The Honeypot Ch. 01 [BE / Bimbofication / TG]

A young agent is tasked with sabotaging a rising politician’s career and life but finds the game can change in an instant.

Chapter 1 of 3


The heavy silence in the old room was finally broken by a tiny ‘clink’ sound as a crystal clear ice cube shifted in a short, heavy glass.  Massive velvet curtains blocked all outside light to the room.  A huge mahogany desk lived in an oasis of soft yellow light that emanated from dark green lamps.  The world beyond was darkness and the pale, overweight man sitting behind the desk looked as if he had lived his entire life in that tiny realm.…

1,500 Words In

I’m roughly 1,500 into the next story.  Bimbofication and possible transgender themes as well.  I wrote out a rough outline and now simply need to write the story.  I figure it’ll end up being 8 to 10k words but it’ll be as long as it needs to be.  I may split it in half but, either way, it should be all finished next week.

Writing is thankfully therapeutic.…

Bimbos, huh?

So, I’m currently working on chapter 4 for Legal Issues but I noticed something – I get a lot of search hits for bimbofication stories.  And my most viewed story is the Sketch 3 bimbofication story.

That means that after I finish Legal Issues (early next week, probably) and after I finish the commissioned story I have waiting, I may take a pause to do a bimbofication piece.  Because, seriously, that’s the search expression I’m seeing the most.…