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So, while I work on other stuff, I thought why not do a quick 2,000 word or less thing?  Add a comment under this thread with an idea or two and I’ll pick through to see if there’s a consensus or a really cool idea.

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  1. Hey there Lycan I have an idea but I don’t know how fond of it you’ll be. Basically my idea is to write a story about a girl that happens to be a were-kaiju (giant monster girl). Yeah very cheesy and simple idea but I find myself thinking about it quite a lot lately but think about it, a city lives in fear because every full moon night a giant monster shows up to terrorize it but as quickly as it appears it vanishes right before daybreak, while on the countryside a girl always has some odd dreams during full moon nights and always wakes up naked and dirty and near large footprints. Well, thanks for the space to give an idea, hope you give it a thought or two.

        • Help me out here since monster girls aren’t something I’ve thought about. And please don’t laugh at my fumbling questions :)

          For the monster girl genre to work, does the lady still need to have female characteristics? Is it just violence? Mostly the transformation that does it? No sex stuffs?

          • Well… I guess that would vary from person to person really and there are sort of “subsections” of niche fetishes like that one. For me having feminine characteristics and keeping some of them after the change (such as something that reminds her new form of her old form) works pretty well however as far as good storytelling goes I’d say you could pretty much use what you feel fits the concept.

  2. I was thinking maybe this, A woman is out with her friends when she starts to feel a little under the weather. She excuses herself and starts walking home when she gets about halfway home when she feels sicker. She ducks into a alley and that’s when it starts. She can feel her body slowly changing, getting bigger by the second. it’s not long before the woman is no more and in her place is a muscular amazon. As she see her walking off for the first time as the new amazon, we see in the distance the full moon shining bright.

        • Is it overly done? Badly? …. I’m kind of behind on reading other stuff – especially when they aren’t directly related to what I really like. Hmmmmmmm….

          • Well… I guess they are overly done but not too “mainstream”. There is an author by the name of ReyLin who did an amazing shapeshifter story and one of its best chapters involves a farm girl using a magical ring to turn her into an amazon, but the power of the ring only lasts for the full moon night. There are also a ton of “amazon-esque” characters (a bunch of my stories included ^^) that can qualify, stuff such as She-Hulk for example. Just out of curiosity Lycan, what is that thing that you like on stories?

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