Legal Issues – Chapter 3

A young woman visits a farm with intention to make the farmer sell his property. Forces intervene and the woman changes.

Lynn sat up straighter as she looked down her stomach.  Subtle differences in how she saw her body told her that her breasts were different.  At 28 years old, she knew what she should see when she looked at herself.  Her mind picked out subtle differences in the shape and size of her body without relaying the specifics to her.  The effect was almost maddening.  Was she entirely certain they weren’t as full before?  Or whether they hung a little lower or bulged off the side of her body rather than sitting comfortably on her chest?  No, not entirely.  But her brain told her something was very different.  And were her hips wider?

Her stomach, however, held her attention.

A rectangular patch of skin, roughly four inches long, above her mound but below her belly button was slightly swollen.  Lynn touched the skin carefully, and, like her breasts, she felt heat radiating from the area.  It was about as wide as half of her small hand and very nearly perfectly rectangular.  That’s… is it an allergic reaction to something?  God… dangit… oh crap, what if that’s not milk?  Oh god.  What if… what if its puss and I have some infection? Does that happen with an allergic reaction?  What did I eat last night?  The steak was fresh and I got the salad a couple days ago.  Same as the dressing.  The wine is fine.  The… milk….

Lynn stood and, as her foot struck the floor, a small droplet of milk formed on the end of her right nipple.  It was smaller than the drop she noticed after removing her top but still a milky white color.  She ignored it as it fell to the floor.  The young woman woke her laptop on the small desk in the second bedroom.  She unconsciously played with the tender patch of skin on her stomach as she clicked through files.  The gentle caress of her fingers felt soothing to her and, soon, she was pressing harder against the thicker skin.

“Aha!”  Lynn exclaimed.  Keying in a number on her nearby cellphone, she held the device to her ear as it rang.

After four rings, a male voice answered.  “Shady Oaks, Chris speaking.”

“Christopher?”  Lynn asked.  “Mr. Chapman?”

“Yes.  Who is this, please?”

Lynn’s hand massaged her stomach, grabbing the skin in a small fist to squeeze and pull gently before releasing it.  The pinching, pulling, squeezing motion settled her nerves and she didn’t even realize she was doing it.  “It’s, hi, it’s Lynn Hathaway?  From Spiel & Fillhart-”

“Yes, Ms. Hathaway, I remember.  My answer is still no.  And you’ve picked a bad time.  I’m elbow-deep in oil trying to fix this old tractor.”

“No, that’s not why I’m calling.  I,” Lynn paused.  An image came to mind as she spoke.  Christopher out on his farm.  Blue skies above with a few clouds slowly passing under the sun.  Cats play fighting with a wary eye for passing hawks and owls.  Chickens pecking and scratching at what they thought was food.  Wind rustling the oak trees lining the property.  And the man sitting by himself, cursing and grunting as he pulled at the tractor’s engine.  Dirt and sweat lining his brow, just above those green eyes of his.  Lynn felt something almost physically tug at her heart as she pictured the scene.

“Ms. Hathaway?”  Chris prompted.  “You still there?”

“I-”  Lynn blinked at the start of tears at the corner of her eyes.  What in the world?  She wondered.  “No, I mean yes, I’m still here.”

“Ms. Hathaway-”

“Please call me Lynn.”

“Ms. Hathaway, are you doing okay?  I don’t know you much but this is not who I remember two days ago.  Is something wrong?”

“No,” she answered.  “I mean, maybe.  I’m sorry.  I don’t know what’s wrong with me.  I feel a little scatterbrained for some reason.  Do you do anything to your milk?  This will probably sound really inune…inoon?”  What the hell is that word?  It was… dangit!  “Silly, this will probably sound really silly but is your milk made different than what I’d buy in the store?”

“Aww no, please don’t tell me you have food poisoning.”  Chris said.  Lynn could feel the man’s concern over the phone.

“No.  At least I don’t think so.  But maybe an allergy?  Food allergy or something?”

“That’s probably worse.  Are you throwing up?  Going to the bathroom a lot?  You know, and I’m sorry to say it but, diarrhea?  Stomach pain?  Swelling?  Any trouble breathing?”

Lynn sighed in relief.  “No to most of that.  Just some swelling is all.”

“Oh,” Chris said.  “Well, I’m not exactly a doctor or anything but if that’s it, I don’t think it’s food poisoning or food allergy.  Does it hurt bad?”

Lynn looked down.  Upon realizing that she was stroking the rough skin of her stomach, she blushed and stopped.  “No.  It doesn’t hurt.  It aches a little and feels a warm but that’s it.  Wait.  Actually it’s not aching at all anymore.  Still kind of warm but that’s it.”

“Okay.  So not so bad then?  Maybe it’s just a, I dunno, heat rash or something?  If it doesn’t hurt and nothing else feels bad then it’ll probably pass.”

Lynn leaned back in her chair with her eyes closed.  The fabric of the chair felt rough against her naked back but when she moved, it scratched an itch she hadn’t realized she had.  The young woman moved her upper body back and forth against the mesh-backed chair, luxuriating in the sensation.   She could see Christopher in her mind’s eye, talking to her and that image plus the sound of his voice was oddly comforting to her.

“I’ve actually had some of the milk every night since I got it,” Lynn told him.  She could feel her breasts press against each other as she moved against the chair.  “I warmed it up like when I was a kid and, seriously, I had the best sleep I’ve ever had.  Both nights.”

Chris grunted as a metallic sound clanked over the phone.  “Yeah?  I thought that was an old wives tale.  The whole warm milk thing.”

“Maybe? Maybe it’s psycho… psychosome?  I mean, maybe it’s just because I think it’ll help?”  Lynn flushed.  Why in the world can’t I remember that word?  I swear to god, my brain is going to mush.  “All I know is that I can’t remember the last time I had a full night’s sleep.  It was amazing.”

“Well,” Chris said.  “You can try it using store bought milk.  Maybe it doesn’t matter.  Otherwise, it’s a long drive but you’re welcome to come out for more from time to time.  Stupid, sonava-  Sorry, not you.  This damn nut is stuck on ridiculously tight.”

“I’d like that.  I mean, if store milk doesn’t work.  You wouldn’t believe how much I spend on sleeping pills and those make me feel terrible.  So, yeah, maybe if that doesn’t work I could come out and pick up a bottle.  It’s a drive but I don’t mind it.  I mean, well, it’d save a lot on pills.”  Lynn reached down to scratch at a spot on her silk pants.  As she did, she moaned quietly.  With long strokes, she scratched from her knee to her thigh, squirming in her chair.  Scratching against her inner thighs brought another moan to her lips.

“Well, sure, yeah.  I usually always keep a few jars for myself and a few friends.  Sorry to hear about your sleeping problem, though.  I actually had better luck with marijuana than with the anti-depressants the doctors gave me to help with sleep.  I mean, when I still, ugh, dammit, when I still worked in the city.”

Lynn bit her lip.  Christopher’s deep, easy voice rumbled around her as she rubbed her back and scratched her thighs.  She felt herself grow wet from the combination of sensations.  It’d been a long time since she’d made time for a lover but the image of Chris working on his tractor transitioned into him undressing.  In her fantasy, they stood together in the open air, her naked while Chris smiled, hunger in his eyes.  The young woman pressed her hand beneath the waistband of her silk pants.  She felt short, wiry hairs before her fingers slipped between her wetness.  She gasped, amazed at how slick she was.

“-although at one of the farmer’s markets, Jo-ann Hilbert said she had some homemade pills that worked.  St. John’s Wort and other things mixed together.  Probably weed in there, too, though.  Hah!”

“Uhh… mmhmmm…” Lynn moaned.  Christopher’s sentences became words and then simple sounds as her index finger rubbed between her wet lips.  She pressed the heel of her hand against her clit as the Christopher in her imagination held her against a tree with his hand around her front.  The man in her dreams smelled of hay and sweat and dirt and she found herself growing wetter at the thought.  Another finger joined the first as she felt her orgasm built.

“Yeah, seriously.  I thought people in the city were a bunch of pot heads but, good lord.  There’s probably a cartel up here.  A bunch of good natured drug lords generously sharing their weed.”

Lynn gasped and then bit her lip.  Her index finger was in deep and it felt amazing combined with the pressure against her clit.  In her mind, she was on her hands and knees, in the dirt.  Their clothes were strewn about and she was looking back at Christopher as he knelt behind her.  He was thick and long and a real moan escaped her lips as the image of Chris pressed himself easily into her pussy.  Lynn’s rhythm became erratic while she felt the orgasm build larger and larger.  He was reaching under her, squeezing and pulling at her nipples as he fucked her.  Lynn’s fingers made wet noises as she became frantic with her movements.

“I-  Hey, are you still there?  You okay?”

Lynn tensed, shoving her phone against her engorged breast.  Her body jerked in the chair as an orgasm crackled deep within her.  Nerves along the length of her leg lit up and she kicked out.  “Oh,” Lynn gasped.  “Oh man.  Wow.  Wow, holy crap.  I… Oh!  Oh no!”  The young woman looked at her phone and breathed a sigh of relief when she saw her call had disconnected at some point.  “Please let it be before I said something,” she prayed.

A shiver rain through her body and Lynn gasped as a much smaller orgasm followed the first one.  “Sh- sheesh.  Whoa.”  Her pants were soaked with her cum and the smell of sex hung heavily in the air.  Do I call him back?  She wondered.  Dang.  What do I even say? 

The young woman moved in her chair.  She felt slightly numb from sitting for so long.  Beneath her skin, bones shifted slowly.  The skin at the base of her spine dimpled outward into a tiny bump.  Small wiry brown hairs sprouted from the bump in patches.  More tiny brown hairs pushed from the edges of her ears and they minutely in response.  Her ears shifted slightly, reforming until the tops were smoothly rounded.

Looking down, Lynn noticed a thin film of liquid over her left nipple.  Both nipples stood hard and slightly red.  When she touched her left nipple with her clean hand, the liquid transferred to her finger.  Sniffing at it, she found it had barely any scent at all.  Lynn brought her finger to her lip and then hesitated.  Before she could change her mind, she touched the liquid to her tongue.  She was expecting a sour or bitter taste and so was surprised when, instead, she tasted sweetness.

Lynn touched her phone to redial Christopher.  This time, the man picked up on the second ring.  “Hey,” he said.  “You all right?  You cut out on me there.”

“I’m so sorry.  My phone’s being all weird and just now came back up.  Can I ask something?”

“Yeah, sure.  Hold on a minute.” Lynn grabbed the phone away from her ears as a loud banging noise crashed through the speaker.  “Sorry about that.  Go ahead.”

“What does cow milk taste like?  Or heifer?  Is that the real word for it?  I mean fresh.  Like straight from the cow.  Or heifer.”

“No, not heifer.  That’s a cow that hasn’t had any calves yet so their milk hasn’t come in.  The ones that had babies are cows and those’re the ones we milk.  Umm, well, and their milk is pretty creamy and a little sweet and a tad bit thicker than you’d get at the store.  I haven’t tasted straight from the udder but that’s basically it.  Probably a little close to what I gave you.  Why?”

“Do you, don’t laugh, do you think human milk is the same?”  Chris’s startled laugh made her blush.  “I said don’t laugh!”

“What in the world, Ms. Hathaway?”

“I- my friend made a bet with me.”  Oh god.  Seriously?  That’s the best I can come up with?  My ‘friend’ made a bet with me?  Oh Jesus.

“Well, I wish I could tell you for sure.  No, wait, I’m not sure I do wish I could.  But, I don’t know.  Probably pretty close.  But, I’ll tell you what.  You tell your… friend that a dairy farmer said you win, whatever the bet was.  Fair?”

“Y… yes.  I should go.  I’m really sorry for taking up your time.  And thank you!”

Lynn waited for Chris’ reply.  Finally, the man answered.  “I don’t quite understand you, Ms. Hathaway.  No offense but the woman I met yesterday seemed like a robot.  And now this?  I enjoyed the phone call.  You sound more natural and relaxed.  If that’s what happens when you get a decent night’s sleep then I should patent my milk and sell it for ten times the price.”

“I… I feel different, too.  I’ve been thinking a lot the past few days since we met.  And the sleep has helped.”  Chris’ face appeared in her mind again and the woman blushed.  “I should go, Mr. Chapman.”

A pause.  “All right, Ms. Hathaway.  Thank you for calling; I was able to smile while working on this beast.”

The line went dead.  Lynn pulled her phone away and then set it next to her keyboard.  She sighed and sat back.  Her nipples were dry but still erect.  Leaning forward, she pulled the window blinds open and then smiled as sunlight flashed over her naked breasts.  The young woman raised her arms, clasping them together over her head as she stretched in the warmth.

Standing, Lynn looked at her chair and then blushed.  Her black leather chair had a small wet spot from when she’d masturbated earlier.  The young woman snatched a tissue from the box above her laptop and used it to clean up.  She could feel the slickness on and between her thighs.  Lynn stood at her window for a moment before making a decision.

“I,” she said out loud.  “Am going for a run.  Outside.”  Normally she would go to the gym and use their treadmill but looking outside made the idea of being indoors seem ridiculous.  Humming a light tune, the young woman rubbed against her stomach as she made her way into the bathroom.  Kicking off her pants, she used soap and warm water to clean her legs, moaning slightly as she rubbed her still sensitive clit.  Little wiry brown hairs surrounded her vagina, running up into a spray above her mound.  She frowned at the hairs, rubbing her fingers through their roughness.  I just trimmed yesterday.  Didn’t I?  Wasn’t it still smooth this morning right when I woke up?  I thought I shaved so I could use the gym’s pool this weekend.  But…  Thoughts slipped through her mind as she tried to remember what had happened.  She was almost certain she’d been smooth but, plainly, she wasn’t.  Unseen to her, a line of fine white hairs ran straight to the rough skin on her lower belly.  The same white hairs grew in a line down from her belly button before disappearing at the edge of the other skin.  The young woman shrugged.  Oh well.  Doesn’t matter, does it?

Lynn wandered into her bedroom, squeezing the skin along her belly gently.  Digging through her closet, she found a pair of black stretchy exercise pants and a gray sports bra.  “Perfect,” she said, smiling.

Sitting at the edge of her bed, she tugged the pants on.  She frowned as the pants caught on her thighs.  Leaning forward, heavy breasts pressing against her legs, she pulled from the top and slowly inched the pants up and over her thighs and waist.  She looked over herself.  I don’t look like I’ve gained much weight.  Dang.  All the more reason to go for a run.

The sports bra proved more troublesome than her pants.  The fabric scratched against her still-hard nipples and she had to scoop up her breasts to fit them within the bra.  The material stretched alarmingly.  When she moved, her breasts did not stay in place.  “Aww dam… dang,” Lynn said in frustration.  “I can’t run like this.”

The young woman looked through her pile of clothes until she found a second sports bra.  Wincing in pain, she pulled the second one on over the first, adjusting for her enlarged breasts.  They mostly stayed in place this time.  Lynn hopped in place a few times, watching as the bigger breasts heaved beneath the fabric.

“Good enough, dam… dangit,” she said to her reflection.  The young woman stopped to grab another tampon that then went into her arm strap with her iPod.  Her breasts sometimes swelled before her period and if it was this bad, she didn’t want to have a reenactment of the scene from The Shining in some public restroom.

Lynn rode the elevator down to the first floor and then stepped out smiling into the sunlight.

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