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3. “Office Bitch” chapter 3!
4. A continuation of “The Gift”

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The buzz of conversations in the classroom slowly dwindled into whispers after the two-tone beep of the period bell.  Students settled in their seats, moving their backpacks around while catching up with their friends.

As a senior, Sally sat hunched in the back.  The young girl tapped her foot and glanced around the room anxiously.  She felt full of a strange, nervous energy and her stomach kept cramping.  She rubbed the side of her nose and licked her lips quickly, jerking her head towards sudden laughter from the front row.

But I just had my period, she thought, pressing against the middle of her stomach.  She smoothed her skirt and scratched at her bare legs and knees.  

The class fell silent as the homeroom teacher walked in with an expanding folder and a large cup of coffee.  The older woman hid a yawn behind her hand and then sat, laying the folder and cup on her desk. Sally rolled her shoulders.  A sharp, hot pain ran up the girl’s back and she shivered. Leaning forward, the young girl lay her head down against the cool desk.  She bit her lip as she felt something pop in her back and then groaned, clutching the edge of her desk.

“Are you okay?” Jennifer whispered next to Sally.

Sally started to answer but her back spasmed and cracked and she felt her face slide against the top of her desk.  A sudden warmth flowed from her core and she shivered again.

“Ms. Templeton?” Jennifer said with her hand raised.  “I think Sally’s sick.”

Their teacher stopped calling roll and glanced over in Sally’s direction.  “Do you need to go to the nurse’s office, Sally?”

“Y- yes ma’am,” Sally moaned.  She rubbed at her upper lip, scratching as the tips of glossy black whiskers pierced her skin.  

“Alright,” Ms. Templeton said, tracing her finger along the list of students.  “Go ahead.”

Sally stood and swayed.  Cool air caressed the exposed skin of her belly.  The girl frowned and looked down. She pulled at the bottom of her shirt and nearly jumped as her fingers brushed a wide swath of fine white hairs along her stomach.  She felt so warm and sensitive and the little hairs stirred at her touch.

The young girl fell against the wall next to her.  Her spine popped once again and she grew taller, completely exposing her smooth, pale belly button.

With a quick motion, the girl grabbed her backpack and picked her way through the classroom.   She felt suddenly awkward and unsure on her feet but kept her head down, brushing strands of long, blonde hair behind her ear.  Her ear twitched in response and she scratched at it, nearly drawing blood as small claws emerged from beneath her fingernails. Bones shifted within her skull, pushing her ears up ever so slightly.  Sally worked her jaw at the pressure she felt from the shift but continued to make her way to the nurse’s office.

The nurse’s door was open and Sally breathed a sigh of relief.  She scratched at the white hairs spreading along along her stomach and sides and then moaned as the warmth within reached lower.  For a moment, her hand trembled and strayed beneath the edge of her skirt, gliding against the soft fur growing there.

Realizing what she was doing, Sally snatched her hand back and hurried into the nurse’s office.  She sat quickly, hunching her longer body and dropped her backpack next to her. Her ears slid through her hair, rising higher on her head.  The skin along the edge of her ears stretched and grew thin. She clawed at them briefly before grabbing her sides.

“Oh,” the nurse said.  “Um, Sally, isn’t it? What’s wrong, honey?”

“I-  my stomach hurts,” Sally said.  She shivered and bit back a moan.  Brown hairs erupted from her stretched back.  She squirmed at the sensual feeling of the fur creeping along her body beneath her shirt, along her bare back and over the lump forming there.  She scratched the bump with one hand, pushing and clawing at it. Bones moved beneath her fingers and the bump swelled.

“Well, let’s get-” the nurse’s phone beeped three times, cutting her off.

“Miss Havers,” the voice said over the speakerphone.  “Michael is having a seizure again but it looks bad this time.  We’ve called an ambulance but we need you here, please.”

“I’m sorry, Sally,” the nurse said, grabbing a small black bag.  “Do you mind waiting here? I’ll close the door for you and you can rest until I get back.”

Sally nodded, staring at the floor.  The young girl’s hair caressed her neck as her ears moved further along her skull.  She reached for them and then cried out at when her feet suddenly cramped. Sally looked down to see her shoes bulging but her eyes widened when she noticed a large patch of brown hair along the inside of her thigh.  She grabbed at the hem of her skirt, pulling it up and then covering her mouth in shock. White fur radiated out from her panties, darkening slowly into a light brown color as it reached her thighs.

The young girl’s shirt slowly pulled tight against her and she felt pain as her bra bit into her expanding chest.  She clawed at her shirt, tearing ribbons of fabric and exposing more of her slick, sweaty body. Her breasts swelled and her nipples slipped free of her bra, growing erect as they dragged against the fabric.  At the same time, her skirt strained to contain her widening hips.

“Ah!” Sally cried out as her shoelaces snapped.  The sole of her right shoe broke away and the young girl saw curved nails at the tips of her bunched-up toes.  Claws pierced her left shoe and she frantically tried to untie the shoe to free her cramping foot. Frustrated with her awkward fingers, she hissed and clawed, slicing the shoelaces and tongue of the shoe.  Her feet lengthened and she stretched them out, allowing them to grow. She felt her panties pull into a tight wedgie between her thighs, exposing her swollen, throbbing wetness.

With a snap, Sally’s skirt gave up the fight against her long, wide frame.  The young girl’s face began to burn, heat radiating from her cheeks. She stood and fell, the thick stub of her tail twitching to try and compensate for the movement.  Her clawed feet scraped loudly against the linoleum and she shivered as her furred breasts pressed against the cold floor. Quickly she stood, nearly fell again and then stumbled to the nurse’s desk.  Black fur grew forth from her toes and feet and she awkwardly tried to kick her torn, constraining shoes off.

“Oh my god,” Sally whispered as she stared at herself in the mirror.  Long black whiskers dotted the skin above her lips. Fine white hairs covered her face like peach fuzz, darkening to black around her eyes.  She watched the fur growing from her skin in horror, seeing it fade to brown as it crept up her hairline. She clawed at her head and clumps of golden hair fell away, revealing wide, triangular ears atop her head.

“No!  No, no no- ohhhh,”  Sally suddenly moaned as bones clicked in her face.  The skin along her nose darkened and pushed forward. Fine black lines appeared in her eyes.  She leaned forward to watch the lines expand and consume the green in her eyes until they were completely black.  She covered her mouth to hold back the scream and felt her mouth push forward.

Voices outside the room made her ears twitch.  Sally’s heart raced. She leapt for the nurse’s closet with a loud squeak, pulling the door closed behind her.  The tiny closet was cramped and hot and dark but Sally could see through the crack in the doors as a boy from a lower grade peeked in.  He opened the nurse’s door completely and walked in. Sally waited for him to find her skirt but saw it under the nurse’s bed, realizing she must’ve kicked it there in her panicked run.

Sally twisted.  She could feel her tail growing.  Felt it sliding against the fur and ragged shirt she still worse.  Her ass expanded to contain the new muscles and bones that anchored the tail and her panties snapped.  Sally’s black eyes widened, fearing the boy heard but he seemed oblivious. Despite her panic, she shivered at the warmth between her legs.  She could smell her sex and it was driving her to distraction.

The young girl’s tail slid against the wall.  Thick black fur grew from the tip, racing along the growing length until it turned brown.  She shivered and moaned from the sensation, reaching a clawed hand back to rub her ass as brown hairs sprouted to cover it.

Sally’s small, quick tongue darted out from her short muzzle.  She watched the boy look around and then sighed as he left.

Carefully, the girl opened the closet and crawled low to the ground on all fours.  Her nipples and fur brushed the floor and she paused, lowering her head and biting her lips with sharp little fangs.  With more speed than she thought was possible, she sped towards the door, closing it with one smooth motion. Sally stood, pulling at the remains of her shirt and shoes until she stood naked in the middle of the room.  Her silky fur nearly glowed in the bright overhead light.

The window, she thought.  She ran to the window, nearly slipping on the smooth floor.  The young girl unlatched the window, glanced outside and then leapt through the opening.  Her long body flowed through the opening and she tumbled expertly and rolled with a loud squeak.  She’d never been athletic but her body felt strong and lithe and nearly moved on its own. She girl leveraged her upper body up, her ears twitching.

There was a forest beyond the football field and she ran on all fours, fur streaming in the warm morning sun.  Her long, sleek white and brown and black form hunched and pushed on powerful legs until she reached the edge of the forest. Once there, she stood on long legs, amazed that she wasn’t even breathing hard.  Her tail wrapped softly around her legs and she watched the school for a moment before stepping deeper into the forest, wondering what she would do next.

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