Werecorgi via The Worst Muse

The Worst Muse ( https://twitter.com/worstmuse  – HIGHLY recommended reading, by the way) posted an entry ( https://twitter.com/WorstMuse/status/486180374242811906 ) regarding were-corgis.  I couldn’t help myself.  I had to try writing something.  I mean, when the hook is:  “Corgis are hot these days, right? What about, like, werecorgis? Edgy, urban werecorgis looking for love in all the wrong places.” then what else can you do?

Below is my attempt :)

Credit goes to the lovely, Ms. Payne for pushing me to write this story so all thanks and kudos and awards and Nobel Prizes should go to her.  I just came up with everything else and spent the time writing it.  

Sketch 05: Unintended Consequences [F / TF / Insect]

A young woman receives a gift that was promised to change her. She learns, however, that one cannot choose their fate.

As part of the ‘Sketch’ series, this is roughly done and experimental. This is my first insect TF and, again, a sketch. Grammar, spelling and editing all suffer for it. As does the actual transformation itself.

The old truck hit a hidden rock on the dirt road and Suzanne’s eyes automatically strayed to her satchel.  Her bag barely moved and she flicked her eyes back to the road. Above and around her the sky drained of color until the edges of the world seemed to be on fire.