Long time no story


I’ve heard from a couple of y’all since my last story and I appreciate the comments and compliments as always.  I’m in a little bit of a funk, I think.  A little worn out still and trying to decide what to do next.

I can’t decide if I’m retired from writing TF/TG stories or just taking a really long break.  I’ve talked about the reasons before but it boils down to feeling like I’m being repetitive as well as how exhausting it is to write stuff for free.

I’ve considered offering to take donations and allow for voting on what to write next or maybe opening up for commissions again but I’m not sure where I am with things yet.

I welcome thoughts and ideas if y’all have any but I also just wanted to just mention that I’m still alive and doing well otherwise.  Not dead.  Probably.

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  1. Hey Mark

    Thanks for your post – glad to hear you’re still ticking! ^^

    Having been a fan of your work through fictionmania.tv, I must say that you are one of the stronger authors I have had the fortune to read. Though, I can certainly appreciate that if one’s muse has taken a vacation, or their heart isn’t in it anymore, you can’t force it! (Though I can imagine lack of general appreciation or recompense for all your efforts probably doesn’t help)

    Just to say thanks for everything that you’ve contributed thus far – and whatever you decide to do in the future – very best of luck!


    • Hey!

      I’m glad you found my site from fictionmania! Small funny thing is that years and years and years ago, I used to visit that site a decent amount. Although, it was always hard for me to find stories that exactly fit my kinda TG kink. Just one of those funny things whenever I post there to think that I used to enjoy visiting the site as a reader but had never considered (at the time) that I’d be posting my own stuff. Uh. Not sure why I mentioned that but there you go.

      Mind if I ask if you have any favorites of my stories?

      Thank you for the ‘thanks’ and the comments. I really appreciate them!

  2. As a fellow author, I understand the struggle. Don’t beat yourself up over it. It seems like inspiration comes in waves. I have come close to publish several times lately, but never quite made it to a full story before abandoning my efforts (usually because I got bored of a concept I found hot when I started writing it). But other times I’ll just get some inspiration and write out a whole thing in one sitting, and that becomes a fan favorite. I understand those who talk about writing as something that flows through you, as though you have no agency over it. It is very difficult to get control over, and if it isn’t your livelihood, it is much easier to just publish when you feel inspired rather than forcing it.
    I think this ebb and flow is normal. The vast majority of authors write a few stories then disappear forever. Others take year long holidays between their stories. And only a select few can churn out a half dozen or more stories a year. It isn’t a time consumption thing (well, that’s a minor part of it), it is a question of inspiration.
    That’s my thinking, anyway.

    • Hey, thank you for registering and commenting!

      I’ve mentioned to others but I do think I’m kinda hard on myself. And I start to feel weirdly guilty when I don’t put a story out after a while. I have a decent amount of visitors and “watchers” from all the sites I visit and I feel like I’m letting them down if I don’t post every so often. It’s dumb but a thing. And perhaps not talking to other authors regularly and seeing how they work and feel doesn’t help.

      I very much appreciate your thoughts and comments. Thank you so much.

  3. Glad you came back. You are one of my favorite writers that’s for sure. The funk is something that we all go through, so you aren’t alone there. I would be more than happy to pay for some commissions. I have some ideas that I would really love to see you write!

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