The Honeypot Ch. 04 [BE / Bimbofication / TG]

Karyn hummed to herself as she closed her apartment door.  She wore a pair of old, white running shoes along with her bright pink scrubs.   A light black jacket and small backpack completed her outfit.  She walked down the hallway to the stairs, skipping steps gleefully until she reached the bottom.  The sun lay low on the horizon, half-hidden behind the taller buildings downtown.  Karyn raised her face to the sun with her eyes closed, smiling for no other reason than happiness at being outside.

The walk to the local bus stop was short and Karyn nearly danced the entire way.   A few locals eyed her sideways when she passed and several men turned to stare at the small blond woman.

“I see,” Karyn sang out.  “I see how your eyes light up when I smiiiiiile!  I see how your face blushes when I look your waaaaay!”  She twirled when she reached the enclosed bus stop.  The pop song had gotten stuck in her head before she left and she’d decided she might as well sing with it as it looped over and over in her mind.

An older man, perhaps in his early forties, watched Karyn approach.  He was dressed roughly in old blue jeans, a slightly stained white t-shirt and an open black and red cotton shirt.

“Smiiiile,” Karyn sang softly under her breath.  “Blushing.  Looking your way.”  A thin, cold line of blood tickled the small hairs above her lip as it ran from her nose.  She wiped her face with the back of her hand reflexively.  Beneath her outfit, the skin of her waist pushed out slightly.  Bones popped in her hips, rearranging themselves as her slim profile swelled.  Karyn swayed in time to the music in her head, unaware of the small changes happening deep within her body.

“You have a good voice,” the man said.  Karyn startled and then blushed.  She hadn’t realized someone else was at the bus stop with her.

“Th- thank you,” Karyn said, eyes to the ground.  “I’m sorry.  I hope I wasn’t being too loud.”

“Eh,” the man said, shrugging his shoulders.  “Hardly.  There’s plenty of room on the bench if you want to sit down.”

“Oh, I’m fine,” Karyn replied.  “My shoes are comfortable and I like standing.  If I sit for too long I’ll get sleepy.  I have the late shift this month at the hospital.  I hate the late shift.  I’m more a morning person.  I get way too sleepy at night so I try to stay on my feet.  It hurts after a while but we have mats at some of the stations at work and those are really good for your feet.  They’re some kind of expensive cushion.  A lot of the nurses use them but-”  The young woman laughed uncomfortably.  Why in the world am I talking so much?  Come on, Karyn. 

Karyn’s nipples shifted within her bra.  The dark brown skin twisted, tightening against the soft, sensible white bra.  She shivered as her nipples hardened.  A light ache settled in her breasts and it took a conscious effort for her not to massage either of them.

“Yeah,” the man said.  “I’m on my way home.  Long day.  I’d rather sit.  Name’s Harold, by the way.”

“Karyn,” the young woman said.  She pressed her thumbs into her lower back, working her fingers in circles.  Did I sleep wrong? She wondered.  Muscles tore and moved as her hips widened.  The skin of the woman’s thighs tightened and then continued to grow out as they matched her widening frame.

A natural silence fell between the two.

Let’s see, Karyn thought to herself.  She ran through a short list of things she had planned for the evening.  I’ll need to check in on Mrs. Krauthmeyer and Mr. Campbell.  Oh, and I bet Sherry didn’t change out Mr. Perry’s bandages so I’ll do that first.  And that stack of records to go through.  Dr.- Dr….The young woman paused.

Another line of red with small pink bubbles dripped from Karyn’s nose and she leaned against the cold metal pole at the corner of the bus stop.  Her head swam and she was suddenly nauseous.

“Maybe-  Maybe I will sit,” Karyn said.  Holding onto the metal bar for support, she shuffled over to the silver bench.  She shivered as she lowered herself carefully onto the cold, silver surface.

Karyn’s erect nipples slid against her bra as her breasts swelled.  Soft white skin pressed over the top and bottom of her bra as her breasts grew.  Her straps bit into her shoulder and back as they strained to contain her new size until, abruptly, her breasts stopped growing.  Small fatty tissues formed beneath her body.  Her mousey frame expanded in a subtle way.  Old wrinkles and scars smoothed out, leaving perfect, unblemished skin.  Where she’d been thin before she was now… softer.

The young woman worked her head in circles.  Lacing her fingers together, she brought them up and over her head in a full stretch.  Harold’s eyes were naturally drawn to the woman’s chest.  Karyn’s pink top was tight against her larger chest and the older man could see the swell of her breast.

“You, uhh,” the man cleared his throat roughly.  “You okay?”

“Huh?  Oh!  Yeah!”  Karyn beamed, kicking her feet out as she brought her hands back down.  She shifted on the seat as her ass filled out even further.  Her once loose pink pants now cradled her larger ass.   Karyn massaged her thicker thighs as she rocked side-to-side on the bench.  Her fingernails, kept short for her work, lengthened.

“What do you do at the hospital?” Harold asked.

“The hospital?” Karyn replied, cocking her head to the side.  “Oh!  I help around.  I do stuff.  Umm.  Ummmm.  Cleaning.  Filling things out.”  Karyn leaned over to Howard and her hand rested on the man’s leg.  Lowering her voice, she whispered.  “Sometimes the people stink.  Especially the old people.  It’s gross.”

Harold stared at Karyn’s hand, still on his thigh as she sat up straight.  The older man swallowed.  Karyn turned to look up the street, humming the song from earlier.  Her lips swelled, curving slightly as they pushed out into a natural pout.

“Yeah?  I, uhh, I bet.” The man said.  He looked at the young woman next to him.  His heart beat fast and he felt his cock stirring in his jeans.  He couldn’t tell how old the girl was.  When she’d first walked up, he’d thought she was about thirty years old but now he wondered if she was even twenty-one.  “Well, I’m pretty old so I hope I don’t smell too bad.”

Karyn gripped the man’s thigh and laughed, her voice tinkling in the night air.  “You’re not that old.  I mean like old person old.  Grandma and grandpa old.  You’re more like my dad and that’s not so bad.  I bet…”  The young woman leaned in to the older man.  He stiffened as he felt the warmth of her skin and her breath on his neck.  He could almost feel her full lips brushing his skin.  She smelled like morning flowers drying in the warm summer air.  With another squeeze at his thigh, Karyn sat back.  “No, silly, you don’t smell bad.  You just smell like work.  Like my daddy used to smell when he’d come home at night.”

“Well.  Well, that’s… that’s good,” Harold said.  He licked his lips and glanced down, sure that his pants would be bulging from his erection.  He couldn’t decide whether he should say something about the woman’s hand on his leg.  He didn’t know what to make of her.  She didn’t seem to be purposefully coming onto him but, rather, seemed like she’d just forgotten about her hand.  He didn’t want her to stop but he wasn’t sure what she was doing or what she wanted, either.

“Yeah.  My daddy worked on construction stuff,” Karyn said.  Her hand idly stroked the other man’s leg.  At times, she came close to brushing against the man’s cock.  “He always washed before he came home but he still smelled like oil and machines.   I like the smell.  You smell like that.  I used to cuddle in his lap in my pajamas and he’d read me a bedtime story because he got home so late.  He’d tickle me and use all these voices and we’d laugh.”

A tiny blob of pink blood traced down to Karyn’s lip.  She wiped it away with her free hand and then leaned against Harold.  Her hand continued to stroke at the man’s leg.  Occasionally, she’d drag her nails against her rough jeans.  As she talked, her cheeks slowly puffed out, filling out her previously narrow face.  Small dimples appeared at the corner of her cheeks.

“I loved my daddy,” Karyn told the older man.  “I miss him.  I came all the way out here for school and then I got a job and I haven’t seen him in forever.  Everyone at my work is always so clean with soft hands.  Everybody is too soft and they smell like soap all the time.  I miss the smell of my daddy.  His big rough hands holding me.”

Karyn’s hand reached out for Harold’s hand and her fingers traced along his palm.  The young woman’s fingernails scratched against the other man’s callouses.  Dirt and grease marked his hands, despite the pumice soap he always used at the end of his shift.  Harold’s heart raced in his chest.  He was transfixed by the woman lying against him.  She was warm and soft and smelled like heaven.  He wanted to snatch his dirty hand away to clean it or hide it from her but, instead, he watched her small white hand moving along his own larger hand.

“Everybody in the city is the same.  All dressed up and fancy.  No beards or dirt or anything.  I don’t know.  I guess it’s nice but I miss it.  I-  uhnn.”  Karyn arched her back and her hand clenched against Harold’s hand.

The young woman’s breasts bulged beneath her white bra.  The bra whined in protest as the single clasp holding it in place broke.  Karyn’s shirt flattened against her expanding breasts and she moaned in response.  Her hand again went to Harold’s thigh, higher this time.  The older man gasped.  Karyn buried her face into Harold’s neck, whimpering lightly as her chest grew out enough to lift her tight shift up and away from her body, exposing her soft belly, smooth belly.

Harold gripped the bench tightly.  Karyn’s hand was wrapped around his throbbing cock and her previously casual strokes were now smaller and more focused.  Whimpers turned to moans.  Karyn kissed Harold’s neck.  Her lips were incredibly soft.  Without a word, the young woman let go of the older man’s cock and took his hand, guiding it to the waistband of her pink scrubs.

“I-”  Harold swallowed.  “I-”

Karyn pushed the older man’s hand down past the tight waistband.  She pulled his wrist down until his fingers brushed her mound.  Her panties had tightened as her hips, ass and thighs widened and the fabric was pulled tight between her pussy lips.  He could feel the heat radiating from her before his fingers moved lower.  Harold’s fingers slid between Karyn’s lips and the woman groaned lightly into his ear.  Her breath was nearly as hot as her pussy.  Harold’s mind buzzed from need.  He could feel how incredibly wet she was – how slick her pussy was.  All it would take would be for him to push just a tiny bit and his finger would easily slip into her.

“I can’t.  I-”  Harold pulled his hand out.  The smell of sex filled the air.  “It’s not-”

Karyn whined and then pulled the older man’s head toward her.  Their lips met and the young woman’s tongue slid into the older man’s mouth.  Harold automatically wrapped his arms around the other woman.  A dull ache settled between his eyes.  He had a hard time focusing on what he was doing.  The woman was slowly filling his entire world.

With a twist of her wide, thick hips, Karyn straddled Harold’s leg.  She settled herself down onto him and her large ass spread, her hips jerking as his cock rubbed against her lips.  She rocked her hips as they continued to kiss.  The pink of her pants darkened as she soaked them in her excitement.

Karyn broke away from the kiss to lay her head on Harold’s shoulder, gasping and moaning as she grinded against the man.  She gripped the back of the bench while her thick ass rocked back and forth in a sensuously perfect rhythm.

“Can,” Karyn asked, breathlessly, her voice small and quiet.  “Can I call you Daddy?”

Harold gripped Karyn’s ass.  The pants were thin and he kneaded her while spreading her open.  He had no idea if anyone was watching.  No thought was spared for anything except the woman grinding against him.

“Please,” Karyn gasped.  “Please, Daddy?”

“Yes!” Harold moaned.

“Do you- do you like it, Daddy?  Do you like how I feel?”

“God.  God yes.”

“Tell me, Daddy,” Karyn moaned.   She grabbed the bottom of her shirt and pulled, struggling to get the tight fabric up and over her huge breasts.   With a grunt, she yanked and her breasts hung free in the chill night air.  As if sensing their freedom, they expanded further.  Hanging lower on her chest they now filled until they bulged, round and firm and massive.

A single drop of translucent liquid welled from the tip of Karyn’s left breast.  The young woman leaned forward and Harold was forced back.  She bent again to the older man’s ear.

“Daddy,” she asked.  “Am- am I a good girl?”

“Oh, fuck,” Harold moaned.  His cock ached deep in his pants.  “Oh fuck.  Yes.  Yes.”

“Tell me, please.  Please, Daddy.  Please tell me.  Please.  Now.  Please, Daddy.”

Liquid dripped from the tips of Karyn’s breasts.  The young woman’s movements were becoming erratic and her breathing was hitched.  She grunted and moaned and groaned, kissing Harold’s neck while she moved.

“Ohhhhh,” Harold moaned.  “Oh, fuck.  Oh.  You’re- you’re a good girl.”

Karyn hissed in pleasure as something released deep within her.

“You’re my good girl,” Harold finished.  The older man grabbed Karyn’s breast and, as he squeezed, a thin stream of liquid squirted from her nipple.  His rough mouth took Karyn’s thick, hard nipple and he suckled from her.  Karyn froze in place and her eyes rolled up and back.  She gripped the older man, hugging him close to her chest.

“Say.  Say it again, Daddy.”

Harold broke away and a line of milk spilled from Karyn’s nipple to roll down her firm, heavy breast.  “You’re Daddy’s good girl,” he told her.

“Oh, Daddy.  Can… can I kiss your penis?  Is it okay?”

Instead of answering, Harold reached down between them to unzip his pants.  Karyn stepped away eagerly.  The crotch of the woman’s pants were dark and wet and her eyes were filled with pure lust.  She kneeled before the older man to unbutton his pants.  Both frantically worked until Harold’s cock sprang free.  Karyn cried out in pure joy and immediately wrapped her small, white hand around the man’s thickness.  Her massive breasts lay heavily against Harold’s knees.

“Is it okay, Daddy?  Is it okay?”

“Yes.  Yes, it’s okay.  Please,” Harold answered.  “Plea-”  Karyn wrapped her full lips around the head of the man’s cock.  Milk dripped from both of Karyn’s nipples as she pushed her head slowly down the man’s cock.  Her throat bulged as she relaxed it to take all of him.  When her lips touched his pubic hair, she reached a free hand into her own pants and moaned at her light touch.

Karyn pulled completely back and then spit on Harold’s cock.  She coated the man’s thickness with one hand and then spit again.

“Am I your good girl?  Daddy, am I your good girl?”  Her hand worked fast against the man’s cock.  Cars passed occasionally in the night but the street was otherwise empty.  Harold grabbed Karyn’s hair and pushed her back to his cock.  She eagerly bobbed up and down on him, her warm mouth and the huge amount of spit made the sloppy blowjob feel incredible.  Karyn’s finger rubbed her engorged clit in a furious circle.  She pressed against it and to the side and gasped at the sensitivity.  She wanted to stop and focus on her building orgasm but she didn’t want Daddy to be angry at her.  She wanted Daddy to be happy.  She wanted him to cum in her mouth.  She wanted to see him smile at her and stroke her hair and tell her what a good…

Karyn’s orgasm was sudden, sharp and completely unexpected.  She looked up at her Daddy, ashamed that she came first.  That she was a naughty girl.  That she didn’t let her Daddy cum before she did.  Karyn spit on her Daddy’s penis again and rubbed it with both hands.  Her smart little tongue licked around the thick head of his penis and then she took him in her mouth again.  One hand stroked him while her other hand, coated in her own cum, squeezed and pulled gently at her Daddy’s balls.

Two blocks away, the bus lumbered past a green light and began to slow.  The sound tugged at Harold’s mind and he looked over to see the bus approaching.  Suddenly frantic, he pushed at Karyn.

“The bus!  The bus is coming!” Harold yelled.

Karyn worked her Daddy’s cock faster.  He has to be close.  Daddy has to be close.  I’m not going to stop.  I want Daddy’s cum.  I’m a good girl.  I am!  I’m a-

Harold jerked as he came.  His fingers clenched in Karyn’s hair and he gasped out.  The bus pulled to a stop in front of him.  Harold could see the bus driver, an old white woman, glare at him before immediately pulling away.  He knew the woman’s name.  They talked all the time on his ride home and she had recognized him.  What am I going to-  Harold hissed through his teeth as Karyn continued to suck his overly sensitive cock.  He felt himself swell again and again in her mouth.  A line of thick cum slipped from the corner of Karyn’s mouth as he pushed her away.

“Too much.  Fuck!  Too much!”

Karyn wiped at the cum on her mouth and then licked her hand clean.

“Was I good, Daddy?  Oh, Daddy, you tasted soooo good.  Was I a good girl?”

A vein throbbed in Harold’s forehead.  He’d missed his bus and the bus driver saw him getting a blowjob.  In public.  The bus stop was well lit so there was no chance she missed what was going on.   And, yet, despite the stress of it all, this woman, this beautiful woman kneeled between his legs and all he wanted was more of her.  Harold stroked the young woman’s cheek and she nuzzled back at him, beaming in appreciation.

“Yeah,” he said, his mouth dry.  “Yeah.  You were a very, very good girl.”

Karyn smiled brightly and then whined, rocking her hips.  “Ohhhh, Daddy.  I feel so hot inside.  Inside my naughty place.  I need… I need something… Daddy, I need something.  I hurt inside there, Daddy.  In a good way but it hurts.”

Harold swallowed.  “Don’t you live near here?”

“Live near-”  Karyn’s eyebrows furrowed and then she smiled, her bright even teeth showing.  “You want to see my room?  Oh, Daddy!  Yes!”  The young woman stood and Harold stood with her, hastily zipping his pants.  He stopped Karyn as she turned to walk away.  Her massive breasts were still bare.

“Can’t you- can’t you cover them?  Your breasts?”  Harold asked.

Karyn frowned and tugged her shirt down.  “It hurts, Daddy.  They’re too big.”

“Then, zip up your jacket?”

Karyn shifted her feet, whining.  “Can you do it for me?”

Harold glanced at Karyn and then decided to not press the issue.  Karyn grinned happily as Harold struggled to zip up her jacket.  He finally gave up when the zipped stopped half-way up.  In the right light, all you could see was an enormous amount of cleavage but her nipples were hidden.  He could feel the zipper threatening to break so he stopped and called it good.

Karyn turned and flounced.  Harold swallowed as he watched her.  The young woman’s ass shifted and shook in her now-tight pants and he could see her breasts swaying heavily even as he stood behind her.  His cock ached weakly in his pants.  Plenty of time to get hard again, he decided.  He followed the young woman down the street.


Robert walked down the street, blushing furiously in his anger.  His chest ached and throbbed and his pants were tight against him.  The little bitch in the store had patronized him the entire time.  Smirking at him as he checked out and left.  He’d taken her business card from one of the display cases near the register.  It wouldn’t take much to find out where she lived and then she’d regret her behavior.

People streamed around him and Robert found his eyes drawn to the men walking nearby.  To their crotches.  His tongue made a slow circuit against his teeth but the taste of his cum was already gone.  His heart hammered in his chest.  He couldn’t stop wondering what another man’s cum would taste like.  Robert swallowed several times at the thought of sucking another guy off.  The angry blush turned to a deep need and he shivered with the pull of it.  Beads of sweat broke out along his forehead.

“I gotta get home,” Robert muttered under his breath.  “I just-”  His apartment loomed above him and Robert fairly ran inside after unlocking the door.  The young man rushed up to his room and locked his door behind him.  He dropped the expensive bag of clothes to the floor and leaned against his inner wall, panting.

Robert walked unsteadily to his bathroom to splash water on his face.  He looked at himself and, again, something felt off.  He traced a finger along his cheeks (Were they higher?) down to his chin (Was it softer?) and up to his nose (Was it thinner?) and finally to his eyes.  He swore his eyelashes were longer but nothing was immediately obvious.

“Is my hair thicker?” Robert asked, out loud, running his fingers through his hair.  As he shifted, he shivered at a twin sensation of pleasure from his chest.  The young man slowly took his shirt off, his eyes never leaving the mirror.  “Oh.  Shit.”

Rather than the hard chest he was used to seeing, there were two small breasts dotted with large pink nipples.  Robert became awash in a cold sweat as he stared at himself.  The fog lifted from his mind and he finally realized what he’d done over the course of the day.  Playing with his tiny breasts in the store.  Fantasizing about the man in the massage parlor.  Eating his own cum.  At the thought, he shivered and bit his lip.

Shaking his head to clear the thought, Robert stared at his chest.  His chest hair was almost entirely gone.  Only a small patch on the middle of his chest, just below his breasts and a line from his belly button to the middle of his chest remained.  He carefully touched the skin just under one of the breasts.  He expected hard taut muscles (gained from working out constantly) but, instead, touched soft skin.  His… breasts… were smaller around than his closed fist and nearly flat against his chest.  Both ached and there was a dull throbbing from deep within his chest, just under his breasts.

Looking down, Robert carefully cupped his right breast.  The skin of it was extremely soft – softer than any other part of his body and softer than most of the breasts (women’s breasts!) he’d played with.  While he watched, the darker skin around the right nipple shriveled and moved and twisted and the nipple grew erect.  Robert gasped at the feeling of it.  He felt himself begin to grow hard from both the sensation and watching it happen.

The young man massaged his breast, carefully avoiding his nipple.  The massage helped reduce the ache in the breast but he also found himself involuntarily shifting his feet.  It felt really, really good.

Suddenly worried, he stripped down completely and breathed a sigh of relief when he saw his cock right where it should be.  Robert shivered again and held his sides, arms crossed just under his small breasts.  He walked to the bedroom, unaware of the slight sway to his hips and the way his gently curved ass moved as he walked.

I’m fucked.  I’m so fucked.  It was that bitch at the hotel.  It had to have been when she splashed the drink in my face.  Whatever was in there is doing this.  They have to change me back!  They have to-  The thought stopped as he remembered his boss talking about the chemist.  The very, very dead chemist and how nobody could understand his notes.  Oh Jesus fucking Christ.  Oh fuck.  Maybe that’s all.  I didn’t drink it.  Maybe this is it.  Maybe that’s all it’ll do.  I can hide these.  Hell, I could get surgery for it. 

Robert scratched at his smooth, hairless leg.  He began to feel a small bit of hope from the nightmare.  I can bring the clothes back or just throw them away.  I can control myself.  This is nothing.  I’ve had worse.  I’ve been through worse.  He stood and walked swiftly to the door.  Grabbing the black plastic bag, he walked towards the kitchen.  I can just keep eating my own cum.  I don’t need-

Robert stopped.  The alien thought had come through naturally, on its own.

No.  No I will not.  No.  I’m not a fucking pervert.  I’m not… I’m not gay.  That’s… that’s fucking…  The young man shivered again as his tongue rubbed around his teeth.  He could almost smell it.  His own cum.  What did it taste like?  He couldn’t quite remember anymore.  What was it like?  Robert dropped the bag and squeezed his body tight.  He couldn’t remember what his cum tasted like but he could smell it somehow and the taste of it lay just beyond his memory.  He felt himself drool a little and his cock stirred.  God.  It was amazing.  The taste of it.  And that was just mine.  Better than anything else I’ve ever had. 

Robert stroked his limp cock.  The fog inside his brain began to return.  He brought his fingers to his nose and inhaled.  The faint smell of his sex was maddening.  The young man rubbed his fingers against his lips as he continued to play with himself.  His hand came down from his lips to tweak at his nipple and he jumped at the sharp pain and deep pleasure.  His cock stirred and he moaned deeply but, still he was limp.

Slowly, unseen, his fingernails lengthened past his fingertips and then stopped.  Robert released his nipple to massage his breast again.  When the heel of his hand brushed the skin below his breast, chest hair easily came away.  I just… I just need to get hard and cum.  I just need to taste it.  That’s all.  That’s all I need.  I just need…

Robert licked his lips as he began to sweat.  He grunted as he jerked at his cock.  The very edge of the bones of his face melted away and the shape of his face changed again.  His smaller nose flared as he began to breathe hard.  He pinched at his thick, pink nipple while massaging his breast and a moan escaped his lips.  Those same lips swelled minutely.

And, yet, his cock still wouldn’t grow hard.  Robert let out a shriek of frustration and his voice cracked.  He stood there in his living room, panting.  He knew he could usually get hard several times but something was off or he’d already spent himself too much.  He shivered as his body broke out into another cold sweat.  I can’t.  I can’t wait.  I have to have it.  I have to. I-

The solution crashed into Robert and he smiled tremulously.  There was no other choice.  None.  Rational thought had fled earlier and left him with an insane, overriding need.

Lifting the bag of clothes, Robert brought it to the bed and dumped out the contents.  Nearly transparent panties, pink top, black mini-skirt and pink cashmere sweater all fell to the bed.  He licked his lips.

Grabbing the thin, lacey panties, Robert stepped into them.  He pulled the panties up over his smooth legs, working his hips to let the high-riding panties sit just right.  The mini-skirt followed and he felt a thrill from putting it on.  He’d guessed at his size in the store and found he’d been right, but just barely.  The skirt hugged his hips.  Robert looked at the shirt and sweater.  He’d forgotten a bra.  A deep red blush of embarrassment crept up his neck.

Robert grabbed the sweater.  The fabric felt incredibly soft in his hands.  He brought it to his face and smiled, rubbing it against his check with his eyes closed.  Still smiling, he slipped the sweater over his head and then down, gasping as it slid against his erect nipples.

The young man stepped into the bathroom to look at himself.  He blushed shyly at himself in the clothes.  He thought he looked… nice.  Sexy, even.  Robert placed his hands on his hips and turned a little.  The back of the skirt bulged out slightly and he grinned at it.  The black fabric neatly absorbed the small bump of his limp cock.

“I wish I had a wig,” Robert said to his reflection.  He pulled at his thicker lips and eyes and then squealed with happiness.  Digging through a drawer under the sink, he found an old makeup kit left by a previous lover.  It was a small white bag and he found himself unsure of what most of the things were.  Still, the red lipstick was fairly obvious.

Removing the cap and twisting the bottom, Robert leaned into the mirror and pushed the lipstick against his lips.  It came on too thick at first so he wiped it away and tried again.  Softly.  In small strokes.  He pursed his lips out and used the flat edge of the lipstick to brush up on his top lip to add color.  A hint of color.  And then, the same to his bottom lip, pulling down as he slowly worked around the lip.  It wasn’t perfect but he was proud of himself.

Another of the things from the kit looked familiar – a large soft brush.  He placed it against his cheek and softly brushed at his skin.  Tiny hairs flaked away as the brush swept over his face.  He couldn’t tell if the brush did anything but he figured it couldn’t hurt so he did the other side as well.  He thought perhaps he was supposed to coat the brush from something else in the kit but he was afraid of messing up and didn’t want to take the time to look.  He was practically frantic with desire.

He looked at himself again.  A vaguely feminine face looked back at him.  He blushed and the face blushed back.  It was still him but still just a little different.  His chin looked sharper somehow.  And his lips looked sexy.  He pushed them out in a mock pout and then smiled at himself.  He would look better with a woman’s wig but he was beginning to care less and less about how feminine he looked.

Under his cashmere sweater, the skin at the bottom and side of his breasts moved.  Still mostly flat, his breasts grew larger and the nipples shifted in response.  Robert barely noticed.

“Oh no,” Robert whined.  “Shoes!  I didn’t get any shoes!”  His voice cracked at the end and it changed, growing to a slightly higher pitch.  The young man bit his lip and then cursed himself when he remembered the lipstick he was wearing.  What should I do?  Oh god.  I can’t wait.  I can’t go to a store and buy shoes.  I just… I can’t… I don’t care.  I don’t care, I don’t care.  Before he could change his mind, Robert grabbed his black jogging shoes and slipped them on.

Robert took his keys, wallet and cellphone and then stamped his foot when he realized he had no pockets.  I’ll hold onto them.  It doesn’t matter.  And I can put my things on the bar when I get there.  The young man smiled as he locked the apartment door and walked into the night.

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