A New Worldview [Squirrel, Patreon]

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A chill wind blew across the campus, catching the edge of the college’s engineering building.  The wind bent and twisted at the entrance of the building and a whirlwind of leaves swirled gently across the foyer before scattering.

Nina stepped lightly down the short steps leading away from the building.  Although she only had a single class for the day, her backpack weighed heavily against her.  She breathed in deeply, enjoying the sharp cut of the cold air in her nose and throat. Exhaling loudly, she shoved her hands in the pockets of her thick hoodie and made her way towards the huge open quad at the center of the campus.

Students rushed around her, some laughing and some cursing.  Nina kicked at the leaves on the grass, lost in her own thoughts. Small squirrels zig-zagged among the leaves and up the trees dotting field.  The college’s squirrels were nearly tame and overfed from well meaning students. Nina had almost had a sandwich stolen by one brazen red squirrel.  Straight from her hands.

A giant, magnificent ash tree dominated the center of the quad.  Despite the cold, it was full of green leaves and it’s limbs swayed slowly as if dancing to a hidden song.  She’d never seen one of the squirrels nest in the tree and the students gave it a wide berth but Nina loved the old tree.  She made her way there now, leaving behind a trail of grass edged by leaves.

Small knots of students braved the cold, sitting on benches and the ground to study or talk.  Couples shared secret smiles and conversations in corners or out in the open. Nina stopped near the ash tree, placing a hand against it as a kind of greeting.  She turned, lifted her narrow chin and breathed out, grinning at the hot burst of steam. Her shoulder-length brown hair tickled her neck and she puffed out a warm breath again.

Finally, Nina removed her backpack, turned and sat, cross-legged, with her back against the tree.  Humming a nonsensical tune, she dug in her backpack until she found her lunch. The young girl pulled an apple from her brown bag and poked at her belly with a sigh.  She’d inherited her mother’s physique – especially her hips, and her father’s sweet tooth. But she refused to give in to genetics or the rumbling in her stomach. She’d even joined the track team.

“Oh-hoh, look at this one here,” a quiet, high-pitched voice announced.

Nina paused, mid-bite and looked around.  The field was empty around her but it was possible the voice had carried.  She rubbed her cold nose and looked around idly while chewing.

“Get the sandwich out, girl, and give it to me,” the voice said again.  “You know you don’t need it. Your friend Janice doesn’t think so.  She thinks you’re a fat nerd and only hangs around because you help her with her homework.”

“Who’s there?” Nina yelled, standing and dropping her apple.

“Not the apple, you clutz!” the voice cried out, aggrieved.  “The sandwich. Gods’ sake, the sandwich, girl!”

Nina stepped back, staring around wildly but still, nobody stood nearby.  She walked around the tree in case someone was hiding behind her and found it empty.  Finally, the girl looked up but tree’s branches were bare of anything except leaves.

“I- I said who’s there?”  Nina stuttered.

“All I’ve got are these damned nuts,” the voice continued.  “And not the ones between my legs. Speaking of that, you know Imani is moving in on the boy you like?  The two-faced whore switched classes to be with him.”

Eyes wide and heart pounding in her chest, Nina grabbed her backpack and then shrieked as another voice suddenly spoke behind her.

“Pardon me, lady,” a deep voice said gently.  “Have you seen a large red squirrel around the area?”

The man before her was flawless.  Every hair in his perfect red beard was in place and his ice blue eyes sparkled in the sunlight.  Nina swallowed her scream and forgot why she’d even been standing or worried or anything.  All she knew was the stranger was literally shining in the light.  He was dressed in a long sleeve shirt and plain slacks and his hands were huge and strong and warm looking and-  a gentle cough made Nina blush and look up.

“No,” Nina sighed.  She scoured her thoughts for an answer to please the man.  “Oh! I saw one last week. I sat on the bench and-“

“Ah, I’m sorry,” The man rumbled.  He held a large branch in his hands.  Nina hadn’t noticed it at first. Hadn’t noticed anything beyond the muscles beneath the man’s shirt and how his long, red hair moved in the-  “A week is too late for this scoundrel. Good day, lady.”

“Where are you, you gods damned squirrel?” the man mumbled as he stalked away from Nina.  “You’ll answer to Father for this defilement.”

Nina began to follow the man and then stopped.  He’d vanished. She’d blinked and he was simply gone.  The young woman let out a breath she’d hadn’t known she was holding.  Cold seemed to fill the gap in his absence and Nina shivered before settling back down.  She grabbed her unwrapped sandwich and held it a moment in her hands. She couldn’t remember the last few minutes but knew something important had happened.  Instead, she held the sandwich to her mouth, unaware of the large bite taken from the corner.

Something about a squirrel?  She wondered.  And then she took a bite from her sandwich.  The world seemed dimmer for some reason and she felt a malaise that passed nearly as quickly as it appeared.  And some man?  A professor maybe?  Why can’t I remember?

With another bite of the sandwich, Nina’s jaw clicked, shifting the top of her jaw forward in a slight overbite.  She chewed thoughtfully, rubbing at her chin. Her gums flowed, pulling her canine teeth further back. Slowly, so slowly it was unnoticed while she ate, Nina’s back molars disappeared into her jaw.  The girl’s front teeth stood alone but soon grew. They widened until they filled the gap in her jaw and then lengthened.

“Ow!” Nina said, rubbing her lip.  She’d almost broken skin with the last bite and she sighed, shaking her head to try and get rid of the cobwebs still filling her brain.  

The black of her pupils expanded within her eyes, eating away at the brown of her irises.  Nina shaded her eyes and blinked and wriggled her nose. Her stomach rumbled but her hands were empty; she’d finished the sandwich already.  Another blink and her brown eyes were gone, completely replaced by black.

A passing gray squirrel zipped through fallen leaves in front of her.  It paused with one tiny hand outstretched, and then turned to look at Nina.  The little creature cocked its head and then dove, vanishing beneath a pile of leaves.

Brown hairs sprouted from the backs of Nina’s ears.  The cartilage dispersed within and her ears widened. Nina ran a hand through her hair to brush her ears.  They inverted at her touch, the tips flipping back as the hairs lengthened into small tufts of fur. The young woman yawned wide as her ears seemed to pop. She pulled at her ear lobes to relieve the pressure she felt within and they moved, rising higher and slipping through her hair.

A patch of brown fur grew from her shoulders, the little hairs winding together beneath her clothes.

He had a beard, Nina remembered suddenly.  A small knot of warm happiness appeared beneath her breasts at the faint memory of him.  She sighed, wiggled her hips and leaned back with her eyes closed. More brown hairs lifted along her shoulders and then down her back.  They darkened and turned black when they neared her spine.

Nina’s hand idly scratched at her belly.  The warm knot untied and she shivered as it filled her.  She traced her belly button with a fingernail, enjoying the feel of the hoodie and shirt beneath scratching at the fine white hairs growing there.  The white hairs lengthened and then spread above and below, mixing with her curly brown pubic hair and up between her breasts.

Her ears continued to slide against her face.  Nina rubbed at her face and then ran her hands through her hair. She pressed her thin, furred ears between her fingers.  Skin flowed up from her cheeks and her ears thickened and grew rounded between her fingers. An enjoyable little pulse flowed along her neck and down her belly with each brush.  Brown hairs began to sprout from her fingers and the back of her hand.

A drip of sweat beaded at Nina’s hairline before falling down her cheek.  The heat within was turning to literal heat as her fur warmed her body. The young woman reached for the bottom of her hoodie to pull it off.  She stopped. And gasped.

Thick white fur peeked out from between the gap of her shirt and pants.  Nina looked around quickly and then lifted the sweatshirt slowly. She bit back a moan as it slid against her fur, causing it to pull at the skin of her sensitive belly.  It felt like a lover’s touch, sliding their hand along her body after they both lay together, worn out from sex.

“Oh my god!” Nina whispered loudly.  She carefully lifted higher but the fur thinned out near her breasts.  Dropping her hoodie, she stood and paced. “Oh my god oh my god!”

Cool wind ruffled the tuft of brown and black fur along Nina’s neck.  She groaned, leaning her head against the ash tree. Clutching at it. Tiny firecrackers went off in her hands and she hissed through her huge, sharp front teeth.  Her fingers lengthened and her nails grew thick and black, anchoring her new claws into the bark of the tree.

“I- I have to- have to-”  Nina stepped back and ran a long, clawed hand against the back of her neck.  Her fur was thick and incredibly soft. More sweat beaded on her forehead as she follow the fur up into her hairline.  Her deep black eyes widened when she brushed her ears. They were too high on her head and, as she explored, covered in fur and rounded.  Nina squeaked loudly and pulled the hood of her sweatshirt over her head.

Grabbing her backpack, she ran with her head bowed.  The cold air felt incredibly good on her her body. It flowed inside her sweatshirt and over her fur.  She began to smell herself, to smell the sweat mixing with fur into a unique and unnatural scent. Tiny white hairs grew from her cheeks and she worried at her bottom lip with her top tooth.  

“Hey, Nina, are you gonna help me with-” a passing voice said.  Janice.  Nina bowed her head lower and ran faster.  Her large, sensitive ears picked up a muttered “Bitch.”

At the edge of the quad, she stumbled, catching herself against a tree.  Her claws bit deep in the trunk, anchoring her in place. Her hips cracked and the back of her pants pushed painfully against her.  She reached back and then stopped, instead tugging her hoodie down to hide the fur she knew must be showing.

“Whoa, hey, you okay?” a boy (Trevor, she recognized) asked. She was good at names and faces and voices so why couldn’t she remember anything about the mysterious bearded man?

Nodding mutely, Nina yanked her hands free. Chunks of bark came with it and she shook her hands violently to get them off.  She continued to run, yelping when she felt her skin scrape over the band of her pants. Muscles and bones formed within her growing tail and she could feel it moving behind her.  Scraggly brown hairs grew along the stub.  

Almost there, almost there, almost there, Nina thought.  Her feet ached badly within her shoes and she wanted to rip her clothes off.  She felt like she was burning up and every motion sent tiny bolts of electricity down between her legs.

“Shit!” Nina yelled.  Her tail. Her tail was behind her.  Out there. She grabbed it and it was already longer than the width of her hand.  Cursing, she pulled her sweatshirt back over it but that exposed her extremely fluffy white-furred belly.  And pulled the hood hard against her sensitive ears.

The dorms stood before her.  Nina’s jeans swelled as her thigh muscles expanded and the young girl bolted with surprising speed.  The seams of her pants strained while she bounded up the stairs, two, three, four at a time. Her tail flapped behind her, still growing longer.  She prayed nobody would walk by even as she knew she could hear nobody close.

Finally, in front of her door, Nina gasped and panted for air.  She struggled with her tight pant pockets. Her keys pressed painfully against her large thighs and, as she watched, seams along the jeans ripped, exposing bare skin and hard muscles.  Nina hissed and squeaked and clawed at her pockets, tearing through the fabric. Her keys fell but she snatched them mid-air with new, sharp reflexes.

As soon as she was inside her room with the door locked behind her, Nina dropped her backpack and ripped her shirt and hoodie off.  The relief was immediate. Her chest was covered in white fur thick enough to hide her large breasts. It darkened to brown near her collar bones and then, glancing at herself in the mirror, she saw it turn completely black in a stripe down her spine.  

“Oh my fucking god,” Nina whispered.  

Her tail was gigantic and wide.  As thick as a body pillow and curved at the end.  She could feel it brushing against the fur on her body.  It pulled and twisted at her back and ass and it moved as she moved.

The girl unzipped her pants and then yelped as the zipper caught on her fur.  Slowly, carefully, she moved the zipper, holding it away from her mound. She pushed and pulled and struggled with her pants, falling to the ground and rolling while trying to get out of them.  Nina lay on the floor, staring at the ceiling with her pants around her ankles.

Pushing herself up, she climbed onto her bed.  Her tail slipped under her and she moaned, clawing at her bed sheets as the thick tail slid between her thighs.  

“G-god dammit,” she panted.  The pain was building in her feet. She felt them cramping – bulging against her shoes.  She untied them quickly and threw them off, kicking her torn pants the rest of the way off her legs.

The young girl pushed further back, holding her right foot in her leg, clawed hands.  She massaged and squeezed her aching toes. They popped as her fingers had and she held them tight, as if she could keep them from changing.  Her toes grew long and wide and the toenails quickly thickened to cover them. She watched the clear coating flood with black as her claws grew in.  Bones clicked and creaked under her skin while her foot pushed out. She rubbed the balls of her soft feet and the skin hardened and swelled.

Nina sat on her wide, fluffy tail while holding her new paws in her hands.  She’d had delicate little feet before but now, now they felt solid in her hands.  Strong. Tugging at a claw she could feel it deep within her long toes. Perfect for climbing fast, even with her weight.

Brown fur sprouted from the back of her calves.  She stroked it, her large black eyes unblinking. Nothing hurt.  In fact it felt good. Too good.  The fur along her calves bulged and she felt muscles developing when she pressed a clawed thumb against it.  More fur grew from her calves and randomly along her thighs. Nina touched her inner thigh gently and shivered at her own touch.  The fur there was silky and short and she yearned to be stroked. And clawed. And kissed. And-

The girl’s large, wide hips worked back and forth over her thick tail.  Her excitement wetting the fur around her pussy and thighs and the length of the tail itself.  She dug claws into her bed as she pushed forward and then back, teasing herself. Feeling the bumps between her lips.  Feeling the hairs tickling her. Tilting forward she gasped at the pressure against her clit.

Suddenly, she froze, eyes twitching and head cocked.  Footsteps on the stairs.  Wait. What- what the hell am I doing?

Her musk filled the small dorm room and she was soaked in it.  Nina went to her knees and her tail immediately came up to curve against her back.

“I have to-”  Nina said. Keys jangled outside her room and the girl’s huge dark eyes widened.  She dove under her covers, pulling them up over her head.

“Oh, hey, Nina,” Simone, Nina’s roommate, said.  “Thought you’d be out for a while.”

“No!” Nina replied, too quickly.  

“Aww, rough day?”  Simone said. Nina felt the bed shift as her roommate sat against the edge of it.  

No no no, go away, no, Nina thought.

“Want to talk about it?”  Simone asked. “Was it class or something else?”

“No, I’m fine,” Nina squeaked.  

“Aww come on, grouchy head, what-” Simone pulled the blanket back and then gasped, falling off the bed with a loud ‘thump’.  “You- you- you-!”

Nina sat up with the blanket around her shoulders.

“I know!” Nina wailed.  She rubbed at her face in anger and confusion, clawing through her hair and the fur along her cheeks.  “I don’t know what happened, Simone! I was just outside and started changing and there was a guy with a beard that I can’t remember and then fur and claws and I started running and-“

“You- you- you-!”  Simone said, scooting backwards.

“Please don’t freak out!” Nina implored.  “I- I need one of us to be sane. Please!”

Simone pressed her hands against her stomach and breathed deeply.

“D- does it hurt?” Simone asked.  

“No,” Nina said shyly, her head down and her ears twitching in embarrassment.  No, it feels good.  Really good, she didn’t add.

“Is- is there anything I can do to help?” Simone asked, slowly inching closer.  “Anything you need?”

“Bigger clothes?”  Nina sighed. “A razor?  Something to tape this tail down?  Some food? A magic wand to fix me?”

“Tail?” Simone asked.  She went to her knees and tried to peek behind Nina.  “C- can I see?”

Nina carefully pulled the blanket back and her tail pulled free, swishing behind her.

“Holy shit, Nina,” Simone said, reaching for it.  “It’s huge!”

“I kno-ohhhh!” Nina gasped, biting her bottom lip as Simone stroked her tail.  “D- d- don’t do that!”

“I’m sorry!” Simone said, jerking her hand back.  “I’ll- I’ll see what I can do, okay? I’ll just go to the store-“

A knock interrupt Simone.  Nina squeaked and covered herself with her blanket again.

“Ladies?” A voice called from outside the door.

“It’s the man from earlier!” Nina said, her black eyes shining with sudden, intense desire.

Simone stood and cracked the door.  She stood back and opened the door all the way open and her jaw hung slack while her hands fell to her sides, limp.

He looked different to her now.  No less perfect and beautiful but she didn’t feel as blinded by it as she had before.  She could see a few wrinkles on his forehead and at the corner of his eyes and there were a few gray hairs at his temple.

“That black-hearted little bastard,” the man said, his eyes focused on Nina’s exposed head.  “I smelled him and followed his trail and now I see why. Come, girl, we’ll have to see what can be done about this.  We’ll have to find him first and perhaps talk to my sister but, mayhaps we can return you to your own body. Odin willing.”

The man reached out a hand and Nina took it, blushing at her nudity.  He led her from the room but paused in the hallway.

“We have a journey ahead of us, girl,” he said, writing strange glowing symbols on the way with his fingertip.  The symbols glowed and a doorway appeared, showing a verdant landscape beyond. He stepped through, still holding her hand.  “Just don’t-“

The entire world snapped and Nina blinked.  She stood alone in a dark forest. The cheerful chirps and calls of animals silenced around her and she gripped her heavy, soft tail nervously.  Simone lay against a tree next to her, her eyes closed but her chest slowly rising and falling.

“Well,” Nina said, her voice high and her eyes wide.  “Crap.”

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