From My Patreon: The Princess and the Egg

From my Patreon! But also from my Discord. Sometimes I ask patrons for random ideas when I’m bored and I need a change of pace. So, this is one of the stories that came out of that!

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Cool things:

1. The CYOA continues – I just posted the third part!
2. I have about 13 or 14 stories posted on the Patreon but nowhere else. I have a lot of dog girl stories, a lesbian donkey TF and more! Including The Gift chapter 2 and OFFICE BITCH CHAPTER 3!!
3. I ask for polls and feedback and sometimes your input directs my writing.

Full Moon Fascination

A mini gift story I wrote for the wonderfully talented liminalbean ( ) based on their amazing “Full Moon Fascination” artwork here:

I can feel it in my blood first.  Early in the morning. When I’m just sitting there.  I know what day of the month it is but life intrudes and I lose track of it for just a while.  A respite from what’s coming.

Until it hits and everything becomes more.  My blood rushes through my body and it’s like I’ve just downed ten shots of espresso.  I get jittery and have to hold my hands in my lap and breathe.

From My Patreon: A Bite To Eat

A certain artist discovers there’s a reason she’s drawn to werewolves in her art

Another of the free stories I created for my initial batch of patrons on Patreon!

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A cool new feature I added for $5+ tier is live writing. Y’all can watch in extreme boredom as I mangle the story in real time!

Also there (and nowhere else currently) are:

1. A poll based CYOA story that’s about to start!
2. A TG draft that I’m working on.
3. A short werewolf story with a lady cop and another woman
4. My first squirrel girl TF!

From My Patreon: “Senior Skip Day”

The first of the free stories I created for my initial batch of patrons on Patreon!

You can find my page at:

Also there (and nowhere else currently) are:

1. A poll based CYOA story that’s about to start!
2. A TG draft that I’m working on.
3. A short werewolf story based on a DogGirlKari sequence
4. A short werewolf story with a lady cop and another woman
5. My first squirrel girl TF!
6. A male werewolf hunts for his mate in another story
7. A girl receives a unique gift of nipple rings and finds herself changing

The stories (except potentially for the CYOA) will slowly be published outside of Patreon but patrons gain instant access to them as well as other rewards, including access to the Discord server where we all hang out.

Last Patreon ad for a while, I swear! CYOA and a Snippet

Hi hi!

I know. Everyone hates ads. I’m actually really sorry.

But, I’m posting this because I hit my initial goal and that means I’m going to be starting a poll based CYOA in a couple weeks. It’s open to all tiers of patrons to vote on and to read as it happens. I didn’t want people to miss out on the chance to participate.

Oh, and I have a little Discord server where patrons can hang out and chat with each other and me when I’m there.

There are also 6 stories lurking on the Patreon that will slowly get released outside starting in about two weeks.…

Patreon Update – A Free Small Sample: Senior Skip Day


This is basically an advertisement.

Sooooo I actually have people on my patron and that’s pretty awesome.  Not a ton or anything but some.  So, to celebrate those that had joined, I decided to write a small free story for each of them.

This is part of one of those stories and it’s also my first ferret girl TF.

I’m kinda posting this to say that, hey, yeah, I am doing stuff on Patreon.  While I’m not going to write free stories for every single new person (ouch, my fingers) it’s possible that I have fun little contests to win a story or a Choose Your Own Adventure for my patrons where they all vote using polls, that kinda stuff. 



It’s time for me to mix things up a bit.  

With that said, I’m going to try Patreon.  Whoa, whoa, before you panic, I’ll address the important thing first:  I’ll still release my stories for free.

You can find me here:

What I am going to do is release on Patreon first and two or so weeks later, release out on my personal site as well as the other places I post.  So Patreon users will get first view and some users can even view drafts as I write them.

Higher levels will be able to share their thoughts on what they’d like to see in a story as they read the drafts or suggest the next story I write or even enter to win a custom short story.

Long time no story


I’ve heard from a couple of y’all since my last story and I appreciate the comments and compliments as always.  I’m in a little bit of a funk, I think.  A little worn out still and trying to decide what to do next.

I can’t decide if I’m retired from writing TF/TG stories or just taking a really long break.  I’ve talked about the reasons before but it boils down to feeling like I’m being repetitive as well as how exhausting it is to write stuff for free.

I’ve considered offering to take donations and allow for voting on what to write next or maybe opening up for commissions again but I’m not sure where I am with things yet.…


Made for a soon-to-be released paid anthology of my TG stories. Please support me by buying one (or more!) of my stories:

A young man finds himself changing into a perfect female lover for his friend.

Derek leaned forward on the edge of the couch cushion, his tongue between his teeth as he focused on the television in front of him.  His fingers worked the controller he held in his hand and, on-screen, his character shouted as she kicked and punched.

“Man, Chun-Li is cheap,” Steven said.

“Fuck.  You.” Derek answered.  He glanced at his friend for a moment before unleashing a combo that brought Steven’s character down to a sliver of health.  

Looking for an illustrator for a little story


I’m putting together a fairly short story (female werewolf TF) and I was thinking about looking for an illustrator for it.

I’m not looking for full page illustrations but mostly for little in-story images. Plain black and white or more of a sketch look, I think. Just illustrating moments from the story.

So, if you’re an illustrator and have some time in your schedule to let me commission a few images, let’s talk! Or, if you know someone you’d recommend that has some open slots, let me know.

If I can’t find anyone, I’ll probably just release the story as-is but I thought I’d look first.…