything else, turned him on.

“Ooh,” Brandy moaned, her voice low and quiet.  “Y- yes.”

Kevin glanced quickly over at his girlfriend and then chided himself before looking away.  He’d promised he wouldn’t-

Slowly, Kevin turned to look at Brandy.  Fine black and brown hairs lined the young woman’s spine.  Drops of sweat beaded along her shoulders and, as he watched, her back bulged in some way, pushing her spine out in a small wave.  Brandy whined, her arm jerking frantically.  He could physically see the little hairs pushing further away from her skin.  They were mostly brown with a few thick black hairs mixed in.

“Good.  Good girl, Brandy.  Brandy, good girl,” the young woman whispered to herself, caught in whatever fantasy she was imagining.  “Oh!”

Brandy rolled onto her back and Kevin’s eyes widened.

“K- Kevin.  It’s.  Starting, Kevin!  See!  See!  I said!  Kevin, I said, right?!   Ohh.  Ohhhhh,” the young woman moaned.  Her earlier shyness was gone.  Brandy reached a hand down between her legs.  Light shined off of her thighs, highlighting her wetness.

A thick tuft of fur completely hid Brandy’s clit.  Her juices clung to the fur, slicking it down and over her lips.  It also trapped her scent, helping to fill the room with it.  The tuft tapered down to shorter fur that covered the lower part of her stomach.  A spray of pure brown fur bloomed above her breasts and then small black dots erupted in a line down to her pussy.  Fur sprouted from the little holes.  Brown fur that matched the hair atop her head.

Brandy’s eyes were closed but her mouth was open in an excited grin.  Spit trailed down the side of her mouth but was quickly lapped up by a long, floppy dog tongue.  She was panting now.  Faster, her breasts heaving as more sweat broke out all over her body.  It wasn’t the short wheezing gasps of a human but the labored, excited breaths of a large dog.  The skin along her nose and lips began to grow dark as her canine teeth lengthened, cracking and breaking the nearby teeth.  Brandy whined lightly.

Light fuzz grew along her cheeks and jawline.  Kevin watched, fascinated, until he felt Brandy’s hand on his wrist.  She was looking at him.  Her face was slightly extended and she was smiling.  Or grinning.  It was hard to tell exactly but her eyes showed it well.  The palms of her hand felt rough.  He felt something pop and looked down to realize her joints were growing and moving.  Her hand was easily as large as his now.  A thick, black claw pushed through the tip of her index finger.  Kevin winced in sympathetic pain but Brandy didn’t seem to notice.  Two more claws followed.  The backs of her hand were thick with brown fur.

Brandy pulled his hand between her legs.  He’d never felt her so wet.  Everything from the tuft of fur to her pussy lips and thighs were soaked.  His fingers brushed between her engorged lower lips and she moaned, pushing her hips up at him.

“Yes?” Brandy asked, the words awkward in her changing mouth.  “Kevin, yes?”

Kevin pulled his hand away.  “No, Brandy.  It’s not right.  You’re-”

Brandy moaned again, rocking her hips, thrusting her chest up and twisting side to side.  Her breasts swelled.  Light patches of fur covered both of her breasts.  Kevin had now words for it.  Her breasts weren’t perky as a human but they didn’t exactly sag, either.  Now… Now they seemed to grow more… full.  Inflating until the skin stretched to contain the new size.  Gravity did its best to flatten her breasts but even on her back, both were full and huge.  Her small brown nipples twisted, pulling at the surrounding skin as they too thickened and grew.   The light brown fur the grew to cover her breasts was shorter than the rest of her body and stopped around her areola.

With a moan and a twist of her hips, Brandy reached for Kevin’s hand again.  “Yes?”

Kevin swallowed.  He was surprised at how utterly erotic the entire scene was.  He hadn’t believed her at the beginning.  He honestly thought she was crazy.  But now, watching her change, he was surprised that he wasn’t repulsed.  Rather, his cock pounded and ached in his pants.

“No, Brandy, no,” he said, cursing himself silently.  “It’s… it’s like rape.  It’d be like rape if I did anything with you.   You’re not all there.  It’s not right.  You didn’t give me permission when you were still human.”  Would I? he wondered.  If she’d said before that it was okay, would I?

Brandy growled.  She had one large paw around her giant left breast and her right dipped between her legs.  Kevin felt in a near daze.  The entire small room reeked of sex.  It was intense but erotic.  He looked at her.  Her eyes were closed.  Small crunching sounds came from her face and jaw and it slowly pushed away, elongating into a muzzle.  Her black lips stretched around the new growth and her nose pulled flat.

Thick strands of brown hair covered the pillows behind Brandy.  Her human hair had begun falling out at some point and dog fur took its place.  The young woman’s ears shifted beneath the remaining hair.  The skin along the edge of the ear stretched as the tips pulled into points.

Fur covered Brandy’s entire body down to her toes.  As with her jaw and hands, Kevin heard small cracks from around her feet.  The young woman’s toes lengthened and then thickened.  Her small toes stayed in place as her feet grew out, leaving her with a human sized dewclaw.  More bone shattering crunches made Kevin shiver and his stomach twist.  The ‘balls’ of her new paws were the even larger than her old human feet.  The young woman raked the air with her feet, whining and moaning as she pleasured herself.  Her calves were thick with muscle and fur.  Kevin wanted to run his hand along her feet.  The bones from her ankle to her “heel” (no long a heel of a foot but the end of her new paws) to her toes had tripled in density and size in order to hold her increased mass and shift in center of gravity.

With a loud huff, Brandy suddenly turned over.  She was larger now but Kevin hadn’t noticed when it’d happened.  The transition had been nearly fluid.  He’d seen her naked enough times to know that, now, her entire upper body was simple bigger.  Her long, pointed ears flicked as she looked back at Kevin and whined.  She was on her hands and knees in the bed, thick claws tugging at the soaking wet blanket under her.

Wet dog smell mixed with the scent of human sex.  Brandy shifted, moving until her ass was directly in front of Kevin.  He stood and stepped away from her.  Her knees were spread and she was arching her back, raising her hips in the air.  The young woman’s massive, furry breasts flared out to her sides, pressed flat against the bed.

Brandy made a sound that wasn’t quite dog-like but definitely wasn’t human.  She whined as she flexed her hips at him.  The fur around and between her thighs and ass was dark and wet and sticky.  Despite the thick fur covering her crotch, he could still see Brandy’s pussy.  As he’d felt with his fingers, he could see from where he stood that she was engorged.  Her pussy lips were thick and black and slick with her juices.  As a human, her inner lips were longer than her outer lips but, as she was now, they were pulled into her body.  If anything, her pussy looked like a porn star’s compact, petite Photoshop’ed pussy.  Only bigger and with jet black pussy lips.

The fur above Brandy’s ass shifted.  Kevin watched as a small tail swiveled back and forth.  The fur at the base of her spine bulged and the tail grew longer.  Two inches.  Three.  Naked skin on the new growth of tail quickly became dotted with thick black fur mixed with trace amounts of brown.  Four inches.  Five.  As the tail grew longer, it wagged more fiercely back and forth.  Nine inches.  Ten.  Twelve.  The fur along the length of Brandy’s tail grew longer than anywhere else on her body, leaving her with a thick, luxurious, massive human sized tail.  It flexed up and back in a long arch as it finished growing, leaving Brandy fully exposed for her lover.

The young woman whined again and then panted heavily.

“Brandy?” Kevin asked.

Rather than answer, the young woman barked loudly.  Kevin winced, covering her ears.  She looked… Kevin turned his head to the side.  A German Shepherd Dog?  It was the closest he could think based on what she looked like.  But, basically-

Brandy pushed back suddenly, rocking her hips up and down against Kevin’s body.  He could feel the heat radiating from between her thighs and his shirt was wet from where she rubbed him.  The young man jerked away from her.

“Whoa!  Whoa, Brandy!  No, okay?  No?  Remember what I said?  Can you?  Can you stop?  Doing that?  The, thing?  Showing me your… can you stop that?  Can you sit up?  Please.  Hey!  Hey, don’t-!”

Brandy pulled her tongue into her muzzle and cocked her head as Kevin spoke. Before he finished, she reached back a thick paw and he watched as a long finger opened her pussy.  The lips separated wetly, exposing the soft, slick pink skin deep within.  She whined again as she masturbated slowly in front of him, her hips still raised and her muzzle lying flat on the bed with her tongue out.

Kevin pushed at his erection through his pants.  It was starting to become painful.  He thought briefly of leaving but he couldn’t bring himself to do it.  Not after what she’d said.  He couldn’t abandon her.  She was his girlfriend.  It wasn’t her fault.  She’d been there for him through rough times and he’d done the same for her in the year they’d been dating.  This is just… this is just another rough spot, he thought.

“All right.  Brandy, all right.  I have to, umm, take care of something.  It’ll help.  Me.  It’ll help me.  You stay.  Stay!”  Kevin said loudly when Brandy turned to follow him as he backed away from the room.  “Oh shit, no, hey, I’m sorry.  You aren’t a dog, I didn’t mean that like that.”

Brandy cocked her head again, not understanding the problem.  Kevin walked carefully to the bathroom and then closed the door.  Despite being a small house, the bathroom was large and comfortable.  Brandy had liked to joke that she practically lived in it when she wasn’t defending her bed’s blanket fort.  Kevin opened the toilet lid and pulled down his pants.  His cock throbbed before him.

From outside the door, Brandy whined piteously.  The door thudded a few times.

“No!  Brandy, not- just wait a second, okay?”  Kevin grabbed his cock.  He felt slightly dirty for what he was about to do but he knew if he didn’t give himself some release, it’d hurt for quite a while.  Brandy’s black nose and the tip of her muzzle appeared under the gap of the bathroom door.  He saw her long tongue lick around her muzzle and her the nostrils of her black, wet nose flared several times.  “Just… just gimme a second here, okay?”

Looking away, Kevin closed his eyes and masturbated.  He was ridiculously aroused from watching Brandy so he knew it wouldn’t take long.  As much as he tried to picture Brandy human, all he could see was her changing.  Rather than her standing naked and smiling in his kitchen or the bedroom, he saw her on her hands and knees, clawed finger between black pussy lips.  After a moment, he gave up and just pictured her as she was.  How soft her fur would be.  How warm and wet-

Without warning, the frame around the bathroom door splintered and the door slammed open.  Brandy bounded into the bathroom.  Before he could stop her, she had her arms wrapped around his waist.  Her long tongue lapped at his cock and he shuddered.

“Brandy!  Hey!  No!  You can’t-”  He felt her claws dig into his ass and lower back – not to hurt him but just to anchor herself.  Her fur pressed against his legs and she was as soft as he’d expected.  Kevin tugged and pushed at Brandy but she was surprisingly strong.  And extremely determined.

The young woman’s thick tail thumped against the tile floor as she took Kevin’s entire cock deep into her muzzle. She held him there carefully, not moving her mouth but growling lightly as he tried to push her away.  The entire time, her tongue worked ceaselessly along his thick length.

“Hey,” Kevin hissed.  He could feel himself near the edge.  The sensation was… unique.  Her tongue was incredibly flexible and her mouth was warm and wet.  It was like having his cock in a woman’s vagina if she was able to roll, slide, flex, squeeze and pulse her vaginal muscles at any point inside her body.  And if she had teeth.  Sharp, dangerous teeth.  Not exactly a-

“SHIT!”  Kevin yelled.  He came and the young woman froze, swallowing each spurt of his cum.  Her tail slammed up and down on the floor and she practically vibrated with excitement.  Kevin’s fingers gripped the thick fur atop Brandy’s head and he tensed.  With the last bit of cum, Brandy sat back, grinning her odd little grin.  Her massive furry breasts shook slightly with each excited, happy thump of her tail.  Kevin wasn’t quite sure how he felt about the whole thing.  It was far from unpleasant.  Far, far from unpleasant but, was it okay?  His dick still ached and she’d felt really damn good but, should he feel guilty or bad from what happened?

Before he could decide how he felt, Brandy began cleaning him.  She made long, slow licks along the length of his cock.  Kevin groaned as her rough dog’s tongue rasped against the overly sensitive head of his cock.  Her expressions were hard to read but he liked to think he could see love in her eyes.  The young man scratched behind her long ears and Brandy panted happily, tilting her head for him.

“To hell with it,” Kevin said, scratching.  “Thank you for the blowjob, Brandy.  It was pretty awesome.”

Brandy huffed in reply.  The young woman stood and hugged Kevin awkwardly, her arms draped over his shoulders.  His cock pressed directly against the tuft of fur over her mound.  The wet fur enveloped his dick until she pressed closer and the head slipped down against her clit.  A dull, hard ache bloomed low in his belly.  Despite having just had an orgasm, he desperately wanted her.  It took an enormous amount of discipline to not reach down and grab her ass.

A small part of Kevin didn’t want to admit how much he liked the feel of her fur against his partially naked body.  An even smaller part didn’t want to admit to finding the idea of having sex with an uninhibited version of his girlfriend intensely erotic.  He wondered what it’d feel like to have her huge fluffy tail pressed against his chest.  Or how her gigantic furry breasts would tickle his face when he licked her fat nipples.  He groaned at the images.  The small parts didn’t want to admit any of that but he found it difficult to ignore the enormous attraction to the ideas.

Brandy whined lightly against him.  She could smell his desires and her body responded.  She turned and leaned over, touching the ground with her legs spread.  Her heavy, full breasts hung below her, nipples hard and erect in her excitement.  Her tail again arched up.  Kevin’s eyes were drawn to her and he watched her pussy open slightly to him.  Ropes of thin, clear liquid connected her lips and pieces of the surrounding fur.  She gently pushed back against him and he shivered as his half-erect cock pressed against her hot, wet lips.

Just… I just want to see for a moment, he told himself.  That’s okay, right?  Just the once?  Just a little?  Kevin reached forward and ran his fingers through the fur covering Brandy’s thick ass.  He felt the muscles of her lower back move and shift as her tail wagged.  He pulled her closer to him and her lips wrapped around the length of his cock.  He stopped.  No, he thought, hunger and desire raging deep within.

Brandy whined quietly as Kevin pulled away.  She spread her legs further and looked back at him, naked lust in her barely human eyes.

“Another time, sweetheart,” Kevin said.  “I promise.  Oh god.  I really hate myself right now.  A lot.  Jesus, I want you.”  The young man pulled his underwear and pants up, sighing as Brandy’s scent wafted up to him.  Her juices covered his cock and he allowed himself that one little thing.  The pleasure of having his girlfriend’s scent on him.  He loved to wake up in the mornings after they had sex and still be able to smell her on him.  Good boy, he told himself with a sigh.

The look in Brandy’s eyes clearly showed her disappointment but she suddenly snapped her head around and barked, bolting from the room on all fours.  Ass and tail working back and forth.  Kevin followed her, curious.  She was in the bedroom, nosing and pawing at the closet.  She looked at Kevin and then fumbled awkwardly with the closet door until she accidentally opened it.  The young woman grinned proudly at herself and immediately crawled into the small area.  Kevin found it difficult to ignore the fact that she was basically naked.  Especially bent over as she was and exposing herself.

Step one, he thought.  Work on it.  She’s naked but she’s not.  Just try to think of the fur like clothing.  Just ignore the fact that her pussy is right fucking there the entire goddamned time.  Just ignore how incredibly horny you are and how fucking good she smells and how strong that smell is.  How she apparently doesn’t give a rat’s ass that she’s naked and especially, especially, ignore the fact that she’d probably abso-fucking-lutely love if you just randomly decided to fuck her.  Yeah.  Yeah, just ignore that.  Ignore that probably, no matter what she was doing, if you just went up, dropped your pants and put your dick in her that she’d love it.  Oh Jesus.  That’s… that’s really hard to ignore.  What if it’s like that?  When she’s like this?  Always ready?  Always okay with it?  Always wanting it and loving it?  Holy fuck.  Okay.  Okay, calm down.  Calm down.  Breathe.  Breathe deeply.  Whoa, not that deep.  Jesus, her pussy smells amazing.  Calm.  Calm.  You got this, buddy.  Just because she wants it right now doesn’t mean it’s okay.  It’s not right and you know it.  He watched her hips work and her tail wag and tried his best not to look between her legs.

To distract himself, Kevin looked into the closet.  Brandy was nosing at a small cardboard box in the very corner of the area.  She was oddly unaware of the existence of her hands.  Finally, Kevin stepped in and opened the box for her.  Brandy leaned heavily against him and her tail ceaselessly smacked against his hip.

“All right, Brandy, just hold on.  Be patient,” he told her.  There were a few things in the box but it was too dark to see.  He grabbed the biggest thing and pulled it out.  Brandy nearly exploded with excitement.  It was a huge, rubbery chew toy.  A tag, still attached, loudly advertised that dogs would LOVE playing with the SNACKMASTER 3000 while trying to get the treats out.  At the bottom of the tag was a cartoon dog singing, ‘Who let the treeeeaaaats out?!  Woof, woof woof wooooof!’

Kevin felt a moment of sadness for his girlfriend.  What did that have to be like? he wondered.  How must it have felt to go shopping for toys for yourself?  His heart hurt for her a little.  From what she’d said and from what he could guess, the curse had to be terrible.  A downward, uncontrollable spiral that caused so much heartbreak and pain.  And yet she bought a simple toy for her other self.  Something to keep her animal side happy.  How had she felt, standing in line, listening to the cashier talk about how dogs loved the toy and they’d be so happy when she brought it home.  Kevin looked down at Brandy and smiled at her but his lips trembled.

Brandy barely noticed.  She backed away from the closet and kneeled, arms and paws raised, tail wagging fiercely.  She barked loudly (Kevin cursed as he noticed the way her huge breasts jiggled slightly when she did it) and begged until he gave it to her.  She spent nearly an early playing with it.  Tossing it, chasing it, biting and pulling at it with her hands and teeth.   When Kevin followed her, she ran and hid from him and then barked playfully and ran to a different side of the house.

Suddenly, Kevin realized how hungry she must be.  He walked to the kitchen and Brandy followed, chew toy (flecked with drool) firmly in her muzzle.  There was a box of peanut butter filled pretzel bites on one of the shelves.

Brandy growled at Kevin when he reached for the chew toy in her mouth.

“I just need it for a second, Brandy,” Kevin said.

The young woman continued to growl as he pulled on it, her ears, flicking in irritation.

“Come on, Brandy.  Drop it.  Just… let go.”  She stood as tall as him on her paws.  He had his hands on the toy in her mouth and she turned, pulling steadily back with her mouth.  As if to underscore that she wasn’t an actual dog (and in a surprising show of sudden awareness of her hands), she grabbed his arm and pulled at him.  He was pretty sure she could hurt him badly if she wanted but she was oddly gentle.  Finally, he let go of the toy, grabbed a pretzel and threw it.  Brandy was off like a shot, the chew toy bouncing forgotten on the floor.  Kevin picked it up, opened it and placed a few more pretzels inside, just in time for Brandy to come back.  She was smacking her lips over and over, her long tongue working at the inside of her muzzle.

When Brandy saw the toy in Kevin’s hand, she dropped to all fours and lowered her upper body.  Her tail wagged frantically.  It was oddly distracting to see her huge brown and black furred breasts dangling and swinging underneath her and he felt himself growing hard again.  It was a similar position to what she’d done on the bed.  But, not quite.  Still, his mind helpfully supplied the relevant, sexy details of how she was crouched – exactly as she would be when they fucked, doggy-style.  The young man sighed.  Thanks, brain.  Thanks.

The temptation to wave the toy and say, in his most condescending pet-talk voice ‘you want it? You want it, girl,’ was only very slightly hard to resist but he did and, instead, threw the toy.  She spent another hour freeing the pretzels without using her hands.  And bringing it to be refilled and thrown over and over.

As the night wore on, Kevin grew tired.  He was exhausted from Brandy’s seemingly endless amount of energy.  He sat on her small couch and Brandy soon padded over.  Kevin hesitated, unsure of what to do but Brandy simply got up on the couch and lay her upper body on his lap.  As he had two nights previous, he slowly stroked her back.  Brandy chuffed in happiness, her tail twitching and thumping the front of the couch.

The young woman’s huge, soft breasts pressed his crotch but he did his best to ignore them and Brandy seemed suddenly too tired to do anything about his growing erection.  Kevin scratched slowly on her head and between her ears with one hand and along her back with his other, stopping short of her ass.  Too dangerous for both of them, he decided, despite how tired they appeared to be.

Brandy soon fell asleep on her boyfriend.  Eventually, he shifted and she woke, yawning with a high pitched squeal.

“Come on, Brandy,” he said.  They both stood and, this time, Brandy followed Kevin to her bedroom.  Leaving his clothes on, he slid beneath the covers and patted the empty space beside him.  Brandy yawned again and crawled in with him.  She lay curled on her side like a dog, pressing herself against Kevin’s stomach.  However, as the night wore on, she slowly turned to her side.

Kevin lay awake the entire time.  His mind was abuzz with various thoughts.  Around 2 am, he finally felt the strong pull of sleep.  After careful consideration, he stripped naked under the blankets and then pressed himself against Brandy’s back.  He reached around and edged his fingers under Brandy’s left breast as he always did when they spooned.  His fingers slid against the smooth, soft fur and Brandy’s tail twitched lightly in response.  She wriggled back against him in a very familiar, very human way.  Despite how tired he was, he found himself growing hard.  However, she was soft and warm and, soon, he drifted off into sleep.


Light shined through Brandy’s cheap, plastic window shades.  She groaned and rolled and stretched and then froze.  The night before came back to her.  Oh.  Kevin, she remembered.

It was the first time she’d woken in bed after she had changed.  A small bit of hope fluttered in her belly as she wondered whether Kevin had brought her to bed.  Perhaps, she thought, perhaps he’d hadn’t run off?  The young woman eased herself out of bed and made her way into the living room.  There was no note on the coffee table.  Her heart sunk a little.  She checked the bathroom mirror (noting the broken door and sighing at it) and then the kitchen.

No note.  No Kevin.

Brandy sat at her kitchen table, her heart in her throat.  Tears shined at the corner of her eyes.

See?  See what happens?  Another one gone because you couldn’t keep your stupid mouth shu­

The young woman screamed as the sliding glass door between her kitchen and back yard opened.  Kevin stood at the doorway, eyes wide.

“Oh, man,” Kevin said, averting his eyes.  “I’m sorry.  I really didn’t mean to scare you like that.  I’m not being a creep.  I was just throwing something away outside before you- Anyway, just a thing.  I’m really-”

Kevin’s words were choked off as Brandy flung herself at him.  She sobbed against him, body shaking from the tears.  Kevin slowly wrapped his arms around her, resisting the urge to pick off all of the black and brown hairs from along her back.

“I thought you’d left me!” wailed Brandy.  “I thu-thu-thought you were like all the rest!”

“Hey,” Kevin whispered.  “Hey, shh, it’s okay.  I’m here.  I stayed with you.  I’m still here.”  He gently rubbed his girlfriend’s back.

“I- I- I-” Brandy stuttered, tears streaming down her face.

“You know,” Kevin said quietly.  “I was thinking.  If all this stuff you said is true and, yeah, I saw it myself.  I was thinking.  Curses can be lifted.  Right?  I mean, look at all of the princess movies and other stuff.  If you can be changed into something, someone has to be able to change you back.  I have some vacation time saved up so I thought-”

“You big dummy,” Brandy said, her voice shaky.  “You talk too much when you’re nervous.  We can talk about it after a minute.  Tell me what happened.”

“All of it?” Kevin asked.

“What do you-?  Of course all of it.  Why?”

“Even the crazy marathon of sex?”

Brandy stood back and hit Kevin’s upper arm, the effect only slightly ruined when her breasts jiggled.  “You jerk!  You better be lying!”


The young woman stood on her tiptoes to kiss her boyfriend.  Her voice dropped lower.  “Or not lying.  I, uhh, wouldn’t mind hearing all about that, either.”

Kevin grinned.  “As long as we don’t forget the plans.  I have some ideas.  But, yeah, I’ll start with the bathroom.  Or, actually, the bed… ”

Brandy’s face burned bright red from embarrassment but quickly turned to a flush of arousal as the story continued.  When she began panting and drooling, Kevin coughed and he switched to his ideas about her curse.  Brandy whined but slowly grew calm and focused.  She watched Kevin as he spoke animatedly about posting advertisements and researching online.  His words were mostly lost to her as she simply watched her boyfriend talk.  Her heart swelled and ached and she felt the beginning of tears at the corners of her eyes.  Tears of joy.  Tears that spoke of the possibility of no longer being alone.  Of having someone stay by her side.  Her deep-seated fear of the future began to dim, replaced with hope.

And, for the first time in as long as she could remember, the angry little voice inside her mind was silenced.

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