Last Patreon ad for a while, I swear! CYOA and a Snippet

Hi hi!

I know. Everyone hates ads. I’m actually really sorry.

But, I’m posting this because I hit my initial goal and that means I’m going to be starting a poll based CYOA in a couple weeks. It’s open to all tiers of patrons to vote on and to read as it happens. I didn’t want people to miss out on the chance to participate.

Oh, and I have a little Discord server where patrons can hang out and chat with each other and me when I’m there.

There are also 6 stories lurking on the Patreon that will slowly get released outside starting in about two weeks. I gave a little snippet of the ferret girl TF last time so here’s a snippet of my first squirrel girl TF:


Thick white fur peeked out from between the gap of her shirt and pants. Nina looked around quickly and then lifted the sweatshirt slowly. She bit back a moan as it slid against her fur, causing it to pull at the skin of her sensitive belly. It felt like a lover’s touch, sliding their hand along her body after they both lay together, worn out from sex.

“Oh my god!” Nina whispered loudly. She carefully lifted higher but the fur thinned out near her breasts. Dropping her hoodie, she stood and paced. “Oh my god oh my god!”

Cool wind ruffled the tuft of brown and black fur along Nina’s neck. She groaned, leaning her head against the ash tree. Clutching at it. Tiny firecrackers went off in her hands and she hissed through her huge, sharp front teeth. Her fingers lengthened and her nails grew thick and black, anchoring her new claws into the bark of the tree.

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