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Jacob stood beneath the flickering street lamp.  He stared at it, bouncing a rock in his hand. Up, catch.  Up, catch. Up, catch. His breath steamed into the cold air but he paid it no attention.  Up, catch. Up, catch. His ears twitched.

Knowing nobody was nearby, Jacob took aim and threw.  The light exploded above him in a brilliant shower of glass and sparks.  He walked carefully, avoiding fragments from the lamp until he retrieved his rock.  It was a good rock.

The young man whistled as he made his way to the next lamp, further down the path.  He wore a nondescript hoodie and plain, baggy sweatpants. It was easy to miss in the dark but he wore no shoes.  Every nerve along his arms and legs and back were thrumming with energy. He wanted to shout, to laugh, to race and leap until he couldn’t breathe.  Instead, he contained it all and shattered the next lamp with perfect aim.

Now finished, he sat in the darkness on a nearby bench.  Legs wide, left arm draped on the back of the bench, he smiled and scented the air. 

Not yet, he thought to himself with a wide, toothy smile.  Not yet but soon.

The park was huge and paved with a wide concrete path, perfect for joggers and happy couples out with babies in strollers.  Jacob sat at the far end of the park, closest to the forested area. He’d stalked his prey for a while and it was time to end the hunt.  A brave animal called to another before falling silent again.

Jacob leaned back on the bench with his eyes closed.  He reached his right hand down, pushing the band of his sweatpants.  He smiled and stroked himself slowly. A long sheath covered the man’s cock, naked but for a few black hairs dotting the length.  It ended below his belly button and, as he squeezed and pulled at it, a red tip emerged. He brushed the tip and traced his fingers down just as the base began to swell and the sheath pulled away.  The man’s engorged cock slid free and he sighed, moaning in pleasure.

Faint footsteps caught the man’s attention and his lips trembled as he breathed deep.  Soon.  So soon.

He stood, pulling pants completely free.  He reached for the bottom of his shirt to remove it and then crashed to his knee with a grunt.  His back cracked and spasmed and his spine rippled, pushing at the flesh. Jacob pulled, ripping the shirt in half.  The man panted with his head bowed. Rage and hunger and the need to mate roared through his head. His lips pulled back as his canines slide down, grinding against his jaw.  

Before he lost himself completely, he grabbed his shirt and pants and ran into the woods, moving tree-by-tree towards the first broken light and just beyond.  He paused at one tree, gripping it tightly with both hands.

Kill, eat, hunt, prey, fuck, blood, rage, howl, kill, eat-

Jacob slammed his forehead against the tree and then again trying, as always, to control the beast.  His fingers cramped and cracked and claws slid forth under his nails, digging into the tree’s trunk. He moaned, trying to remember who he was, sliding down to his knees as his claws tore chunks of bark free.

The young man snapped at the air with deadly fangs and then cocked his head, listening.  His eyes reflected golden moonlight on a face dotted with dark black fur.

Here she’s here.  Here. Now. Go.

The woman’s footsteps faltered and Jacob waited at the treeline, panting with need.  She slowed and stared at the broken light, suddenly unsure. Her hand strayed to a small pouch at her side.  Jacob’s nose wrinkled. Small black lines appeared in the cracks of his lips. The cracks expanded and his lips slowly turned black before flowing up to the tip of his nose.  

Bad.  Bad chemicals.  No good.

Jacob slid from tree to tree, hunching down to all fours before standing again.  He stopped once he was behind her. His human side admired the woman. Tanya. He knew her name.  Tanya. Her long red hair was pulled up into a bun, held back by a sweatband. She wore a sport bra that showed a lean stomach and strong back.  Her jogging shorts were tight enough to be a second skin on her and her ass filled them completely.

He charged silently, loping on all fours until he collided with her, grabbing her and rolling.  His claws sliced the belt holding her pouch and then he had her. He was nearly at the trees with the woman over his shoulder before she started to scream.  Jacob’s ears twitched and he hissed, slamming her to the ground and ending her scream. She wheezed for a moment and gathered the breath to scream again but fell silent as Jacob pressed his body against hers.

“Wh-wh-” Tanya stuttered.  She closed her eyes as Jacob licked the side of her face with a quiet growl.  His long tongue was rough on her smooth, sweaty skin. She jerked and kicked but he held tight above her. Suddenly, he sat back.  Grabbing her head with one hand to hold her down he swiped, slicing through the back of her sports bra. She cried out as thin red lines showed on her back.

Jacob hissed and moaned, leaning forward slowly to sniff at the blood.  He licked her almost gently. Sensually in a strange, animalistic way. She felt him against her ass, slowly rocking his hips back and forth.  The pointed head of his cock probed between her legs, slipping against the fabric of her shorts.

She tried to speak but he held her down roughly and then spasmed above her with a growl.  She felt him kick his legs out and tried to look back. He seemed heavier and, as her eyes adjusted to the dark, she swore his legs were growing.  Something tickled her back, distracting her from the burning of the sweat in her cuts. She felt fur brushing her bare skin now and her mind reeled.  

The man leaned back again and Tanya tried to move.  His hand crashed down, slapping her ass loudly and she collapsed on her stomach.  Rough, sharp points dug at her ass, probing at her shorts.

Tanya yelped at Jacob’s rough tongue slid between her thighs, licking at her pussy.  She could feel his drool completely coat her sex through the fabric of the shorts. The young woman tried to scream again but her face was buried in the dirt.  She felt something crack against her thigh and Jacob groaned.

A single thick finger pressed against the small of Tanya’s back.  It slid down her back and she felt the sharp tip of a claw. It sliced the fabric around her sex and Tanya shook with her eyes closed until she felt him lick her again.  She raised her head and opened her mouth in shock. His tongue was huge and thick and rough and entered her while the sandpaper texture still pressed against her clit. Her smooth, hairless mound and thighs and sex were immediately coated in his drool.

Strong hands held her ass cheeks, spreading her open and he bent to the task.  Tanya gripped dirt and leaves around her, shaking from the attention. She refused to acknowledge the heat beginning to grow between her legs.  Refused to believe she could feel the wetness inside of her, the small, slick muscles rubbing against each other. She gasped and then clamped her mouth shut.  The man was relentless. Pulling her open, his tongue sliding between her soaking wet lips and-

The tip of Jacob’s tongue slipped into Tanya’s sex and she screamed, pushing her ass back.

“N-no, I- I-”  Tanya moaned. The heat was spreading from her pussy to her stomach and her head swam.  How is his tongue so deep inside of me?  H- how- how does it- does it feel- so good.  No. This shouldn’t-

Tanya bit her lip and trembled.  Blood rushed to her sex and her labia began to swell.  The light brown lips darkened and bulged, pressing together.  The tight new pussy lips pushed Jacob’s tongue out of her and she sighed.  

Jacob growled in satisfaction, aware at a base level that the wolf had her now.  That the infection had taken hold and she was his now.

“P- Please,” Tanya said, on her hands and knees.  She looked back at Jacob with heavily lidded eyes.  No longer sure for what she begged. She needed- something.  She’d been scared but now the heat was consuming her and making it harder to think straight.  The woman’s hips clicked and a patch of skin swelled at the small of her back.

Clear liquid leaked between her engorged bitch’s pussy.  Dark red hairs sprouted around the black lips. The hairs grew around and up to her mound.  Tanya reached back to touch herself. To pleasure herself. Her fingers brushed the thick tuft of red fur, already slick with her juices and sweat. Why did he stop?  More. More.

The woman blinked and gasped, her chest heavy as her heart raced.  The heat had reached her face and tips of her ears but she was suddenly lucid.  She flipped and pressed herself back, sliding in the dirt. Her small, bare breasts heaved as she hyperventilated.

The thing she thought was a man kneeled before her.  It was massive and heavily furred and hard to make out in the darkness.  His golden eyes shined brightly but her eyes were drawn to the massive red cock throbbing in front of her.  It was curved and came to a flared point but a thick red bulb stood out near the base of it. She covered her mouth, her eyes wide.  Rather than the horror she thought she should feel, she found her mouth watering and her breath quickening.

“N-no, it’s-  it’s-” Tanya groaned, grabbing at her stomach.  Fine red hairs fanned out from beneath her shorts, spreading to cover her lower belly.  Cramps assaulted her and she groaned, grabbing at her neck and sliding her hand down her stomach.  Her stomach clenched. Once and then twice as muscles grew beneath her stomach. Beneath the skin, small ducts formed and six dark spots appeared on her belly.  Tanya gasped. Her back arched and she moaned as the ducts connected to the skin and small nipples formed above the growing areola.

Milky white liquid leaked from Tanya’s new teats.  Her left hand slid down her stomach, twisting and massaging the teats.  She expressed a few more drops of milk and then moaned before sliding her hand down to rub he milk soaked hand against her swollen pussy.  With a single, sharp movement, she ripped the remains of her shorts from her body.

Tanya went to all fours, facing Jacob.  She groaned and her throat vibrated, turning into a low growl.  The girl rocked her hips in a small circle and crawled to Jacob.  Red fur spread up from her pussy and over her ass before running down to her thighs.  The bulge on her back swelled into a red furred stub that twitched back and forth. She lifted her head and scented her mate, her tongue lazily lolling from her mouth when she smiled at him.  It slid between her teeth, lengthening as her canines grew to sharp points.

Jacob stared at the female.  And waited. She reached for his cock, gripping his knot and her long tongue lashed out, circling his knot.  The woman lapped at him, purring with each lick until she reached the tip. She looked up at Jacob, smiled and took him in her mouth.  The woman gagged for a moment and then adjusted, relaxing her throat to take him deeper while her hands squeezed his balls and his knot.  Her jaw clicked against his cock and began to change, pushing forward into a compact muzzle.

Growling, Jacob slid his claws through the woman’s hair.  Her ears lengthened into sharp points and he watched the fur from her ass grow in a line along her spine.  Her tail, no longer a stub, arched over her back to expose her pussy.

The woman’s soft hands slid along Jacob’s bare cock.  He shook when he felt them grow rough. She whined at the sudden lack of sensation in her hands.

With a loud, wet pop, Tanya pulled off of Jacob’s dick.  The woman gasped and panted and moaned as her meager breasts began to swell, pushing at the soft coat of fur lining her chest.  She mewled and crawled forward, shaking as Jacob’s cock slid against her wetness. She lay over him, rocking her hips back and forth while he massaged her growing tits.  Small drops of milk fell from Tanya’s teats to the fur along Jacob’s stomach and chest and the scent of the fertile female drove him even more mad.

Jacob grabbed Tanya’s tail with one hand and her ass with the other, pushing her down against his cock.  The pointed tip slid between her lips and she howled from it. Clawing at the ground and tree behind Jacob, snapping at the air in sudden sensory overload, she slammed against him again and again.  

Tanya’s mind filled with the thought of being knotted.  She swore and howled and growled in frustration as it opened her again and again without entering her.  She clawed at Jacob and bit at his shoulder as her still-human side whimpered and begged to be completely filled. To fill the burning, aching, emptiness deep within.

Suddenly, the woman tensed and then relaxed and then spasmed and came.  Jacob leaned forward, crushing her against his chest. His claws gripped her ass cheeks tight and he pushed, slamming her down hard as her pussy pulsed.  In one swift move, he knotted her and Tanya’s golden eyes rolled up to show whites.

The she-wolf fainted in Jacob’s arms as her body kept jerking from her orgasm.  Jacob tensed and came and Tanya gasped, suddenly awake. She felt him swell deep within as his hot seed filled her.  She screamed as a human would and it turned to a howl that Jacob joined as the animals around them fled.

And, above them, the the bright moon kept watch.

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