Legal Issues – Chapter 4

Outside of Lynn’s apartment, the world was alive and buzzing with activity.  The young woman hummed a happy tune as she walked down mostly empty sidewalks.  A strong, steady wind rippled banners and flags around her while keeping the sun from being too overwhelming.  Not a single cloud covered the electric blue sky.  Lynn felt her loose hair flutter in the wind and she tsk’ed at herself for not putting it up.

The wind brought with it the scent of the nearby lake.  Lynn made her way to the water, crossing streets and taking exaggerated sniffs of the bakeries and delis she passed.  Her stomach rumbled and she patted it fondly, unaware that she continued touching her belly for moments after.  “I’ll go for a run and then grab some food for lunch,” she said out loud.  “It’s so beautiful out today.”

Lynn felt energized.  Rather than dwelling on her clients or upcoming court dates or the mountain of papers waiting for her, she simply enjoyed the moment.  Walking around in the open with a full day ahead of her made her feel free.  She felt a lightness in her chest and she had a hard time not grinning at everyone she passed.

Laughter, barking and conversations grew louder and louder as Lynn approached the wide concrete path that edged the lake.  The area surrounding the lake was full of parents out with their children, people walking their dogs and the occasional jogger.  Lynn could nearly feel the energy everyone was putting out and she smiled at the nearby crowd of people when she stepped onto the sidewalk.  Seagulls swooped and played above, sometimes landing to fight with pigeons over crumbs.  More of the large white birds eyed people sitting on benches as they worked up the nerve to approach for pieces of bread.

Trees planted in large grassy areas between the sidewalk and lake gave shade to lovers and other people wanting a break from the sun.  Lynn eyed the huge trees as they swayed in the wind.  The urge to nap in the sun tugged at her but she shrugged it off as she started walking.  Cars passed slowly on the street side of the lake.  Several men gave her a second look as they passed in their vehicles.  I should’ve worn shorts, she thought.  Her mind wandered to when she masturbated in her office chair earlier and she blushed.  Not to show off!  It’s just warm is all.  Just warm.

At the base of Lynn’s spine, a single small vertebra formed from her tailbone.  The small patch of furry skin covering the area dimpled out further beneath her pants.  Her fused coccyx shifted, de-fusing to allow for the proper movement of her growing tail.  Nerves and muscles grew into place around the reforming bones.  The tiny nub of her tail wriggled back and forth in response to Lynn’s happiness but the sensation was lost in the steady rhythm of her footsteps.

“Oh, right!  Running!”  Lynn said.  Taking in a deep breath, she released it and then took off, bounding down the sidewalk.  Her swollen breasts bounced alarmingly beneath her two sports bras but she ignored them, instead focusing on each step and the pattern of her breathing.  Her body felt oddly sluggish and heavy and she wondered if she needed to exercise more.

Within five minutes, Lynn felt a drop of sweat roll down her cheek.  Another followed and then she felt a drop form between her shoulder blades, tickling the fine hairs as it fell down her back.  More followed soon after.  “Should’ve,” Lynn gasped.  “Should’ve worn shorts.  Too… hah.  Hah.  Too hot.”

Years of pure hard-headedness made Lynn push through her sudden exhaustion; she refused to give up so quickly.  Right, left, breathe, she told herself.  Right, left, breathe.

Ahead of her, a small puppy ran towards a flock of pigeons, scattering them.  Lynn smiled at the little animal while it barked joyfully towards its owners.  Looking further, she saw a flight of butterflies playing around an array of colorful flowers.  She watched as they fluttered to the concrete surrounding the flowers and then up again and in a mysterious dance amongst the delicate petals of the plants.

Lynn shifted her feet.  Her toes felt painfully constrained in her expensive running shoes.  The young woman looked down and then paused, eyebrows knitted in confusion.  “When did I stop jogging?”  She wondered aloud.  Thinking back, she couldn’t remember consciously slowing down and that bothered her.  She frowned and knelt to adjust her shoelaces in hopes that would relieve the pressure.  Gah, no wonder all the guys were looking at me.  These things are huge!  Lynn could see the tops of her sweaty breasts through the cut-out on top of her sports bras.  Even with the restrictive top, they looked big.  She reddened when she noticed how visible her nipples were through the fabric.  They felt sore, rubbed slightly raw by her sweaty bras.  Sore and very erect for some reason.  Her breasts hurt again, deep within and she wondered if all the jogging was causing a problem.

Kneeling in the grass, Lynn breathed in deeply; someone had mowed recently and the smell of fresh-cut grass called to her.  Rather than tightening her shoes, she unlaced them, pulling the white and pink shoes from her feet.  The relief was immediate and Lynn sighed as she wriggled her toes back and forth in her ankle-high socks.  The young woman took her socks off, tucking them into her shoes.  Lynn leaned back on her hands.  The sun sparkled through the branches and leaves of the tree closest to her.  She pulled her iPod’s earbuds off of her ear, storing them in the carrying case strapped to her upper arm.  I wasn’t listening to it anyway, she thought.

The grass was cool on Lynn’s toes and she rubbed them back and forth on the ground.  Blackness oozed from behind the cuticles on her toenails.  Slowly, the clear coloring darkened to a solid gray.  The bones within her toes grew, pushing them out until they were over a quarter of an inch longer.  Finally ,her toes flattened minutely, flaring out to the side.  Her toenails thickened until they jutted out from the front and sides of her toes.  Lynn idly scratched at a small round patch of near-invisible brown and white hairs on the side of her exposed stomach.

The laughter of children surrounded her, bringing memories of her own childhood with it.  Poor and without the benefit of toys, she’d found herself outdoors more often than not.  In the forest nearby and the wide grassy fields further out.  How did I forget what it was like to just sit outside and relax?  To run and play in the grass without worrying about anything more than being home in time for supper?  Lynn lay back on the cool ground, spreading her arms out around her.  She felt her breasts pull to the sides slightly.  It’s not just the job; I used to go to school during the day, too.  I just… gave it all up.  For… For… for what?  When was the last time I sat at the park for the heck of it?  When was-

A passing car honked its horn loudly.  Lynn sat up, her heart suddenly racing.  “Muuh!”  She exclaimed in sudden, hard unreasonable fear.  More fine brown hairs sprouted from the backs of her ears to join the ones lining the very edges.  The young woman covered her mouth as she looked around to see if anyone heard her.  What the heck was that?  Oh my… what was that sound?  Was that me?  Heat rose to her cheeks when a passing couple stared at her oddly.  Goosebumps broke out along her arms and her heart beat loudly in her ears.  It was just a car.  Why am I freaking out about a car?

Gathering her shoes, Lynn walked to a nearby bench.  As she did, the soles of her feet darkened slightly.  A thin callous-like growth spread along the bottom of her feet.  Lynn sat at the edge of the bench and, slowly, her heart settled.

While Lynn calmed her breathing, another change was taking place within her body.  Ligaments and bones moved in her pelvis.  She shifted uncomfortably at the flash of dull ache followed quickly by partial numbness near her coccyx.  Her pelvis widened, pushing her hips out as they opened her body.  Muscle and fatty tissue grew in around her thighs, compensating for the new width.  Lynn’s yoga pants stretched to take in her new larger frame.  Lynn shifted her hips in a circle just as the numbness fled.

Dammit, she thought.  Immediately, a sense of guilt hit her and she looked around.  A piece of her felt like a small child trying out a curse word for the first time; she expected her mother to show up to scold her.  Dangit.  This is ridiculous.  A car honks its horn and I’m suddenly a small, scared animal.  Her stomach rumbled, reminding her she hadn’t eaten yet.  All right, she told herself.  I get it.  Time to eat.  A yawn forced her jaws wide open.  And maybe take a nap.  Like a regular person.  The thought of opening her windows and curtains to let the warm breeze in while she napped made Lynn sigh.  She almost considered skipping lunch just so she could sleep but her stomach burbled at her in protest.

Her feet no longer feet in her shoes.  Lynn stopped and stared as half of her foot stuck out of her top of her shoe.  The expanded width of her feet would not let her push her feet very far into the shoe.  Cocking her head to the side, she tried again.  Still her foot stopped near the opening.

“What the heck?”  She asked, out loud.  The young woman looked at her foot.  “Oh gross.  I need to cut my toenails.  But, is…”  She held her foot in her hand, pulling it closer to her face.  Again, her brain noted differences in what should be there but, beyond her toenails looking like they belonged on an unkempt 90 year-old bum, she saw nothing.  Finally, she put it down to her period like she did with her breasts.  Does water retention happen in the feet and legs, too?  She wondered.  She’d only ever had her breasts get a little bigger when her period came and that wasn’t every time.  She’d never had anything like this happen to her.  She resolved to check on the Internet when she got home – just to see if it was a common thing.  Or after my nap.  Because right now, I’d kill for a nap.

Lynn grabbed her shoes, holding one in each hand as she walked back to the sidewalk.  Her toes gripped happily through the grass as she walked and, behind her, her almost-tail wiggled.  The young woman stepped onto the sidewalk to begin her walk home.  She frowned as the scent of the cut grass left her nose.  She wanted to go back into the grass to laze and relax and roll around but she was also hungry and still unsettled by the car.

A man passed Lynn and then, unseen to her, looked back as she passed.  Her ass nearly bounced in her pants now.  She’d had the ass of a woman that worked out with her legs as a focus but now, since her hips had opened up, she had taken on the curves of a classic beauty.  Her upper body slimmed slightly at her stomach only to flare out around her hips and thighs.  Quite a few men slowed their pace to follow behind her.  The thick band of her yoga pants hid her growing tail from sight as she walked.  She could feel her panties riding up between her pussy lips and ass.  She looked down in embarrassment and wished nobody was around so she could pull them out.  Instead, she kept walking, occasionally shifting her legs to work the silky fabric out a little.

Around her, small barefoot children hissed as their feet touched the hot sidewalk.  They danced away to the cooler grass to continue playing.  The callous covering Lynn’s feet protected her as she walked and, occasionally, her thick, hardened nails clicked against the ground.  The young woman didn’t notice as nerves died in her toes; she no longer felt her nails clicking against the ground.  She was far too distracted by her thoughts to notice that she couldn’t feel her toes on the sidewalk.  Her nails pulled tight against the side of her toes until her toes were nearly completely incased in the hardened gray material.  The skin between her toes grew together, pulling her toes closer until only the very ends of her toes were separated.

Lynn hummed as she walked, unaware of her changes.  Her ears swiveled occasionally as cars passed.  The rounded tops of her ears brushed against her hair as they lengthened, stretching thin as brown and white hairs grew from the skin.

Halfway home, Lynn sneezed at a sudden sinus pressure.  The pinch high in her nose made her eyes water.  And then, it was gone.  She rubbed at the bridge of her nose and it moved as if she were sculpting it.  The cartilage widened, forcing her nose to grow along with it.  She sneezed again when her larger nostrils took in too much of the air around her.

The young woman paused outside her favorite deli.  It smelled wonderful but she thought of the left-over salad ingredients she still had at home.  Her stomach growled in enthusiasm at the idea so she continued up the small hill to her apartment.  The cool air inside the building was refreshing after being in the heat all day.  Her armpits and the bottom of her bras were dark with sweat and she could feel an occasional bead of sweat sliding between her ass cheeks.

Lynn tore apart a refrigerated head of lettuce, dumping the pieces into a large Pyrex bowl.  When the bowl was filled, she sat and ate.  Her completely flattened teeth gnashed at each bite while her tongue rolled the wad of food in her mouth.  She was halfway finished when she realized she hadn’t added any other vegetables or dressing to the salad.  She briefly considered adding some of both but then shrugged her shoulders.  The cold lettuce tasted great while cooling her down.  And besides, her bed was calling to her.  The young woman ate slowly and methodically while staring out of her window.  Her mind was a thousand miles away, thinking on nothing.  Bite, chew, roll, chew, roll, chew, swallow.  And again.  And again.  Finally finished, she stood and walked to her bedroom.

A wonderful cool breeze flowed through her bedroom window when she opened the glass panes.  The sun was high in the sky but still flooded the room with its warmth.  Lynn tugged her pants and panties down, struggling to get it over her expanded hips and ass.  In the bright light, the tender patch of skin looked almost normal.  Well, it’s certainly not worse.  I bet it’ll be much better in the morning.  And I feel fine so it can’t be anything bad.

With a gentle tug, Lynn pulled her first bra off.  Her eyelids felt incredibly heavy and her mind was going dumb with the need for a nap.  As she reached for her second bra, small brown hairs sprouted from her back, just below her left shoulder blade.  She lifted the edge of the bra up and her breasts spilled out from beneath.  Finally, she simply pulled up and then sighed as she stood completely naked.

The young woman felt free and comfortable in the middle of her room.  A ghost of a thought crossed her mind and she considered pulling on sleeping clothes but her body weighed a ton and she couldn’t-  Lynn almost collapsed into her bed from the need to sleep.

The sun moved overhead as afternoon turned to evening.  Lynn lay on her stomach with her legs spread open.  Two more vertebrae grew from the end of her tail and it finally wagged freely in the air.  Dark black hairs grew from the very tip of the thin tail.

Short, wiry white fur sprouted from her right ass cheek in an irregular circle four inches in diameter.  On her lower back, more hairs pushed through her skin in a pattern of brown with white spots.  The woman’s ears grew an inch longer until the thin skin flopped over, incapable of holding stiff and straight.  Her nose widened further as black blotches bloomed around the pink of her nostrils.  Between her legs, Lynn’s vagina swelled slightly, labia puffing out to match her larger hips.

Lynn groaned.  Her nipples moved as her breasts filled out.  They slid across the smooth cotton sheets of her bed while they grew.  The skin of her breasts tightened and reddened and she groaned again, feeling their heat and pain in her dream.

Four small pink spots appeared on the skin of her lower belly.  Slowly, those four spots dimpled outward into tiny rounded, smooth nipples.  The nipples expanded like balloons until they were half an inch long.  Once finished, the skin around those four nipples bulged, taking on a more rounded shape.

Short fur grew from between her legs, growing around in random patches until her wide, thick ass was covered in white and brown fur.  The same fur grew down, stopping mid-thigh as her changes halted.

Dawn was a purple and red bruise outside her window and Lynn was deep in her dream.

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