Sketch 06: Caged [TF / MF / Werewolf]

I am enormously thankful for fetishists.

The things I’ve ordered from various websites are mostly harmless but, all together would paint quite a bad picture of me.  Chains.  Metal cuffs – not handcuffs, mind you, actual proper thick metal cuffs.  A little like you’d see in old movies (old England or France or wherever) when they throw a prisoner in the deepest dungeon with his hands chained to the wall until they lead him out to be beheaded.

Which, to be honest, is pretty close to what I’m doing.


The murders started about eight months ago.  Grisly things.  Bad enough that you wouldn’t really call them ‘bodies’ anymore.  I think ‘carcass’ is closer to it.  It started with animals.  Large and small.  The first person to die was the month after that.  Just one person and then more animals.  The third month, five people died.  Although, only one was reported.  The fourth month?  Ten.  Three locals.  And, so on.  It’s getting shorter between killing.

The town is relatively small but we get a lot of drifters.  There’s a big mine about twenty-five miles outside of town so people pass through.  Most of the money in the town is catering to these workers.  The three small hotels here charge premium and the restaurants aren’t far behind.

So you can see why the sheriff isn’t exactly jumping at the chance to advertise what’s happening.  His salary and position depends on the flow of people.  Hell, the entire town depends on it.  You can see the desperate strain in everyone’s eyes.  The hooded, dark-eyed smiles from your waiter or waitress with the owner constantly in ear-shot.

Local hunters were used.  Six ended up dead and the rest swore off from looking.  I’m guessing I wasn’t the first out-of-towner they called in but they won’t say.  I wouldn’t be surprised if the rest were all dead, too.

I came down a month ago.  Got a phone call from a friend who’d heard from a friend about the job.  I’m in the phone book but most of what I get is referrals.  I do good work and that spreads.  Five years out of the military and I don’t have many “real world” skills so I found something I could do once I was out.

It’s not an ideal job.  There’s no pattern.  So, I show up.  I dig.  I talk to a few people that’ll talk about it.  The only common factor is that the killings are taking place in the forest.  Well, they call it national park – Elk Grove National Park – but there’s nothing fancy or special out here.  It’s just a damn big forest.  No specific times of the month.  No specific area.  Although, tracking the various kills, it looks like it’s getting closer to the tree line.  Slowly.  So, it’s widening its area or just getting more bold.  There’s no specific terrain it favors, either.  The only other thing I know is that it’s nocturnal.  That sums everything up.

I spent a little over two weeks in a tree stand with all my gear before I caught sight of it.  I was nearly thirty feet up and taking a break with my eyes closed, relaxed and breathing when I heard some bushes moving around.  No wind.  I kept still, hands in my lap and my binoculars around my neck.  I couldn’t pinpoint the sound so I just watched.  Some movement to my right.  Everything is utterly still.  I move incredibly slowly even though I’m out of sight and in proper gear and paint.  Nearly invisible.  I am trained, after all.

With my binoculars on, the world turns shades of black, green and white.  In another hour it’ll be sunrise and I won’t need them but, for now the dense forest might as well be underground.  I see its eyes first.  Shining and huge and thankfully not looking in my direction.  My hand trembles on the binoculars.  It’s crouched, vaguely human shaped and huge.

Look.  I’m going to cut the shit.  I’m not going to swoon or stutter or gibber or anything else.  I hunt.  Animals.  All kinds.  And people.  For the military.  I don’t talk much about it.  It’s not a bear.  It’s not a cougar or any of the other messed up explanations they try to feed people.  No.  Regardless of what I’d like to imagine or pretend or any other Mickey Mouse bullshit, I can’t.

But, hey, at least now I know werewolves are real.  And fucking huge.  I watch it stand and then stumble.  And then it falls to its side.  Prone, half covered by the bush it’d come through.  It is obviously female.

The thing changes before my eyes.  The outline through my binoculars shifts and recedes.  Its mouth moves but I’m too far away and it’s too quiet for me to hear.  The muzzle shortens and she just shrinks in on herself.  Hard to make out details in the dark, regardless of how good my optics are.  The woman that’s left behind is average sized.  She looks like she’s in good shape but she’s lying mostly on her stomach now so I can’t tell much.

My first thought is to grab her but then what?  I don’t know the specifics.  I don’t know the parameters around her -whether she can change at will or not.  There’s no fucking way I stand a chance going toe-to-toe with her changed.  I’m a big guy but not that big.  I can’t just grab her and bring her to the sheriff, either.  If she can control it, she could just not change and then what?  Also, I admit.  I’m curious.  It’s a bad habit but this is something new and different.

I watch her while I think.  Thirty-three minutes go by until she moves.  She pushes herself up and then stands.  Not too stable on her feet at first.  Good strong build, wide hips, nice tits.  Shaved head.  That should make her easier to pick out if she’s a local.  It hurts to not move when I’m cramped and staring at a naked lady.  It’s been a while since I’ve been with a woman and never mind that she murders people. As I watch, she turns in a circle twice and then just walks off.  I wonder if she has caches of clothes.  I would, if I were her.

Gray light filters through the trees but I still don’t move.  An hour after sunrise, I fold up and de-camp, carefully making my way out.

I spend the morning looking at rentals until I find one with a storm shelter.  For once I’m thankful I live in the Midwest.  I spend the next two weeks reinforcing the hell out of the shelter.  It’s easy to pass myself off as a “The government’s gonna take my guns!” nut job due to the area and my background.  The owner even helps because that was the whole purpose of the house I’m renting from him.  Sectioned off away from the rest of the town (huge bonus) with a basement and storm shelter and its own septic system.  Completely off the grid.  So, I add reinforced concrete and thick steel bars that section off 70% of the storm shelter.  I bury the bars deep because I’m not stupid.

There are four chains and cuffs attached to the walls and floor.  I have a simple system in place where I can pull them tight to prevent her from moving.  I don’t know exactly how big she is so it’ll make it easier to contain her.

The few times I go into town, I keep my eye out for a woman with a shaved head.  I don’t have much more than that and it’s possible that she’s wearing a wig so it’s mostly a useless search.

Literally the day I finish getting everything set up, the sheriff rolls around in his overly compensating Dodge Charger.  I nod politely to him and wait for him to talk.

“Had another killing last night,” he says.  I can see he’s mad.  At me or the situation or the thought of losing his cushy job.

“I thought you told everyone to stay out of the woods.” I tell him.

“I did,” he says through clenched teeth.  “This was in town.  Shep over at the Chevron at the edge of town.”

Huh.  That surprises me.  I knew she was getting braver but I figured she’d stay to the woods.

“I thought you were supposed to be good,” he says.  “Instead, I hear you’re sittin’ your ass out here, twidlin’ your thumbs.  People are dyin’ out there!”

I’ve had far, far more scary people screaming at me.  You build an iron shell or else you crack.  This guy doesn’t even make me blink.

“Well, it happens that I was heading back out tonight.   Needed to take a break before every little shadow started looking like your monster.”

He spits, a thick black liquid from the tobacco in his mouth.  “See that you do.  If you ain’t gonna bother doing shit about this then get the hell out of my town and stop wasting our time.”

Waves against the cliff.  I nod.  “Have a good day, sheriff.”

He glares as he leaves.


I find the same tree I used when I saw her.  I figure there’s a good chance she picked the place to change back.

The first night nothing happens.

The second night, she wanders through in the middle of the night.  Well, I say she but it’s the creature.  I’m still as a rock and I watch as she sniffs around before disappearing.  As dawn approaches, she appears again.  She moves slow.  Goes to all fours for a bit before just lying down.  This time I hear her whimper as she changes back.  I watch the time – two minutes, forty-eight seconds to change and it looked to take about the same as the first time I saw her.

As soon as she’s fully human, I move.  Carefully grabbing a new rifle I had to my side, I take aim.  The rifle pops quietly and the woman jerks awake half a second later.

She looks right up at me.  I swear she was asleep when I shot her and there’s no way she heard the shot but there she is, staring right at my spot.  I watch through the rifle’s scope as she pushes herself up.  My heart races and I feel a bead of sweat rolling down my greasepaint.  She tries to stand but then whines and falls, hand reaching for the small dart sticking from her side.  Her hand falls short and she collapses.

I wait a moment before coming down.


A single oil lamp lights the entire storm shelter.  I’m facing the metal bars and the woman is on the other side in chains.  I’ve dressed her in a robe I picked up from the small thrift store in town.  I bought five different outfits of different sizes but, when I finally brought her in, I decided the robe worked best.  The bruise from the dart was completely gone by the time we reached the little cabin I’m renting.

The chains are completely slack and she’s on her back.  I think she’s been awake for a few minutes but she’s still not moving.  I let her think she has me fooled anyway.  Better to keep things like that to yourself, I’ve found.  I’ve got a little metal folding chair set up.

She’s okay looking.  Nothing great.  Her cheekbones are a bit too wide and she has a chin that’d fit better on a guy.  A bigger guy.  But, she was built strong.  Or made strong.  I figure she’s mid-twenties but her physique makes it hard to tell exactly.

Finally, with a groan, she sits up.  The chains clink around her.  The metal cuffs are perfect – just small enough that she can’t work her hands through it.  I tested it earlier while she was asleep, folding her hands in different ways.

She stares at me, covering her eyes against the light.  I watch the little merry play of her thoughts and I know what she’s going to try before she even opens her mouth.

“Wh- where am I?” She stutters.  “Who are you?  What’s happening?”  It’s almost embarrassing how bad of a liar she is.  Although, perhaps to an untrained eye she was okay.

I laugh at her and she nearly growls before turning it into a frightened little look.

“Save it,” I tell her.  “I’ve seen what you are.”

“What do you mean,” she asks, lying through her teeth.  “I’m just… oh my god, are you going to rape me?!  I have family and friends.  They’re going to miss me at work and come looking for me.”

“Listen,” I say.  “I have some small experience with what you’re trying to do.  I’m not falling for it, lady.  You’re not scared.  You’re not worried.  You know what happened.  You know what you are.”

“What I am?” she says.  She couldn’t hide the contempt in her voice even if she tried.  “I don’t-”

“I saw you change back.  I saw what you were before you changed.”

She smiled then.  A big toothy grin.  Normal teeth but perfect.  “So then what?” she asked.  “You going to kill me?”

“Maybe,” I said with a shrug.  “Maybe I will.  Probably I will, actually.  Just not yet.  I’m curious.”

I stood and unlocked the gate.  She watched me and her eyes were hungry.  Calculating.  My heart pounded.  I made sure she watched me put the key back into my front pocket.  It’d take her time to change if she could.  But, I had to know something first.

I walked to her and slapped her hard across the face.  Now she did growl, hands curling open, lunging for me.  I let her and I tested her strength.  Strong but, human strong.  Not quite enough to overpower me but surprisingly close.  I pushed to make sure she was actually pushing back as hard as she could.  Once I was sure, I wrestled her to the ground.  Experience almost always wins over strength.

“That,” I panted.  “Answers that question.”  I rolled off of her but she lay where I put her, watching me.  While I was there, I grabbed a pizza box and kicked it her way.  “There’s a couple gallon jugs of water to your right.”

“You going to leave me here?” she asked.  She wasn’t winded at all.

“No.  Can you change any time you want?”  I locked the gate behind me and sat again.

She opened the pizza box before she answered.  “No.  Not exactly.  Not always.  It gets hungry and sometimes I can push it along but it happens when it happens otherwise.  Always after sundown.  Always.”

Huh.  Looked like she was telling the truth.  “I’m surprised,” I say.  “I figured you’d lie.”

“Mister, when you get to where I am, you don’t care much,” she said around mouthfuls of pizza.  “I ain’t scared of you.  I ain’t exactly scared of dying.  Don’t mean I don’t want to leave and tear your fucking throat out but I got nothing to hide from you.  Ask whatever you want.”

“Who are you?  How long have you been hunting around here?  What brought you to the area?”

“I’ve lived here my entire life,” she said.  “Worked the front desk at Jim’s equipment rental.  Had a-”

“Terry Bowman,” I said, interrupting her.  “You’re Terry Bowman.”  She nodded at me, already on her third slice of pizza.  “Everyone thinks you’re dead.  You vanished around the time that first group of people died.”

“A little after, yeah,” she answered.  “I started seeing food everywhere.  And getting’ angry at folks for no good reason.  Too many smells, too many stupid lies and fake people.  You go around your whole life being happy without knowing what’s really going on.  Then the curtain falls away and you really see what’s going on.  My boss was fuckin’ two other women on the side.  Wives of his customers.  I could smell it on him when he’d come back from lunch.  Smell them on him.  Devout Catholic and pillar of the community, my ass.  And that’s just one person.”

Terry laughed bitterly.  “I used to like men callin’ after me.  Tellin’ me what they’d do with me when I walked down the street.  Sure, I’d blush and all but I liked the attention when I got it.  I ain’t pretty like some, after all.  But you wanna guess what it felt like after?  I ain’t prey.  I ain’t some doe for them to chase after.  Leer at.  I ain’t their meat.  Ah, but some of them were my prey when they got the fool notion in their head to go huntin’ for me.”

“You killed your boss,” I said, matter-of-factly.

“Sure,” she shrugged.  “He was one of the hunters that came out.  I ain’t had nothing against him other than him being a filthy lying cheater.  But…”


“Nothing.  You wouldn’t understand.  It gets hungry.  Takes over.  So damn angry.”

“Were you always like this?” I asked.

“I don’t know.  I remember the night I changed the first time.  I didn’t do nothing special the day before.  Or the day before that.  Or the whole week before that.  I jus’ got up from my couch one night.  Restless.  Needed to walk about.  So I walked.  And kept walking.  Until I hit the park.  Didn’t plan on going that way but that’s where I went.”

Talking about it made her remember something.  Her eyes took on a shine and her hips made little motions on the ground.  I could almost smell her excitement from it.  From just the memory of it.

“My family’s all dead,” she said.  “So far as I know.  Maybe it came from them.  Maybe I got it some other way.  I used to walk in the woods to clear my head.  Maybe I got it out there.”

I nodded.  The pizza was gone and she was drinking from one of the water jugs I’d put nearby.

“You don’t care that you’re killing people?” I asked.

“No,” she said.  She put the water down and looked up at me.  Her eyes were beautiful.  A golden copper with flecks of green.  Had I not noticed them before?

“Why not?  They’re your people.  You grew up with them.”

“They’re trash!” she growled.  Small veins stood out on her neck and the corners of her mouth shined wetly in the light.  “Treated me like trash my entire life.  Never once gave me something I didn’t take for myself.  Never once gave me a hand or a shoulder or nothin’!  Couldn’t do shit about it before but now I can.”

I watched her stand, pulling at the chains.  I worked the two wheels near the stairs up, pulling out the slack.  She walked backwards, her eyes never leaving mine until the chains pulled her arms up and her legs apart.  A vein throbbed on her forehead.  She couldn’t stop showing her teeth.  Her lips pulled back, trembling.

“Must be after sundown,” I said.   Terry moaned, her eyes rolling up as sweat broke out along her body.  I wanted to watch.  I really wanted to see her change but you don’t walk into a situation unprepared.  I took the lamp and walked up the stairs into the cool night air.  The doors I’d modified were held open by two hoists and I clicked the button to lower them.

“I’ll fuckin’ kill youuuuuu-” Terry’s voice broke into a howl that suddenly cut off as the storm shelter doors closed.

I walked a distance to the porch outside the house.  Four little Citronella candles were arranged around the table on the porch and I took a seat nearby.  I had a bottle of caffeine pills and strong coffee handy.

I felt the ground shake a few times but, eventually, everything became quiet.  I was used to not sleeping and I spent the time remembering my youth while killing bugs.  When the sky bled red and the sun peeked above the horizon, I stood and yawned, stretching away a few kinks in my legs and back.  The electric whirr of the two hoists and the small gas powered generator were the only sounds in the early morning as I opened the doors again.

Terry lay naked against the iron bars.  She’d broken the chains but the cuffs had held.  I watched her for a bit, admiring the curve of her hip and the thick bush of black hair hiding away her sex.  She may not be the most attractive gal in the area but the animal had lent its appeal to her.  She was fierce.  Predatory.  It showed in her eyes and her mannerisms and I admit that it turned me on.  Like I said, it’s been a while.

I went back up to grab some bagels, more water (she’d destroyed the plastic jugs some time during the night) and a simple dress.  I left all of them just inside her cage before closing the doors.

When I came back later that morning, I had heavier chains and another set of cuffs.  Terry watched as I threaded the chains through the hooks I used for my little system.

“You gonna fight me when I take your cuffs off?” I asked.

“Will I win?”

“No,” I answered.  “Not as you are now.  I could probably handle about three of you.  More, maybe since I wouldn’t care whether I hurt you bad or not.”

She nodded and held her hands out.  Her tits pushed together as she did and I appreciated the visual but ignored them.  The cuffs fell away when I unlocked them and her arms didn’t waver as I put the new ones on.

“You got more food?” she asked.

I did.  I brought a bag full of burgers.  Cheap things I got from the local fast food place off their value menu.  I don’t know how long I’m going to keep her but I’ll be damned if I spend all my money just feeding her.

I left her again and went up to the cabin to sleep.  My alarm woke me as the sun lay fat and lazy on the horizon.  Terry was sleeping but woke as I lit the oil lamp.  I pressed a button on a control next to my chair and the doors slowly closed above me.

“You gonna watch tonight?” she asked.  Her eyes were a vivid green.

“Yeah,” I answered.

“Not scared?”

“No.  The bars held you and the new chains are big enough to hold back a bull.  I’m pretty confident that you aren’t going anywhere.  You didn’t like the dress?”

“Just, uhn, gets in the way.  Didn’t want to mess up the purty gift you left me.”

She smiled and her nose furrowed when it turned into a grimace.  The woman’s nipples tightened in the cool air, hardening into solid brown points.  Terry licked her lips and made a sound close to a moan.  Bits of gold appeared in her eyes as I wound the chains into place, pulling her tight.

It was incredible to watch.

Sweat appeared along the length of her body and she moaned, loudly this time, shaking at her chains.  Small black hairs sprouted between her breasts, spreading up and over them.  A line of the black hairs seemed to rise off of her stomach in a line between her breasts and belly button.  Her stomach muscles clenched and she pulled hard at her chains, her moan turning to a growl.

Terry’s head was back, her mouth open in a grimace.  Light gray fur grew from her neck, flowing down.  It darkened to black until it met the spray of fur above her breasts.  Still she pulled at her chains and her muscles bulged larger and larger.  Huge veins stood out along her body as she tensed.

The line of black fur on her stomach continued down, disappearing into the thick tangle of black hair above her pussy.  Terry suddenly twisted, yanking and pulling with her entire body and the hooks holding the chains near her hands and feet trembled.  She looked down at him and her eyes were golden and beautiful.  Black fur stood out on her cheeks and I watched little black dots appear along her jawline.  She grinded her teeth.  Her canine teeth lengthened, scraping and pushing at the nearby teeth.  She seemed determined not to show her pain to him.

Her nipples shifted on her chest.  The position of her arms had pulled her breasts up but now her nipples slowly moved down.  No.  Her breasts were growing.  I watched her breasts swell, bulging to the side and the center of her body.  The dark skin around her nipples widened as her breasts became engorged.  As with her jaw, small black dots appeared all over her breasts.  Soon, fur grew to cover her huge tits.

I shifted, adjusting myself to move my erection out of the way.  I couldn’t help but look down between her legs.  Her pubic hair had become a tangle of hair and fur and had grown down further to hide her sex.  I had a hard time not picturing it.  Picturing her nakedness.

Muscles shifted in Terry’s legs, pushing against her already lean body until I could clearly see the definition between each one.  A tuft of fur grew out from the back of her legs as her calf muscles bulged.  I heard small cracks and my attention was pulled to her feet.  Thick black claws pushed through the tips of her toes.   I watched as her feet elongated.  The skin stretched and then shifted.  The joints in her toes flared and she growled, finally admitting the pain.  Her toes thickened as they shortened.  At the same time, the area around the balls of her feet expanded, growing longer and wider to support her weight.   Even though she was suspended in the air, she could now almost touch the ground.

She had grown while I watched her feet.  The cuffs around her ankles and forearms bit into her flesh.  She spit and bloody teeth clattered to the ground around her.  Her head shifted awkwardly and I heard her jaw crack.  The flesh of her nose darkened.  Little spots of black appeared and simply spread until her large, proud nose was pure black.  The spots spread down to her bloody lips, the skin fading to black with tiny pink spots.  Her tongue hung from her mouth.

Terry panted.  No, not Terry any more.  The creature licked at its nose and then whined as the skin around its face tightened.  She – It – closed her eyes as its face pushed out.  Her nose flattened as her muzzle grew into place.  Dark hairs dotted the length of the bridge of her muzzle but a line of gray fur ran from the very tip her wet, black nose to her forehead.  Deadly teeth pushed through the gaps in her jaw.

At the same time, the rounded tops of her ears pulled up to points.  The ears continued to grow out, larger and larger they pushed through the thick fur now surrounding her head.

Something moved behind her and I caught a glimpse of a short, black tail swishing from side to side.  I watched it continue to grow.  Saw it slide between her opened legs and then I licked my lips.  The fur around her thighs was entirely soaked.  I could smell her from where I sat.  Smell her sex.

The creature strained against the cuffs.  The chains shook but held and eventually she gave up.  She had about an inch of give in each chain.  I stood and unlocked the gate.  She had a thick tuft of fur above her pussy but was otherwise sleek and black and beautiful in her own way.  The bulge of her breasts was obvious – they were three times their original size but they were covered in fur.  I could see her nipples (black now) through strands of fur.

Her (It, I reminded myself) hands had grown claws at some point, like her feet.  Thick, dark gray skin lined her palms into rough pads.  It looked like her fingers were slightly shorter compared to the rest of her body and they didn’t look quite as nimble.

I walked around to her back and she turned her head to follow as best as she could.  She was wide and thick with muscle.  A tangle of rough, thick black fur ran along her spine and down to her tail.  The tip of her tail reached her calf muscles and it swayed slightly.  I’d put her at 6’10” now but I guess that’d depend on how she stood on her feet.  It stood.  How it stood on its paws.  Her legs were especially powerful when compared to her body.

Watching her carefully, I walked closer.  I touched her tail and it twitched away from me.  So, I grabbed it and ignored her warning growl.  I could feel the individual bones through the thick fur.  I pulled on it carefully from the base to the tip while it writhed in my grasp.

I let the tail go and knelt behind her.  I placed a hand on each ass cheek.  There was barely any padding there – her ass felt like a rock.  Despite that, the fur was soft and I had to resist the urge to stroke her.  This close, the smell of her juices was incredibly distracting.  I placed my fingers closer to her thighs and spread her ass.  Her pussy lips were thick and black and covered in her liquid.

My cock ached in my pants.  I couldn’t help it.  Regardless of my control, she had the shape of a woman and was incredibly wet and I could barely think straight.  I would never get this chance again.  Holding her left ass cheek in place, I reached forward and lightly touched the wet fur around her clit.  I smelled my fingers and they smelled like a woman’s pussy.  Stronger, though.  A rich, powerful scent that made me drool a little.  I clenched my jaws against it and realized I was grinding my teeth.

Still watching it, I pressed two fingers together and touched the hot, slick lips between her thighs.  Terry’s tail twitched and then raised, exposing her sex.  I slid my fingers up and down between her black, furry pussy lips.  She growled above me but the timbre was different.  Again I smelled my fingers and they smelled exactly like every other woman I’d had.

So, I tasted them.  The thick, slightly sticky liquid coated my tongue as I cleaned my fingers off.  Slowly, very slowly, I leaned toward her.  I stopped an inch away from her, eyes closed while I smelled her.  I could feel her fur tickling at the side of my cheeks.

My nose touched her first and her hips jerked slightly above me.  I licked up, tasting her wet fur before my tongue met her lips.  I could feel her heat against my tongue.  She was incredibly wet and I drank of her cum.  I opened her pussy to my attentions, licking deep between her hot lips.  She twisted above me, silent as I worked deep into her.  When my tongue touched against her clit, she jerked again.  Her thick fur stuck wetly to my tongue as I circled her clit with the tip of my tongue.  I gripped her heavily muscled thighs and she opened for me.  I lost myself a little, pushing and licking, ignoring all the fur and hair I swallowed.

Terry shuddered.  The chains rattled and I felt her pussy clenching above my tongue.  I sat back, breathing hard.  I couldn’t think of how long I’d kneeled behind her, sucking on her.  I couldn’t smell anything but her.  Her juices covered my face and mouth.

I left her there.  I suddenly couldn’t breathe and had to be upstairs.  Once outside, I dropped my pants and masturbated.  She flashed into my mind several times but each time I pushed her away to picture some faceless beauty screaming my name.  I came hard and fell to my knees.

I went back down after a moment to get my lamp.  She – It was there.  Watching me.  It lifted its muzzle, slowly and obviously sniffing at the air.  Her – Its, goddamnit, its tail swung lazily behind it.

She made no sound as I closed the shelter and went inside.  I cursed myself for losing control.  My cock pressed hard against my pants and I rubbed at it, grinding my teeth.  She was raw.  An animal.  So much power and grace and the ability to kill with her bare hands.  And there she had been, bound above me.  A completely unique creature.  Feminine and animalistic.

I masturbated again before I fell asleep, naked and covered in my own cum.

I woke, still angry at myself.  Terry said nothing when I fed her in the morning.  She refused to clothe herself, even when I let the chains come loose a little.  She was completely disinterested in her own nakedness.  Proud and haughty and prim.  Fuckin’ bitch.

I was cleaning my gear in the evening when the sheriff arrived.  Just what I fucking needed.

“You find anything, boy?” he asked.  I glared at him.

“No.  Sir,” I said, forcing the words.  A fierce headache loomed behind my eyes.  I’d been grinding my teeth in my sleep and throughout the day.

“No tracks or nothin’?  We ain’t payin’ you until you find it.”

“I know that.  Now why-”

“You just going to-”

“DON’T FUCKING INTERRUPT ME!” I screamed at him.  My hands shook.  I had crossed the distance between us in a second and stood face-to-face with him.  My heart pounded in my chest and a thin, high whistling sounded in my ears.

“You- You step back, son.  ‘Less you want to find yourself-”

“Get. The. Fuck. Out. Of. Here,” I told him, enunciating every word.  The fat white fucker opened and closed his mouth as he stared at me.  The sheriff’s hand twitched.  Had to be towards his gun.  Had to be.  No fucking way.  No fucking way I let some redneck asshole threaten me.  I popped the bastard in the face before he could blink.  He cried out, hands to his nose as blood spurted between his fingers.

“What the fud’ is wrog wit’ you!”

“You gonna draw your gun on me?  You were gonna shoot me?” I demanded.

“No, you stupi’ fugh!”  More blood fountained from his nose.  “You ge’ the fugh’ ou’ o’ my town befo’ tommowow oh I’ll awwest yo ass!”

I watched him leave.  He ran to his car and threw rocks as he sped off.  My fingers clenched and unclenched at my sides.  I paced back and forth, cursing myself.  Cursing the fat sheriff.  Cursing the whole goddamned town and the job.

I spent the next hour gathering my gear.  The headache had bloomed full force and the Ibuprofen I’d taken shortly after the sheriff left had done nothing.

My gear was stowed in my jeep when I finally turned to the storm shelter.  I pressed the button for the hoists and waited, tapping my foot.

“Come on, come on!” I yelled impatiently.

I walked in on Terry changing.  She roared at me, her face a furred half-muzzle.  Bones along her spine stood out and a small nub of a tail wriggled above her bare ass.  She was on her hands and knees, arching her powerful back.  Fur lined her legs.   She clawed at the ground and her fingernails came away with streaks of blood.  The skin split and soon small sparks flew up where dark black claws scrapped the ground.  Her furred tits clung to her chest but slowly lowered to the ground as they grew, shaking as she moved and twitched through her transformation.

Thick fur grew from her spine, racing down to the tip of her expanded tail.  She licked her short muzzle, her eyes golden in the light.

She turned, presenting herself to me.  Her pussy lips were darkening, from pink to dark red to gray and then black.  Her tail arched as she lowered her back.  She looked behind herself and her muzzle pushed further from her face.

The key scratched at the gate’s lock as I tried to open it.  Finally, with a growl, I unlocked the door and threw it open.  My fingers worked at my pants and I clawed at them as I watched fur spread to cover Terry’s back.  I howled in frustration and tore at my pants, ripping them down the middle.  Muscles bulged along my arms and the tips of my fingers showed small black points.  I didn’t pause to consider this.  I couldn’t.

My cock bobbed in the air.  Pink flesh darkened to red and it lengthened, pulling at the head of my cock until the tip slanted.  Smooth red flesh bulged at the base of my cock, above my balls.

I kicked at my shoes and ripped the rest of my pants off.  Claws burst through my socks but I barely noticed.  Teeth grinded against teeth in my jaw as I shoved my face between Terry’s furry thighs.  I growled and sucked and licked at her.  Biting her sweet thick lips.  My thick, long tongue lapped around my face as it changed.  Face cracking as bones shifted to grow into a muzzle.

Unable to hold back, I went to my hands and feet above her.  I could feel my back popping as it expanded, tearing my tight shirt down the middle to expose blond fur growing from my back in small patches.

I pounded against the female as I tried to mount her. She pushed back, growling and snapping as my cock pressed against her wetness, sliding up to her asshole.  She arched and pushed and the sharp tip of my cock suddenly slid between her soaking wet pussy.  I bit her shoulder in excitement and she shuddered beneath me.

Hunching my back, I dug my claws into the ground, slamming over and over again into the female under me.  Her tongue lolled out of her mouth as she worked her furry hips hard back against me.  I could feel my knot against her opening.  Each time I slammed against her, I spread her open a little more.

In frustration, I bit hard at the female’s neck and she froze.  I pushed slowly, feeling her muscles holding tight at my knot.  Growling, I pushed hard and the female completely opened for me.  She choked out a cry and then slammed back, impaling herself on my thickness.  I pounded her in smaller motions, unable to pull fully out of her now that we were knotted.

The female jerked and fell beneath me and I fell with her, still slamming hard.  She snapped and barked and jerked and I felt her muscles against my cock, nearly vibrating with the force of her pleasure.  I leaned on my knees and dug my claws into the thick fur of her back.  Her massive furry breasts flattened under her, spreading to the sides.  I leaned back and pounded as hard and as fast as I could.  Pressure built in my stomach and balls.  I grunted and growled, slobbering thick ropes of drool to mix with the fur and sweat along her back.

I felt my release and I leaned my head far back as I filled the female with my seed.  My muzzle was open in a silent cry and I felt her shake hard under me.  Her legs scrabbled at the ground and the chains struck sparks.  Her slick, tight wet pussy convulsed again and again around my cock.

I pulled away from her and she snapped at me until I swiped my claws down her back.  The rich smell of her blood filled her air and I licked my lips at the scent.  Going to my knees behind her, I looked down.  My cock was locked in with her.  I looked at the gate.  I wanted out.  I didn’t like being here.  I didn’t like being stuck here where I couldn’t see anything or smell anything or hunt anything.

Digging my claws into the female’s ass, I pulled back.  She howled in pain as my knot stretched her opening.  I was full engorged and my knot had swollen in size.  My long ears twitched, laying flat against my head as her voice dug daggers into my head.  I clenched hard on her ass and ten trails of blood traced lazily down the back of her thighs.  More blood welled above and below my cock, lost in the dark fur of her pussy.

With a final, hard pull, I was free.  My cock shined in the light, thick with cum and blood.

I almost left the female there.  Almost.  But, I wouldn’t come back.  Not to a hole in the ground.  And I would want her again.  Want to have her pleasure me again.  Want to fill her with my cum until she birthed our cubs.

I went to the chains holding her arms and pulled.  My arms bulged and the chains groaned.  The sound reached a higher pitch when the female pulled in the opposite direction until, with a loud ringing, squealing noise, the chain broke.  The two of us worked on the other three chains binding her until she was free.  I dropped to all fours and bounded up the stairs.

The female leaped free and I turned to lead her into the forest.

The air rushed out of me when the female landed on me.  I felt her claws in my flank and my back and I turned in a fury, snapping and clawing at her.  Her closed fist caught me under the eye and then her teeth dug into my side.  The world turned black.  She raked her claws down my stomach and then brought both fists down again over my eye.  Her hands and the two cuffs slammed into me and I saw no more.

I woke sometime later.  The small crescent moon hid behind clouds.  I licked at my jaw and tasted blood.  Carefully, I got to my feet and sniffed.  I could smell her and her trail into the woods.  I howled for her and then snarled when I received no answer.

I could not, would not let the female get away from me.  She had to learn her place.

Dropping to all four, I raced after her, following her trail.  Muscles rippled in the night as I ran, long blond tail streaming behind me.  My cock ached in its furry sheath, held low and close to my body.

I wanted her again and I would have her.

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