Status – Commissions Closed


First up, I’m closing commissions for a bit.  Not permanently and I’m not currently working on any commissions.

Now here’s what’s going on:

  1. I’m working on a TG story for an anthology!  I’ll post a link to it (next month?) when it’s released.  Pretty excited about it :)
  2. I have an idea I want to try to work out for an illustrated story.  I’m mentally fleshing out the idea but the thought is that I’d write a little short story and then make simple in-story illustrations to go with it.  I want to make a paid section of the site for things like this.  Where registered users could pay to see these things.  It’s an experiment that I want to try for both illustrations and whether I can add payment options.
  3. Working on non-TF/TG stories.  I may open up commissions again at this point or I may wait until I’ve finished these.  Guess it depends on things.

Anyway!  That’s where I’m at.  Thank you for stopping in!

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