So, I’m making a TF/TG game

I’m currently in the process of developing a NSFW game with TF and TG aspects, named “Kismet”

This is hosted and funded via Patreon:

I’ve made two posts on the page that gives some detail into what I’m trying to accomplish.

The basic idea is this: it’s set in a custom fantasy world and the village it’s centered around is inhabited by humans (although there’s an elf somewhere nearby). You will be able to play the game entirely with a “human only” route if you so choose. Romance and corrupt to your heart’s desire.

However, you’ll also be able to infect women at a certain point in the game. In my initial version, I’m aiming for about 5 different animal types, all one-shots per animal, per game. The changes will take place over time with my particular kind of writing.

There will also be the option to change some of the men to women via TG magic. As with the TF, it’ll be a one shot per game.

While I’m not currently planning on locking out any romance options via user choice, your choices will change the world around you. I’m tracking certain things you do or say and other characters will change their dialogue based on that. So, you’re not just playing through the same game every time, especially if you add in the TF and TG choices.

I’m not an artist so I’m building the game with placeholder “graphics” and writing everything around it. My hope is that I can entice a skilled artist willing to work on the project with me.

If you become a patron, you won’t see a game in a week. Or a month. But, I’d expect an alpha version of the game between 1 and 2 months. Basically at some point in February.

So, pledge accordingly. Don’t expect fast, regular releases. However, I promise that, once I hit my stride, you can expect to watch the game grow. I’m personally excited in it and don’t plan on abandoning it.

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