From My Patreon: A Dangerous Game

From my Patreon! But also from my Discord. One of the batch of stories I put together for people that are active on my Discord server.

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1. The CYOA continues – we’re at part four now!
2. I have about 13 or 14 stories posted on the Patreon but nowhere else. I have a lot of dog girl stories, a lesbian donkey TF, a fox TF and more! Including The Gift chapter 2 and OFFICE BITCH CHAPTER 3!!
3. I ask for polls and feedback and sometimes your input directs my writing.


“I shouldn’t be here.” I tell myself. Standing outside the bar, garish neon lights blinking slowly in my face, I shiver and almost leave. It’s loud inside – people laughing and a blare of music trying to drown everyone out. I’m standing about 15 feet away by a dead lamp post. Watching. A somewhat steady stream of people in and out, various states of dress. Various types. Nice, casual, punk, grimy – all kinds.

I just turned 21. I’m going. Fuck my parents. Fuck the Church and fuck everyone else. All I’ve known my entire life is what I shouldn’t do.…