A man pays for to be changed via foot worship by a dog woman.

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The bedroom is dimly lit with recessed lights at the corners of the room.  A single chair faces a luxurious four poster bed.  Sheer fabric, with a faint floral pattern, hangs from each post.  A dark walnut nightstand sits beside the bed.  The bed itself has an array of pillows with a thick, dark mahogany comforter perfectly arranged over tightly fitted sheets.

In stark contrast to the bed and the rest of the room, the chair is simplistic.  It has black padding and a metal frame.  A bare minimum of comfort.

The man stands nervously behind the chair.  He places his hands on the back of it but then takes them away, rubbing them on his bare thighs.  Swallowing, he crosses his arms behind his back and then shakes his hand, finally deciding to just stand with his hands at his sides.  He shifts his weight to his left foot and the warm hardwood flooring creaks until he shifts back to his right foot.  Despite the situation and what’s coming, he’s soft and his flaccid penis lays against his testicles.  He somehow feels like an intruder in the room, a low-life deviant breaking into a heiress’s apartments.

A door opens at the side of the room and she enters with a smile.  She’s shorter than his six foot frame even though she’s walking on the balls of her feet.  He can’t tell what sub-species she is and he frankly doesn’t care.  Her brown fur is extraordinarily well-groomed, thicker along her side and back and short over her trim belly and chest.  An elongated oval patch of gray fur runs from her mound to her breastbone.

She comes to him slowly, placing each paw directly in front of the other.  Her thick tail shifts behind her generous hips.  It’s brown with scattered gray spots and the tip of her erect tail is bent ever so slightly.  As she draws close, he can tell she keeps her muzzle’s fur well trimmed.  It takes a moment to realize why she looks different from the others but, when he realizes what it is, he tries to pretend like he hadn’t noticed: she’s shaved her human hair to leave only the dog’s fur covering her scalp.  It makes her fluffy, pointed ears that much more obvious.

Gray streaks the slick, brown fur covering her hands.  She gestures at the chair and he sits, pressing his thighs together with his hands folded in his lap.  She bends, brushing her lips against his and presses clawed fingers gently against his leg, just above his knees.  He spreads his leg at her touch and then she straightens.

He watches her walk to the nightstand.  As with her face, she’s kept her sex trimmed as well.  In some of the websites he’s seen, some girls prefer to go natural, leaving thick fur covering their newly changed pussies but he can see her bulging labia clearly when she leans over the nightstand with a sly backwards glance.  She opens the drawer and then closes it, turning to walk back to him with bright red silk in her hands. 

Kneeling in front of him, she sniffs at his manhood, giving into her bestial urges for a brief moment before tying his ankles to the chair.  And then she stands, sliding a claw along his chest and shoulders and then down his arms when she pulls them back behind the chair.  She ties his wrists to the chair’s frame and he tests the knots before lying still.

The girl steps around his back to sit on the bed directly in front of him.  She leans back with her knees spread but her feet together directly in front of her sex.  This close, he can see the nipples and teats hidden slightly behind her short belly fur.  He’s surprised she doesn’t trim to make them more visible but it’s not his concern.  He follows the curves of her body down to the folded lips between her thighs and then her paws.

His cock stirs as she slowly rubs the padding of her paws together.  He feels his dick twist and strain, throbbing in time to his heartbeat.  She smiles wider at him and her tail wags slightly behind her.  Her feet are obviously elongated but still human despite the curved claws atop each toe.  The toes themselves are longer and wider and the padding at the bottom of each cause her toes to be splayed.  The bulging pads are a soft pink with patches of black.  They rasp as she rubs them together, back and forth, back and forth. 

The girl’s hips rotate while she shifts her upper body, as if she were a belly dancer giving a personal performance. 

Slowly, carefully, she brings one paw down, flexing the toe to drag against the broad, swollen paw pads on the balls of her feet.  The silky brown fur covering her big toe shines in the light but his eyes are fixated on the black tip pressing against her freshly scrubbed foot.  The girl exhales with a soft sigh.

With her show complete, she leans forward with her hands between her thighs to let her feet dangle over the edge of the bed.  She pushes them forward, rubbing his tied ankles with the soft fur on the side of her feet.  Her feet twists as she raises them and now her padding presses against his calves.  With her hands anchoring her body, she teases him with the soft, leathery skin.

The man has seen changed girls in public before.  Clothed, always.  But he’s subscribed to cams where the girl’s have private shows for their viewers.  He’s dreamed of this moment, saved for it and counted the days until his appointed time was available.  It’s more than he can imagine.  He closes his eyes and strains against the silk holding his wrists.

Her feet reach his knees and she presses the top of them together to push him further open.  He gasps as her ground and sanded claws dig into the inside of his thighs.  He bucks when she slides them back on his sensitive skin, feeling all eight of them torturing him in an exquisitely pleasurable way.  And then forward, her smooth padding soothing the faint lines she’s created on his legs.

The man gasps, involuntarily when her toes touch against the base of his cock.  She lays her shins against his thighs while playing with his balls.  He’s amazed at how light her touch is as she shifts her paws back and forth against the loose skin, mindful of his testicles.  The fur against his legs is softer than he’d imagined and he can feel her warm skin beneath it.

“Are you ready?” she coos.  Her voice is steady and clear but when he opens his eyes, he can see her excitement clearly; clear liquid glistens between her pussy lips.  As she waits for his response, she taps her big toe lightly against his shaft, bouncing the claw on his skin.

He nods and she smiles in the peculiar way those people do.  Her ears flick back and then forward, alert.  She leans forward again, pushing her ass back.  She bites back a quiet moan as she rubs her distended pussy on the edge of the bed. 

The girl’s wide feet surround his manhood.  They slip against him until she turns her feet to hold his cock between the padding covering her soles.  She sighs and rubs him, raising and lowering her feet.  Strands of her fur tickle him while the warm, soft skin strokes his painfully erect cock.  She watches him while she works, alert for the signs that tell her how he’s responding.

He jumps when she drags her paw up to the head of his cock.  She slides her left foot up until his tip lays against the furred arch.  Her right paw rocks back and forth against his sensitive head, trapped in place by her other foot.  He’s about to tell her he’s close but she backs off, pulling away to let him calm down.

Tiny holes open along his shaved manhood.  He feels the pricking and looks down to see scattered black hairs emerge from the gaps.  She places her paws against him again, massaging him while he watches everything happen.  When she pulls at his cock, the skin rises up to cover his head.  He missed where it became loose but she pulls and twists at the skin, dragging it over his tip and then down again, masturbating him with his forming sheath.

Slowly, with each stroke of her foot dragging his sheath over his length, the flared head of his cock pulls against his shaft until, with a downward motion, he sees the newly pointed head.  The girl moans and her feet tremble until she regains her composure.  She lays her left foot against his right knee while pressing her right foot forward.  He pants and struggles against the rope as he feels an aching pressure build within the base of his cock. 

Smooth skin from the the girl’s padding glides against the dense black fur now covering his sheath.  His cock lengthens with each stroke and the tip bounces higher and higher until it dips to touch just below his belly button.  She pulls back and a thick strand of pre-cum connects from his belly to his cock.

He knew that these changes brought an interesting set of side effects for both the men and the women.  Increased size, new urges, heightened arousal, enhanced virility and a reoccuring, undeniable need to mate.  Or to masturbate if no lovers were available.  He was more than willing to pay the price, despite having no partner. 

He yanks at the restraints as chemicals flood his body.  The urge to rut and fuck and pound and mate leave him panting.  He grunts, leaning forward to sniff at the girl in front of him with his teeth clenched.  Slowly, the red mist covering his eyes fades and he relaxes.  Although he was initially wary of being tied up, the service he could afford was very narrow and, more specifically, the initial changes were powerful enough to require immobility until the initial wave passed.

The girl pulls her feet back, tracing her claws against his cock until her toes rest against his base, just above his sheath.   She works her toes in little swirling motions over a bump of red skin.  The ache is centered within the bump but her leathery pads massage his growing knot until she freezes with a loud gasp.  She smiles and her feet continue rubbing him but he sees the dark spot on the blanket beneath her.

His knot swells suddenly as blood diverts to new paths and the ache slowly fades.  He admires himself, eyeing the bulbous knot that holds his black-furred sheath below his dog’s cock. 

She knows how close he is, how much he needs the release now that he’s finished changing.  Once again, she presses her pads together with his cock nestled between them.  Her breathing speeds up and she lays back, a hand going between her own legs.  Her claw slips into her slick opening while she rubbed him.  He groans and trembles against his bonds as her pace quickened.  His eyes focus on her feet, seeing how the swollen pink and black padding caress his smooth cock.  Feeling her warmth pressing against him while her furred heel grinds almost painfully against his knot.

Release surprises him and the silk bites into his skin.  She presses his cock against his belly and he orgasms, pulsing over and over until his own seed covers him.  He hadn’t known exactly what to expect but he almost feels sorry for the next mate- woman he finds.  There’s just a ridiculous amount of it and, now when he cums, there always will be.

The girl lifts her hips and jerks as her own orgasm crashes through her.  She lays there, panting and holding his cock in place with one foot until she can move again.

Her languid movements betray her pleasured exhaustion but she stands and walks over to the nightstand again to retrieve a towel.  The girl lays it on the man’s knees.  Bending, she groans, pressing her cheek against his cock.  Her mouth opens, an inch away from his belly but she kneels instead to untie his ankles.  Standing, she kisses him and her tongue brushes his open mouth before she goes behind him to undo his wrists.

She leaves as she came, one foot precisely placed in front of the other.  But, he can see the wet fur of her thighs and she winks at him with a smile when she opens the door to the side room.

Already, his cock is pulling back into his sheath.  He stands and stretches, cleaning himself and folding the towel before placing it on the seat of the chair.  He glances at the door the girl went through and then exits the room, already dreaming of saving money for the rest of the changes.

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