Patreon Update – A Free Small Sample: Senior Skip Day


This is basically an advertisement.

Sooooo I actually have people on my patron and that’s pretty awesome.  Not a ton or anything but some.  So, to celebrate those that had joined, I decided to write a small free story for each of them.

This is part of one of those stories and it’s also my first ferret girl TF.

I’m kinda posting this to say that, hey, yeah, I am doing stuff on Patreon.  While I’m not going to write free stories for every single new person (ouch, my fingers) it’s possible that I have fun little contests to win a story or a Choose Your Own Adventure for my patrons where they all vote using polls, that kinda stuff.  I’m figuring it out as I go along.

In the meantime, like I said, here’s a sample of one of the stories.  The rest is on my Patreon for my patrons and I will post this in its entirety for free after the two week period passes.  Like I promised.

SHAMELESS PLUG:  If you were a patron, you could read all 3 (that are posted right now, 6 total when I’m done) as I’m finished writing them.


The buzz of conversations in the classroom slowly dwindled into whispers after the two-tone beep of the period bell.  Students settled in their seats, moving their backpacks around while catching up with their friends.

As a senior, Sally sat hunched in the back.  The young girl tapped her foot and glanced around the room anxiously.  She felt full of a strange, nervous energy and her stomach kept cramping.  She rubbed the side of her nose and licked her lips quickly, jerking her head towards sudden laughter from the front row.

But I just had my period, she thought, pressing against the middle of her stomach.  She smoothed her skirt and scratched at her bare legs and knees.  

The class fell silent as the homeroom teacher walked in with an expanding folder and a large cup of coffee.  The older woman hid a yawn behind her hand and then sat, laying the folder and cup on her desk. Sally rolled her shoulders.  A sharp, hot pain ran up the girl’s back and she shivered. Leaning forward, the young girl lay her head down against the cool desk.  She bit her lip as she felt something pop in her back and then groaned, clutching the edge of her desk.

“Are you okay?” Jennifer whispered next to Sally.

Sally started to answer but her back spasmed and cracked and she felt her face slide against the top of her desk.  A sudden warmth flowed from her core and she shivered again.

“Ms. Templeton?” Jennifer said with her hand raised.  “I think Sally’s sick.”

Their teacher stopped calling roll and glanced over in Sally’s direction.  “Do you need to go to the nurse’s office, Sally?”

“Y- yes ma’am,” Sally moaned.  She rubbed at her upper lip, scratching as the tips of glossy black whiskers pierced her skin.  

“Alright,” Ms. Templeton said, tracing her finger along the list of students.  “Go ahead.”

Sally stood and swayed.  Cool air caressed the exposed skin of her belly.  The girl frowned and looked down. She pulled at the bottom of her shirt and nearly jumped as her fingers brushed a wide swath of fine white hairs along her stomach.  She felt so warm and sensitive and the little hairs stirred at her touch.

The young girl fell against the wall next to her.  Her spine popped once again and she grew taller, completely exposing her smooth, pale belly button.

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